Two Shall Become One Flesh

This from a man-friend and worthy of sharing!


“For this reason a MAN shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall BECOME ONE FLESH” Eph. 5:31

1. You cannot divided the number one  – – 1 divided by 1 = 1

2. Ever wonder why it wasn’t until Adam ate the fruit that both their eyes were opened? It’s because they were ONE, eve ate first but until Adam ate they could not have been plunged into spiritual darkness. The process was not complete until Adam ate. And, Adam knowingly, ate, knowing he was disobeying God.

3. Eve was not trying to liberate herself from her husband! If that were so, she would have never gave the fruit to her husband.

4. This is the most important part: Submission is a two way street in marriage, both are to submit to God, period. Both submit to each other, in different ways of course, but in reality, there is more of a submission role for the husband to the wife outlined in Ephesians 5 than there is for the wife to the husband. At the end of the day, they are still ONE.

  • Husbands are to love their wives as he does his own body.
  • If Husbands don’t love their wives, they don’t love themselves.
  • Husbands are to nourish and cherish his wife.
  • Husbands are to be “joined” to his wife. Joined in the Greek means to be glued, or cemented together.
  • Husbands are to love their wives AS CHRIST LOVES THE CHURCH and gave Himself for it. 

I could go places with this but I don’t think the guy’s could endure it. So ladies, next time some preacher or your husband himself says you must submit…all you have to do is point out these five points and remind him he has a GREATER role of submission. Hope this helps. God bless!

15 thoughts on “Two Shall Become One Flesh

  1. This is excellent MK. Thanks for posting it. It always irks me when people claim Christianity is chouvanistic because the word of God says that woman are to submit to their husbands. They just don’t get the implications of the text in context the way your man-freind here has. It seems your man freind is a real man and probably makes a real good hubby. I appreciate his writing. Again, thanks for posting it!!!


      • I thought that writing style (especially the numbering of points) and wisdom looked kinda familiar. I been missing my freinds so I need to give a suprise call, catch up and find out how each other is doing since I am doing much better now. I been having some pretty good things happen.

        Hey can you help me with WordPress and tell me how you got the Lets hash it text above your commenting box. I would like to do something like than on my blogs and looked but could not figure it out.

        Hope you been doing well. TAKE CARE 🙂

        OH, it dfid make it more fun. LOL


  2. OK, before this turns into a men v women debate (which it seems to have done already, albeit one-sided), there are a number of points made that aren’t actually supported by the text given. I E; ‘if husbands don’t love their wives, they don’t love themselves’. The text states that whoever loves his wife, loves himself (v 28). This does not mean that the opposite is therefore true, as v 29 states that no man hates himself. The idea that people hate themselves or don’t love themselves enough, is absolutely in opposition to what the Bible teaches us; that we love ourselves too much, over everyone else, whereas the christian (man or woman) is commanded to esteem everyone greater than themselves (Phil 2:3). The subject here is loving one another more than ourselves, but this doesn’t negate submission. To say that the husband is here commanded to love his wife as Christ loves the church is quite correct, but to then say that any failure to do so absolves the wife from the command to reverence, or honour, her husband (v 33), is not justified by the text. I have heard it preached that a husband only has to love his wife as Christ loves the church as long as she is submitted to him, which is obviously wrong. However, I’ve also heard it preached the other way ’round, that the wife is not required to submit to her husband if he isn’t obeying the command to husbands, which is just as wrong. If men are to follow Christ’s example in showing selfless love, laying their lives down for their wives by putting them first, then it follows that wives are also follow Christ’s example in submission, as He submitted to the Fathr’s will. These commands weren’t given with the intent of enslaving either the wife or the husband, but that is the end result when either party trots these verses out to try and score pounts, which is wrong. If men and women apply the teaching of Phillipians 2:3 to themselves first, then these verses in Ephesians will be read in a true spirit of humility and the problems with submission disappear, but if these verses are used in a sense of claiming one’s ‘rights’, then they become an unbearable burden on either husband or wife. No man will ever be able to perfectly emulate Christ and no woman either, so let’s exercise some grace with respect to husbands and wives and each esteem the other greater than ourselves.


    • C’mon, Alan I hope you reconsider that this is in no way one sided or a debate, female against male. It is simply a short blurb to encourage those who need it, in a simple manner. It is not all inclusive, yet not by way of deliberate one-sidedness, just a simple bit of info. After all, this is a blog, not a commentary.


  3. That is really good thanks for posting. I recently found your site after going to a House of Prayer. They began talking about things that seemed really weird to me. I began a search to find out more about what they were talking about and found your blog. Thanks for teaching about the Word. You validated my suspicions and I am no longer attending.


    • Peggi, praise God for your testimony and thanks for letting me know. if you would like to write in more detail to help,others, I would be willing to post it as an article!


  4. Thanks MK,, I guess it must be something uniuqe to your theme cause I don’t see a place to place a text widget above the comments on any of my themes. I thought it would be a good place to post comment rules or a html hotlink to our testimony page. Hey, was you able to do it to your other theme?


    • I was wrong, thinking of blogrolls. Go to dashboard/settings/discussion and at the bottom is a prompt and a box for comments section. enter your text in that prompt box and it should appear. yes, it was on the other too.


  5. Good post… personally, I think sometimes these books on marriage that are out there are a bit “out there”. What I don’t like about them is that the “special” rules or points are usd over each other head and it becomes nothing more than a program.

    I think marriage relationships are the total sum of point #5.


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