Bethel’s Jesus Culture Awakening

Jesus Culture Awakening – Bethel (from Inerrant Word)

Well, there is an event starting today called the Jesus Culture Awakening in Chicago. Jesus Culture are essentially the worship band from Bill Johnson’s Bethel church. This is a dangerous group to be associated with and to be caught up in – I know!

I have had personal experience with the effect of Jesus Culture and Bethel when my wife was caught up in their music and teaching. You can find her testimony (4 parts) of how she got out from under their influence here, here, here, and here.

There is something insidious about Bethel and its associates. Often they appear at face value, to say Christian things and they even appear convincing (though there are some so ludicrous that it is a wonder anyone buys into them). But, for me, I was often left with a very ill feeling in my gut. Then when you start hearing some of the quotes from people like Bill Johnson who say that if we preach a message which allows for sickness, we preach another gospel (in reference to Galatians 1:8). There are plenty of youtube videos which show this.

For the message of Bethel is this: health and wealth, sign and wonders are what God does for you. You should be seeking after these things and if they are not abounding in your life, then something is desperately wrong! They will deny it of course: “we never say such a thing!” Not outright but it permeates their sermons, and messages. It is clear, unless you are experience all manner of odd things and signs and wonders etc, then you are in trouble.

Their ministry has such things as “healing rooms”, soaking, etc. You can read some very interesting reviews of these here.

I know that my wife turned from being a joyful, contented mother and wife into an aggressive, belligerent, and antagonistic woman. I have had people say, “oh, she must have just got carried away” or the like. The fact is, she was not alone. I know several other people personally who got caught up with this sort of thing. They acted and changed in the same way. The fruit of the Spirit goes out the door. Jesus and the Word being the sufficient and satisfying saviour and focus has gone too. Instead this obsession with miracles, angle feathers, gold dust etc replaces it. There is no contentment – only a desire for greater and more fantastic “miracles”. A desire which becomes absolutely consuming.

Now some of the people whom they associate with are very dangerous. People like Todd Bentley, John Crowder, Joshua Mills etc. If you have not heard, Todd Bentley has been involved in a crazy, signs and wonders revival in Lakeland in the recent past. During which it turned out he had an inappropriate relationship with one of his staff (while he was married) and then he ended up divorcing quickly and marrying this girl. I believe there were other issues he suffered with at the same time. While this was happening (and before it was publicly known), Bill Johnson and other extreme Pentecostal heavyweights laid hands on him in service and proclaimed God’s anointing on him and how he was doing great things for the Lord and would outshine Moses etc. Well, if they were speaking for God (which clearly they were not for they are false prophets) surely He would have warned them to provide Todd help in the very least? But no, it appears they use God as a means to gain.

John Crowder is as weird as they come. He refers to himself as a “new mystic”. The only word I can use to give him justice is blaspheming heretic. I have seen him do things which would make your hair stand on end! Things like sucking the anointing from people in graves like a vacuum, smoking “holy ghost” drugs (toking the ghost he calls it), falling around like a drunkard (calling it the drunken glory of the lord). He speaks heretical trash and the most shocking thing is not necessarily the things he says and does (for we have always had nutcases around) it is the fact that so many people follow him and show themselves to be undiscerning, ignorant, and deceived. One day, he will give an account to the Lord and it will not be pretty! You can look up multitudes of videos on you tube which show off the show that is John Crowder. Here are some interesting reviews of this man, his ministry, and his behaviour (there are many more if you type his name into Google): Apologetics Index, Slaughter of the Sheep, and Apprising Ministries.

So these are the people that Bill Johnson relate with and associate with. Dangerous people who would lead the flock astray and bring them to calamity.

But some great sites which have a lot of information about Bill Johnson, his associates and their teachings are Heralding Truth, M’Kayla’s Korner, Closing Stages, Apprising and Crosswise. There are multitudes of articles, reviews, comments, and testimonies.

All I can say, is be careful of this ministry and his teachings. Make sure that you test the spirits (1John 4:1) and do not let anyone tell you to let go of your mind etc. God created us a rational, thinking, creatures whom he commanded to worship in spirit and TRUTH (John 4:23). He tells us many times to test what we hear (Acts 17:11, Rev 2:2) to know if it is truth or heresy. My wife’s testimony provides some links in there to a post on a blog which helped her incredibly when she realised what was happening to her. I pray that you also will benefit from this.

The best thing I can encourage surrounding this event is that even if you are curious or you have friends of family going, run! Do not go. I beg you to avoid this event at all costs for it is dangerous. I am not someone who has taken these people out of context – their ministry, life and teaching is out of context. You can find multitudes of material on them and what they teach in proper context in their books, sermons etc which are easily accessible. The mounting evidence of their false teaching is damning.

I pray God gives you wisdom and discernment and if you are caught up in this stuff, I pray He would open your eyes and draw your heart back to Him!


Before you go, take a look to see what the children at Bethel are being taught. This video is a couple years old and was brought to my attention on a comment. – I was floored at the complete lack of reverence and respect for God, Jesus Christ, spiritual authority and the bible! What will become of these children?  Some scary stuff happening. 

52 thoughts on “Bethel’s Jesus Culture Awakening

  1. This is scary. We have a whole generation of children that cannot name the four gospels and yet are being taught “how to” prophesy – as if it can be taught. Where is the grounding in the word of God? They are building a house without first laying a foundation – and the end of that will be destruction.


  2. “Teach chidren how to prophecy”? ummmm I thought it was a spiritual gift…. duh! And “prayer language”… I thought that was THE HOLY GHOST as if it was only a language!


  3. Keep shining that light! A few years ago I felt I was the only person who saw the danger. I am sorry you have to go through this dark path but I am happy your story is a witness to the TRUTH!
    I thank the Lord I found M’Kayla’s Korner, It kept me sane through it all!
    I had to go through two years of searching for a church that believes in the sovereignty of God.
    Thank you for sharing you story, it will help many others who are being tossed about by this mind control!



  4. After that comment about teaching children how to prophesy I couldn’t watch anymore. I was in a group that ‘taught’ prophecy, or ‘activated’ the gift of prophecy in people. Basically it is a process of keep-trying-until-the-‘prophet’- tells-you- you-are- ‘right on’ or the people have some kind of emotional response that tells you, ‘you got it.’

    My experience is that most of the time, what is being taught is how to speak out of our own imagination (Jer 23:16), and how to get better at reading people. There is a lot of common ground as far as people’s fears, hopes, regrets, and aspirations that will result in a certain amount of success at ‘prophecy’ (Where did I hear something like 65% of people-more accurate to say Americans- dream of writing a book, so hey, throw that in there and you’ll be right-on quite frequently)

    I think there is scriptural basis for God to lead us in how/when/what to speak to people for edification or instruction or to bring them the gospel (Acts 8:25-40, Acts 9:10-19, Acts 10:1-33, Acts 11:12, Acts 11:27, Acts 14:8-10 Acts 16:6-10). But to create an event of our own doing and then plan on prophesying (for hours on end) is not the way the Holy Spirit works- IMO after studying scripture.

    To think of the self aggrandizement this will produce in children is sad, sobering, and perhaps tells of things to come. The danger is that they are being taught to listen to their own imagination and/or sinful nature and think it is the Holy Spirit and maybe even someday ‘prophesy’ by seducing spirits (Jer 23:13).

    As much as this breaks my heart, I have to believe it breaks God’s more. We can pray that in spite of all the garbage they are being told, one day the true gospel will break through to these kids. We can never forget the Almighty God is bigger than this mess we see in the so called American ‘church.’


  5. Shame on these people, taking three year olds and grooming them to be the next generation of mystics. The content of this video was disturbing enough , what was even more disgraceful was what was ommitted, ten minutes plus , and not one mention of Christ , or the gospel , or the need to humble oneself before both.


  6. This video is an example of “ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth” or “Christless Christianity”. I am so thankful the Lord rescued our family from this nonsense! My heart grieves for those still under the influence of the “angel of light”. The enemy’s ploy is to divert our attention from Christ to ourselves. Observations: 1) Childlke faith is in our attitude toward God and His authority, not our lack of inhibition or downplaying knowledge and understanding. 2) The adults she mentions that question the source are actually using their brains…after all, we are commanded to love God with our minds. 3) The children are playing a “game” of “rising from the dead”…with, it seems, no understanding of its significance. 4) Heaven is mentioned as some abstract place to go. 5) No mention of the wrath of God, our need for a Savior, the cross, blood, death, resurrection of Christ or His ascension…all vital doctrines of the true Christian faith. Lord, have mercy and bring Your church to its knees!


  7. Everything stated above is true. I have just returned from the “awakening” Jesus Culture event. From start to finish I discerned there was something very off! After listening to all the speakers, and checking the Word I found no evidence to back their claims in the Word. I can’t even tell you how heartbreaking and sickening it is to see what I saw. There would be times we were asked to stand and repeat a prayer “mark me” in which myself and close friend would have nothing to do with. 18,000 people, mainly young people in that arena.. And what deception!! My friend and I spent much time in intercession for eyes to be opened. I saw it for what it was…stay far away!!!! Do not get mixed up into these false teachings! God have mercy on those men and women…I believe if they repent and turn from this they will see forgiveness and God will restore them to His work in His Kingdom. I left with a broken heart for the generation of young people who are so lost and decieved! We need to remain faithful, steadfast and strong on the Word of God! Thank you for posting this!


  8. This weekend I have been doing a large amount of research on this movement, it’s history, size, scope and reach. There are 3 potential presidential candidates that follow this movement. My heart breaks for these kids who are being deceived. Why aren’t more mainline church’s speaking up against this heresy in the church. While it seems their focus is on influence of Islamic fundamentalism, the NAR seems like a far greater threat. We are entering scary times in church history.


    • We have to remember that we are not called for political reason, but to preach salvation. All a candidate has to do is mention the name of Jesus a few times and all of the western world falls for it. Tho I already had that figured I heard it on CNN this morning too. Not everyone who says the name of Jesus is called by His name, huh?

      The NAR is a great threat to society, to our country and to our faith. Many churches and organizations are going in their direction, esp under the rule of Bethel/Bill Johnson. He seems to have cornered the market on apostasy. The unsaved public know the NAR is crazy and they think all Christians are right in there with them. Not so.


    • Zach, these people coming together have been doing so for awhile now. When I saw them infiltrate the National Day of Prayer (which I think is hooey anyway) I really started to pay attention. Engle, Jacobs, and so many others bring a false doctrine, false jesus and who knows what this will lead to. I think they want to impose biblical law to gain control over the people.


    • I was trying to find an explanation that I put up recently, but I have no idea where!
      Yes, it’s quite strange. A new and effective way to pray to get as much as you can from everyone in the room – touch, declare and decree a thing, prophesy, fire – more, more, more- a spiritual hot bed of VD, if you will. Now you see why I use the word “mania” to describe this heretical stance.


  9. Hi,

    I’ve searched ways to contact you, but can’t find an emailaddress on your site. I would like permission to translate this article and publish it in Dutch


    • Hi John!

      How wonderful and I have been seeing traffic coming from what I thought was Netherlands! I am going to contact the author, as I didn’t write it, and you guys can take it from there. You should be hearing back shortly.

      This is very exciting, Praise God!


    • M’Kayla, I’m not sure where this ‘fits’ in your blog. If it is better suited for another webpage, feel free to move it there. This thought has been uppermost in my mind lately.

      I am very concerned about modern-day so-called “apostles” and “prophets”. The early apostles in the Bible spoke the truth in love. They did not sacrifice the truth in order to speak in love, nor did they treat people harshly in delivering the truth of the Gospel.

      But what I see so often today is pretty much the opposite: I see “apostles” speaking with “love”, but no Biblical truth. And I also see “apostles” speaking truth harshly, with tremendous arrogance and pride instead of love.

      As for “prophets”, oh my! I have been in services where everyone was warned not to give any “negative” prophecies which were not “words of love which would build up and encourage” the saints. IOW, no warning, correction. or rebuke was allowed, let alone received.

      However, the Scripture clearly lists the purposes of true prophecy as being “edification, exhortation, and comfort”. The word “exhortation” does include warnings, correction, and rebuke when needed.

      The Bible shows us many instances where true prophets of God did all of these things. Some even gave dire warnings to men in leadership — they were not accused of “touching God’s anointed” when they did so. They did not deliver such messages with pride or arrogance, but in deep humility before the Lord. Paul said that if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.


      • Claire, interesting! I am currently doing a study with a friend on prophecy, what it is and what it is not. 🙂 HA HA – did you read my notes? 🙂 Quite amazing.

        When we take a very close look at the biblical meaning we see those who claim to be these things, are not. 🙂

        Great comment! Thanks! 🙂


  10. True prophecy is a gift of the Spirit given to regenerate believers. It seems most unlikely that all the young children in these classes are true believers in the Lord. It follows that if they’re all prophesying then some are prophesying by some means other than the Spirit. The woman leading these exercises seems not to know, or not to care, about that distinction. The whole mess, then, is institutionalized spiritual deception.


    • She is probably one of those of the pagan? new age? belief that children are pure and “hear the spirit realm” more easily than adults. The truth is they are easily manipulated having very little or no biblical training and no springboard for discernment. I watched Jesus Camp the other day and was heartbroken at the level of spiritual abuse laid on the very young and innocent children, often in the presence of their parents. The end result was a manifestation of extreme emotionalism and a display of false gifts – outright brainwashing!


  11. Yeah – better our children run around with guns and shoot everyone, than play “raising dead”?
    I don’t think so! Guys, please, don’t touch others, look ONLY at yourself! Keep your heart clean, don’t judge, don’t gossip – just don’t touch others! Pray silently and God will take care! He is Almighty God! He will stop it if there will be need to do so! Leave judge to Him as He knows better!


    • Whether children are given guns or playing raising the dead games is not the issue here. Children are being taught false doctrine taken out of the occult with power that will never be given to them by God. We are called to judge and to expose false teachers and it is high time you learn these instructions so that you can prepare yourself to leave these false teachers. If you continue to be persuaded by their antics what protection have you against the ways of the antichrist? You are misled, following a group who do not speak for the Most High, who have not been redeemed from their sinful ways by the blood of Christ and will lead you and all who believe otherwise on a road to hell. God will not stop these people until the appointed time that He judges them; no – we are called to expose them, warn others and have nothing to do with them. Read the bible! These instructions are in there!


    • I came out of these false teachings found in Bethel, International Association of Healing Rooms (Cal Pierce), The Vineyard Church; the movements and teachings of Word of Faith, Prophetic Movement, RHEMA, Interpreting Dreams and Visions (John Paul Jackson) and a host of other false teachers, prophets and apostles. If it is to be said the “speck” is sin, following these teachers in blindness was mine, and has since been removed. I can see clearly to expose their false teachings to warn others. Those who wish to hold on to these men, women and their teachings will not see God – period. The word is quite clear on what we are to do with them and their teaching and this is what I do. I won’t argue with those who have no wish to – in like manner have their speck or log, whatever the case, removed to see clearly. It would behoove you greatly to do some study on what it is we are and are not to “judge”. There is a vast difference!


  12. @Fleck If it helps, you can judge the words being said/preached without coming to a conclusion about the person. You can judge a teaching as to whether it is interpreted in context, agrees with the whole counsel of scripture, and is applied correctly, without any fear of ‘touching’ anyone.

    It should be a red flag if you are afraid to do this, or feel a sense of disloyalty to any person by doing so. We are all to love the truth above any person’s influence in our lives.

    You felt strongly enough to comment here, and I dare say you felt a sense of alarm that anyone would say some teachings are not Biblical. Please understand the need to test every teaching against the words and teaching of the Bible. Please feel a sense of alarm if you do not have freedom to be a Berean.


  13. Wow what rubbish… its so typical for people to start judging when people are experiencing things they dont comprehend as being Christian… you think Jesus fit the social norms of what was holy??? No of course not…He was called a drunkard. Just because something is extra-biblical doesnt mean its not from God. Miracles and wonders will follow those who believe…Is it normal for you to call yourself a Christian and never healed the sick? cast out demons? etc… like Jesus mentioned as being totally normal and expected of one who follows him? come on lets pray and hear His heart, not others…


    • The things I comprehend as being Christian are found in the bible. Bethel is so caught up in the practice of the supernatural they have forgotten that God does not move on the whim of man. Yes, a person can be a Christian and not heal the sick, because God heals as He wills, not as man commands. If you want to hear the heart of the Lord, read His word. It was written so that we could understand Him and how he operates and be able to tell when someone is acting outside of His ways. THAT is where you will find Bethel – outside. Please, ask the Lord for understanding and study the word of God! 🙂


  14. This is a video of Kim Walker’s testimony of her vision of heaven. Kim Walker is the lead singer of Jesus Culture I believe. It threw me for a loop. Why is it that every time I hear or read of someone having a trip to heaven, I get jealous? I do… I want to see God, hear God, feel God, be next to God too. That’s what got me in trouble with WoF. Like Kim, I want God to press me into the mold of His heart and tell me I’m His ballerina too.. 😦 I could mock this but I won’t. It’s serious.


    • Michelle, I needed to find the time to listen to this video before I approved it. Sorry for the delay but I felt it necessary.

      Now that I have been away from the experiences of these visions, past the anger, the sarcasm, I feel absolute horror for Kim Walker. It is so obvious from even a basic scriptural knowledge that she is not encountering Christ or God the Father. Oh, but the appeal it has to our human need, the void it offers to fill, huh? And how many people listening to her description can relate to those feelings? I know I often find myself feeling desperate, so much has fallen apart, I have many questions, many fears and yes, an assurance like this is quite appealing. Desperation is a very dangerous place to be and this is the end result of following that road.

      So many worship leaders and musicians have these same kinds of visions, trips to heaven, and hers actually showed the lie that music has the power to heal. This is clearly a new age belief, not a biblical one.

      As wonderful as this vision sounds it did not come from God. I hope she sees this one day and repents. We must be content with what we are given and stand in our faith, for it we are in the group that Christ spoke of, the ones who believe and have not seen.

      Michelle, if you are jealous, and from experience I understand that feeling, you are on the border of being pulled in. It is no different from the jealousy we feel from watching sinners prosper.

      How much does God love us? He sent His only Son Jesus to die in our place if we only believe. Jesus, being God, knew well in advance all that was involved here. He could have chosen another measure, but chose to come in the form of a man to suffer tremendously at the hands of people who would hate and reject Him throughout time. He loved them – us – anyway. There is so much that could be said here. How can a stretchy kids’ toy be compared to that? Such blasphemy! Her vision is a complete denial of how God showed His love to us – John 3:16. Basic scriptural knowledge! We don’t need to be ballerinas in His eyes. We are already so much more. But again, when the focus becomes more on who we are, than on who He is, we are on dangerous ground.


  15. Oh Sweet MKayla, you’ve spoken a great deal of wisdom and truth. I knew when I watched it she was receiving a false vision. But for a fleeting second I was jealous, feeling the confusion from Satan beginning to seep in, the lies turning into “well, maybe it’s possible, maybe I was wrong for leaving…” and so on goes the train of thought. I’ve been out now for a year. I, like many of our brothers and sisters, have a kind of roller coaster ride with the flesh, pride, and the Spirit of Truth that is in me. It is a constant battle. If it weren’t, we may wonder if we are really saved at all. I’m not jealous any longer my dear, but for a fleeting moment I was and I thought, perhaps others, when they watch that, will become jealous too. It is better to be transparent in Christ than to put on a mask. I was hoping that by my confessions, others would be comforted and encouraged to turn away from what Kim has experienced, forsake it, and reach for God. That is what I have done this entire past weekend, just reached for God through His Word of Truth, the Bible, and praying in the Spirit. We are made for His pleasure, not ours. I’m content with what I have in Him, and couldn’t ask for anything more really. I love you and thank you for your reply. I’m so grateful for your ministry here. hugs…


  16. In Ezekiel, the LORD describes Satan in this manner, (and take note of the references to gold, precious stone, and music)…

    Ezekiel 28:13 – “You were in Eden, the garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering: The ruby, the topaz, and the diamond; the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper; the lapis lazuli, the turquoise, and the emerald; and the gold, the workmanship of your settings (timbrels) and sockets (flutes), was in you. On the day that you were created they were prepared.

    It is also stated in Ezekiel that he (Satant or the King of Tyre) referred to himself as “a god”, verse 2, and 9. WoF is known for its heretical teachings that we are “little gods”.

    So it is not surprising, MKayla, that the worship teams at Bethel seem to be the ones experiencing these kinds of visions. The “audience” seems to be getting the gold and precious stones associated with Satan, and the worship teams are getting the lie that they are being worshiped by God as “ballerinas” or whatever. Again, I’m very grateful to you for your wisdom and comfort. I’m sorry your experience was so bad, but I’m praising God because without your knowledge and passion in this area many may not know the truth of it today. He’s using you. Blessings sister.


  17. Michelle,
    In my own brush with the healing rooms and word-of-faith crowd, I remember being completely overwhelmed by all the names people would drop…this prophet, that healer, this apostle, and on and on. I remember thinking that I was going to need to study up on who all these “important” people were so that I wouldn’t sound like a completely clueless (or in their terms “spiritually dull if not dead”) person. I believe that a big part of the problem is that so many of the people I was exposed to were striving to be like those so-called prophets and healers and apostles instead of striving through faith and the Word of God to be like Jesus. That’s one powerful form of idolatry. The fruits of any form of idolatry are never good.

    If I look at Kim Walker through her fruits (and this is the only way that I can know them or not according to scripture), I see things that send up big red flags:

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” (Gal 5:22 NIV)

    There is the bar. “Self-control” and “gentleness” were the two that the LORD first used to open my eyes to this huge deception. I met many forceful, loud and pushy people in these ministries; but the quiet, humble and gentle life that is pleasing to our LORD was hard to see.

    Thank you, M’kayla and others for bravely sharing your experiences. I pray that God keep us all safely in His Word.


  18. Then watch YouTube: Problems at Passion 2013 – Louie Giglio Session One …….and also watch on YouTube: ….Problems at Passion 2013 Jesus Culture & Judah Smith


  19. Michelle brings up a good point. The feelings you felt, “I want to have a walk like hers,” “I wish God loved me like that,” “wow, she’s really anointed,” etc., is exactly what is cultivated in the Jesus Culture/prophetic type movements. It’s not surprising you (or anybody) has those feelings when people are held up as “anointed;” enjoy a certain amount of celebrity that is rampant in the Christian ‘worship music’ frenzy; given a platform in front of thousands; and then spend the time talking about themselves. (Miss Walker spends 47 minutes! at the Awakening 2011 Conference retelling this tale).

    I saw it over and over again in these circles- literally hours and hours spent talking about their own awesome experiences. The center of attention is not what the Lord has done for US, the redeemed. The spotlight gets focused on the personality.

    I attended conferences and meetings where the guest speaker’s ENTIRE time “preaching” was about them: Their experiences, their ministry, their manifestations (and of course their latest book about all of the above). Jesus was an addendum, a tag line, an after thought.

    It should be a BIG red flag to anyone attending these meetings.

    You’re right. It’s not to be mocked. It’s a serious hindrance. The saddest part is that all of this ME-ness and LATEST AWESOME PERSONALITY celebrity-ism is such a weak, weak substitute for a genuine humble dependence on the Glorious Lord Jesus Who never changes and holds the wisdom of the ages.


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  22. Brothers and Sisters,

    What we are seeing around us addiction.
    There are are always several groups involved in relation to adiction.

    1. The producer of the drug
    2. The dealer of the drug
    3. The user of the drug.
    4. And then there is the -kind- of drug.

    Followers of all these wonder-pastors, bands, etc etc are in essence afraid that there faith in God, the way the believe, is not enough,…for God.
    That we are not good enough, in His eyes.
    That we have failed, because we don’t experience wonders.
    That we are non-believers because we do not speak in tonques.
    That God,…is with others,..but not with us,…

    And the producers of these wonder-drugs, that’s what I like to call them, drugs, are laughing and counting there money while the dealers are spreading there illusion of happiness and salvation.
    And the users sing and dance while the drug is spreading in there body.
    And they Worship the dealers, not God, for God had become the middleman in this deal.

    And the dealers keep telling the users, there is more, more wonders, more speaking in tonques, more prophecies, more, more.
    And you wonder, why things do not happen to you, while you still feel empty, not good enough,…for God.

    And the dealers say, use this, do that, follow us,…and then,…then God will show you His Glory. And you believe them, because you want it so much, to be good enough, for God, to see His Glory.

    And the more you use,..the more you are depending on the magic of men, magic that men call the wonders of God.

    And the producers and the dealers are having a big laugh. For they know that as long as they can keep you insecure, you are going to stay a user.
    And that is what the want, for you to stay insecure, insecure because they tell you the same thing over and over again, – not now but when you use this,…then you will finally see His Glory, you will finally be loved by Him-.

    I look outside and I see a blackbird and I hear his singing, so beautifully, so intens and all for free. Yes this little miracle, this wonder of creation, for free.
    And God has shown His glory to me, just like that.
    And I know He loves me, I know I’m good enough.
    He made me see this, understand this throught the little bird, so I would really see His creation, His Glory, His love,…
    Is this miracle, this bird not enough?

    But you have to be quit to see and hear His Glory because
    -evil shouts but Goodness whispers-,

    So be quit and listen to the whispering of our Lord,…


    Br. Andy SJ


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  24. m’kayla, I have some questions about Jesus Culture that I’d like to ask you via email. Was looking for your address but couldn’t find it. Anyway, one of the guys I’m discipling is excited about Jesus Culture coming to town next week and, knowing what I know about the NAR and Bethel, I’m hesitant to let him go without giving him some stern words of caution. Also, what is your opinion of all the Bethel worship music that’s starting to make its way into the church? Is it unreasonable to connect Bethel to the current trend of phasing out traditional worship services in favor of concert-style services that appeal to younger, immature people? Church services here in Texas all LOOK like what’s going on in Redding. Thanks for your time!!


    • Forky, I’m with you and would give a strong warning. There has been too much emphasis on music in the church and not near enough true doctrine. The songs of Bethel are worship given to the other jesus, just as assuredly as their teaching is of the same.


  25. Hi, I noticed that the video of the “kids learning to prophesy” is private and I am unable to play it. Do I need to join or something? Be glad to, by the way!


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