Caryl Matrisciana on Hinduism

Caryl Matrisciana, author and filmmaker, tells an interesting story here of her Hindu-influenced Roman Catholic upbringing while living in India, her delve into “new age” and the night she recognized her need for salvation through Christ. In this interview by Christ in Prophecy, she makes the striking connection between Hindu thought and current thinking that has invaded our churches.

18 thoughts on “Caryl Matrisciana on Hinduism

    • Hi! Thanks.
      I’ve done quite a bit of study on yoga already but I did plan on watching that video and the one on the emergent church anyway. It’s good information to get out there. I’m glad you got to meet her. I would like to hear her in person one day if she comes this direction.

      Be well! πŸ™‚


  1. Very enlightening, since I’m not well-informed about Hindu teaching or philosophy.

    β€œGod is a consciousness you have to connect to mystically. Yoga is the only way to go into your conscious mind – to go within yourself – to arouse the snake which is believed to be inside of you, and then connect to god consciousness, which is a force. And then you realize your divinity. In Eastern mysticism, there is no such thing as sin – it’s your ignorance [of the fact] that you are divine.”

    Hmmm, sounds familiar…

    β€œβ€™You will not surely die,’ the serpent said to the woman. β€˜For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’” Gen. 3:4-5

    Still falling for the oldest trick in the book. God, please bless them with the truth.


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  3. Hi M’Kayla! This is a well articulated discussion of what we see happening all around us. I have some people very close to me who, like Caryl (previously), would call themselves Christian, but for whom Jesus is too ‘narrow.’

    P.S. Still haven’t taken the dive into that topic we emailed about… maybe soon I’ll get the time.


  4. Hi I recently watched the Wide is The Gate DVD,Praise God for Caryl!I spoke to a sister in Jesus she had 2 books on Yoga and A book Purpose driven Church(Rick Warren)on her shelf.I spoke to her about Yoga and she attacked me.The Lord wanted me to deliver the Truth.Caryl mentioned there is no Yoga without Hinduism that is a fact!!Leave people with the Truth and dont be into appologetics.Time is short,Jesus mentions brother will betray brother wake up o so carnal Christians,you know what hour your Lord is coming?


  5. As a dancer, and someone who does work out, I use a lot of yoga positions to strengthen my core as well as increase my flexibility. I go to stretch/pilates not because of the soul mind body crap but because it gives me a workout and it helps release tension in my neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk most of the day. But as far as the spiritual stuff goes, i pay no mind to it. I have the bible and that’s all I need.


  6. Oh but what I was going to ask is if I’m at my house doing poses for the sake of strengthening my core and stretching or if i’m at the gym in pilates, is there some sort of harm that i am unknowingly participating in? I never pay any mind to the close your eyes and let you mind go numb for we Christians know that the word says for us to be sober and alert at all times. I do it for the sake of my health and it keeps me limber lol


    • Yoga was never intended for exercise. It is a form of worship and the positions are specific to that accomplishment. It would be better to find other ways to stretch and strengthen, and they do exist. after all, dancers stretched long before Yoga came into the picture. I would do some contemplating in a biblical sense because we aren’t supposed to have anything to do with other gods or religions.



    I’m not familiar with the man who wrote the article above, but it talks a bit about yoga being introduced in the public school system in the U.S.

    Imallred12, M’Kayla has the best advice of all…seek out the LORD about it through prayer and His Word. Sometimes, when He is guiding us away from something; it is just a gentle nudge here and there and a discomfort with what we are doing. Ask, seek and knock, and He will answer you.


      • I also want to add, in doing research on yoga one will find a connection with the martial arts being the worship of other gods. We all know how Chuck Norris has practiced and promoted this for decades. He claims to be a Christian, and sadly again, MA has nothing to do with Christ.

        There are a few articles on yoga under that category, and other articles that reflect the practice of eastern religion brought into the church. The information is out there to be found. And again, we are taught in the bible to have nothing to do with the world, the things of the world, etc., the direction is quite clear. The problem is so many people have been allowed to bring these things into the church and our thinking has become cloudy. I don’t believe the Lord excuses us to find other ways to rest, become strengthened or empowered outside of Him and His plan for our lives.


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