Leaving My Lesbian Past

Leaving My Lesbian Past

The church that walked with me away from homosexuality.

By Charlene E. Hios, Executive Director of Bridging the Gaps Ministries in the San Francisco Bay area.



It was a Sunday morning, the beginning of football season. I was wearing my Dallas Cowboys jersey, ready to root for them. I was visiting my parents who lived in Las Vegas. I looked forward to spending more time with them after the game. They were heading off to church, and I was heading to the casino to watch the game.



That is, until Mom and Dad asked me to go with them to church that morning. They wanted me to meet some of their new friends and to meet the pastor and his wife.


I had nothing against going to church, mind you. It was just that the game would be starting at 10:00, and, well, I preferred watching football to attending church. In the back of my mind was also the fact that their church is one that believes homosexuality is a sin. My thinking was that it would be easier on everyone if their lesbian daughter just took herself to the casino to watch some football.



But I ended up going to church that day. Even though I was almost 35 years old, I was still my parents’ daughter, I was visiting their home, and I knew they had their hearts set on my going with them. Little did I know how significant visiting their church was going to be for me.



Mom and Dad introduced me to each of their friends at church that morning. I was impressed with how friendly everyone was. Toward me and toward each other as well. As the service started, the church had a “welcoming time,” and folks were out of their seats and literally walking clear across the church to say hello to someone they did not know or had not seen in awhile.



Many came my way, sporting huge smiles and bright eyes. They spoke words of welcome. Some gave me huge hugs. A couple of them told me they were not Cowboy fans, so not to tell anyone they hugged me!


Never had I felt so welcomed, so accepted. I felt as though this was where I belonged. It was as if they were family I had never met.



The last time I had gone to church was, well, I couldn’t remember. Maybe a Christmas Eve Mass years ago? I wasn’t sure. My parents did not bring me up in the church.



When Mom and Dad moved to Las Vegas, Dad was invited to attend a men’s Bible study at College Park Baptist Church. Shortly after that, Dad, at age 60, was born again. A bit later, at age 65, my mom also was born again. My parents were both excited to share their newfound experience with me.


I enjoyed the rest of the church service. The music was great. A full choir, their faces aglow, led the worship. It seemed everyone was full of smiles that day.



Throughout most of the sermon, Pastor Bob’s face held a smile. Sometimes he would catch my eye, and it felt like he was speaking straight to me. He spoke that morning on the armor of God. He had my attention through the whole sermon.



As the service ended, several members of the choir, still in their robes, flocked toward me. I looked around to see where they might be going. They were all coming to greet my parents and me. Little did I know that Dad often sang in the choir, and they all wanted to meet me, his daughter. I thought they looked like a group of heavenly angels as their arms opened to hug me.



Finally, it was time to go home. Or so I thought. The next game started at 1:00. If we hurried, we could grab something to eat and head back to my parents’ house to watch football. No such luck. Mom and Dad wanted me to go to their Bible study with them. Aargh. They would not let me take the car, go to the house, watch the game with my kid brother and then come back to get them at halftime. So, off I went to afternoon Bible study.




I quickly got over not being able to watch the game. The study had my attention. It was about God’s son, Jesus, the man on the cross who died for the sins of the world. I was familiar with the cross, but I hadn’t known the name of the man on it nor the significance of it.



I didn’t get to watch any football that day. But I did meet a lot of nice people. The day at church did not go the way I thought it would. I thought we would get into arguments about homosexuality. No one brought it up. Surely they could tell I was butch. But they were so welcoming and loving, I saw no judgment nor did I feel any. I felt as I had never felt before—accepted.



Not long afterward the company I worked for promoted me to a regional executive position that would require me to travel all across the country each week. The CEO suggested that I move to Las Vegas. It made sense to move in with my parents rather than getting a place of my own, since I would only be home on the weekends. I could pay them rent. It was a win-win situation for us all.



Part of the arrangement was that my parents hoped I would join them at church each Sunday. They wanted me to experience the love, acceptance, and peace that they had from their new personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



Since my first experience there was so enjoyable, I decided to give it a shot. I also noticed the difference in both of my parents since they had become Christians. They both seemed to have a peace that I had never noticed before. They still had issues, but they were somehow different. It was a good different.




According to God’s Design


As I started attending CPBC, I learned more and more about God’s love and about his Son, Jesus Christ. Many times in Bible study I would question what the Bible says about homosexuality, and they were always gentle in their answers. They told me they believed the Bible to be God’s Word and that God did not create us to be homosexual. It was not according to his design. They then took me to the book of Genesis and showed how God created everything and how everything had an order. They said that God made the man and then the woman to be the man’s companion, one complementing the other.



I would argue that the writers of the Bible either had something against homosexuals or that the Bible did not translate the words properly from the ancient language into our current day English. I argued that the writers did not know homosexuals as we are today. I argued that the word “homosexual” was not even in the original English Bible. I agreed that two men together sexually was not right, but I saw nothing unnatural with two women together sexually. Looking back, I do not know where these arguments came from, but they made sense to me at the time.



The folks at CPBC never initiated the discussion of homosexuality. It was always me who wanted to discuss it. They were more interested in my personal walk with God and my relationship with Jesus. Though they were concerned about my homosexuality, they explained that God would be the one to work on my homosexuality and my belief that God made me that way.




I learned much later that there were some who were not appreciative that the church showed so much love and acceptance toward me, the lesbian. Someone told me that some left the church. That saddened me. I hope those who left will come to see that the church was doing the right thing. They loved me with the love of Jesus Christ. They were compassionate truth-tellers, just like Jesus.




They were the people who talked to me about homosexuality by taking me deeper into the Word of God. They knew they could not argue me out of my homosexuality. The first matter at hand was to introduce me to Jesus Christ, to the Word of God, not to introduce me to heterosexuality.




Though I did not realize it at the time, I was in a huge spiritual battle that went on for at least a year, if not longer.




They could not argue me out of my homosexuality. The first matter was to introduce me to Jesus, not to heterosexuality.




Once I started going to church on a regular basis, it was as if every girlfriend, every lover, I had ever had contacted me by phone or came to visit me in Las Vegas. They tried to bring me back into a relationship with them.




I explained to each, as gently as I could, that something was going on with me, deep inside, and I was beginning to believe that perhaps homosexuality was not the right lifestyle. Even though it had been my identity for years.




A little more than a year after visiting the church, I came to Christ. I attended Bible studies, I sang in the choir, I was a part of these folks. They accepted me into their family.




They did not push the issue of my homosexuality. It was not an issue for them; they knew God would eventually take care of it.




And he did! The more I studied the Bible, the more my conviction grew. God and I stayed up long nights talking about homosexuality and why he made me this way if it was wrong. Slowly I heard his answers; slowly I came to realize homosexual behavior was wrong. I could not figure it out, but I knew I should not act out on my same-sex attractions. It was God speaking to me (not audibly), not the church telling me.


After being a new Christian for about a year, one Sunday night Pastor Bob preached on seven Bible passages that address homosexuality. The same passages that I had always believed the translators translated incorrectly or had nothing to do with lesbians now struck a different chord in me.




I realized when Pastor Bob gave the invitation that homosexual behavior was wrong, and God does not make us homosexual. I could barely walk down the aisle in order to publicly repent from my sin. I realized for the first time that for almost 20 years I had believed a lie.



Thank you, God, for helping my eyes to be open. Thank you, God, for your forgiveness!



Our Part, God’s Work


It is because of this that I do believe a person can be in Christ and identify as gay, though one must eventually realize that homosexual behavior is inconsistent with a faithful relationship with Christ. It is a process! One does not come to Christ and then magically all your sinful desires and attitudes go away.


It takes time to recognize parts of your life are sin. It is essential but it takes time to admit the sin and turn away from it and toward God. This is not an easy process. There is a lot of struggle as you fight it. But at least for me, God takes it away a bit at a time.



It has taken 15 years for me to be completely healed of my same-sex attractions. It is a process that began one Sunday morning at College Park Baptist Church of Las Vegas.


CPBC accepted me just as I was when I walked through the door that Sunday morning, they loved me with the love of Jesus Christ with their compassionate truth-telling, and God used them to mend me, to mold me, and eventually send me out into ministry.




7 thoughts on “Leaving My Lesbian Past

  1. The Lord is so amazing!Thank you for the wonderful story. My sister was in a regular marriage for over 15 years and has 2 sons ages 18 and 16. A few years ago she decided to become a lesbian after cheating with a woman from her work. She recently got married to her lesbian lover and adopted an infant son. I cannot and will not rejoice over any kind of sinful situation like this. My whole family (none are believers) thinks this is the greatest thing and they are so happy for them. I love my sister and her new “wife” too. It is so incredibly sad how deluded morality has become. The ability to love others who are the most hated and evil people(child molesters, murderers etc.) is something the Lord has gifted me with and commands us all to do(it is not easy). I always think first of the person as an infant and then ask myself what happened to them in their lives that made them take a turn towards those things. My sister was always labeled the “bad child”. She had an abortion at 16 because my parents told her she needed to make a choice. She ended up severely depressed and my parents took her to a psychiatrist. She then spent time in a adolescent psych ward for 6 weeks. She got married to her husband at 18 and never wanted kids. My nephew was a twin, but one died. Two years later she had my other nephew. She cheated on her husband and had another abortion. She had always drank heavily after her first abortion, but now she continues to drink heavily and takes pills just to cope with living. Now she is “finally happy”. It’s a sad story and satan has her in the depths of the pit where he wants her. I will not go around congratulating them or endorsing their relationship, no matter how much pressure is put on me by my parents. I can only treat them, and all others who are still in the pit, with love and care. That old saying about the world “going to hell in a handbasket” rings true for today. Satan pushes homosexual behavior at you from all sides and it will only increase continually till the Lord Jesus comes. Come, Lord Jesus!


  2. Wow, what a wonderful testimony! I am so blessed that you continued to move towards Christ, as He drew you to Himself, instead of pulling away and resisting to the point of those in John 3: 20. I often wondered why I was so fortunate to be saved. Why me, Lord? I mean what about the whole thing made me different from some who just don’t get it? And a relatively new Christian pointed me to this scripture which really explained what I was wondering. It reads in the NAS reads, “”For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed

    The Holy Spirit is everywhere beckoning men to come to Christ. That is His job. And in order to be saved, man must admit he is a sinner. All our life the Holy Spirit is setting up scenarios and circumstances in hopes we will give in and come to Christ. For most of us, we put up a good fight and resist that wooing. It is as if we throw up our hands and put them over our eyes and ears and say to whatever is speaking to us, (most of the time we deny it is who it really is) and we grumble to it, “ Go away, I don’t want to hear this! “ When we finally have had enough of this World and what is in it, we begin to allow just a little of that light to come in. We quit resisting it the way we had for so long and we take the risk of listening to that still small voice and to His Word in whatever format it comes to us, be it a tract, the radio, a Pastor, and we let more and more light in and finally Faith comes and we see our deeds for what they really are. Because we have not run the other way but have allowed the light to penetrate our darkness and reveal our sin, we are able to repent and be saved! It is our Choice whether we let the light in or not. And you were willing to take the risk and others sensed it and were willing to work with you and you felt the love of Christ and acceptance and all that He has to give.

    We have to remember also that not all people are like that or at that point. Many (no matter what the sin is that they hold on to) are defiant and argumentative and just not ready to come to the light so there deeds can be exposed. Their intentions from the start are not there and they can do more harm to the Body of Christ if they were allowed to stay in the fellowship of believers. Truly each case must be dealt with in the Spirit of God according to the Word of God. There are many scriptures about how leaven can leaven the whole lump. And just what that leaven is can be many things that most of us dabble in or have dabbled in, certainly not just homosexuality.

    The Bible says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” But also in the following Scriptures, particularly in verse 21 and 22 we see man’s Free Will in action and he gets saved or he doesn’t.

    For God So Loved
    …19″This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20″For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21″But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

    I am proud of the Christians who embraced you, but I am also proud of you for taking a huge risk. He said to count the cost. There is always a cost! And even though you say you argued with God and with the Christians, they sensed something in you or from you. When the person will not receive the message, we are told to shake the dust off and move on to the one who is ready to receive the Word of God. But in all of it we rejoice for “ who the Sons sets Free is Free Indeed!”


  3. Thanks M’Kalya for taking the time to share my article. Please let everyone know that if they need to talk they can email me, Charlene@BridgingTheGapsMinistries.org
    Many times folks do not like to post on an open site . . .
    I will come back and read everyone’s comments fully . . .
    Thanks again for taking your time and making the effort to get my story out there that there is HOPE in Christ and that yes people can and do indeed come out of homosexuality <


  4. Thank you Charlene and M’Kayla. This is a confirmation of what God has been saying to me recently about sexual (and other) behavior that conflicts with what the Bible teaches is God’s will for us. God never told us to convert people to heterosexuality, or to bring them out of any particular way of living. He told us to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ – His incarnation, His life and teaching, His death for us, His resurrection, and His coming again. If people follow our rules and do things the way we say is right, it is meaningless in God’s kingdom (it’s nothing but legalism).

    We are supposed to make disciples for Jesus Christ, not rule followers. If a people enter into a true relationship with Jesus Christ, He will guide them, through Scripture(inspired by His Holy Spirit) and through His Holy Spirit living in them. They will follow Him out of love for Him, not because of something we told them they had to do or not do.

    We all come to Jesus as sinners. He takes us as we are and begins to transform us from the inside out to become more and more like Him.


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