my time away and then some…


First let me apologize to the 29 people whose comments are still in moderation. I am not ignoring you.

My life has been in a state of change for the last few years. I’ve been in some emotional, personal turmoil, have moved to a new state, started new employment, and began an entire new life. It hasn’t been easy, but very necessary. I can tell you I have had more than my share of panic attacks. It isn’t easy starting over, and if I were to tell you the details, I’d be called more than just “pharisee”.  Please, skip the judgement and  – laugh –  here.

We never know what our lives will be. We make plans, we hope, dream, pray – storm the gates of heaven with prayer, some things change and some thing do not. We have little, if any real control over the events in our lives. We have absolutely no control over the choices others make, tho at times I believe we convince ourselves otherwise, usually to our own emotional detriment.

I am still a part of the happy planet Earth, tho not blogging or researching as I once was, which for me is  great heartbreak. But, I am still among the living – those of the wage earning, tax paying, upstanding, coffee drinking (didn’t the 80’s call them “movers and shakers”?) and yes, a bona fide senior citizen (I turned 55 this year! = eeek!) and have watched my hair grey and my eyes dim. And,  NO, I do not order off senior menus in large print, thank you.

I do plan to be with you as I can. I am also about writing that book that so many of you have bugged me to death about, er..ahem, that is to say….encouraged me to write. That is my intention, one which I will…we will lay before the feet of the Lord. The Lord, who, by the way has taken great care of me.

I look around a bit and see not all that much has changed. The sheep are still choosing to be blind. I see it in the titles of other bloggers. I see it penned here in some of the comments awaiting moderation. And I also see continued pleas for help and direction. Thank the Lord for that, if you are one of these seekers let no one take you from His leading!

On another note, I have noticed younger society has become quite an odd sight to behold! Heavily tattooed, painted, pierced and decorated with all sorts of metals and jewels. Yep, society has become all polished up with very little to no work ethic at all, and certainly very quick to spew their loud and foul mouths, all in the name of “let me be me”, forgetting decency and the simple respect of their fellow man or woman. But… to work for a living?

But oh, the bong is much more powerful than the paycheck, yes? Medical marijuana anyone? Obama Care? Oh, does he? The government is loving our demise.

And we thought the 60’s were a thing of the past. Think again. We’re just gettin’ started. Heaven help us, indeed!

Anyway…I’m baa–aack! 🙂


22 thoughts on “my time away and then some…

  1. It is so good to hear from you! I was missing you! (I turned 58 this year btw) I am so glad we can depend on and put our trust completely in the sovereignty of God…. there is nothing else in this world worth trusting in that’s for sure!


  2. Hi M’Kayla. So glad to hear from you again. Was asking Pat Rogers a couple days ago if she had heard anything from you. Life is changing rapidly before our eyes and I think we need to keep looking up, for our Redeemer draws near…our blessed hope. Welcome back.


  3. For all it’s worth..

    Sometimes ya gotta just drop out & take a break from iPads, computers, research, reading etc.. I have to keep reminding myself to make more down time for me, just switch off n stop thinking what I’ve got to do, or needs to be done. I purchased a bike just to ride & swerve left too right down hills not peddling. Silly I know but effective for me. My new thing is growing things in pots, veggies. Anywayz M, the world is crazy mad, yes, the youth are lazy. Occult stuff spewing into the churches whilst the majority are asleep & lapping it up. I can only do what I can do, & what God has me do. When the ugliness of the world & all it has closes in, I just remember “I’m just passing through” (hopefully I’ve reached the ones God had for me)..!

    Besides, I never thought you were gone.

    See you, & everyone up there.
    Regards from Australia


  4. Welcome back, dear and faithful sister. You have been missed!

    I am so grateful for all you do in HIs service, and He will continue to go before you and prepare your way.

    With much love in Jesus,

    Sally R
    (London UK)
    Psalm 90:17


  5. Well hi there! Don’t know the details but there is One who does – so I’ll let Him deal with it. (Go ahead and laugh here.)

    I also note that Truthspeaker is and has been under fierce attack. Then there are other ‘local to me’ friends and well known believers who’ve been getting heavily hit recently.

    I had automatically chalked this up to the enemy but now I wonder if perhaps this is all being “permitted” so that God may receive the glory when all is said and done. I guess we will eventually see…

    At any rate, welcome back.


  6. Hi M’Kayla,
    Thanks for giving me a chuckle —–something I’ve not done enough lately. Boy, what a revelation—-we can’t control others choices!! Something I keep reminding myself of, but never seem to completely grasp it—yet you’re right—to my own emotional detriment.

    It’s a daily dying to self and reminding myself that worry is truly a sin because it’s doubting God and the fact that He’s truly in control of all things. We can’t take the credit for anything and He’s set things up this way so couldn’t boast and so we’d get a glimpse of His glory.

    The whole getting older thing—yea I can relate due to the hormonal rollercoaster I’ve been on the past year and watching all the changes in my life swirl around me in a type of kaleidoscopic chaos. But it’s balancing and good to know—– God never changes.


  7. Oh how i have missed you……the solid rock among the roaring sea. Please keep in touch i to have shy’d away from main stream, way to many voices that are not my Shepard’s.
    Praying for you my friend……No we dont have any control over anything i have learned, the changes, the upheaval’s and the heartbreaks are a part of our overcomeing.


  8. Thank you dear sister for the update. Wish we could of known sooner in order to cover you in prayer along the way. Linda and i know about “moving”. Just celebrated our fiftieth anniversary on the 16th, having followed “our calling in His work” for the past forty-one of those years. All toll we have moved nineteen times since our, “I do’s”, in Grove City, Ohio. My son told me if I ever get in the position to buy a new car, he advises I get a “Penske”!

    I agree with you, that where ever the Lord has sent us, for how ever long, good or bad, happy or sad, He has been there with us step by step. It has been a marker for us to read where God didn’t only tell Abraham that he was being sent to a land he’d never seen before’ ,God told him, ” I’m going show you…”!

    Even at our ages 71-69, both on S.S., and working part time jobs, our family in the growing years have never lacked. For this we thank, and praise the same Lord, King and Savior as you do.

    Just as in Jude, you have been a strong example of what “contending for the faith looks and sounds like”, and we have kindred callings in this regard. Blessings continue on you.

    In His service with you,

    *Pastor Curt and Linda Taylor
    Dahlonega, Ga.

    *Credentialed and ordained with the S.B.C., at present I tell people who ask that I am “a pastor-at-large” which is a vain way of saying I’m unemployed!

    (Think I hear you laughing, that’s good, M’Kayla,
    it says,”…a merry heart is like a medicine.”)


  9. I am also glad you are back. Missed you my friend. Praise God for his constant provision especially in our darkest times. Hugs.


  10. >Hugssigh< I still think the whole world has gone mad some days, but at least I know I'm not alone, there are still others like me out there, contending for the Truth. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


  11. Dear Beloved Sister
    I am new to your work. Thank you for risking your comforts in speaking the truth. Can you recommend any of your writings that would discuss the need for purity of spirit and the need for discernment of the huge amount of demons and deception that one is exposed to in these times. Relationship with the father , son and the holy spirit is my root.
    Many days I just feel that my Christian life needs to be a private and quiet affair. And my public life is that which i choose to help me forge ahead in this journey, work, friends etc.
    Live Love Dear Daughter.


    • Seed Sower Sis, the truth is, I would have to dig thru my own writing to pull them up for you. I know exactly what you speak of and know I have penned direction here. I only cannot remember exactly where, there has been so much in between. You say that you know your life needs to be quite and private and with those words you are well on you way, and need no words of mine to point you the way to go. Be blessed in His comfort and in His care.



      • Dear Sister in Christ
        I find myself happily attending a catholic church. Wow sweet purity of spirit. Gentle brothers and sisters. No where near the not love stuff I had been experiencing at christian churches.
        I can rest, I can see his presence and I can feel the force of a united body of Christ is his gentle love sort of way.
        The journey from here to there and back has been Godly in its teachings. Thank you Abba Father for your never ending love and power.


        • Seed Sower, Catholic? How can this be right for you? While it is sadly true that many Christian churches no longer teach biblical truth, but a mix of strange supernatural ideas, the occult, new age/Eastern mysticism and Catholicism, the teachings of the Roman Catholic church are far from biblical too. Of course you are picking up on a presence but it is the presence of the antichrist spirit – it is the same spirit and presence I encountered during my wondering in Charismania. No matter how it “feels” it is not the presence of the Most High God. Please, hear my pleas to you and get out. True believers are being called out.


  12. I cannot tell you what a great job you are doing Mkayla! Thank you for this! You have no idea how much you are doing for the Lord through these timely warnings…


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