The Unpardonable Sin

This subject of the unpardonable sin has come up here from time to time and I thought the following writing would be most helpful –

The concept of an unpardonable sin has been a source of difficulty for many because it seems to go against the Bible’s teaching concerning grace. It also seems to be contrary to the purpose of why Christ came, to save sinners. Yet in Matthew 12 Jesus speaks of a sin that is unpardonable. Through the years I have heard many assert a great many things surrounding this passage which has left me often times frustrated, discouraged and even doubting salvation.

Go to Closing Stages and read the rest of Mike’s article based on Dr. Alan Cairns’ explanation right over here. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Unpardonable Sin

  1. I was glad to read this article too. I don’t think there has ever been anything quite so unsettling to me as to be told that I had better be careful that I didn’t commit the unpardonable sin when I told some friends in the hyper charismatic movement that a lot of what I saw going on around me was from another spirit then the Holy Spirit. That slowed me down in my decision making about things for a long time. It was too frightening to even think about.


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