Coming Again

A new video series by Theigniteproject, also the known as the blogger closingstages.

We can all agree – amen  – and Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus.

6 thoughts on “Coming Again

  1. Hey, that’s pretty cool! Just a little editing error that kinda sticks out tho’. At 4:20 or so, there’s some text that should read; “Even those who PIERCED Him”, but actually reads;
    “Even those who PERICED Him.” Which sorta detracts from the message a little y’know?
    Not tryin’ to rain on your parade, honest!
    On another note, I went and had a look at the YouTube series; “Know YourEnemy”, by The Fuel Project. WOW! Most of the content I knew a bit about already, but there were a few eye-openers and the methodical way the information was presented, was spectacular!


  2. 1 Thes 4:15-18 tells us that yes, the Lord will return, just as this depicts. Also worth noting:
    If the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not “allowed” his house to get broken into.

    How many people are “permitting” their houses to get broken into?

    How funny you should post this when we were jjjjust talking about this…


  3. The youtube account has been changed and I just got around to making the correction here. Sorry! He is adding more videos as this is the beginning of a series.

    Blessings all and thanks for your support.


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