Mike Huckabee Another Wannabee

Forced at gunpoint, huh? Not biblical, not American. I can’t believe this has come out of a man who used to preach the truth. (Assuming what he preached was the truth!)

Now he’s just rubbin’ elbows and doin’ the good – ol’ – buddy punch with those who will help him get to where he wants. It is a sad day when preachers swap the pulpit for a shot at the White House. It’s even worse when they manipulate their way up.

I’m thinking NAR….7 Mountains…

Pull the trig, I won’t listen.

16 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Another Wannabee

  1. Wanted to comment earlier but couldn’t, glad now because of your further comment. Which really doesn’t change what I intend to say, although it’s good to know. I for was NEVER crazy about a supposed pastor giving it up to go into politics…..really??? Where’s the “calling” in that??? and yes I’m being very sarcastic! 99.9% of the time when it comes to politics I pass on the comment/like button, but I don’t really consider this politics, I consider this a shame and embarrassment!!!


    • I don’t think the source – where the video links – is into false reports and seem to be pretty straight forward. I’ve been reading them for about a year now.

      It is indeed an embarrassment since the man Huckabee is so proud of is considered to be completely wrong in his facts and has been for a long time. I’m tired of all the screaming that America is a Christian nation when we see so many unChristian things going on by those who claim to support it. Still, I guess they miss the verse where Jesus said my Kingdom is not of this world. Dominionism grows by leaps and bounds every day and one of these days “the gun to the head” scenario may become a reality. After all, Cindy Jacobs who is NAR false prophet/apostle is very militant in her style and she is right there out front leading the way. And Rick Joyner has his upcoming bloody battle between the blues and the grays in writing and has been for a long time. (Blues are those who believe in Supernatural revelation, grays are those who believe it comes from the bible.)


  2. Hi Mkayla
    It may interest your readers to know Huckabee is closely allied with the Council of Foreign Relations whose socialist globalist goals are well known. David Barton whom he praised so enthusiastically is indeed a noted Dominionist who is up to his neck in Glenn Becks new age agenda. He is a lecturer at Becks “University”. It is probably wise to be wary of both.


    • Hi Glen.

      Yes, I am aware of the connections – Beck, Palin, Gingrich, Beck. HOWEVER, I was not aware of the Council of Foreign Relations. That is worth looking into. Thank you so much for pointing it out! Socialism seems to be the target goal for America. I’ll bet ya Rick Warren is in this somewhere too!


      • Yes mkayla, Rick Warren has bragged about his membership of CFR. Richard Land is also a member. What a tangled web.
        Incidentally Brannon Howse has written an article on David Barton today on why he has renounced involvement with him.


  3. M’Kayla,

    I think there is caution needed with the People for the American Way organization. They are very liberal and “progressive.” That doesn’t mean that I believe they gave false info in this case. But I am personally very cautious about them in general.


  4. None of these people are our hope. I thank God none of them are our hope. All of them in it for own personal gain, for money, for power, for fame. Come quickly Lord Jesus, the world is making me sick.


    • I think America has fallen, or is at least in a strong nose dive. The false prophets and apostles want us to believe it is because of our sin. Well, they are only partly right. It is not necessarily the sin of the people, but the sin of the liars and manipulators in office. There is evil intent in their plans that has always been there. So when we hear people like Cindy Jacobs jump up and say “come on people – we gotta pray, we gotta bind this spirit or that” she is lying. We do pray. We vote, we speak our minds and those in office do just the opposite and shut down the voice of the American people. They have become dictators before our very eyes. Who is the sinner here?


  5. Well my computer won’t open the link to whatever Huckabee said.. 😦

    Despite that however, !, let me be the one and only voice of opposition here.

    I like Mike. I’d much rather see a little ‘Baptist hootspa’ in the Oval Office than what we’ve got now…. 😉


    • Hmmmm annuk, you may not “like” him so much when I tell you he has teamed with Joyer/The Oak Initiative and others in the upcoming conference! I know – rude awakening there. I’ll post the link soon. The message they bring is patriot Americanism, cloaked in false Christianity. They are looking to force their ways on the people. Can you imagine being forced at gunpoint to hear a man speak lies about American’s Christian roots? Is this the way Jesus preached the gospel or revealed truth to anyone? Is this what was in the minds of the men who wrote and died for our constitution?


  6. All you need to know about Huckabee is found in the youtube clips where he is a guest on Kenneth Copeland’s television show. Huckabee also associates with false teacher Bill Gothard.

    There is no heretical teacher so bad that Huckabee will not rub shoulders with him.

    But Huckabee is awfully slick.


  7. You can also google:

    Meet The Press: Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland

    and watch how he doesn’t answer the questions posed to him. This was done in 2007 I think. God bless!


  8. Well, I don’t know where to begin. So I thank you Mkayla and all your readers who have given me all the info I was looking for. As soon as I read that Huckabee in with Joyner,Kenneth Copeland the bells just went off. That told me exactly where he is at. Unreal. Thanks again Mkayla for keeping us informed on all of this.


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