4 thoughts on “Women, Know Your Place!

  1. I didn’t know how to contact you if not through a comment, but in regards to http://suspiciousberean.blogspot.com/2010/02/bethel-church-in-redding-california.html I was hoping that you could share with me what else you have found. Within the last few weeks my sister applied to this school (after doing little to NO research), sold off most of her belongings and drove out to California. Now I’m trying to due my own research so I can best understand what she’s about to begin. Thank you!


    • Hi. My blog is full of information on Bethel, Bill Johnson and many others who are tied in. It is hard for me to answer what else I have found out, because there is tons of information here and on other blogs I have linked to. Basically, Johnson’s teaching does not follow the bible, tho he does use the name of Christ. It just takes a bit of investigation and prayer – the light will come on.

      If you have specific questions, or a direction that you would like addressed I would be happy to help you out. It’s just such a huge topic…see?



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