Honor of Men


has again revealed some interesting and peculiar information regarding Bethel Church and the plans of Bill Johnson. Go on over and take a look at the home page photo of some kids sucking up the mantle or anointing of some dead guy. We have seen this same behavior from Cal Pierce, John Crowder and Benny Hinn. I believe  this is called necromancy, a practice warned against in the old testament.

Then while you are on that same home page, click on the link “God’s Generals” for the video of the  upcoming library, prophesied by Jim Goll born of a dream he had a few years back.

I didn’t think  God gave honor to man, but we are to be looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. If that is the truth then why do we need to study artifacts to know what path God is leading us on today?

Be careful who you follow. You may confess Christ as your savior now, and that is a very good choice. But if you begin to follow false teachers and false prophets you will be parting from your “first love”.  Some say we cannot lose our salvation. I cringe at the thought that our own bad choices may prove that thinking to be wrong. If the teacher is  not taking words from the bible, but from other sources, who is his god? Are you willing to risk everything to find out?

36 thoughts on “Honor of Men

  1. I attended a prophetic conference where the Bethel students were there. All they did was giggle, run around and collapse on one another. The icing on the cake was a student who had a stamp and when she stamped you, you went down. My friend urged me to go up and get stamped but somehow, even back then, I had the sense to stay put. We all broke up into groups after that and went on a “Treasure Hunt” to save souls which turned out to be like a psychic, intuition game in trying to find a particular person God wanted us to find. I have to say it worked but the power may not have been from God.


  2. In the video linked at Heralding Truth Bill Johnson says something about building the library/museum so “we can access their anointings”

    wow. If you want some man’s ‘anointing’ go ahead. I’ll stick with the Holy Spirit of God.

    There is only one anointing. He is the Holy Spirit. He acts as He wills, when He wills. He is not some dead agent that needs to be accessed from some point in the past. He is not somehow trapped and ineffectual until we perform some ritualistic act.

    It’s just the flip side of the whole ‘generational curses’ teachings that teaches you have to dig back into the past and figure out how your ancestors created a curse for you. Or, “do you have some sin issue that just won’t go away? It must be a generational curse!”

    There is a curse. It’s called being born with a sin nature. Jesus became a curse for us to set us free. One man for all. There is no secondary method to deal with the curse. Do you have a sin issue that won’t go away? don’t look to SOZO or the like. Check yourself and see if you are reaping what you have sown (a biblical concept) or do you not understand that to be born again of the Spirit is to live by the Spirit.

    What I find so heartbreaking about this stuff is that people are being steered towards human devised methods that do not come close to the glory of what the Lord Jesus has done for us through the cross and resurrection. They are being ripped off.


    • Christianity by it’s design is the greatest and most free religion in the world. There is no one like our Father God! It amazes me why so many think they need to change it, or attempt to make it more powerful by adding practices from other religions. Truly these teachers have departed from the faith and their first love.

      Great points here again Ruth!


  3. M’kayla, please check out the blog, http://tomroansblog.blogspot.com/ It is written by a man who was a founder of our church in Kennesaw, GA called Riverstone. He talks about forming a “Company of Fathers”. When we went to this church, he and his wife were appointed to be my and my husband’s mentors. I am thankful to the Lord Almighty that we did not meet with them after our first introduction. I know they meant well, but they were deceived (his wife has since died, he still presses on to adherence to false teaching). The author of the blog has visited Bethel, attends Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Atlanta, and counsels the pastors at Riverstone. This “new information/impartation/revelation” is spreading like wildfire in our area in Georgia. I do not want to speak ugly of others; rather, I want to warn the flock of what is out there so they do not fall for it as I did. Thanks.


    • sadly, the browsing I did showed signs of the false gospel evidenced by the use of the word “PAPA” in exchange for God or Father. I don’t see how the false teaching of Bethel will stop spreading. too many have been pulled into it and take it for truth. it will certainly be a miracle if it stops. so we continue to pray because some things are hard to understand. I still wonder why Shasta doesn’t just slide right on down and cover the place. but…My ways are not yours…and that is probably a good thing for all of us!


    • I just spent some time reading Tom Roans blog. Yuck. I wondered where the gospel was. I, well, there aren’t words to describe what I read. I really don’t know where the Bethelites get the saying God is good and He is always in a good mood. What about the wrath of God? Or the anger of the Lord? Had to stop reading.


      • Sally, I could be wrong, but I think that phrase came from Bill Johnson. People LOVE it and become captivated awaiting for the next “great bit of REVELATION”. They forget the word of God because they have ben convinced that they are “children of promise”and have no need to fear their father.


        • I guess I need to learn to communicate clearer M’Kayla. I know that Bill Johnson phrased the term as the church we left were beginning to use it after going to Bethel for a conference. I am still not where I want to be in my walk again after years of this charismania. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was struggling with fear so much about my salvation. I have repented. I have an issue that I would like to discuss with you but not in a comment. Anyway. would appreciate prayers from those on this blog and also for my dad who is dying of cancer and doesn’t know the Lord. Thanks for being a place to come and learn and share.


          • Sally, so sorry to hear about your Dad and I will be happy to pray for him. If you feel comfortable, we would like a name to pray with.

            I said this in my e-mail but I will say it here for the benefit of others. We cannot go by our feelings, but by the word of God. 1 John 4:17-18, 4:4, and this one I forgot to include Revelations 12:10-11.


  4. I would take this a step further. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a false prophet. This can happen with ANY man who is in leadership.

    An example recently was with Pastor Chuck Smith and his misapplication of Scripture and bad advice to a woman who called into the Pastor’s Perspective program. She was carrying con-joined twins and Chuck Smith told her is would be okay to follow her doctor’s advice and abort. Everyone makes mistakes, but the following day a cover-up occured when they justified themselves by claiming that the caller said her life was in danger. The caller never indicated that. Even if she had, it was inappropriate for them to give her advice which should have involved her husband.

    No one apparently questions Pastor Smith out of blind loyalty. Respect for a man trumps the truth of God and the impact of bad advice on a life/death situation.

    This is not the only case of this happening. Those who try to question Christian leaders are deflected and the wagons are circled. Where is the accountability? What about the Scripture that says teachers and leaders carry more responsiblity?


  5. Mkayla
    What can one say that hasn’t already been said. This goes beyond comprehension. Is there not a single person at Bethel that has the discernment and fortitude to stand up and shout across to the deceived to wake up.But then , those with a conscience have already exited the building.


    • oh, Ray– So true!
      I have to tell you I went thru the drive through at McDonald’s this morning. On the hash brown wrapper were the words “Wakey, Wakey…..’!!!

      I kid you not!


  6. Looking for a statement and can’t remember ( happens a lot lately!) but I think you are the one that said it and I don’t know if it was in one of your article posts or a comment you made. The statement was about how the sheep are the ones that seem to be doing the correcting and outcry against the false teachings, rather than the pastors/leadership. Mike and I are trying to put together an open letter of sorts to all pastoral leadership and this is one of the statements we would like to use, if we can find it again.
    Thanks and God Bless


    • Hi Pat. well, it sounds like something I have said, but if so, It probably wasn’t an original thought. Just put it how it sounds best to you. blessings and God’s guidance on the composition of that letter!


  7. Amen sister, Pat and I just drafted a letter and started an event on facebook in the hopes of the letter getting into the hands of pastors who are in pastoral alliances. We used the picture of those Bethel students sucking up the anointed of a dead man in the letter to show the heresy being spread today. Our hope is the letter will wake some pastors up to the deception we are facing today. I also posted the letter on my blog in the page called “Dear Pastor”. Keep up the good fight of faith sister and God bless you!


  8. I have a theological question M’Kayla and ruthsongs. These false prophets will defend themselves by saying that they agree with 1 John 4:1-3. How would I tell my friend that she follows false prophets when they all proclaim that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh?


    • href=”http://https://mkayla.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/how-to-discern-a-true-work-of-the-spirit-by-bob-dewaay-updated/”

      Erin, there more to the word “confess” as just in speaking simple words. If you take a look to the preceding verses, we are urged to keep His commandments. Many can and have come in the name of the Lord, but do not keep with the teachings of Jesus and of the scriptures. In addition, to claim an anointing is to claim to be Christ, as that is the meaning in His name. So those who call out to ” come here to receive this or that” are claiming they have a special anointing to pass on to other believers who do not. This is not true biblical teaching —and in so doing they deny the only true Christ as in a sense they have not “confessed” Jesus.

      These two teachings should help you tremendously. (After I sent you the e-mail I remembered these great resources.)

      Be blessed as your knowledge of the Savior is increased so that you may help others find the way.


  9. I see the Church coming apart at the seams and the world doing the same thing politically and physically. I never thought I would see the depth of the apostasy as it exists today.

    You are SOOOO right about the SHEEP calling out error to the SHEPHERDS, pleading with them to come to their senses. It seems like they are drunk on the wine of delusion they have been served and those sheep who refuse to participate are pleading with them to sober up and listen.

    How much longer will the Lord tolerate this? None of us know the answer to that, but we know that there is coming a day of reckoning. The redeemed who have fallen away will not lose their salvation, but there will be many tears at the Bema as their works are burned and they lose their rewards.


  10. Ha Ha – did you see that copy of Pilgrim’s Progress they had for their super-special “library”? It looks like an antique but you can buy it online for the 25% off sale price of $45 at Vision Forum. I have a copy.

    In all seriousness, though, do you see how they are continually seeking power? It’s not so much that they want to study the teachings of past theologians (although most of those they pictured are more properly labeled shamen) – and so learn how to discern God’s word and the work of a Christ-centered people and renew their faith in His great work of salvation; they want to “honor” them, and thus obtain power and blessing with a quick lip-service “glory to God” thrown in, of course.


    • Are you kidding? I bought my mass market copy for five bucks.

      They are seeking power! And they only continue to use the name of God or Jesus because it brings them money. Seriously, if the teachers at Bethel and the other men and women around the world who claimed to have made their life’s work a study of the word promote heresy what else are we to think?

      Someone recently sent me a facebook link to Bill Johnson’s page. He could not answer a question straight on, but jumped around with the same mushy-mouth explanations he is known for.


  11. Kris Valotten: (senior leader Bethel) ” how many of you know – Jesus/The Holy spirit is the ultimate spirit Guide..”


    Ben Armstong … ( BSSM pastor) – “you know we need to get over this thing of talking to the dead” (implying thats its not THAT bad if its dead great christian revivalists)

    guys when we have christian leaders saying these things from behind their own pulpits to the people…. please know there is such a line crossed here… its no longer Church — its “witchcraft central” these teachings will filter out & through to everyone who is following these men…. please please take a stand… please consider getting out of you church if your leaders are defending & justifying these things….. ITS NOT OF GOD!!!!

    calling Jesus & or the Holy spirit “Spirit Guides” reduces them to level of being merely demons… we wouldn’t even consider our pet dogs to be that,…. & this is the Holy Trinity we are speaking of.. I can barely bear to write it out…. but I feel we must be warned….

    scripture makes it abundantly clear, speaking to the dead is totally off limits – no matter who they are or what the did or did not do in their lifetime… they have had their time… anyhows if they had something important to say for this generation it is a) achieved by their legacy- writings/influential lifestyle etc or b) they would still be alive to be able to talk to… God can raise people from the dead & give them natural life beyond their expected years…. dead is gone… & its our time to do whats right & seek God first hand not through mantles – anointings transferable spirits or consulting the dead — the bible calls this NECROMANCY…

    open your eyes, please see beyond the “wow” factor….

    be blessed in your decisions



    • We can pretty much tell this man is NOT a Christian leader by biblical definition simply by what he says – aka his fruit. These people never tire sharing their dreams as tho they actually have some kind of universal meaning for people. Where is the bible? Notice after all the story telling he gave just a bit of truth at the end to pull off the lies? This is why people become so confused – they simply are NOT listening to the Holy Spirit, they are not reading, much less studying the bible for themselves. Yeah, it’s all wow factor – angels on rooftops setting off alarms indeed. As far as his dream I couldn’t help but think of the masonic sound it had – the builders’ square, level, just an odd connection to make. And to consider Christianity does NOT have levels of spirituality where one goes to the next. I believe that is Buddhist thought. This is a barf bag of the same old stuff. Sadly, the next thing NEW THING they are waiting on will probably be the mark of the beast, they are being prepared to follow the antichrist and without quick repentance it will be too late. They will be forever lost because they chose to listen to a bald man in worn out blue jeans who used the name of Jesus but had nothing in Him. Nothing.


  12. Yeah , I remember my neighbour telling me that his uncle’s mother in law’s second cousin had a friend that knew this lady who’s son in law had a dream about this lady who had a dream……………, and on and on they go , dreams and stories , and I still can’t believe that the sleepwalking masses at Bethel put up with this stuff, something to do with itching ears I guess.


  13. Hi Mkayla , same for you. Refering back to the video , i’m not quite sure what ” taking faith to the next level ” equates to , but it’s definitely not from the bible. I’m really taken aback with the brazen and outlandish statements that keep coming from these people, the promise that we’re ” on the cusp of something big” is a phrase that is touted endlessly, and I suppose that the law of averages will one day weigh in their favour. Here in sunny Qld , we have a couple of these BSSM schools , and it is with much consternation that I note that a couple I knew back in my Reformed days are in fact running one of these mystic gatherings, complete with all the nonsense that come from Bethel, pretty sad.


  14. It’s just so hard to not fall into major sarcasm when I hear this kind of hype. Even those pauses, thinking so hard about the awesome insights he has and how best to convey them to the poor listener in so little time …. He thinks aloud about being careful with the insider information all the listeners wish they had … “This is serious. This is serious” – it’s practiced hype.

    “The cloud isn’t dead” Oh come on. The Bible is very clear on this subject. The bible teaches that yes, everyone lives forever tormented in hell, or alive in Christ, but there is still such a thing as dead; as in no longer on this earth- and we are not to communicate with the dead. Period.

    I could go on, and maybe I should for the sake of anyone giving heed to this kind of “teaching.”

    Why, dear listener, would you give weight to dreams of people you don’t even know? Because she is from South Africa?

    Why do you assume that the dreams of the man in the video above have any significance for you, your life, or the church?

    Look at the dreams recorded in the Bible. They were for specific instances for warning or specific direction they were not a constant stream of fantastical claims meant to elevate the dreamer to celebrity status.

    There are no ‘levels’ in Christ.

    Angels will do God’s bidding. Simple. They are His business. We don’t need look for them, talk to them, or conjure them up.

    If the Lord of the Harvest wants someone to lead in a revival, He will do His will at His time. He does not need to use dead people to teach who He calls.

    There is no “new move” of God. The coming, death, and resurrection of the Messiah IS the New Move. The only true new move will be His return.

    If someone is preaching anything other than Jesus’ coming, death, resurrection and return, they are not preaching the gospel.


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