the road again to tyranny

We’ve often discussed the NAR and dominion theology. Now, we see it come together again, heightened and powerful~ ~

PJ at Sola Dei Gloria put up an article regarding the upcoming

Awakening 2011

As American Christians it is important to know what our leaders and presidential hopefuls are up to. After you read her comments please go to their website. You will note again the joining of the false prophets and apostles of the NAR, para-church organizations and the American people. It is a shame that so many have joined together in complete blindness to the truth. This is where “America as a Christian Nation” has taken us and it is not the place we truly want to be.

The teachings of the Christian faith is about freedom to worship God in spirit and in truth. It is about salvation in that God came to earth in the form of a man to die for all sinners so that through Christ they could have a relationship with Him.  It is our place to preach that gospel to all creatures, but to do so in purity of its message.  We know that one day Christ will return, there will be a new earth that will be created by Him. Until that day comes there will not be true peace. God does not want us to set up a kingdom here on earth – He wants us to save souls.

The writings of our constitution are about freedom to live lives that we choose without government involvement or force of action. Men died putting these freedoms together for us so that we could live outside the rule of tyranny.

These people coming together have a different idea, in that they wish to force their beliefs on the American people under the guise of Christianity. This is dominion theology in action. It is not Christianity and it is very dangerous to our freedom. Please take the time to think clearly. It looks like a warm fuzzy, meant for the good of all moment. It is not.

I would sincerely appreciate any additional information you can send in to help everyone have eyes to see.

5 thoughts on “the road again to tyranny

  1. It was the Reformation that gave birth to the idea that men answer only to God and not to the divine right of kings – that men don’t answer to priests and bishops but rather to God Himself. This led to the idea of democracy and a republican form of government.

    It was the Judeo-Christian worldview that values each human being as being created in the image of God and worthy of respect and freedom. Only in countries with a predominantly Judeo-Christian culture do we find women with the right to vote and function as equals in society.

    I don’t agree with Dominionist theology but would sure love to see a culture and society that is more influenced by the bible than by the current postmodernism. Not in such a way as to demand that everyone be a Christian but to derive our principles of justice, mercy, and dignity for all humans born and unborn from the only source of truth – God’s Holy Word.


    • I think America had a taste of bible based culture, but it has been lost. The only way to gain it back is repentance, but it has to come from each individual. The false prophets/apostles know this and use it to their gain to bring this nation to what they want. Sadly, disillusioned Christians, including preachers are following the path of patriotism, not the path of their Lord.

      When I stand back and look at the big picture it no longer looks like it used to. It looks to me like an uprising of a false god.


  2. I think one major difference is that these people are searching for power and control, while the Bible teaches us to be servants. Sometimes Biblical servants are put into places of authority, but a grand plan of authority and power ala the NAR (even when they claim a desire to serve) is a recipe for disaster – spiritual and civic.


  3. I notice they do a lot of talking about making this earth a better place to live blah blah blah. Oh, and we mustn’t for get the “Peace Plan” by Rick Warren. Well, if he plans on staying good for him. I’m not I’m just passing through. I like Gods plan better. Man has made a complete mess through the ages.I’m looking forward the return of our Lord and King.


    • It is mind boggling to me no matter how much I read about Warren and so many others who claim to be pastors, teachers, prophets or apostles, etc., yet do exactly the opposite of all the scriptures teach. While I can agree that we can be off on some minor details, these are off on major doctrinal points. So if a person cannot conform to their thinking in such clear teaching we find in the word, they have nothing left to offer the body of Christ – nothing.

      I had a nice reminder yesterday that God never intended for one man to rule over another, but here we are! Is it not enough to have our governments rule us, that we need to add them in “churches”? I want my freedom in Christ!


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