A Testimony and the Golden Sword

I am posting a testimony I just received as a comment to the warning against The Vineyard. Following that is a clip of Carol Arnott and her false testimony of the Golden Sword which is mentioned in the testimony. Watch Carol, watch the people. This is the demonic in action.

One day, years ago, while in worship at the Vineyard, I too had a similar vision in which I was given a sword. I hadn’t thought about it in quite some time until I read this man’s words. All these years later and I am still uncovering the false prophetic. Read on you will see what this man has exposed is true. We are subject to who we come under and will become victim and subject to that same demon spirit.

I want to say that I was involved in a Vineyard church for some time. In fact, the very reason that I found this article is my need and desire to understand why I was attacked there. I was wounded badly on all fronts. I began attending a Vineyard church after having been a christian for many years. I knew then as I do now, that God’s word is my final authority for everything.

When someone attends a Vineyard church, ANY Vineyard church, they become subject to the evil or the good that was involved in the inception. Do not be deceived, there is real danger and power in this movement. It is very very dangerous to ANY believer who becomes involved. Light has no fellowship with darkness.

The reason that I was attacked is both good and bad for me. Good in that the reason was not that I was hated but Him who lived both with and in me was hated. It was also bad because it led me down a path of self doubt or doubt that I was even saved for a time. Of course my attack was on many fronts and it was personal, social, even public in one case. There was also an attack that was spiritually so real that I cannot convey it in any words. I have come to the conclusion after too long a time that it was the result of misguided person in leadership who stood behind me during worship with a golden sword that he believed he received through the heresy of the “Golden Sword Prophecy” delivered originally by Carol Arnott in January 1997. (note – this video follows)
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am only still walking with our Loving creator because of grace. Through this I have found the key to victory has been really forgiving and loving the ones who so harmed me. I want to make sure that I tell everyone who reads this that God’s word is Alive. His name is Jesus. He is our final authority. The friend, the Comforter, The Holy Spirit my friend who sticks closer than a brother, always speaks of Him. The Holy Spirit will never add to the word of God. ALL truth is there for us.

I hope this is helpful for me and someone else. I would like to add one more thing that I noticed while I was involved in the Vineyard. They didn’t like it when I talked about my being fully persuaded that the Blood of Jesus was everything I needed and all I needed.
I noticed that they didn’t discuss the Blood very much at all. For me, my Christian walk can be defined as simply this: Being led by the Holy Spirit, the friend who sticks closer than a brother, into ALL Truth by one thing and only one thing, The Living Shed Blood of Jesus Christ. Peace to you all.



12 thoughts on “A Testimony and the Golden Sword

  1. Hi my dear sister Mkayla. Thank you, thank you for your posts. Awesome!! I am truly blessed. Soooo, The Lord Bless You richly dear.😊😊😊

    Maranatha Jane😘😊

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  3. Hi…just wanted to show you something or rather the EVIDENCE of something.
    That footage was in the 1990’s.
    God showed me over a decade ago after He pulled me OUT of this “movement” and kept me to Himself for many many years what was about to evolve in the coming years ahead in the Church
    .He showed me so many details I wrote them all down
    .He said to me that “What is occurring now is only a DRESS REHEARSAL of the enemy- for the REAL SHOW is yet to begin , but the “actors” get better and better and more polished at perfecting their “parts”-which was an indicator that Satan would only perfect the “Counterfeit” over time.
    For many years because the Lord kept me away from the Church…
    (which I didnt understand for the longest time but do now because no matter how much I tried in my own efforts through guilt-tripping and pressure I always ended up depressed and left “empty” not “filled” like everyone else & thus very frustrated thinking something was wrong with ME)
    …..and BECAUSE He kept me “hidden”- I had absolutely no idea what “Moves” or Names or “Events” or even Church names were popping up or “popular” over the decade .
    Yet , now in 2014 , Hes enabled me to make so many discoveries which , much to my shock are almost IDENTICAL to the many “details” He had shown me were about to evolve in the Church ahead.
    Same “terminology” that never came from God “catch-phrases” , “Anointings”,’Moves of God” ,Mergings or “streams” ,Prophetic repetition and “recycling” of words and much much worse then that.
    Thats only a sample.
    I wrote close to 60 pages of revelation -including what was to come even further down the road but also how much of what was about to evolve , was merely going to be a “re-hashing” , recycing, “re-labelling of what came BEFORE (there is nothing “NEW under the sun)… and how those affected by this falseness would become as individuals as time went by…and that so much heartbreaking destruction would occur within the Body as a result of this

    I wrote how satans focus would be on “numbers” and they would call it “FRUIT” of what God was doing.
    Anyways ….the Lord opened my eyes to a new discovery which had been kept from me when I first wrote it, but only now in 2014 did I begin to SEE what I didnt see THEN:

    What all this that was about to unfold and evolve IN THE YEARS AHEAD ……was leading TOWARDS.
    In other words I didnt just write the details of what was about to evolve in the Church in the days ahead ….but that this was all CULMINATING towards ONE specific THING.

    I just saw an article a few days ago which I had prophesied was about to emerge 2 months ago:
    Ever since Kenneth Copeland took that one step and “opened the door” towards the ONE WORLD RELIGION (United as ONE) I knew right then and there , that it would only be a matter of weeks and months before many more began to follow.
    One after another after another.

    I also knew that those in the list of this “Network” or Merging streams would be the ones whom would gradually begin to follow Kenneth.
    Sure enough……………..last week there was a photo of John and Carol Arnott with the Pope , being the “representative” having had the authority and influence to persuade millions to follow suit and “Join them-through their “renown” from the TORONTO VINEYARD”.

    And it all started decades EARLIER when this “Network” was in its infancy stage and “budding ” on the scene with many having been decieved into thinking this was some great NEW THING that God was doing in the earth.
    Now look at it today …and where its moving TOWARDS.
    Watch in the weeks ahead , more and more “Names” get added to that list for the Pope.


  4. Wow .. the Kundalini false anointing is spreading. The counterfeit anointing is spreading so this tells me that the real thing prophesied by Joel is coming soon.


  5. I love your posts. I have so many friends lost in this Jesus-less insanity. As a result, I have started a blog to take on these lying prophets and teachers with the sword of the word. I hope you don’t mind if I link to it in a few places. The blog is synonymous but hammers the ‘new wine” over the word, and basically all of the lying practices of hyper grace, prosperity and false signs and wonders. Thanks, and keep up your great work!
    My link:


  6. I respect your experience my brother in Christ. I have been attending the Vinyard Church in Kingston Massachusetts for over 15 years and there we believe what you do concerning the Blood of Christ and we will not add or subtract from the Word nor do we deny anything He is doing now as Jesus is very much alive and so is the Holy Spirit otherwise. You can share your experience but I only ask that you so not include “every Vinyard” because im pretty sure you havent visited all of them. Every Church has issues as humans do run them and we are all far from perfect otherwise why would we need Him as im sure you do. Stay honest my brother and I hope you have found where your gifts and relationship with Jesus can best grow. Please be accurate with your statements and know that your experience with the Vinyard is yours. Thanks broski or sister. Bryan


    • I understand that not all of The Vineyards share in these extreme practices, but I do know they were introduced by John Wimber and others early on. I am glad to know your church is not in error which is a rare thing to find these days. However, it does not make my comments and conclusions any less accurate that those I have written. Please be advised I have just published a book on Amazon that describes my experiences as a false seer prophet and healing rooms minister which exposes the false teachings of both movements.

      Be blessed and thanks for your comment!


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