an inevitable fate


   and so sad, my computer has finally passed on.

After eight years of harsh work under the rule of a wild red-headed girl – –

a move from one part of the country to another, well,

more or less,  from the sunshine state to the rainy one,

and the crumbs of many snack foods,

two hard drives, two motherboards which included one very nice trip to places far away (India) for repair

and my own relentless, hammering fingers – which over time rendered the keyboard unrecognizable to its own species—

its fate

   was inevitable.

And it went yesterday, without warning. It went quietly in the night.

It did not go by the

      judgment of God

(thou shalt no longer blog or communicate via internet to the new friends I have given you) – NOPE!

nor did it go by demonic possession. Ha.  – –

Nice try for some of you.

It was a very nice Dell laptop and it was just its time to go. We did all we could for it.

Now we are waiting for the government (Yes, our U.S. Obama led –we-are-broke-now govie) to kindly refund us the tax money we so graciously overpaid them all year long so that they could have what we managed to do without.

Then it is off to the big apple so to speak,

the store, that is.

Happy Day, and a 27 inch screen to see you with.

(Bear with me, I’m on explorer. yeesh.)


6 thoughts on “an inevitable fate

  1. DELL?!!? AGH!!! Gag me with a spoon!

    I got a Dell laptop in 2008 and have had to replace the hard drive not once, not twice but THREE times. The motherboard bit the dust 9 months ago and had to be replaced. Then it suddenly quit playing CD’s and I was told the thing that plays them was also “corrupted” and had also bit the proverbial dust.

    I’m waiting until it finally gives up the ghost and then I’m going to drive my car over it several times… I figure that will be a healing process in and of itself. I HATE VISTA. (And nasty DELL said I couldn’t get Windows back then…)

    What are you getting next? I heard “Once you try MAC, you’ll never go back!”

    Fun post.


    • I’m swappin to Mac – 🙂 We’ve had three Dell computers. My husband has had more propblems with his than I have. I am on his now. And because some of his tricky software won’t work with firefox I have to put up with explorer (gag) and don’t have access to all the great benes from firefox. wah.


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