More on C Peter Wagner’s Now Infamous Letter

In a recent letter, C Peter Wagner did a bit of lying about his own organization and its  heavy connection with American politics. After posting the letter I received some great comments (see the link above), and I put the matter aside (what’s new with this, nothing changes) but realized I was wrong in that wimpy thinking.

The following work is not my own, but I am bringing it to your attention because it needs to get out there as many times as we can get it out. Maybe someone caught up in the NAR/Self-Appointed Apostolic/False Prophetic/Imagined Strategic Spiritual Warfare/having the same power as God ~ manifesting false signs and wonders ~~that is Latter Rain/Dominion/Kingdom Now/7 Mountains from where we will rule America and the world will see the truth; maybe even Peter Wagner himself.

I am amazed at the work done by Orrel Steinkemp. I have found that in reading his articles I learn from his footnotes too! Here is a bit from a 2001 article of his debunking Wagner’s recent lie the NAR has no membership, and a little laying out of his plan 10 years ago to form the NAR!~

The Apostles Are Coming To Your City, Ready or Not
by Orell Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Vol. 6, No. 2, March/April 2001

In a previous issue of PLUMBLINE, I described the efforts of C. Peter Wagner to create a New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) which he predicts will be even greater in scope and significance than the Protestant Reformation of the 1500’s.  The centerpiece of the movement is the purported restoration, by God, of the NT office-gift of “Apostle’ to the end-time church.

Now Wagner and his apostolic buddies are attempting to move from vision to reality.  In an article titled, APOSTOLIC REFORMATION on his Website he reveals moves that are currently underway, to implement his apostolic reformation.  In this article he restates the goals and also the preliminary means to implement them.


Wagner asserts: NAR is an extra-ordinary work of God at the close of the 20th century that to a significant extent is changing the shape of Protestant Christianity around the world.  For almost 500 years Christian churches have largely functioned with traditional denominational structures of one kind or another.  Within this reformation, Wagner sees a growing recognition of present day apostolic ministries who are giving birth to their own family of leaders and churches to whom they have a relational commitment.  Within New Apostolic Christianity, this governmental authority is being exercised in the local church by the pastor and on a translocal level by apostles who operate with a relational authority.  Wagner sees what is happening in the NAR as key to world harvest.

Wagner sees apostles as being at the peak of their (own) networks and the people in their networks as accountable to them.  It is here in the article that the accountability of the apostles is addressed and Wagner begins to refer to the means of implementing the apostolic structure.


The New Apostolic Roundtable:

Wagner is personally involved in an accountability structure called the “New Apostolic Roundtable.” Twenty-five apostles were invited to join as members and they plan to meet together annually, the week after Easter.  Eventually, the names of the roundtable will be made public.

The International Coalition of Apostles:

Because this movement is growing so rapidly around the world, Wagner also sees a need for a larger kind of structure.  As a result he and a number of others have formed what they call the International Coalition of Apostles.  They have sent out their first invitations in January of this year and have just passed one hundred and fifty
members.  Wagner expects that they will ultimately attract from five hundred to one thousand members (solicited by invitation
only). They plan to hold an annual meeting along with occasional regional summits across America and around the world.

Link to continue reading

From here, and not for the first time, I highly recommend the many articles offered by Herescope. This is a good one in the series to start with – C Peter Wagner Spins the NAR.

Colossians 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

11 thoughts on “More on C Peter Wagner’s Now Infamous Letter

  1. After reading that article, I came to the conclusion that the NAR [Wagner] are hellbent [pun intended] on placing hieracal structures between God and man, ala the Catholic church.One only needs to read through the NT to realise that this was the very thing that Christ did away with on the cross, He is now our high priest who intercedes on our behalf before God. Never should we abrogate our responsibility to submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit. Yes , we are to submit to elders, but only those who themselves are in full submission to the Spirit, and this definitely does not include the multitude who identify themselves as the NAR.


  2. Just another observation….
    The true biblical prophets and apostles always pointed to Christ , the only thing I see the NAR pointing to is …….the NAR. imho , they appear to be all too consumed with their own importance .


  3. Hi M’Kayla, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but for the benefit of others I’m restating it. Back in the 1970’s, C Peter Wagner wrote a book about growing bigger churches, called; You Can Grow a Bigger Church, in which he states; “The end DOES justify the means” (p176).
    This is by far the most anti-scriptural idea & shows the true heart of the man.


    • Right Alan, and it seems to be the course for many churches that are more concerned with getting people in the doors than they are teaching the ones who are there the truth. 🙂 When it’s about numbers, man is behind it. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. “…Here is a bit from a 2001 article of his debunking Wagner’s recent lie the NAR has no membership,…

    Yes indeed, it does have membership! I may even have the page from the NAR from way back a few years ago that stated it was $500.00 to be in membership and then it only took 2 witnesses to claim you are an Apostle. BUT, if you lived in Canada it was 1/2 price.


  5. Hi M’kayla,

    Just wanted to let you know that Orrel listed the wrong link to Wagner’s website. It isn’t; instead it is The other one takes you to a website that is Christian, but nothing relating to this topic. Just an FYI. 🙂 Hope all is very well with you, my dear.


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