4 thoughts on “Crying Wolf! Savage Wolf!

  1. This is so relevant as I’m in the midst of this situation. My eyes have opened and my husband refuses to see the truth and I’m being ostracized but I’m leaving and I know my Heavenly Father will deliver my husband from their clutches. He defends everything and believes everything. I’m standing in the gap for him but it breaks my heart that the person he was when he began to attend this church has changed to a self righteous, glory and attention seeking want a good feeling person. People be vigilant. I attended this church seeking deliverance and every week or so u must either bring salt to be bless to throw in your house or give a grain of your hair for different purposes or a bottle of water to be bless to bathe or drink. This church is based all over the world. You are told to sacrifice your all- money car jewelry etc 2 times a year but every cent you give never stays in the church to help the needy, orphans, widows as Christ commanded us in his word. Mind control false indoctrination, spiritual abuse and bullying are some of my experiences. They say stretch your hand to a picture or touch a picture of the Solomon temple located in Brazil and pray. None of these things are in God’s word and when u don’t do them they say you doubt n have no faith in God. But I encourage people that you are responsible for your life and salvation. Guard your most prized possession because when the Lord returns you will have to answer for every foolish doctrine you accepted instead of following the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


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