For Offended Readers

I am amazed at the people who have come against Swapping One Lie For Another article in defense of John MacArthur. Someone comes and points out error, and my readers are OFFENDED. Really? You can accept the fact of great error and the wrong teaching of Bethel, IHOP, IAHR, NAR, and so on, yet when a brother in the Lord, and a dear friend of mine points out false teaching of one of your favorites you become offended! Why is that? You desire the acceptance and approval of man more than you do that of Christ. You accept and believe the teaching of man above the teaching of Christ. The truth is found in scripture, not in a man’s opinion of it. Pay attention. How do you think I felt in the first beginning days of my research in what I had been involved with? How offended, shocked and horrified was I to find those I trusted, learned from and believed in were deceived?

It is you, the offended ones who do not know the truth, who do not care to hear it. Why? Because it will cause you to take a closer look at what you hold so dear to you. For the woman who stated she would look elsewhere for teaching against Bethel – fine. Please do so. But it does not change the facts of truth presented here. As for the other who chanted the “judge not” clause. Please do some study on your own to find out what that truly means. We are indeed called to judge teaching and prophecy.

People, please. We live in a time of the apostasy. Many are falling away from Christ in leaps and bounds for other faiths. Many are coming in the name of Christ and yet teaching doctrine and methods of worship that have nothing to do with who Christ truly is. And yet we have readers and commentors who think we/I should be soft on them. I am told I lack grace and love. False teachers and prophets have been set up to deceive you. It has been a deliberate act to pull you away from Christ. Speaking the truth is an act of love and I will not back down from doing so. And if that offends you, maybe you should spend some time and find out why you are so offended by the truth.