In The Name of Purpose

Looks like some more good purpose driven information here. The book is available for free download and also may be purchased in hardback and paperback form.

In The Name of Purpose by Tamara Hartzell

This link will bring up other book options including one on the emergent church. I haven’t read any of her work but I am trusting it as well and good because it came endorsed from a party I do trust.

16 thoughts on “In The Name of Purpose

  1. I’ve followed the link and all I can say is WOW. Right after reading the table of contents, I just had to write to the author to give her a bit of encouragement. I pray that MANY people will read this book!


  2. Hi Mkayla, thanks for this—-I actually read this a couple of years ago when I was coming out of all they were promoting at the pregnancy center where I volunteered. I made copies of some of the pages and would tape them up on the wall in the office. That’s when they really began to interrogate me.

    I even made copies of pages 160-176 to give them at the board meeting, because the whole foundation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in America are based on ecumenism. The center I was in was also extremely involved in Cathlocism (most of them are). Mother Teresa quotes were all over the walls and the director even referred to herself as “Cathlo-costal,” so you can imagine their reaction when they realized the “jig was up!!”

    I ended up, as a last ditch effort, giving the whole book to the office manager to read and she gave it back the next day and said my “heresy hunt” had gone far enough. Although she’d read the previous book I loaned her and agreed with it (“The Other Side of the River”), she for some reason hated this book. It must have really struck a raw nerve!!

    Naturally, they made my life a living hell after that, manifesting what spirit they were really of. All because I discerned the antichrist spirit at work there and tried to warn about God’s wrath against such apostasy, but at least God showed me through it all that He leads those who are truly His out. Jesus even said He, “calls His own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3).

    However, it looks as though He leads the goats into temptation, where they are overcome by the evil (Matt.6:13), for they have not been given ears to hear the truth. Obviously, God has also not purified their hearts by faith so that they can have a love of the truth (Acts 15:8-9, 2 Thess.2:10).

    But we can take courage in knowing He has led us out and that those who are truly His will also “come out from among them.”

    And to God will be all the glory!!


  3. I have not read the article yet, but the first time I ever heard about Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan, I balked! What Christian in their right mind would call any sort of plan for peace, a “Global Peace Plan?” Sounds like Beelzebub to me! We have been taught and the Bible declares that when ” Men all over the world begin to cry, “Peace and Safety, Peace and Safety” then know that suddenly, destruction will come. Men (every where -not just in the US, not just Christians, Not just in Israel” but men in general, men all over the world) “globally” they will begin to cry out for Peace and Safety and here you go. Tricky Rick has his Peace Plan in Place, A Global Peace Plan at that. One that will suit People all around the world. Imagine that! ” Any so called mature Teacher or Pastor would never come up with something called a “global peace plan” so as not to cause confusion within the Body of Christ. But Tricky Ricky is a master at deception and not of truth and additionally not mature at all. He is full of lies. 1Thess 5:3-4. ‘When they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief” (1 Thessalonians 5:3–4).

    Then we are taught that a man will rise to the forefront with the answers to Peace. He will be the Anti-Christ and will have some sort of religious man at his side to support him in his endeavors. Even if Rick Warren is not the “false prophet”, he is not sensitive enough to the truth of scriptures to distance himself from anything that reeks of the anti-Christ and a false prophet. All I know is to distance myself from everything he is involved in for this reason and many, many more reasons. It is a sad state of affairs for the Church to be deceived by this man. The Bible warns of a famine of the word in the last days and Christians are so ignorant of the word they will fall for just about anything. Today Multitudes of so-called Christians are failing to survive because of the Famine we are experiencing and multitudes are falling away.

    The minute a person, who has once been saved, believes that there is another path to God, other than through Jesus, He has denied the work of the Holy Spirit on the Cross and has denied what Christ accomplished on the Cross. Unless he comes to his senses that there is only one way and that is through Jesus, he will be eternally lost. I believe the only unpardonable sin is the denial of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. No man can come to the Father except through Him. Therefore no man can get to God, the Father, through Mohammed or any one else. A Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, a Scientologist is not praying to the Father God. They pray to false gods. We do not pray to the same God. We need to learn to ask when someone says they “believe in God” just whom do they mean? If they do not mean the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit they do not worship the God of Creation. They worship a false God. This is elementary, although the Body of Christ is too immature to even ask the question and make the distinctions.

    I love the Body of Christ and I do know that the gates of hell will not prevail against her. But she is not as big as most believe. The way is narrow and few find it. I am alarmed at how naive and ignorant of the Word the Body is. Perhaps those who will not listen now, and there are multitudes, will finally listen to us before that Day draws near. I often wonder, why the Lord has taught me so much about the spirit of delusion He has sent, and so few want to listen to it. I pray He will use me to warn more and more people as that Day draws near.


    • Karen, when we see deception growing, the temptation is to get so discouraged that depression sets in. That’s not good. We have to keep the faith. We still have a battle to fight. We have to believe that, even if many will not hear, some will. And perhaps, just out of mercy, God will wake up many of us watchmen and watchwomen to keep warning, and perhaps, out of mercy, when the afflictions we warn about DO come, MANY of those sleeping will wake up. You never know when you sow the seed. You may get initially rejected and perhaps, perhaps God can use that word a long, long time later and wake up that person from slumber or resurrect him/her from the dead. Keep preaching, keep teaching, keep warning. And above all, love the Lord and His Word above all, love Jesus our Savior and Deliverer, bless God for sending His Holy Spirit that teaches us all truth, and stay close to His heart. He loves lost sinners. Let’s love them too. Let’s humbly continue to proclaim everything the Holy Spirit leads us to say, and pray and intercede according to His guidance.
      And let’s hope for the best. The “saved at the last minute” may be a bigger number than we think. True, apostasy advances. But who can tell?


      • Thank you Caripau.. you have encouraged me today, when i was feeling a little overwhelmed & despondant that this deception seems so much bigger than anything we could bring in loving response… of course that is not true in the bigger picture of things… & you are right we MUST keep going on proclaiming truth… xxx


        • Zazzy, please remember these feelings will fade away…the shock, the horror and perspective will come when we consider we have been forewarned …2 Thessalonians. Grab this now because it will get worse, even as we speak.


  4. Karen, thank you for sharing with us. You are SO RIGHT when you say that the ‘Body of Christ is too immature to even ask the question and make the distinctions.’
    I was reading a testimony from London School of Supernatural Ministry and they were talking about a woman they met….just because she said she is an orthodox, straight away they treated her like one of them…if you are called orthodox you are not necesarilly a christian (I come from an orthodox country and most of them have no idea about christianity).
    So…..huge mistake to presume those people really know the Father, are saved, etc. Really foolish!!!


  5. CariPau,

    I understand where you are coming from but my concern is this. There are Christians all over the world being killed for their faith. They are tortured, they are whipped. They are slashed with swords. They are raped. They are thrown in prison. They are being persecuted in ways, we as Americans, think could never happen to us. But it can and it will. I am just tired of our leaders whose priorities are to make us feel better” rather than help us toughen up for what is to come. I am far from depressed by any discussion concerning this. I am alarmed at our leaders who want to ignore everything unpleasant and Christians who are afraid to hear it. American Christians have their heads in the sand. And for the most part our leaders have their heads in the air while they marvel at how many people attend their church or dream about how many will one day and if their heads are not in the air they are in everyone’s’ pocketbooks.

    A Christian may be able to come to a website like this, find others who are like-minded , share ideas about the end times and the state of the Church today but in real life the people that will talk about these things are few and far between. I know two ladies that I can discuss these things with. The others are either clueless or too afraid to talk about them. Now that makes for a very lonely (I do not mean depressing) existence for those who even ponder these things. Can anyone tell me where a good Church is? Mark my words, if you love the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind, you will be meeting in a homes before it is all over, as some are dong already. It is true God can save as many as he wants to. But he has said in the scheme of things it will be “few.” Should we interpret that to mean, “Well, there can still be tons that get saved.” No, I think He means we need to know it is not as many as we would like to think. Too many people are telling everyone they are saved when they are not. He wants us to be sober and draw near to Him because we live in perilous times. Over and over in Luke, Jesus tells us not to be deceived. And He tells us this to encourage us, not to depress us, but rather so we can be ready for what is to come when the World cries out for someone to do something to bring Peace and Safety to this earth and the Anti-Christ is revealed. I love the sinner but meanwhile, I also love those who think they are saved and may be falling away. Coddling Christians over the fact that life is going to get much more perilous is part of the itching of ears the Scriptures talks about.

    Perhaps depressed is not really the word you mean. I was depressed before I got saved. The honest and many times harsh truth is what delivered me from depression, bulimia, drug addiction, and is what continues to shine it’s light on the hidden not so obvious places in me that need changing. It is this same sometimes harsh honest truth that causes me to straighten up and fly right and that also causes me to be able to face difficult times, knowing no matter how rough they are ahead, God will get me through it. So why would I want to hide from any part of the Truth? The truth should never depress a Christian. No matter how difficult the truth is to handle, the truth is what we need to hear and then the Holy Spirit will give us the faith and strength and grace to handle it.

    When it comes to how many will be saved, of course we are to continue to reach out to the lost, but the only revival the Bible talks about in the last days is among the Jews. Apostasy is a big deal. How do we know we cannot steer many headed in that direction back to the right direction. It is not just about saving the lost. It is about warning those who are about to Fall Away. But how can we accomplish such a things if we ignore it or are ignorant of it or downplay it? We need to prepare people for things to come by telling them the truth and encouraging them that God will give them the strength to endure what is to come. If we don’t, who will? Our leaders? Can we wait on them?


    • Karen,
      I agree with what you have just said. I couldn’t have expressed it better. I know my Bible and I absolutely believe in a great falling away not only because the Bible predicts it but because I see it all around it.
      I come from Argentina, a country that is a far cry from the prosperity Americans enjoy (you’re still very prosperous, in comparison to most of us) but still, the “prosperity” Gospel has made lots of “progress” and I believe there are very few churches that haven’t in one way or another been polluted by some extreme or very mild version of it. I am appalled and shocked and believe me, I cannot hear those so-called pastors on the radio. It makes me sick in my stomach and really sad (hearing those lies over and over again makes me more depressed than hearing the truth about the apostasy).
      I am fully convinced that many if not most churches are either apostate already or going in that direction. I didn’t mean to downplay the importance of our current situation. I just hope that there will still be many individuals (if not whole congregations, at least individuals) whose eyes will be opened by the mercy of our Lord and who will repent and flee to the Cross rather than to the world or to so-called churches for answers. The final number is known only by God. But I rest in the fact that Jesus knows His sheep and will not lose a single one.
      I also agree that for most of us, home church (or even no-physical-church) will be better than a traditional church format. After all, Jesus didn’t come to save institutions. He came to save people. And my definition of church is when two or three gather in His name like we are doing here.
      Perhaps the word I meant was discouraged rather than depressed. Although I believe there are many times in our Christian lives that we do experience something quite similar to depression. Maybe because the going can get too rough, probably because we lose sight of our final destination and circumstances blur the precious face of our Lord and Savior. But it’s a very real experience many OT prophets (Elijah, David) and NT Christians (Peter, Paul) have experienced. A Christian can lose joy and peace for a while. There’s something very wrong if being unhappy and joyless is part of the Christian’s normal life (perhaps that Christian should wonder how he or she is walking or whether he or she is even saved in the first place).
      My point in warning everyone against bitterness and discouragement was this: If we keep our eyes on Jesus, and we really believe in the Bible, and understand these things are written and will come to pass (again, we can never tell about individuals, we know the SYSTEM is doomed but should be hopeful that individual people will come to see the truth and be saved) we have every reason to be encouraged knowing the time of our final redemption is so close. But we have to keep our hopes high in that knowledge: that Jesus is coming and will absolutely and forever destroy this diabolic system that afflicts all of us.
      I’m probably repeating myself here, but let me say this again, the whole point of the book of Revelation is to reveal Jesus in His glory. And that’s the purpose of all prophecy.


      • CariPau,
        Thank you so much for responding. I do agree with you and all I can say at this point is that I wish we could sit down and talk about all these things that God has shown us and all the things that concern us and all the things that just “make our hearts burn within us,” as we talk about the things He has said to us while He leads us down this narrow yet glourious road with Him. Just like Zazzy said, “Thank you, Carina. Your words have encouraged me!” God bless you!


        • I praise the Lord for day by day He shows us we are not alone. It may seem to sometimes when the people who are physically around us don’t quite share the same concerns as we do. But we still have the resource of connecting to the Internet and find like-minded people from all over the world. Let’s use this web, which is mostly an instrument of the devil for perdition, as a means of salvation for the lost AND to encourage each other for the remains of our journey. We really need encouragement and the Word in Hebrews tells us to keep exhorting each other to obedience and keep gathering with fellow-believers (again, I don’t think physical meetings are always the way to go) more and more as the times get darker and the day of Jesus’ coming gets closer. That’s my purpose in coming here.
          Now we have this web. We don’t know if it will still be available for us in a couple of years (as persecutions of Christians and controls over people’s activities increase, we may be banned from even connecting to read the news!). Let’s take advantage of it and enjoy what’s good about it while it lasts.


  6. Carina,

    I am totally aware that we can’t get together physically. And I would never even attempt such a “flakey” thing. Wow ! That was just my way of saying, ” if you were someone I knew in person that I would like you because we would just have soooo much to talk about!”

    Yes, I agree, in reality this is the only place other than, the two people I know personally, that I can come to hear the very things the Lord is speaking to me. I just heard yesterday that the President is mandating that the internet be monitored for political talk that does not agree with his stances and also religious talk. Each person who they find involved will be catagorized. Also I heard they are setting up camps around the country to contain the worst offenders, if need be. So, I agree, at some point we will most likely not even be able to meet here. And who knows how quickly that could happen. But I cannot wait for the day that more and more people who I do know in person, will begin to listen to these things. I know it will come, as the Lord continues to shake things. Karen


  7. Sorry, I meant to clarify that I was speaking of The Word Of Faith ministers and all these others who are following all this demonic doctrine.


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