The Result of Disunity

Again, from My Word Like Fire:

Escape The Lie vanishes, so does M’Kayla’s interview

If you read Radio host exposes heresy on one station, promotes heresy on another (READ), you know some of the background to this.

M’Kayla of  the excellent M’Kayla’s Korner was a guest on Escape The Lie, and gave her testimony about escaping the false teachings of Bethel. After learning the Escape The Lie host owned a different site where  anti-biblical teachings and guests were given airtime, M’Kayla put up this disclaimer on her own blog, which had a link to her radio interview:

“It has been brought to my attention that his other site supports AA and 12 Stepping, Celebrate Recovery. I understand these practices to not be of God and I am not condoning or supporting them in any way. I believe Christ is enough. You will find links of supporting information against these programs from My Word Like Fire in the comments section for more info on these topics. It is only my intention, as it has been since the beginning of my blogging days, to support Christianity in it’s true form, as found written in the word of God.”

Shortly thereafter, the Escape The Lie website and radio show vanished from the web.

M’Kayla’s recorded testimony about “Bethel” vanished along with it. Hopefully she will have  opportunities to warn about Bethel, Bill Johnson, Word of Faith teachings, and much else on many other radio shows. Our thanks to M’Kayla for her strong stand.

Can two walk together except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

My most heartfelt thanks to My Word Like Fire for his support, conversation, prayer and friendship.

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