Johanna Michaelson The Beautiful Side of Evil

This woman is very well researched and the telling of her personal experiences while involved in the occult –  disguised as Christianity –  is quite chilling, unlike anything I have ever heard. It just goes to prove how active Satan is against God’s children. Please take time to listen and pass the clip on to as many as you can.


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  1. I remember that my Mom had a copy of that book years ago in her library, and I always wondered what it was about but never read it myself. I wonder if she still has it?


  2. Thanks for sharing this video, M’Kayla. It was edifying to watch Johanna give testimony to the reality of false signs and wonders. How desperately we need to test everything against the Word of God!


  3. Hello M’Kayla, this is a awesome video! I just finished watching the whole thing. I am going to add a link to my site to help spread her message. It really opened my eyes to some key points. Thanks for helping spread the Word as well, I also like your site as well.


  4. hey M’Kayla!
    Since you know a lot about the Bethel church i wanted to ask your opinion about something. I go to a christian church (disciples of christ), and they recently started playing a lot of Bethel music like “this one thing remains” and misty edwards, chris quilala, kim walker and the like. The church that I go to now is very bible believing (or so I thought) but there are even certain books that are promoted by authors I do not agree with like rick warren, emergent teacher rob bell, and joyce meyer. Should I be worried? I’ve talked to some elders at my church who don’t know the background of the song writers or some of the author’s that are recommended in our library, so I assume that they are blissfully ignorant and innocent of knowing the danger behind bringing in books such as these. I’m more concerned about the books than the music, but still, the music concerns me. What do you think? Can you give me any advice? Thanks!


    • Hi. Yes, it is confusing. The elders as well as the pastors, especially, and the leadership of our churches were put in place to guard and watch over the congregation. Failure on their part no matter how
      innocent it may seem at first glance is no excuse for them. To allow books or false teaching of any form, including music, is evidence they are not keeping their posts to watch and care. Very simply Michelle, if someone is teaching or repeating false doctrine, if an organization relies on dreams and visions or prophetic words to steer their direction, it is evidence they are following another spirit, called by Paul as another Jesus. The bottom line is they worship another god. With that in mind do we want to join in? You see how simple the answer is when you get to the bottom of it all?


    • Yeah, I’ve had that too…Kari Jobe’s Revelation Song. Just sing your own song to the Lord and the other will fade away. Just another thought I have kicked around with a few friends. there has been such an emphasis on worship music over the years, to the point that it’s been taught that music has power to heal and break bondages, etc., (which is new age thought, not Christian). Music will probably be a big part when the antiChrist come on the scene. another reason we need to prepare for it now.


  5. …dreams and visions, prophetic words, OR false signs and wonders galore….The following story fits into my “I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry” category. My question: What kind of heart yearns for this? In this case, maybe the question is the answer. Lord, purify our hearts to desire You in Your Word and rid us of all falsehood.

    excerpt from Catherine Brown (“The Harvest Anointing”)

    “The disciples were accused of being drunk, yet it was only 9 o’clock in the morning!
    The revivalist William Seymour had an odd practise of placing a box on his head in meetings and sitting under it until God told him to come out. Perhaps some onlookers at that time wondered if Mr. Seymour was drunk or in his right mind, just as some wondered about the apostles on the day of Pentecost?

    When Seymour came down to the meeting, he would sit down and put a box on his head. At first, it startled Sister Carney. Sometimes he would sit with the box over his head for ten minutes and sometimes it would be an hour or more. Although the practise seemed ridiculous, Sister Carney realised that he was obeying God, no matter how silly or ridiculous it appeared.

    That apparent act of humble obedience led to mighty power when he removed the box. This box and act of humility was critical to the power God displayed through Brother Seymour. When Brother Smith asked Sister Carney what caused the miracles and Azusa to stop, she replied, “It was stopped when Brother Seymour stopped putting that box over his head. When he quit coming down and putting the box on his head, it started dying.”

    The greatest thing that impressed Anderson was when the Spirit would fall on Seymour and he would start working the gifts. Anderson would get up on the benches so he could see Seymour talking to the people. There were quite a few times that there were people with what looked like rheumatoid arthritis, and Seymour would point to maybe a dozen of them and say, “You want to see a miracle over there? Every one of you within a few minutes are going to be up and walking in the Name of Jesus.” And every one of them – you could hear their bones popping – would be up shouting as their legs and arms and hands were straightened out.

    A few times Anderson witnessed Seymour perform one-on-one healings. One such healing stood out in Anderson’s memory. A man whose face was deformed with small growths all over his face came to Brother Seymour. The deformed man looked very homely and ugly. Brother Seymour prayed for him, and immediately the growths began to fall off his face, restoring his face and making him whole. Perhaps the most stunning detail is that volunteers had to come and clean up those growths that had fallen from the man’s face to the floor.”

    If you show up for church, and the pastor is sitting in the pew with a box over his head…..RUN FOR THE DOOR. Okay, maybe I’m smiling a little bit….


    • The psychosis is contagious, probably through the laying on of hands – – not only are these undiscerning thru the Spirit of the Most High God, they don’t WANT or choose to be discerning. We’ve said is a bazillion times – they are setting themselves up for the false signs and wonders of the antiChrist and will not know Jesus when He comes. They certainly will not know Him, nor He them when they each stand before God, alone, without all their hyped up hoopla. And who will save them? No one, because they have rejected the one true Lord who died for their sins.


  6. That’s what makes it so confusing because our preacher preaches sermons against health and wealth prosperity gospel, and does not teach anything that has to do with dreams miracles signs and wonders. The basic doctrine within the Christian churches is to speak when the bible speaks and stay silent where the bibles silent.


    • Do a google search on K Jobe and you will see that she teams up with Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Hillsong, etc. She is from a “charismaina” church background.

      As for the basic teaching of church doctrine, can you really find an area that the bible is silent on? I am throwing that to you because I have often heard that phrase from other people. So, what exactly ware we saying here? Are you familiar with the scripture in which Paul states that the things he witness he dare not speak about? It is quite a contrast with what has become mainstream Christianity today, isn’t it?

      Have you thought of contacting your pastor with your concerns? Because if he is speaking against Word of Faith doctrine aka health – wealth, why is he allowing Joyce Meyer books? If he is in line with scripture, most of the world now knows where Rob Bell stands, which is quite outside basic doctrine. Listen, I am with you on this because I used to manage the bookstore at the church I attended which had many emergent – Catholic titles and authors. I was quite clueless~ !!!!


  7. “M’Kayla on November 10, 2012 at 10:11 am said: Hi. Yes, it is confusing. The elders as well as the pastors, especially, and the leadership of our churches were put in place to guard and watch over the congregation”.
    You NAILED IT! What joy it is to see Gods Word “showing the way”. If you can not back it up through Gods Holy Word, RUN FROM IT! God Bless You Sister. YBIC, {Your Brother In Christ}, Dana.


  8. I’ve thought about it I’ve just been a little scared to do it. I don’t know why though. Maybe fear of rejection or being told im over analyzing or going to extremes. But like you said it’s important to take the word of God seriously.


    • Well, it isn’t anything you would want to take on without preparation. And to say it would be turned back on you is pretty much the norm. There are situations where the church turns around, but not usually. Sad, but true. Just keep researching and studying the Word. 🙂 It was nice chatting with you today, and I like your blog!


  9. I was listening to NPR while driving the other day. They were talking about the writings of some Sufi (the mystical side of Islam). It was quite interesting because the basic message and terminology could easily have been mistaken for the emergent movement, and some parts of the discussion could have been mistaken for the buzzwords and philosophy of the extreme charismaniac culture: and of course it’s all wrapped up in the New Age beliefs.

    Hearing it and realizing how some streams are already almost synonymous was truly eye opening.


  10. Imallred12, so glad to see a bright young girl seeking truth from the Bible in these highly deceptive times we live and thank you M’Kayla for posting this on Johanna. I first learned about Johanna after watching Caryl Matriciana’s Volume 1 Wide is the Gate video (still have yet to watch volume 2). I understand your dillema of speaking out, asking questions, and fear of what others, friends, etc. in your Church might think. I checked out your church site and I hate to say this but you should run as far from that church as you can and try to find a church that is not promoting esoteric mysticsm or tied to it by promoting anyone that is. For example, they have locked arms with the Chautaqua Institute in NY who promote nearly everything that Johanna speaks and warns about in her video (and then some).
    go to

    From your churches own web site take a look at who and what they are promoting:

    For example, your church is also promoting on their web site the following enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ:

    Gay, Lesbian and Affirming Disciples Alliance, Inc.

    Disciples/UCC STEP (Student Ecumenical Partnership) Team

    And to tie yourself to Henry Nouwen (known mystic in the catholic church) is taught Dallas Willard the wider mercy doctrine that you can be saved without knowing Jesus

    To put it bluntly they are an ecumenical movement preaching doctrines of demons, another gospel and another Jesus. This is not the Jesus of the Bible as much as they may claim it is. Light has no common ground with Darkness. Jesus said either you are for me or against me. Sadly they eat from the table of demons (1 Cor 10:21-21).

    Remember that the devil is able to quote truth as he did to Jesus in the wilderness but its twisted truth. The devil is called the master deceiver in Scripture and able to transform himself in to what appears to be ligh but its all darkness. He is the Father of Lies, and to deceive people, you have to use truth. You cannot use all error. Nobody would be deceived if it were all error. You have to mix truth and error together and that is what the devil is a master at doing as he’s doing through your church. There is much truth in what the devils messengers quote and teache. In fact, there is so much truth in it that you may not be able to find anything wrong with it. In these last days that truth will be so combined with error that unless the Holy Ghost is working on your mind, you will not be able to tell the difference.

    “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:3)

    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Imallred, you have Gods word and his permission to flee from that church, this is his will according to scripture (see 2nd Cor 6:14-18).
    I’m praying that you will find a solid bible believing church that warns about spiritual deception, a body that keeps the wolves out and teaches their flock to live holy lives unspotted and unpolluted from the world and our culture, ready at any moment for the return of Jesus, where the the good new of the cross of Jesus Christ and repentance from sin is at the forefront.

    I’m praying for you right now to have boldness and courage to make a public stand for truth and in defense of the Gospel. I love these encouranging yet convincting words of Jesus from Matt 10:33-39 when at the cross roads of making a stand for truth and the price we pay as we hear our true Shepherds voice calling to flee the hirelings: “Whoever confesses me before men him I will also confess before my Father in heaven; but whoever denies Me before men him I will also deny before my Father in heaven. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. Lose your life Imallred for Jesus and get out of that place, you are only going to be more and more polluted with deception and lies if you stay. Its OK if they become your enemies for no longer following them (as hard as that is to swallow). If they are of the truth they will hear you but because they are not of the truth you can count on being persecuted, laughed at, and ridculed as Paul said all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution, its inevitable, even from a deceived church body you once called “family”. Its sad I know but these are the truths of the Bible. Jesus said we would be rejected for following Him so we should not be in shock and awe when it happens.


  11. Hi M’Kayla,

    I’m not sure just who you were referring to when you made tis comment a few days ago?

    “…..We’ve said is a bazillion times – they are setting themselves up for the false signs and wonders of the antiChrist and will not know Jesus when He comes. They certainly will not know Him, nor He them when they each stand before God, alone, without all their hyped up hoopla. And who will save them? No one, because they have rejected the one true Lord who died for their sins.”

    Would you clarify that for me, please?


    • cherylu, I was speaking collectively about anyone who is following after false teachings, teachers, prophets, etc., – charismania – those who follow after the false signs that have become so popular, thinking that they are following Christ. Here we were discussing music and as far as I can understand false doctrine equals false prophecy, etc., thus their songs are of the other Jesus Paul warns about in 2 Corinthians. Hope that helps. 🙂


  12. Thanks for your answer, M’Kayla.

    But I don’t know, I think that may be painting things with too broad of a brush. Certainly these people are believing false doctrine. And they are believing a lot of false things about God and how He works. But I don’t necessarily think that means all of these folks have rejected the Lord that died for their sins. Some very likely have…or have probably never known the true Jesus. But I don’t think we can make that judgment call about them all collectively. Only God knows the heart of each one and if they are truly trusting in Jesus and His finished work for their salvation or not.


    • Cherylu,
      It isn’t a judgement call. If people are writing ‘worship” songs about the “jesus” who was born again in hell, who causes feathers, gold dust and gemstones to fall from the sky; the jesus who causes them to fall about on the ground, lash about as crazy people, feel or act as tho they have had far too much wine, they are clearly not following Christ. If they are writing songs about angels who bring gifts of healing and of the spirit, songs about kingdom now/dominion theology, again they are following a false gospel message. I have strong reservations for popular artists who are teaming up doing conferences with false teachers and prophets of charismania and the emergent, which all teach the unity of Christianity and other religions. This movement is more far gone than what we realize.

      If we truly have hearts for Christ we will follow Him, study His word and His truth, rather than some leader who teaches these things, or worship leaders and song writers, which the bottom line is born of sensuality, having nothing to do with the Lord. I also believe that people who are caught up in this, but truly want to know Christ will be brought out of it. But those who prefer the other, will be lost. The bible teaches the coming days will be full of false signs and wonders of the AntiChrist and that those who are easily swayed now will be later on. This is why we warn now Cheryl.


  13. Cheryl, below are some verses we all need to consider because any one of us can easily fall and be led astray if we are not clinging to Gods Word alone:

    2Thessalonians 2:9-12 [Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    1 Tim 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hyprocisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron (seared meaning closed off to the truth, having a cauterised conscience, their mind branded and marked by satan)

    Both of these sections of verses have to do with the mind, mental straying from the truth of Gods Word, being led astray by other voices, while their actions follow, being defrauded by deceit while deceiving others. For example, Christians are now being told that to hear Gods voice you need put down your bible, find a serene quite place to meditate (according to Henri Nouwens catholic new age mystic practices) by emptying your mind completely going into silence and solitude with a mantra type prayer using a single word over and over again.

    What can we do, what should we be doing? Get on our knees and get our faces into the Word of God, cry out to Him who gives unabraded wisdom from heaven to those who ask for it. Stop being milk fed and listening to popular post modern teachers including their so called “spiritual experiences”. Also stop being milk fed by the the books they write. Hebrews 5:11-14 is explicit on these matters. We are not to be dull of hearing, we should be able to discern and answer with the scriptures, teaching, warning, and admonishing those who are going astray. Its by the Word of God alone that we are able to train our senses and exercise them so that we can discern both good and evil.

    When warning about these matters many will not listen, but we cannot give up because Jesus did not come into this world to condemn man but provide the only way to be saved. For truth opposers we don’t know if “perhaps God will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having led them captive by him to do his will” (2 Tim 2:25-26)


    • And we know that God will not accept a mixture – warm and cold he will spew out of his mouth. There cannot be any kind of false teaching mixed with truth that God will accept from a believer. But that has always been the way, the truth and the lie together. A little bit of leaven and the whole thing is infected. Leaven cannot be removed once it is mixed in. The whole batch will go into the trash.

      I am not so much posting scripture because I have so many times, in the articles, in the comments, over and again…the truth is there and it is always my intention to encourage my readers to get into the word on their own. We learn from each other.

      Thanks stevenpaul for your contribution. 🙂


  14. Stevenpaul: I do know that the hills church has and still is against homosexuality and calls it out as a sin. I do know that the church does not support the things above that you mentioned the christian church website as supporting. the hills website is and you can find the statement of faith here. what perplexes me is that everything looks good, and everything that is false or sin is preached against. But when it comes to worship and when it comes to the authors that are placed in the book store it’s alarming. I am going to talk with an elder of the church who has been a long time friend of mine and my family for years and then I will talk with our preacher. I’ve known Rick Atchley (the preacher) and his family since my birth so I know he has a good heart and loves the Lord. But thank you for pointing those things out to me.


  15. M’Kayla,

    It may well be that I am reading more into your last statement then you intended, I don’t know. So again I am asking if you would please clarify.

    You said, “And we know that God will not accept a mixture – warm and cold he will spew out of his mouth.There cannot be any kind of false teaching mixed with truth that God will accept from a believer. But that has always been the way, the truth and the lie together. A little bit of leaven and the whole thing is infected. Leaven cannot be removed once it is mixed in. The whole batch will go into the trash.”

    Are you just saying that all mixtures of true and false teaching will go into the trash, or are you saying that anyone believing any mixture of true and false doctrine is not really a Christian?

    I guess I am wondering where you personally feel the line is drawn here as the church is absolutely filled with differences of belief on many, many doctrines.

    Is it that you believe the hypercharismatic stuff is so far off that no one that is following that can possibly be saved? Or are you giving this a broader implication?

    This is getting away from the original point of the post. But I would really like to know what you are saying here as I get very uncomfortable with making pronouncements that any one is not saved unless they are living a life that shows absolutely no signs of the Spirit’s influence–in which case that is very likely true–or unless they do not beliveve that Jesus was God in the flesh and died for the sins of man, including their own.

    Or is it the “signs and wonder” that we all believe are false in this movement that you believe really puts it over the edge?


    • Cheryl, what does the word say about people who mix truth with error? If we are followers of the Lord we study the bible, we have the leading of the Holy Spirit to show us the truth. If we become mixed up in false doctrine, but truly know the Lord, He will show us the way out. Jesus said if we love Him we would do what He has said. Jesus is the Word according to John 1. So how is it so widely accepted as ok to not study the bible? How can false doctrine exist in the heart of a true believer? How can a true believer follow false doctrine for any length of time? If Jesus is the word, we cannot separate Him from the bible itself in truth. Yet, this is what is at the very heart of charismania and other movements that have since invaded the church. They have laid down the bible for a spirit experience which has nothing to do with God. Then they turn and sell it off to the hungry masses who turn and teach it to many.

      At some point the Lord will bring a true believer out of false teaching, but the person must be willing to lay down their own beliefs, their own lives for this to happen – REPENTANCE. This is the heart of Christianity, Cheryl – laying down our lives, our sin, the things we think within our selves which are in opposition to God, right? But those who are content on hearing the things that only feel right to them will be lost. We have a choice to walk away from the Lord at any time and follow other gods, which is the center of all false teaching.

      But I would really like to know what you are saying here as I get very uncomfortable with making pronouncements that any one is not saved unless they are living a life that shows absolutely no signs of the Spirit’s influence–in which case that is very likely true–

      Not sure where you are getting this from because I never so much as implied it.
      Evidence of the Spirit working is the revelation or discernment of false – demonic spirits, false teaching, etc. The Holy Spirit has the work of leading us into truth, revealing and convicting of sin. It is sinful to be caught up in false teaching and usually there is evidence of pride at work.

      We have to keep in mind that deception is packaged as a mixture – always. There will always be some element of truth otherwise there would be no entry of deception. It was in the garden, it is in every teaching that says Jesus is the risen Son of God and then teaches a lie, such as Jesus had to be born again (by example). This is the very essence of why we find it so hard to understand the truth behind popular teachers who spew out a truth and then pop off with something bizarre. We revert back to the truth and then excuse the bizarre notion. That should not be. This is a person who has come in the name of the Lord, yet does not know Him. If the person knew Jesus he would not make the bizarre comment. I am not speaking of the general populace as much as I am the well known preachers holding conferences and on TV, etc. The only way to spot a false teacher is to watch out for those bizarre comments and teachings because they will not be found in the bible.

      So you are commenting on a post with a video, did you watch it? Because she has some very good things to say, things I have considered and have believed to be true. We must get away from the ideas that have come into the church that are soft sells to salvation. God is love but that is only part of who He is. There is also a judgement side, and some say the reason why we see such deception taking place is the result of His judgement. Remember the wheat and tares grow together. He allows that. He does not say to not warn others, quite the opposite. In fact, I was reading a book and in it the author pointed out that Jesus spoke warning of false teachers four times more than any other topic. hmm…


  16. “which the bottom line is born of sensuality”

    M’Kayla, isn’t that at the heart of so much of this? I’m glad you phrased it that way.

    When I was newly “born again”, I went to visit a woman I had known since I was a child, a woman I had always believed had a deep faith in Jesus. I was so excited to share my newly understood salvation with her. During that visit, which came only a few short months of me daily studying the Word, she took me into her “workshop” to show me some of her projects. While we were there, she turned on a CD that she had been using during her “time with the LORD”. It had really blessed her, she said, and she believed it would bless me also.

    This “worship CD” amounted to strange background music and a man’s voice (I’ve no idea who) addressing a group of “christian women”. The portion I heard contained a lot of repetatively calling these women “my beloved” and telling them “how much I love you” (as if he were speaking in the LORD’s voice) along with many other mildly seductive sounding phrases. The next thing I heard was one of the women in the “audience” crying out in what I would describe as “orgasmic howls” to which this woman I trusted as a devoted “christian” replied, “Boy, she is really filled with the ‘holy spirit’! “.

    Talk about confusing for me! I felt such peace and joy in God’s Word and in my newly received salvation, but what was all of this? Was there something I was missing? She had been “walking with the LORD for a long, long time; read her Bible daily; attended multiple churches; did all sorts of charity work; and was a woman of great faith. Of course, the inch that I was even contemplating giving on this “strange worship” allowed satan to try to and take a mile (of my soul, mind you). The door to my heart was opened to deception (and satan was more than happy to follow up with other falsehoods and deceiving people); but praise the LORD that He never let me take my eyes off of His Word. So, I ultimately understood the error, repented with great pain of anything to do with it, and received freedom from that spiritual deception through God’s amazing grace.

    I worked with a therapist a long time ago who used hypnosis in his therapy sessions. That is what that worship CD was, and those who were participating in it were given over to the worship of demons and the influence they bring. It is sick, and it certainly isn’t of Jesus Christ. Even a few inadvertent minutes of listening to something unholy and deceptive (at least to one who is still an infant in the Word) can lead to dangerous consequences. Imagine in my young daughter or her young grandchildren had been in earshot. In the testing of all things, we can’t afford to give an inch.


    • Just1, I know what you are talking about. So much of this stuff comes from crazy notions. I got a bit into a cd that was quite popular a while back, and women were “dancing with the lord”…

      So much has invaded our faith. I am tired, it seems to grow day by day and I just don’t have it in me to keep following the craziness, you know? Thanks for this post. I am sure it will help others.



  17. M’Kayla,
    Having been a long distance runner (once upon a time), I love the comparison the Bible makes in “running the race” to the end of our life here. In a distance run (we’re talking miles here), you have ups and downs, moments where you feel like it’s easy, moments when the agony you feel almost convinces you that you can’t possibly go another step. Perseverance in a distance run simply means you keep one foot moving in front of the other no matter how slowly you need to do it, even if you have to slow to a jog or a slow walk. When it gets really hard, the focus is just on each next step. That’s it. I remember some really long runs where about midway through I would watch my feet, like each step ahead was the accomplishment.

    When I came out of the Word-of-Faith church, I was really hurting. Not only did I need to repent and deal with the deception I had followed; but there was that all-too-familiar rejection from and persecution by those who I thought were brothers and sisters in Christ. It is miserable, as you know. This web-site was one of the few places where I found comfort in reading the testimonies of others who had gone through the same things (and I lurked for a long time before I posted). Each foot you’ve managed to put forward in this race is helping someone.

    Here’s a mile marker:

    So Jesus called theme and spoke to them in parables: “How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And IF SATAN OPPOSES HIMSELF AND IS DIVIDED, HE CANNOT STAND; HIS END HAS COME.” (Mark 3:23-26)


    • Thanks again for your encouragement. I know there is a time for everything. 🙂 I am glad my blog has been helpful, more than I can say and yet it all goes back to the Lord – His love, His grace, His mercy. He is the one who truly knows our battles, our tears, our fight for freedom and yet He alone is the Overcomer of it all.



  18. M’Kayla,

    I think the bottom line of what I am trying to say here is that it seems to me that we all need to be cautious and not paint things with too broad a brush.

    There are many Christians in these groups that are following after these “signs and wonders” to one degree or another, but do end up coming out of the movement as you have said. There are others that may not, I don’t know. But I also know that there are other criteria given in Scripture for who are His–they that believe He is the Messiah, the Savior that died for their sins, and that He came as God in the flesh for instance. I really don’t know at what point one’s ideas of Him get so warped that they are no longer believing in the real Jesus and are believing in a false one. Are you absolutely certain that you can say so? If they believe those core beliefs that I mentioned above about Him that the Bible gives, but also believe He spreads angel feathers, drops gems from heaven, or causes spiritual drunkenness, have they crossed that line? And can you know that for sure? Are these really the folks that Jesus talks about when He says that some that did miracles in His name were not known by Him?

    And I would also agree with you that lack of Bible study is a very big problem. But in all honesty, in the days that I spent in the hypercharismatic church, it seems to me that the things that were believed and experienced were not thought to be against the Bible. They were either considered to be something that the Bible didn’t address directly or, as was often the case, they seemed to be the result of a verse taken out of context (like the infamous, “God is doing a new thing”, which seemed to be a license for just about anything), or the off the track interpretation of Acts 2 which resulted in the spiriitual drunkenness thing. And of course some of it came by “revelation”, what was believed to be prophecy.

    People in this movement have also fallen into this trap in many different degrees. And not all of them believe the same doctrines or to the same degree. Many would not believe that they are little gods begotten by God as Ken Copeland said. Not all of them believe that Jesus laid His divinity aside, at least not if that is meant to mean that He was not God while on this earth, t least that was the case when I was involved. Many whould say to “eat the meat and spit out the bones” meaning to take the good and leave the bad.

    I don’t think any of us probably have 100% correct doctrine in our understanding of God and how works with people and through people. False belief of one sort or another is just a fact of existense as a Christian. At what point it becomes so false that we are believing in another Jesus may not always be that clear. At least not as I understand it.

    God knows for sure who are His and who are not. Let’s just please use caution in our stating that we know that for certain with a group of people like those in the hypercharismatic movement.

    In closeing, I just want to reiterate that I am 100 % for warning people of the dangers of this movement and of these doctrines. I also believe that there are often demonic powers at work there and that people certainly need to be made aware of that.


    • I’m sorry Cheryl. I just don’t have the answers. I don’t know how long a person can go off the rails and remain there. We aren’t given that kind of information. We are told to have no other gods before the Most High. This is just the beginning of warnings because after that God warned Israel to stay away from beliefs and practices of others that had nothing to do with Him. These warnings continue to the very end of the bible. There are no excuses made, in fact, in Matthew 24 Jesus warns “see that no one deceives you”. Look at the words, they are pretty clear. It implies we have the ability to know better…”see that one one deceives you”.

      False belief of one sort or another is just a fact of existense as a Christian.

      – – Really? Where in scripture do you get this from, because I know of no verse that states this could be true. We are told to avoid all forms of false teaching and strange ways.

      I find myself repeating things I have already said. Study the bible and forget the opinions of others. We are nothing, anyway. All the glory, power and majesty belongs to the Lord. If people are offended because I take a tuff stand on false teachers at least they will go away from here with the warning, like it or not. And I have done my best to warn, God knows. I could list a pile of scriptures here to back this all up. And you will be amazed at the number of them. But I’m not going to. I am going to leave you to do that on your own. It is good study, one which will probably change your mind that I have such a wide brush. The road to the Lord is narrow.

      Seek God!


  19. Cheryl,
    I agree with you completely that we need to be careful and prayerful about our words, first and foremost to be certain that they line up with scripture. Many of us are living proof that God is absolutely calling people out of falsehood and keeping them safely in His Word. So, my hope, is that we point out the false doctrines and share our testimonies to encourage others and help them escape. What if they never leave? Only God is the judge of the heart; and I believe that He is faithful even when men are not. I think of the man who recognized the LORD on the cross next to Him and was saved. Who knows the depths of God’s mercies and grace?

    That said, my belief is that much of the falsehood and delusion has to do with a love of self that refuses to be broken by the Word of God. For example, I know two separate people in the charismatic movement who are convinced that they have the “gift” of discernment. One is like a spiritual bowling ball knocking over every person he comes in contact with. He is filled with great puffed up stories, but the things that come out of his mouth are anything but holy. And he wrongly accuses believers of things he believes the LORD is showing him they need to fix (forgetting maybe that he first needs to clean up his own heart). The other one believes that she has been given the gift to actually see marks on people that indicate what kind of demon they contain. This person believes she can put a hand on the person and keep the demon in so it doesn’t “manifest”, while she ministers the “gospel”. I personally had an experience with this woman that nearly undid my faith.

    What are they both lacking? A true and working faith in the power of God to sanctify His chosen people by His Holy Word through Jesus Christ. They create doubt and fear in anyone who will listen to them, and satan runs wild with that. They celebrate false teachers, because those false teachers validate their own beliefs about themselves. Will God save either one of them? I don’t know. I hope so, and I pray for both of them. I do believe that if they are truly His, He will move heaven and earth to utterly break them and destroy their self-love for their own good. If they aren’t His, I believe they will be lost to the delusion and never come out.

    There are “infant” Christians in these churches, and they are being spiritually abused and neglected. They are tossed around by falsehood and deceptions, as we once were, precisely because they ARE “infants” in the Word. We know from the Word of God that it is His Will that we grow and mature in Him, in part so that we no longer are tossed around by every wave of false teaching. (Eph 4:14-16)

    “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Eph 5:11)


  20. Imallred (Michelle):
    Sorry I didn’t realize the name of the actual church you are attending. You said “Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)” which an actual church with one located in TX. My bad. About 1 year ago I didn’t know anything that was going on in main stream evangelicalism. I pretty much thought if my church was bringing it and it was “faith based” with “Jesus” tagged on it all was safe. Through a series of multiple events the Lord began opening my eyes as I started to read the scriptures more and more searching for the truth. I was broken and humbled and once I started peeling back the layers (the Devil is a master of disguising the truth) and saw the face of evil staring right at me. Its a twisted, wretched path that is so deceitful only the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, can give you the wisdom to see it unveiled. For so many years I went off others experiences and books, retreats, seminars, etc. without even realizing I was being deceived and lured in to the purpose driven movement, mystical deception, spiritual formation, vision casting, dominionism, ecumenism, and the list goes on.

    I’d like to give some links that helped me greatly concerning Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Movement and the social gospel according to the late Peter Drucker and his now thriving Leadership Network (Lead Net / Sage Pastoral network)
    This movement has had a profound impact in many many churches moving people away from the absolute timeless truths of biblical Christianity and the true message of the Cross, away from repentance and individual evangelism into a wider mercy doctrine (according to philosopher Dallas Willard) which is a social contextualized gospel that is easy for non believers to swallow without any offense of the Cross or repentance of sin with conviction.

    Click to access Purpose_Driven.pdf

    Click to access inthename.pdf

    I feel that all people who claim to be Born of the Spirit and a Follower of Jesus Christ of the Bible must have a thorough understanding of what this horrendous apostate worldwide movement has done and is doing in their own churches and the profound impact this man has on many many pastors who have been duped to believe the lie and have been deluded by the spirit of error.
    Dr. John Bennett gave an incredible sermon on Rick Warrens purpose driven movement in 2009 and the warning is even more serious today than ever before. Take some time to listen:

    The article to the message is here:

    Click to access The_Adulation_of_Man_in_The_Purpose_Driven_Life.pdf

    Also visit Richard Bennets site which as excellent articles on how catholic mysticism and many other deceptive movements are invading our churches and what we need to watch for:

    I did some research on your pastor Rick Atchley and I’m sorry to say he is a supporter and believer of Rick Warrens emgergent post modern gospel. I reply to what I found and links you can go directly to with his involvement in this movement and how he is promoting it. The thing is you cannot ever go off a churches statement of faith because they say one thing and do another. Take a look at Rick Warrens Saddleback Church in Orange County California and their statement of faith (you would think his church is right on and preaching sound doctrine if you take this at face value without looking at their actions and what they are promoting):


    • stevenpaul
      Just a head’s up that comments with three or more links automatically go into the spam folder which is where I found your latest comment. Usually, I check links before I approve but I don’t have time for that right now, so I will trust the links are trustworthy. I will thank you for John Bennett’s video as I was not aware he had one on Rick Warren. I posted a link to the video he did on the Emergent Church which also had some of the best information I had come across, aside from Critical Issues – Bob DeWaay’s work and Lighthouse Trails.


  21. M’Kayla,

    False belief of one sort or another is just a fact of existense as a Christian.

    – – Really? Where in scripture do you get this from, because I know of no verse that states this could be true. We are told to avoid all forms of false teaching and strange ways.

    When I made that statement, I was never meaning to say that is the way the Lord intends it to be. I am just speaking the truth that that is the way it is in the Christrian church and the way it has been for for centuries. And from all of the examples I gave you in our private conversation, I think you understand what I mean. All one has to do is spend a bit of time on the internet on various Christian blogs or forums, or spend a little bit of time in the different denominational churches to know that the differences are huge. And I am not just speaking of the really liberal or emergent type churches either. That is another whole story.

    Some of those differences are so huge that it could certainly appear that one side or another is worshipping a different God or believing a different Gospel because the differences of understanding in how God works in the universe and in and through people are sometimes vastly different. I will list some of them here if any one wants to know more details. But for the sake of space I won’t unless someone requests that I do. Obviously all of these doctrinal understandings aren’t correct.

    My question is, do we then say that all of them in the group that believes differently from us are going to hell? What if it is our group that is wrong?

    I have no problem whatsoever with exposing false teachers and teachings. I have spent many hours on the internet too in various places trying to convince people to believe truth as I understand it. And may we all continue to do so. But I agree with Just1ofhis when he made this statement, Only God is the judge of the heart; and I believe that He is faithful even when men are not. I believe that He is truly the only one that really knows when the line is crossed so that people that claim to believe in the Jesus of the Bible are really not at all any more. Sometimes it is certainly so blatant as to be obvious to all. But I don’t think that is nearly always the case.


    • LOL I tried to clean up the italics for you, but don’t know if this is what you were shooting for.

      Cheryl, I would be interested in these other teachings/groups/etc. and I would be willing to post your article for discussion. It would be treated as your own with its own topic, etc. and I would request help from you and the readers to attempt to take the teaching apart to get to the source of the false teaching. It would be fun! 🙂


  22. Hey, thanks for fixing the italics! You got them just the way I wanted them. I don’t like the way one missed character can make such a mess of things!

    And thanks for the offer of writing an article too. It would be a huge project. Unless I just picked one of them, it would take a series of articles. Each of the things I mentioned to you in our FB convo is a big topic all by itself. Some bigger then others. So don’t know if I would/will have time for that or not. At least not before the end of the year, I am sure. If it seems like something that would be good for me to do later, I will check and see if you are still interested, is that okay?


  23. Boy M’Kayla, I don’t know. When I said I would “list some of them” what I really meant was that I would list the issues/belief systems that I had mentioned in my private conversations with you. Laying them all out in article form goes way beyond what I had in mind. At least one of the differences I mentioned, the Calvinism/Arminiansm debate, is so complex, it would take many articles to even begin to cover all of the nuances of belief that are held by the different folks that generally fall into the label of Calvinism. The differences are significant and “one size does not fit all” even with folks that generally would claim that label. Multituds of books, articles, and unending blog discussions cover that one issue alone.

    So please don’t count on me delving into any of these things in any significant way and writing articles on them. I’m don’t know that I have either the time or the energy for such a project.


  24. PS

    Please excuse my goofs in my last post. I got interrupted and am not sure that I even proof read it when I came back to it and posted it. Good grief, I have enough problems with stuff I miss even when I do proof something. And if I don’t, it is not a good thing!


    • The articles. But, you would only write what you know and the differences you are seeing. If there a many points, start three or four. The idea is to engage others and study together. But, it’s up to you. 🙂

      (I usually ignore typos – lol)


  25. M’Kayla
    Just recently a Muslim friend of mine converted to Christianity…but she asked me why I wasn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit and why I don’t see dreams and visions like she does. I was at a loss for words. All I could tell her was to read his scriptures and when you accept Christ and become baptized you receive the holy spirit. You don’t have to be baptized into the holy spirit which is a separate act alone. You receive his spirit the minute you call on his name and are baptized. I can tell she’s on fire for God but I’m worried that she’s getting into false teaching so soon already. I’m trying to search scriptures so that I can have a talk with her about what false teaching. I’m nervous. Do you know of any chapters that read before hand and show to her?


    • Hi Imallred12! Nice to see ya again.
      My first issue is “converted”. Does this mean she repented before God as a sinner in need of Christ for forgiveness? Or is she going about this some other way? Do you know where she is getting her teaching from?

      The need here is to understand who Christ is and what He did for us. He was with God the Creator, existent before the creation of the world, see Genesis and the Psalms. Jesus said that He and the Father were One. He left us with the Holy Spirit who abides with us. He is also the Word – John 1. Jesus taught his disciples about the Holy Spirit in John 14, 15, 16 and those will be your focus. Then in Acts when the Holy Spirit came upon the waiting believers – those who did what they were told, received. And this is the place where many trip up, expecting some kind of wild experience. This is the reason I am pointing you to those chapters in John because they will prove the working of the Holy Spirit and disprove the false spirit at work under His name. The Holy Spirit is our guide, our comforter, our counselor who will lead us into truth, He will convict us of sin. Most of the teaching out there claiming the Holy Spirit does this or that are not biblical teachings. Any teaching outside of the bible is not of God and so we have to be careful that we don’t base a belief on one single scripture, but on the bible as a whole. It is imperative she knows who Jesus Christ truly is for salvation and the Holy Spirit for edification. If she is following the false spirit, he appeals to her flesh not to her spirit and she will be operating from a place of pride unknowingly. Our focus is always on Christ, not the gifts and any time we get from that one little all important truth we have parted from the Savior’s leading!

      I would say do some study and look up these scriptures – and pray, allowing the Lord to work thru you to HELP her see the truth. Talk with her, make these suggestions for her to read and study and find out as much as you can what SHE believes so if necessary you can prove the truth to her.

      I do believe the Lord can speak to us thru dreams and visions, but they must be proved thru the word. These are ares where we need to be most careful. If this is where she is at already I would say she is involved in “charismania” not Christianity. If she was “saved” at one of their meetings she is being let to a false Jesus. Let’s see if we can help her find the right Way.

      I’ll be praying. 🙂


      • Imallred12, please take note.

        I had to do a bit of editing here. It appears that I made a most grievous error in expressing by implication that Jesus is the Holy Spirit. That is not at all what I meant nor is it what I believe, so I have made a few word changes to better reflect what it was I was trying to point out when I wrote this, hurried as I was.

        Unfortunately, I have been accused of deliberate and blatant heresy and even compared to Bill Johnson in my doing! So, before the lynch mob arrives I wanted to set the record straight. I am not perfect in my writing or my doctrine. This is why I encourage comments, bible reading and study. Anytime someone feels I have made an error, I would love to hear it right here. In this instance my doctrine is not wrong, but my expression was. EEk! This person however, for whatever reason refused to comment, wishing to stay behind the scenes. So, I am branded a heretic because I would not be manipulated to immediately make the changes, because I could not understand what in the heck she was fuming about, again. yeah. again.

        So here it is, the Trinity as we call it, The Godhead, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, separate, yet as One. No heresy there and also no attempt was made to fully explain this in my earlier comment.

        Thanks for your patience with me and I indeed hope no one was injured here.


  26. Hi Mkayla
    As one of those who have been a part of your blog for some time [ and blessed by it] I can attest to the fact that you are not a heretic. In fact , I have witnessed a desire on your part to grow in the truth of Gods Word and the significant changes that I have noted are possible only by the grace of God .


  27. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I can assure you I knew what you meant, and I do not think you are a heretic. Thanks be to God for leading me to your blog where I finally found out that the BIBLE is the answer and I don’t have to accept something being taught in the church that is not taught in the bible. Many blessings to you!


  28. Roughly over a month ago I had a very unnerving encounter concerning this video and my old young adults group. They had all gone on a retreat (funny how these types of things always happen on retreats >_>) and soon someone at the retreat posted “Spiritual surgery went very well tonight” as his status. IMMEDIATELY my mind went to this video and I started watching it again, then asked him what he meant by the term “spiritual surgery”. He said the speaker had apparently described it as “God removing anything unnecessary from your life” (not sure of the exact quote, it was over a month ago). The speaker may have meant well, but the fact that he used the term “spiritual surgery” is VERY unnerving. 0_0 I called my Mom soon after that and her concerns were similar to mine. I’m not sure what’s going on in that group now that I’ve left, but the more I see things from a distance the more I worry. 😦 Pray for them, please.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for posting this video, as I don’t think I would have noted the worrying use of the term without it. God bless you. 🙂


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  30. This was posted on Elijah’s list today. It is numerology, pure and simple….no better than astrological charts or daily horoscopes. It also smacks of Joel’s Army, dominionism, and the “not-so” New Age.

    “Angela Greenig:

    A New E.R.A. Has Begun: Kingdom Alignment

    This year of 2013 will be one of the greatest years of Heavenly Angelic Visitation that we have witnessed. The sky is the limit to what you can have when you pray and believe. God says that you will receive wisdom to make and fulfill destiny and dreams within your lives – dreams that you may have thought were aborted or stolen and dreams that you thought you had laid down. God says that you will walk in a greater power of the Holy Spirit. For many, this is your year of Favor and the IMPOSSIBLE becoming possible.
    The previous two years have been a time of alignment and preparation. They have been vital to the purposes and plans God has in store for each one of us that will be revealed in its fullness this year as we pray, seek and pay attention.
    Numbers are very symbolic:

    2010: [20] is redemption, and [10] means divine perfection/law/order. God’s laws had to be in place, not only in the natural but in the Spirit as well.

    2011: [11] means judgment; if you break it down it means deliverance/justice.

    2012: [12] means governmental authority that releases perfection. There are many, many facets to the number 12.

    2013: The apostolic and prophetic fathers and mothers will take their rightful seats of authority at God’s table. There will be a spiritual change this year that will charge the atmosphere. The number 13 means sin/rebellion. It is coming down. Many prodigals are and will come home this year. The number 13 also means Disciple; many will help us to release the E.R.A. (Evangelism, Radical Army). It’s the year of fulfilling the harvest. Evangelism will rise and shine upon those in great darkness.”

    For the record, “20” is NOT redemption; Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is!


    • Is she a child of the NAR.. Chuck Pierce? She sounds just like him. Garbage. All of it. How many years can we go back and see these same prophecies? When a prophecy does not come true it is false. It was false the first time, and just as false when it hit the ten-thousandth!


  31. Off the Elijah list website:

    “Angela Greenig is founder of Angela Greenig Ministries International, is author of three books, has produced two DVDs, and hosts “Justice for All” media channel with XP Media. Angela’s teachings and insights come from years of experience on the front lines of spiritual warfare. She is a seasoned seer/warrior for Christ, and is a leading force in deliverance ministry. For the past 27 years she has been a defender of the faith and a voice for those who have no voice, traveling the world, preaching the Gospel and training up the Body of Christ. For the past 21 years she has been blessed to be working on the streets of Seattle, Washington, helping to feed and clothe the homeless and those in need. Angela has built and released ministries in many cities throughout America and in many nations of the world. She has a heart of welfare for the salvation and deliverance of people.”

    I had not heard her name; but there are so many like her now. I cringe when I see the word “seer” anymore. The sad part about “feeding and clothing” the homeless and those in need is that she has received her reward in full for doing this. We are only rewarded in secret by our Heavenly Father when we keep these “good works” between us and Him. The same thing applies to folks like Heidi Baker and Winnie Banov. Their “good works” are actively flaunted in front of others. Feeding and clothing the needy is absolutely a good work, but they have been rewarded in full many times over from their adoring fans.

    “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (Matt 6:1-4)


  32. The Elect of God are called the remnant seed of the Woman, the first fruits of the Lamb, the Lamb itself being the first. They follow the lamb where ever He goes who care not for their own lives, who keep the Commandments of God & have the testimony of Jesus Christ , for the
    testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. The Enmity God put between the woman & the serpent, to understand the truth that the woman herself does not battle, for she fell into the Transgression & not the man, as the Bible states, which is to say she is held by satan, but by her enmity against satan, put by God & her seed who are the Lamb & his first fruits, the Elect of God battle against the serpent & his seed while she maintains the enmity all along. M’kayla & Johanna do reflect some of that enmity. Now one of the Elect who is called Jeremiah, about whom God Knew him from his mothers womb has along with Isiah & other prophets given various prophecies more than a hundred about the culmination or endtimes called the birth pangs to the coming of Christ called the great & terrible day of the Lord (Sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach) the prophecies of these prophets speak of an endtime Babylon, in a clear reference identifying her as as a nation built on an occult foundation but who goes by the name of God, that’s America she who was born out of the Mother (England) controlled by her but then as Jesus Himself said “You serve God or Mammon” & that choice came before America & she has chosen the occult & to this God is discarded as is openly seen to the prophecy of the Prophets, to gathering the nations against the Lord of Hosts, to also know that standing before Him one does not speak unless spoken to, & this holds good to even the god of this world before The Christ, something like Apostle John saying “He fell as dead before Him” like wise said the Prophets of old, quiet contrary to the behaviour of the present “Prophets of Babylon” when they speak of Him, meaning having no fear of God___.




    • Pat, if you aren’t seeing the gospel here in the comments on my blog, you are not reading. I call out false teachers and prophets because I used to be one. I warn, as instructed to do in the word of God. I also pray for the deceived and grieve for them. Understand better now?


  34. Hi all !love what you are doing here wondered if you have figured out yet another great deception ?His name is Yeshua spelled a couple ways .he was Jewish went practiced Sabbath on Sat not Sun and followed Torah
    Not the man made parts but the biblical law .
    Yes we are saved by grace and it is with this grace that I may practice keeping Torah and keeping Sabbath a and feast days to honor the ALL Mighty Yahovah some say Yahweh
    Not J a in anceient Hebrew….think Rome trying to divide and conquer and mix in all the pagan it ever wanted to and call it Christian.
    Think no man made customs rituals or B.s.God has a calander it’s not the one of the Jews or Rome or secular world …..
    Check out Arthur Bailey ,119 ministry ,wild branch,and Yahs Space , ,and micheal Rood .
    Then study to show yourself approved take off the Roman goggles and pray to see the whole enchilada….these times are getting mighty confusing just be sure you are wheat and not a rare,at the narrow gate with a lamp full off oil and a pure heart calling out his real name . Look forward to seeing you there.
    Much love in Yeshua


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