The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson, John Lanagan

bkt-jl-bth-lgMy friends, John from My Word Like Fire has published the following tract on the relationship between Bethel teachings and the New Age. I was exposed to, and was taught similar ideas from John Paul Jackson. And in and my dealing in the false prophetic I too, was considered a “seer”.

It is widely believed and taught therein, that the works of the occult, the supernatural and psychic power are truly from the Lord. Those who practice these things outside a relationship with the Lord, only have yet to know Him, and that and the church itself has forgotten its true ways. Nothing can be further from the truth. If you have ever heard of Christian prophetic booths set up at fairs and conventions, this is where it comes from.

Thank you John, for a work well done.

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From the Lighthouse BlogNEW BOOKLET TRACT: The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson.

my time away and then some…


First let me apologize to the 29 people whose comments are still in moderation. I am not ignoring you.

My life has been in a state of change for the last few years. I’ve been in some emotional, personal turmoil, have moved to a new state, started new employment, and began an entire new life. It hasn’t been easy, but very necessary. I can tell you I have had more than my share of panic attacks. It isn’t easy starting over, and if I were to tell you the details, I’d be called more than just “pharisee”.  Please, skip the judgement and  – laugh –  here.

We never know what our lives will be. We make plans, we hope, dream, pray – storm the gates of heaven with prayer, some things change and some thing do not. We have little, if any real control over the events in our lives. We have absolutely no control over the choices others make, tho at times I believe we convince ourselves otherwise, usually to our own emotional detriment.

I am still a part of the happy planet Earth, tho not blogging or researching as I once was, which for me is  great heartbreak. But, I am still among the living – those of the wage earning, tax paying, upstanding, coffee drinking (didn’t the 80’s call them “movers and shakers”?) and yes, a bona fide senior citizen (I turned 55 this year! = eeek!) and have watched my hair grey and my eyes dim. And,  NO, I do not order off senior menus in large print, thank you.

I do plan to be with you as I can. I am also about writing that book that so many of you have bugged me to death about, er..ahem, that is to say….encouraged me to write. That is my intention, one which I will…we will lay before the feet of the Lord. The Lord, who, by the way has taken great care of me.

I look around a bit and see not all that much has changed. The sheep are still choosing to be blind. I see it in the titles of other bloggers. I see it penned here in some of the comments awaiting moderation. And I also see continued pleas for help and direction. Thank the Lord for that, if you are one of these seekers let no one take you from His leading!

On another note, I have noticed younger society has become quite an odd sight to behold! Heavily tattooed, painted, pierced and decorated with all sorts of metals and jewels. Yep, society has become all polished up with very little to no work ethic at all, and certainly very quick to spew their loud and foul mouths, all in the name of “let me be me”, forgetting decency and the simple respect of their fellow man or woman. But… to work for a living?

But oh, the bong is much more powerful than the paycheck, yes? Medical marijuana anyone? Obama Care? Oh, does he? The government is loving our demise.

And we thought the 60’s were a thing of the past. Think again. We’re just gettin’ started. Heaven help us, indeed!

Anyway…I’m baa–aack! 🙂