Know Your Enemy from The Fuel Project

This is the first part of a teaching series entitled Know Your Enemy which exposes the connection between the original fall of man, pagan god and goddess worship and practices, the occult, Catholicism, Islam and all the symbolism that connect us to modern day. I am in the process of watching these videos and have never seen anything like them!  It is no wonder God has been so strict that we not mix with other practices. Yet, here we are!

I highly recommend this series from The Fuel Project!]

35 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy from The Fuel Project

  1. I’m almost finished watching this series, and I hope it spreads from Christian to Christian across the internet! It really explains what is going on today (and has gone on through history) to help Christians stand against all of the deceptions in the world.


  2. Wow – I’m up to part 8. What strikes me is the foundation of all that is wrong and evil comes back to the first chapters of the bible. No wonder the Creator and His act of creation are so reviled among depraved men.

    Also interesting is that everything associated with evil is dark, mysterious, only available to a few, involves tyrannical power over other people and perverted sexuality while everything godly is full of light and available to all – good and wholesome.

    Thanks for sharing this M’kayla 🙂


  3. Hi McKayla,

    I had not heard of this series so checked it out and sampled a number of the vids. Sounded good except for the positive reference to C.S. Lewis which I can overlook. But as always, as a Berean, I wanted to dig deeper and see just who is behind this project.

    On their Facebook page they support Christians United for Israel that was founded by John Hagee who believes that Jews don’t need to be evangelized amongst his other false prosperity teachings that are mixed with enough truth to make them easily swallowed.

    Then I checked into Mark Fairly’s profile and was greatly disappointed. I could not believe he likes some of the very things that are a part of what he is exposing!!

    Check it out for yourself.

    Boy do I ever hate to rain on this parade, but I sure couldn’t recommend this series. I had great hopes that it would be the REAL Truth Project rather than the one that is making the rounds in churches. Lots of good info so far, BUT the author has obviously not gone far enough in his homework.


    • Maybe Mark needs someone to point him to see the error of John Hagee. It is widely believed that the Jews have a special purpose yet to be fulfilled. I’m thinking this was started by John Darby, but I may be wrong. It is an area that I need to learn the truth, too. I doubt this widespread teaching. What say you?

      I have watched over 30 segments and have found the information to be quite valuable. Yes, there are bits and pieces of things that I wish would have been left out. But let’s remember that we are all learning and just because he has done a good bit of research doesn’t mean he has it all figured out yet. I don’t see these things serious enough to dismiss the series.


    • Hi Watcher Who Waits,,

      On the Fuel Project’s YouTube comment section someone said,,, “Very arrogant of you to say that before you came along, anyone who called themselves Christians were satan worshipers. So Jesus Christ waited almost 2000 years for you to come along. What an ego you have.”,,,, I have not seen where this was said yet, maybe it was not in the video but maybe Mark said it somewhere else.

      Also you mentioned Focus on the Families “The Truth Project”. I went to lesson or “tour” 9 last Friday at a local church,, and liked what I seen. But I did get online and found a site called “The Truth Problem” @,, from what I could tell it’s biggest gripe was that it claimed that The Truth Project was one sided and only represented the Conservative Christians Worldview. But it also claimed that some science was misrepresented. Another site also made about the same claims,,, WHAT DO YOU see wrong with The Truth Project?

      I’ll take your advice and look and Fairly’s FB page. THANKS


    • Hi again Watcher who waits,,

      I went to Marks wall and profile page and did not see where he supports Christians United for Israel,, can you point out where that is.

      Also when say say he support many thing he is exposing are you referring to movies like the Transformer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?



      • It is on the Fuel Project facebook page. There are other orgs that I wouldn’t support as well. Again, I am not willing to throw out the series.

        As for the Truth Project, I question it myself. If you guys want so swap info we will have to find a different topic or create one but I don’t want it going on under this thread. It is too confusing.



    • I think you need to stop hating- Iv just watched the complete series and it was really good, alot of helpful information to digest but the most important thing is that it has only reasurred me of the love of our father and his mighty plan at work. God is in control and he is raising men to make projects like this to reach the lost– We are all on our road and satan tempts us all to fall. Do not hold this man to standards neither you nor I can keep… His information whether you believe is good enough or not – Identifies previous Gods and doctrines of worship and exposes them in today’s society, It follows the word to plow through lies and points the viewer to true worship of our God YAHWEH …… I have no doubts in my mind that this was guided by the Holy Spirit to bring Glory and Honour to our true God by help others from falling into traps set by the devil and believing his false doctrines…… We are to Love everyone and stand for truth – I pray that God will use you and your knowledge in him to bring glory to his name. I do not think writing negative messages about others is part of Gods plan, rather satans. we are not to judge any man but be thankful that the Lord is at work in their lives and pray for them…. God Bless.


      • I don’t understand what you are talking about here. If I didn’t think his work was worthy it would not be on my blog. I’ve been through the entire series and found it to be most valuable. There is no hate and I am certainly not holding him to any kind of standard. Yes, we are called to love and we are also called to expose heresy. It would be helpful if you would be more specific on what it is you are referring to.


  4. Hi M’K,

    THANKS for posting this! I have watched 11 parts so far and think it is right on the money so far.

    I have extensively studied the occult agenda because my uncle is a Mormon Bishop, that lead me to study Mormonism, then Freemasonry because Joseph Smith was a Freemason and that lead to my study of the hidden (right on front of our eyes) world-wide web of the occult for many years.

    I was an online radio show host at Revere Radio Network, started a network called Christian Hope Radio Network and did three different radio shows on the topic of the occult agenda and conspiracies in general,, so I have studied it all quite a bit and my opinion is that so far this is the best NWO presentation I have seen.

    I put all that down and never thought I would be feeling a need to study that stuff again. The reason I put it down was because I got mad at the Lord, my Dad died of Cancer and my Mom started dating a guy that my little brother was in a witches coven with and she said things like she never felt alive until she got with this guy – and many other terrible things. I had prayed to the Lord that He would open my Moms eyes even though she was so deceived that she lived out a saying on her favorite shirt that said “we’ll get along fine if you learn to worship me”. When My Mom did not change (she is still with that guy) I got mad at the Lord, deleted all my websites and told Him to get out of my life,,,, but He chased me down and would not let me be.

    So after our relationship got back to some resemblance of what it once was I started doing work for Him again, that was about 3 years ago when I started focusing on the WoF. On 9/9 something happened that made me start studying Islam, you can read about that here ( I never thought that study and exposure work of Islam would lead me to study politics and the NWO again but it has because Islam is not the problem but rather the occult philosophy which we now call liberalism,,,, meaning a) Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values,, b) favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs,,, or c) Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry,,, and many other dictionary definitions also fit the basic meaning of the occult philosophy and ideology which in it‘s simplest term is ONE WORLDism.

    This video so far has helped me remember that all this fits together like a puzzle and I will be watching the rest of it today.

    1Th 4:13-18 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
    and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.


    • Hi Damon, that is some story about your mom and I am sorry for her situation. We can only pray that the Lord will open her eyes and we take comfort in knowing that request is not above His ability.

      I am glad the series is helpful. It is another “connecting the dots” situation and these dots are big ones. 🙂


  5. I am finding the videos very informative. I have studied the NWO and the occult before but I am learning so much more through this series. I had never heard of Nimrod’s wife before etc….


    • I have watched 32 I think, but it’s been a few days. Yes, it is quite a long series, isn’t it. I find it quite informative and have never seen such an amount of information put together the way he has done.


  6. Watcher: Are you a “watcher” as in the book of Enoch? Are you part of the 5th Column? Are you the “watcher” of GLP?

    This video series is a “must watch” for all true believers as we go into the next ‘dark age”

    I would be careful what you criticize. This was a true work of light in the darkness.


  7. A friend of mine referred me to this series and my DVD’s arrived yesterday. After watching a few clips on youtube, I could not wait to order and continue watching. Just finished dvd 2. I am very impressed and what people need to do is decide for themselves as to the context. As Dan pointed out in so many words a person can find negative in anything. Overall I believe this series is well documented and at the end of the day if through scripture and meditation and prayer I can walk away knowing my relationship with God is better for me and bearing witness while enhancing my trust and faith in Him, then that’s a win for me….and many others as well.


  8. You are giving Satan a foothold. You are watching all of the wonders that he has done to turn the world. Make sure you don’t get caught up in all the facts. That is how we all began to sin anyways. Instead of Just doing we ask why? The Holy Spirit will give you what you need, rember dont get caught up in facts. Satan may have another trick up his sleeve yet. To convert Christians he will use money and fear, I am in the military and he uses the fear of security in money to keep me in. But when i was younfer in the lord i took the oath to up hold the consitition before God not even knowing it. Ontop of the homosexual bill passing its out of control and I am out of control pray for me.


  9. Perhaps believers in Yahweh should go back to the word (Torah) and behave like it. Meaning, we take what we have learned from this teaching and turn from our worldly ways, including holidays, and begin to keep the Sabbath and the Biblical Feasts like God’s people have done since they were first commanded to. Protestants have not been innocent of persecuting Jews or celebrating pagan holidays i.e. christmas & easter, any less than catholics. Just check the history of the protestant leaders/fathers like Martin Luther for example. Keep in mind that the covanant God made with man was renewed via Yeshua i.e Renewed Covenant not New Covenant or New Testament, check Marcion for his hand in this little historical misshap. Question, does any video in the series ever get to the point of? {“let’s all repent of straying far from the LORD and teaching christian doctrine verses biblical truth.”} We don’t seem to get that if Yeshua was here right now he’d be a kosher Jew from the tribe of Judah and he wouldn’t put up with any of our cultural hang ups or pagan practices. He would teach God’s law because He is the Law. We would have faith in Yeshua first and then be obedient to the Law out of faith. why is this so hard? We in the church have strayed far from the teachings of God…


  10. Thank you, Michael! Amen and Ditto to everything you said. YHWH says in His Word that He does not change. We can only be saved through the finished work of the Messiah, Yeshua, but after we are saved and allowed into YHWH’s family, He expects us to obey Him and He tells us how in His Word, especially His Torah. It’s time to “Come out of her (Babylon), My people.” Thanks again and to M’Kayla for her blog and providing this forum. (By the way, your name is really pretty, M’Kayla) 🙂


  11. Guys, upload the Fuel Projects logo. Find the inverted cross in the middle of the U in Fuel. – which represents the rejection of Christ, and is found at Satanic Alters.

    Ask yourself why this logo has that, and if it’s just a fluke, then why are all the other patches of white blots and blotches, while the inverted cross is perfect.

    As per usual, the agents of Satan are controlling what you are allowed to know.


    • Are you kidding? Satan does not control what we need to know. God gives wisdom to those who ask Him. Are you saying there is something wrong with the Fuel Project because of a PICTURE? Have you watched the videos?


  12. Hello M’Kayla,
    On top of your page we can read: ” Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness. Luke 11:35 Well i just wanted to warn you about the Fuel project because it is not coming from Jesus but rather darkeness; Satan. It is another false movement created by the angel of light;Lucifer. This guy did not create these videos alone. Impossible! First, they have the kabbalah’s eternal flame has their logo just about every false ministries logo in the Charismatic movement have this flame. It creates dark energy to bring about false revivals in the evangelical Christianity and many will think to follow Christ before the ”Great falling away.” And such false movement will have helped in the deception. He told us that many would come in his name in the lase days. Check it out for yourself Todd Bentley and Charles Stanley both have it on their false ministires. There is much information on the etenal flame on the internet to just think this is a conspiracy theory. I too listened to the entire series and was all for it and tought it was from God until the Lord showed me the agenda behind this false movement. Besides to them ”Awareness is Holiness” so beeing aware of the NWO does not scare Satan one bit. I is part of the awakenning that is going on and many are deceived!


    • So, what you are saying is the Fuel Project is complete darkness because of a symbol? Have you watched these videos yourself? Because there is no way one can connect the work done here with spiritual atrocities of the likes of Todd Bentley!


  13. Mark is a good honest person. I was a personal friend a long time ago. The loves the Lord. If you disagree with anything, just ask him on his FB page. He put much time and effort into know your enemy.


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