I am sure this event comes as no surprise to anyone. I have known about it for quite a few years and that it was deviant, pagan, sick. This year I am in Nevada and had the opportunity to watch “burners” at Walmart purchasing copious amounts of water and supplies, rendering the shelves barren of stock. It was creepy, apocalyptic. as I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder how many  had no idea of the darkness they would encounter over the next week of their lives. The following article linked below has stunned even me.



19 thoughts on “Abomination.

  1. A sign of our times and most people are asleep at the spiritual wheel thinking everything is ok. I live in a small community in Ontario, Canada. Our church is incorporating false teachings of Bill Johnson. It is being done ever so subtle but thankfully God has given me discernment. I have tried to warn others in my church but it is like they are under a spell. My heart hurts for those who choose to blindly follow. God must weep at what he sees 😦


  2. I think it’s a great sign of the our times and I feel terrible about the consequences of those who go merrily along into this pagan ritual…
    Maranatha… Coming soon… 🙂


  3. Those who attend Burning Man deserve our prayers and loving engagement. Lost ones in a fallen world is a apt description, and doesn’t that description find a broad application in America today? To portray this wandering in the wilderness as a single-minded pagan cult is not accurate. What happens there is more complex. For the sake of brevity, I will offer this counterpoint: Burning Man is our world naked, both literally and figuratively. What one sees there are the same people wo clerk your stores, staff your hospitals and, yes, even attend your churches. People attend for many reasons. The rawness of the mission field does not deter us from bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    • Carl, the bottom line is that we either serve and worship God or we serve and worship Satan. It isn’t complex, but simple. I do agree that people need the truth and outreach with the gospel is necessary.


  4. I flipped to this article and upon several attempts could not click to see what comments people had written. How interesting… That may not seem like anything by something ‘Internet related’ to you, but on this end….it was kind of spooky.


  5. Thank you for bringing this out. However, I think that a more major concern should be with the paganism that is going on in the Church right under the noses of those who are followers of popular preachers.

    Also, the paganism that is being “sold” to young people through music – many girls were lured into being fans of Hannah Montana and now Miley Cyrus has come into full hedonism and the occult. Of course there are others before her, but her recent display at the MTV awards was beyond the pale.

    Thank you, Sister in Christ


  6. I had trouble too. At first it was a gross rum video. Oops, must have clicked the wrong link. Next, I found it. Too many brain cells going away and turned it off.


  7. Hi M’Kayla,

    Is there a way to re-blog posts from your site? If there is, I don’t see it. I am putting up a link to this story and am putting your blog on my blogroll.

    Thanks for the work you do.

    God’s blessings…

    I’m using a picture from the article. I hope that’s ok.


    • I think the “press this” option works. Also, copy and paste.
      The story isn’t mine, but check out the last comment where I posted more pics. There are comments at the end, one of which a person states they should burn a few Christians next year.


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