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  1. Beautiful!!!!
    M’Kayla, this is the Apostles Creed, the prayer I was telling you that Catholics pray frequently. This is the closest I could find to what we memorized when I was growing up in the 60’s. The interesting thing is that it is a confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior and I believe that if someone prays this prayer from their heart they can be saved. When both my sisters tried to suck me into their newfound religious beliefs in the early 70’s, one a New Ager and the other a Muslim, my response to them was always, “but where is Jesus in it?” All of us had gone to Mass and Catechism every Sunday through 12th grade, but unlike them, even though we had all left the Catholic Church, I was the only one who would not get involved in anything that was not about Jesus. I thank God for that!

    The Apostles’ Creed
    circa 300 A.D

    I believe in God the Father Almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth.
    And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord;
    Who was conceived of the Holy Ghost,
    Born of the Virgin Mary,
    Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried;
    He descended into hell; the third day he rose again from the dead;
    He ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
    From thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.
    I believe in the Holy Ghost,
    The holy catholic Church,
    The communion of saints,
    The forgiveness of sins,
    The resurrection of the body,
    And the life everlasting. AMEN.


  2. Great site. Used to attend a church who were into this so called revival.Lord showed me how dangerous it was. Even Pastor was deluded so walked away. So sad lost a lot of good friends who now I pray for. Keep up the good work bless u.


  3. Yes, the Creed is true, but it has been added to by Romanism and others to add good works and rituals. One thing that seems to be missing here is that salvation comes not through repeating a creed, but applying to one’s self personally. The devil and his angels believe who God and Jesus are and they know the truth. the Bible clearly states this. So one can agree with this Creed and still not be a true born-again believer.

    Also, Rich Mullins according to Wikipedia: He was heavily influenced by St. Francis of Assisi (1181–1226). In 1997, he composed a musical called Canticle of the Plains, a retelling of the life of St. Francis set in the Old West.[2]

    It goes on to say: Rich’s interest in Saint Francis of Assisi led to an attraction to Roman Catholicism in his final years. There was no daily Protestant service on the Navajo reservation, so Rich frequently attended daily Mass. He never converted, and there is dispute over his intentions.[20][21][22]

    He is quoted as saying:

    A lot of the stuff which I thought was so different between Protestants and Catholics [was] not, but at the end of going through an RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] course, I also realized that there are some real and significant differences. I’m not sure which side of the issues I come down on. My openness to Catholicism was very scary to me because, when you grow up in a church where they don’t even put up a cross, many things were foreign to me. I went to an older Protestant gentleman that I’ve respected for years and years, and I asked him, “When does faithfulness to Jesus call us to lay aside our biases and when does it call us to stand beside them?” His answer to me was that it is not about being Catholic or Protestant. It is about being faithful to Jesus. The issue is not about which church you go to, it is about following Jesus where He leads you.[23]

    clearly, Mullins did not have a handle on sound doctrine and just because someone recites the Apostle’s Creed does not insure one’s salvation.

    I thought it important to clear this up.


    • Dear Watcher on the wall, Thanks for clearing that up. I am the first to agree that just because someone prays a prayer confessing that they believe Jesus is Lord even according to Romans 10: 9 and 10, does not mean they are saved. We have all witnessed Christians puffing up their numbers by bragging that so many got saved any time they went forward in a service and prayed a salvation prayer or prayed it in a more private setting, maybe one on one with somenone. To get saved, someone must believe these things in their heart! We cannot see their heart, only God can. So The Lord then tells us that we will know them by their fruit instead, and even then it is not always easy to discern. But my goodness, God can certainly use the Apostles Creed to get ahold of someone. We just cannot make a formula out of it. I think that most of us here are through with formulas. I agree that the Catholic Church is way off in many or most areas, but we will see many many Catholics who will be in Heaven simply becasue of their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, whether they came to faith through praying the Apostles Creed or another way.


  4. PS, as a formar Catholic, like many in the Evangelical Church are becoming today , we thrived on rituals and formulas. We did everything over and over until it lacked its intended meaning. And on top of that everthing as a Catholic was works related. Everything! I would say that good works were foundational rather than added to somehting. Good works are at the heart of Catholicism. All the rituals are good works and when performed consistantly and continually, a Catholic believes they are right with God. As a Born Again Believer instructed in the scriptures, we know that is not true. I was actually writing here previously about the Apostles Creed. I was writing that we just left a spirit filled non-denominational church that now had Communion every Sunday, and on top of that was having the Congregation, recite the Apostles Creed from the overhead and then read (recite) the responses to the prayers the Pastor was reading(reciting) from the overhead. I told my husband, it was getting to Catholic for me. Yes, one thing can lead to another and before you know it, you are into something that is not Biblical at all. And I agree, the Roman Catholic Connection to the Anti-christ is something we need to beware of and shun. There is just too much in the Catholic church that is wrong.


  5. Thank you Karen – you are observant and discerning to pick up on what your pastor was doing. I just read today on Lighthouse Trails how evangelicals are picking up Catholic traditions. The lines are becoming more and more blurred.

    I agree that the “sinner’s prayer” saves no one. However, having said that, the Bible does say to “confess with our mouth”. Being involves with evangelism, our understanding is that when the person has been presented with the Gospel and they indicate that they do believe, that is an indication (only God knows for sure) that they have received. Then they are led in a prayer that covers the basics and affirms what they have believed in their heart. If it is used rightly, the so-called “sinner’s prayer” is good. However, we always tell the person that it is not the prayer that saves them, but what has happened in their heart and it is a way of expressing what has already happened in their heart.

    I do believe it is possible to be Roman Catholic and be saved, HOWEVER, it is next to impossible when one has the Holy Spirit and the true message of salvation to remain under a system of works that is completely against the free gift of salvation. Also, the Christ of the Eucharist is a false Christ and the belief that He literally becomes the body and blood is blasphemous and the belief of baptismal regeneration totally flies in the face of the true Gospel. That is why the Great Commission consists of 2 parts: one, preaching the Gospel and secondly making disciples. Often that is overlooked.

    One of the things that was so tragic about the Billy Graham Crusades – they compromised with the Catholics in the community and cut a deal not to proselytize and to send Roman Catholics back to their priests.


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