It’s All Been A Set Up

2 Thessalonians 2:

9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power, signs, and lying wonders,

10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, and they might be saved.

11 And for this reason God will send the a strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

12 that they all might be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

There is much being said today through various “Christian” groups and teachers about God’s love. I’ve heard it and have read it in various teachings, I’ve read it here as a defense mechanism against my blog as though the fact that God loves nullifies every thing else He has said to us.  I am told that I have no love because I expose the deceiver. I am reminded of God’s love as though I am not aware that it exists. I have been found to be the condemner.

The scripture above states in verse 10 people did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. This is what I was told when I first started to question what I had believed, practiced and taught others. I had no love of the truth and so I believed the lie. It was harsh. It was true. There is much more to God than His love.

In verse 9 we are told the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power, signs and lying wonders. Lying wonders. I believed lying wonders and signs to be the power of God. I believed the power I sensed running through my own hands to be the presence of the Holy Spirit. I could feel what I thought was the presence of angels who came to assist me in the work of the ministry.  These were wonderful moments of revelations, of power and what I thought was true Christianity in what it was created to be.

I had more than my share of dreams and visions, as I was considered to be a seer prophet. What I saw, heard and felt was considered to be important truth and people listened to me, they sought “prophetic” words from me needing my insight and my wisdom.  After all, I knew stuff. I knew things about people that no one else knew. I knew conversations that were going to take place before they did. I knew what I would be receiving as a gift from someone who loved me and I knew what that gift was. When I questioned these “abilities” I was assured that was all the gift of the prophetic. The voice I heard and followed, who we called the Holy Spirit told me all these things. It was an amazing few years of what I perceived as love, of power, of transformation as I was participating in what I believed to be very powerful ministry.

There was just one problem. Just one. I was deceived.

Despite the fact that God loves, He will also send a strong delusion. Those who follow the lie will believe the lie and the end will be their death. This is quite plain in the final 2 verses, yet it is not so popular these days to those who hammer on the love of God. But it is true, If we continue to insist on our way, and follow after the false teachings, false signs and lying wonders, there will be no way of repentance. This is how I believe salvation can be lost. We must follow Christ, we must follow the teachings of His word and refuse to follow the voice of another.

Please read the first few chapters of Genesis.

Genesis 2:16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; 17 “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in that day you eat of it you shall surely die”.

Genesis 3:4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die”.

Surely? In Genesis 4:5 Adam, the man later so named, died. What did the serpent, aka Lucifer, Satan say to the woman? He promised her a greater life, he promised her power (v5). They got death. See? It was all a set up by Satan, the deceiver.

The power, signs and lying wonders falsely called acts of The Holy Spirit, are in reality acts of Satan. Many will follow after in great number as time goes by. Why? Because they like them smooth talkin’ words and have believed the lie. This is what we are witnessing these days as we watch our pastors, churches, friends and family swept up into what was coined many years back as “Charismania”. The events of Genesis still take place today. In fact, we are well beyond that as we are seeing a powerful demonic force unleashed upon the earth and the people love it, they believe it and are deceived. Unless they wake up, they will surely die.








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  1. “Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time” (Daniel 11:35 NIV). I’m glad you came through your moment of stumbling with some zeal left for His work. Just came out of my stumbling as well and was also involved in the deception but now it’s time for us to sound the alarm from God’s holy mountain. Those deceivers who once thought we were among them will hate us even more in the days ahead if we are faithful and if we continue to warn those wise virgins whom Jesus is waking up in these last days. You might get a chuckle out of these illustrations. One is a cartoon I saw where a wolf in sheep’s clothing was sneaking up on a flock of sheep. One of the sheep on the far side of the flock is shouting “WOLF” and another sheep is kicking the one who shouted saying “troublemaker.” Another illustration is from personal experience. I had run my finger lengthwise through a table saw. Before the stitching began, the surgeon warned me “this is going to hurt.” He didn’t lie. The injections between my fingers made me involuntarily slam my leg against he gurney and I stifled a scream because I didn’t want to scare the little boy on the gurney next to me. If that surgeon had said instead “this is nothing .. you won’t feel a thing” my screams would have been heard outside the hospital and I might have bolted off the gurney before the repair could be made. My point is this. We are trying to warn the faithful ones of the deception and troubled times ahead (“this is going to hurt”) so they will be prepared for whatever persecutions they face. If we like, Rick Warren, and others tell them “don’t pay attention to end time prophesy that stuff will just happen anyway” we will be setting them up so they are not prepared and they will not have enough oil in their lamps. Hope this makes sense to you. I’m assuming you have knowledge of this already. Be encouraged – these are indeed the end times and the dividing of the sheep and goats is already beginning. Welcome to the greener side which has hope of glory seasoned with the reality of persecution.


    • Angela, it doesn’t matter so much to you or anyone else what the dreams were. The real point is that most of them were false that threw me into hours of interpreting them, trying to apply them to my life or to someone else who was in the dream, RATHER than studying God’s word. That’s really the point. In a previous post I pointed out that God also gave me dreams that showed me He had been warning me all along. Those dreams I couldn’t understand until after I came out of the deception and their meanings were crystal clear. It was the hindsight that was the most powerful for me.


  2. I love your posts and learn so much! I agree about everyone speaking of God’s love and that it supersedes everything else. I come from a small town, between Redding and Reno. Quite a few of what I’ve considered “mature Christians” have moved to Redding to go to Bethel’s School of Ministry and/or Church. Even a family member, who I love dearly and is in the Word nearly everyday, goes there for prayer for her deathly ill brother. God IS doing a miraculous healing in his body. There are lots of people praying for him that aren’t involved with Bethel. Praise His Holy Name for the healing! Makes me so sad so many are deceived, my opinion, mainly because they want “more” of God…


    • Some Christians are taken in because they do need more and need it to be real I truly don’t understand why there are so many out there that deceive Are they deceived or just pathetic Yes I mean Benny Hinn and Kenneth Hagin What damage they have done Are we to pray for them I really don’t know because I don’t know why they do it God keep us free from these wolves Angela


  3. Mkayla. Always look forward to your korner. Amazing to realize, I too came out of THAT.
    Love ya. God bless.



  4. Thanks Mkayla, you are always a breath of fresh air! It always encourages me and gives me hope to be reminded of the depth of deception the hand of the Lord pulled me up out of and the importance of continuing to speak the truth and sound the warning. Thank you for your faithfulness, perseverance.and long suffering in continuing to sound the alarm.


  5. I get that the content of the dreams aren’t the issue now in hindsight because they caused confusion etc. and were part of the deception I was just wondering if they were just regular dreams that you tried to put too much into because of bad teaching or if they were from the adversary Have we just been foolish If so, why have so many Christians been so foolish and turned so many people off to Christianity I feel foolish for being deceived I feel like I came out of a circus I’m embarrassed by it all There are so many Christians that weren’t taken in I think the most important things are trust, obey and dependence Looking for anything sensual is dangerous and just not scriptural There is none of the craziness that is going on now in the psalms or new testament Angela I don’t know if I will ever get over being deceived It was so pathetic and ugly Especially ugly


  6. The more I read about this deception issue, the more confusing it gets I’m beginning to think it is that there was or is something wrong with the person that is deceived If you or a family member needs healing and you are scared and desperate for that, I can see why you might go to one of Hinn’s services All it takes is one to see how false and sick they are If you have a barren life and want one that isn’t, I can understand how you would follow people that seem to have a good life No one wants to be pathetic or the hind end but I think a lot of deception might be coming on those who want something sensual and exciting We think these deceivers know something about God that we don’t and that is why they seem so successful and have it all Most of them are empty, blind and dangerous Still humans with some normal or good qualities (some of them I’m sure love their wives, children and dogs) I think we should be scared for them because of their condition They are in a very dangerous place and when we look at them, we should see that and possibly pray for them When and if we are deceived, we should admit our sin They should be pitied God sees what they are doing and their hearts Instead of hating them, we should rebuke them, correct them, possibly pray for them even if they have more money than us, a bigger house, more expensive car. fancier clothes and more friends We know better and should not fear them on any level Let us valve what God values and I think we will be deceived less Angela


    • Angela, I am sure all that has been done, to no avail. There are people who are deceived and their are people who deliberately deceive others with no regard for the God they claim to know and speak for, or for the people who hang on their very last word. There is the element of fame and fortune. When you say we should value what God values, are you speaking of these false teacher and prophets? Because I can’t agree with that. We are given guidelines in the bible to know who and who does not stand for God’s truth. There is no middle ground and God does not take lightly those who oppose them. We cannot follow Christ, read His word, receive guidance from the Holy Spirit and remain deceived. It is impossible. There is a dividing line!


      • M’Kayla, I believe that many people get pulled into deception because they want to believe, call it naivety but people do have a hunger for things of God. However, as you know deception hides itself amongst truth. I was brought up a Catholic, and there whatever the priest said was right. And truth be told, I have memories of many dedicated men – but they believed in the lies themselves as they had been taught. We were never encouraged to have our own walk, to spend time in Gods Word again we were taught the “Mother Church” knew best! Now I look back on those times and wonder how could I have ever called myself a Christian. When I left the church, I bought into the teachings of Toronto and Bethel as well as many others. My first departure was when I began to feel uneasy by the Prosperity Gospel, which led to tithing which led on to other areas. Was I gullible, you bet I was. I think the guideline for me is to talk to some who are still in deception, they just seem like think totally differently. Sheep being led to slaughter springs to mind. And yes, I loved Alans example about being called a “troublemaker,” as well as “quencher of the Holy Spirit” amongst other things.


      • I mean value what God values and it will keep us straighter Like our families, the poor, the word, honesty etc. Not hold people (especially the deceivers) in awe or honor because of their clothes, cars, houses or 300 dollar haircutsv We are not to fear speaking the truthbecause we are poor and ragged next to them What they value and consider gold is not what God values and considers gold


  7. Hi M’kayla
    I read your post with great interest. The reason is that I know someone who is in exactly the same place as you were in connection with dreams, seeing things, people looking for some wisdom, interpretation, revelation etc. They also believe very strongly that it is the Holy Spirit who is telling things. I have tried to say things but am told that they are certain that it is the Holy Spirit who is guiding. So how do you get through, can you share what triggered the change in your life?


    • Tony, there was always a part of me that had a bit of doubt in what I was involved with. It was actually the “fall” of Todd Bentley that drove me to my computer to begin researching what had really happened with him. I couldn’t accept the excuses I was hearing. In that research I began to see the truth. I found John 14, 15, 16 to be very helpful in understanding how the Holy Spirit operates in our lives. We must allow the bible to be the final word in teachings. If we do that, the truth comes thru loud and clear.


  8. M’Kayla,

    I’m glad you wrote this … it brings me full circle back to “Middle Ground”. We have both been there in terms of “ministry gifts”. This is where the Baptists have called the Pentecostals demon-possessed for decades. This is not new. But though I’ve seen radical heresy and false moves within the Pentecostal movement, I’ve also seen the real.

    The Baptists don’t believe that a born again believer can ever “blaspheme against the Holy Ghost” (because they believe that the days of the “gifts” ceased when Paul passed away). But that’s exactly what blaspheming against the Holy Ghost is: attributing the works of the Holy Ghost to Satan!

    Are you saying that there are NO TRUE gifts of the Holy Ghost in operation today (as in the Word of Knowledge, Healing, Wisdom, Miracles, Prophecy, etc.)? And if there are, how does one discern the difference? It can’t be all or nothing!

    Once again … is there no middle ground?

    Blessings, Tim


    • Hi Tim.
      I expose the false gifts and believe very much in true gifts. It’s just a matter of understanding the difference, another point of study. And yes, I have seen true gifts among believers and it is an amazing wonderful experience. I did spend some time with a friend of mine a few years ago researching true prophecy. I still have my notes and should probably do an article.


  9. A my last Church was when I started to see more of an acceptance of people’s bad behavior and sin and it was all done in the name of Love and Grace. One of the saddest things to see was a growing number of marriages under attack and it was being addressed from the pulpit except for the end of the service to call people up to receive their wonderful prayers and genuine concern that lasted all of 5 minutes. In fact, it’s a miracle that my own marriage survived, but this was not the case for several other friends whose marriage ended in divorce. I grieved for two years about this.
    One close friend went to the pastor’s wife in pain and agony at the end of her rope being separated from her husband and wanting desperately to save her marriage, and was told to read the book from Bethel and sent away feeling even more hurt and confused. In defense of the pastor’s wife she did apologize to my friend and confessed that she was overwhelmed and at the end of her own rope from all the issues with people in the church being under attack in some form or another.
    Prior to these events the church started a School of Ministry based similar to Bethel’s Super Natural School of Ministry. One of my biggest regrets was signing up. On the first week the school we had a two day “Encounter” retreat in the mountains. The “Encounter” was based similar to a Sozo and was suppose to get to the “root” of your life’s issues. On the very first night everyone was in prayer and worship when the “power, or fire of God” came down. Some people were slain in the spirit, others were crying or laughing uncontrollably. Others were on the floor travailing in the spirit, it was an all out freak show. This single event shook me to the core and now that I think about it this was the beginning of the end. Whatever false and demonic spirits we opened the door to that night caused so much pain and suffering and demonic attack that I still can’t speak about most of it.
    I am grateful that God never gave up on me. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, he was always there patiently waiting for me to come to my senses. Allowing me to go through the pain and discipline I needed to be strong enough to take a stand and open my eyes to all the lies and deception I was under.
    My husband ended up getting a job offer in California that we jumped on. Its helped to start all over far away from where this all took place. We visited a few churches that were under the Bethel canopy and I guess we knew we had had enough. Once again the Lord has given me grace as I am just not ready to find another home church. It’s been a sweet time actually and I have to say I am closer to Jesus than ever. I’ve had no one to run to for prayer or advice, or an inner healing session. God has been faithful to show me that He alone is enough! When I am ready I would like to find a church that preaches truth if they are still out there. I have a small child so of course I want to see him raised going to church, just not the counterfeit Jesus church.
    M’Kayla I hope you continue to boldly share your experiences, opinions and truths as often as you can. I’ve had no one to talk to who has been through this. I have faith that there will be others that will need to know they’re not alone.
    Take care.


    • Ann, wow. I have chills. I know EXACTLY what you speak of. I hope you stay in touch and can find a way to reach out to others who need to know the truth. 🙂
      Blessings and love to you.


  10. Hi M’Kayla! I don’t think I’ve had a chance to read all that you’ve written but what I have read…I thank you greatly for sharing! I too have been through much of the same deception regarding signs and wonders ect. I do however still believe that God’s true gifts of prophecy, healing, ect are for today, but as the Word states …we are to test all things. With that said, are you still operating in God’s gift to you of prophecy? If so could you share with me how your gift changed once you came out from deception? God Bless you M’Kayla!


      • M’Kayla, hope you don’t mind me asking.. but how do you know if someone is working as a psychic or with the gift of prophecy? I have heard ( never experienced it ) that when someone gets the “tingling hands” that is a sign of some healing or impartation they need to pass on. I have found that strange, again no biblical support for that but they might say, that could be the Holy Spirit working.. how do you counter that? People are genuine (as I am sure you were too when you were involved). in their beliefs even if they are genuinely deceived!


        • Kaz, there is no scriptural support for tingling hands, or any of the other physical manifestations that go on. It is very hard to convince people of the truth because it is appealing to their flesh, their pride. Everyone wants to “feel” something and honestly, most people want to do for the Lord. They have become brainwashed by their leaders, convinced the power they feel is from the Lord. It isn’t Him because He simply does not manifest in that way. And again, our proof is the bible. Prophecy is to reveal Jesus Christ. Yet, the “personal words” called prophecy is all about the person, who and what they are, what they will accomplish, what God thinks of them, etc. These words are fashioned to assure people they are good, and God loves them. They are given to people who have not heard the gospel and are encouraged in their sin. There is no warning, no need for repentance, no gospel. Old testament prophecy warned people of their sin and prophets were hated and often hid for their own safety. New testament prophecy is the word of God spoken to encourage, admonish, and bring correction. Modern prophecy comes no where near either – it is prideful and self serving, and modern day prophets are loved and sought after and live in the limelight. Quite a contrast. When you read your bible, read about these areas and it will become very clear!


          • Thank you M’Kayla just goes to show how far people have listened to what they think is right! Its a good point about prophets in the OT not being liked and modern ones talking about how special we are. I can see me having to have some very strong discussions with someone soon!! By the way I spoke to someone today who went on a conference with a certain apostle and i was told that before they attended they had to be “well grounded” so as not to be distracted esp with the music that is payed non stop during ministry. And of course mentioning generational things, freemasonry etc. Other things were said as well and I was thinking “where does all this new age terminology come from?” I was told that they find strength from reading some of the books that are being sold. I mentioned that the Bible is THE book that they ought to be looking for for help and not the words from someone else as its not always the Holy Spirit present in those meetings!


            • Thanks Kaz. It seems most all the leaders have idea in how to escape being pulled into the deception while still participating in it. Crazy! I have the link on hold because it is a great piece of info that I want to look into!


  11. M’Kayla, this is under “Let’s hash it”, so…

    First of all, I’m not in agreement with the manipulative and deceitful ways of the “Elijah List” ministries … NONE OF THEM! That being said, I believe wholeheartedly what the Word of God teaches in Ephesians 4:1-16 and believe that it is meant for this time in which we live. However, Satan has been able to use prideful and naturally charismatic ministers to create a COUNTERFEIT over the years! But the true church still NEEDS Ephesians 4 …that’s why true and sincere believers are expressing so much hunger and thirst for fellowship: they know within themselves that there’s something precious in the Spirit which the Body of Christ has yet to receive and experience from the Word of God (and I’m NOT talking about speaking in tongues HERE, though I am going to broach the subject in the following paragraph)!

    I understand and accept that your blog deals mainly with exposing the false (it’s definitely helped me and I appreciate it). However, you’re beginning to sound more like a Baptist than a Pentecostal … even though you were connected with “charismania”. Direct, personal question: Have you ever received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as a so-called, second work of the Spirit? Not as the Baptists define it (ie: “We were “baptized in the Spirit when we became Born Again”), but as the Pentecostals define it (ie: a specific outpouring/infilling/baptism which took place in the upper room on the day of Pentecost with 120 people who were already “Born again believers” … with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues)????

    If so, could you please share your testimony of this experience … it would be of great help!

    Blessings, Tim


    • Tim, I feel like you are pushing me to discuss things that I shouldn’t have to. Why is what I think so important? I am here to expose because I know what this is and I know we are on the verge of horrific Satanic explosion. And so it is my choice to literally and spiritually snatch people out of the awaiting hell fire if at all possible.

      I sound Baptist? I don’t even know exactly what that means. I am not denominational and I never again will be. All of that makes me sick, because all it has done is divide the church which should dwell in unity. No wonder we are nearly powerless! And there is no way I could do what I do without the Holy Spirit. You should be able to recognize that because what I speak is truth. When we use the bible to explain/teach, to encourage, to correct, etc. we are operating in the true gift of new testament prophecy, which according to Paul had a higher place than tongues. Further, people spoke in tongues in the varied languages in that room so that everyone heard the gospel in their native tongue. It wasn’t gibberish, but miraclous and purposeful. If you are looking for some kind of evidence of “experience”, there won’t be one. My work will speak for itself, flawed as it may be, its the best I can give.


  12. M’Kayla,

    Thank you for your response. I was only using “Baptist” as a doctrinal/scriptural reference point for communication purposes … the same as one would scripturally discuss the varied beliefs of Armenianism vs Calvinism (“once saved always saved”). That particular discussion is still raging because of its’ importance (ie: a Christian’s very salvation)!

    The same holds true today (as we all know) concerning being Baptized in the Holy Ghost. There’s many scriptural references concerning the Baptism of the Holy Ghost which signifies it as a “second” work, if you will, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Paul himself declared that “he who speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself” … obviously nothing to do with evangelizing in a foreign nation. He mentions this when speaking of the “gifts” of the Spirit and conducting ourselves WITHIN the church of God. “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” (1Cor 12:1-31)

    The other reason I use the Baptists as a reference point is they proclaim the truth of the Word of God (KJV) “as it is written” (which I also do)! Their attitude is … “You can have my KJV Bible when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands” (tongue in cheek, here)! 🙂 They believe the Word of God … AS IT IS WRITTEN … from cover to cover and will defend the idea of Sola Scriptura until they’re blue in the face (which, again, I also do) … EXCEPT when it comes to the scriptural references concerning the Baptism and subsequent gifts of the Holy Ghost! AMAZING!

    And do you know why? Because of the simple fact that they haven’t RECEIVED it yet! They haven’t received it yet as the “gift” that it is promised to all “believers” by Jesus Himself and subsequently taught by the Apostles and the scriptures! Because of their inordinate “fear” of speaking in tongues, they categorize true BELIEVERS’ receiving of God’s wonderful GIFT to the devil! And since they haven’t experienced it, they have NO CHOICE within themselves but to “explain away” all of the Sola Scriptura that so explicitly teaches it! And hence, their “divisive” (and false) doctrine that it ALL “…passed away with the Apostles”!

    Which brings me to my main point … and one last question. There was a “response” to the Middle Ground post (I’m not absolutely sure which one … don’t want to check at this point lest I send my lengthy response into the netherworld of cyberspace). Anyway, they asked the cryptic question of “Were you a witch…”? They were referring to your ABILITY to function in so-called words of prophecy (divination?) and words of knowledge (clairvoyance?) at Bethel.

    I don’t mean to sound judgmental here, but just as an observation. It’s pretty obvious to any true Pentecostal, based on your most recent response to me, that you HAVE NOT received what is referred to in the scriptures as the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and hence, do not have first hand experience of the TRUE ministry “gifts” of the Holy Ghost which are given by God for the “edifying” of the Body of Christ. You only know the “false” from the likes of the Elijah List/NAR false apostle/prophetic movement. But, believe me, there are true Pentecostals who know the “real” … and are only somewhat confused at this point in time because of the great deceptive qualities of the “false” Lakeland Revival-type movements.

    So, I leave you with one last loving exhortation:

    Until you truly receive the GIFT of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (promised by the Word of God to every true believer), and are able to discern true “Pentecostal” from false, be careful of what you condemn as “Satanic”, lest you yourself be found “blaspheming against the Holy Ghost”! And, yes, that’s an important doctrinal “division” within the church which STILL needs to be addressed!

    I still read and “absorb” your blog, M’Kayla, because what you share within it serves as a vital warning within the Body of Christ! You do indeed, by the grace of God, EXPOSE many wicked works of heresy and false manifestations … which true, born-again believers such as yourself are exhorted to do (ie. “…contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints”)!

    If you would like me to SCRIPTURALLY “clarify” the true gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (“…faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”) in a more private platform (ie. personal emails or … ???), I would gladly make myself available.

    Most sincerely in the love of God…

    Your Brother in our Lord Jesus Christ, Tim


    • Tim I thought my previous comment was clear. I do know the difference. Let’s keep the conversation focused on the topic and not the perceived failures of mkayla, huh?


    • Tim Most or probably all the tongues I’ve seen are simply gibberish Only you would know if and when you have the presence of the spirit but I have to tell you, I don’t think I have ever seen anything in tongues that comes from the spirit in the many churchs I have attended I don’t think some people can discern the presence of the spirit from just feeling high and happy I have been to so many churchs that teach and actually train people to do the tongues thing so trust me I get it but I think it is just gibberish and reminds me of Woodstock (I wasn’t there but I seen footage of it and I see the same ectasy in the church Just feels good Angela Really I get what you are saying but I think you have been taken in If I’m wrong, I apologize to you and God seriously


  13. P.S. Tim Compare what you have during and after tongues with what the new testament people had when they experienced tongues Also look up mantras,chanting and mystical religions Compare their appearance during their experiences with the way Christians look and act during tongues and some of their mystical experiences Just because it is unusual. different, not Baptist like does not mean it’s good, productive or from God Honestly Angela


    • Angela, thank you for your response. There is indeed a difference in real tongues and false, and too much emphasis and wrong teaching has been placed on that topic. A friend of mine makes a very wise statement that English IS a tongue. There’s a point there. 🙂

      Kaz, I read your message a moment ago and I am thankful for that input and encouragement.

      Ok everyone thank you for your attention- let’s stay on topic.


  14. Hi M’Kayla,
    If you were not led by the Holy Spirit, I feel it is safe to say that you would not have posted Tim’s second comment. While I am not saying I haven’t asked people if they are saved, I have never felt even the slightest urge to challenge anyone else on their salvation. I am not certain but I think that I have been too busy trying to work out my own in fear (or a better word here for me is terror) and trembling.

    I can safely say that I have operated in witchcraft. In my younger days as a Christian, I like to tell myself that I didn’t know any better, but alas the reality is that I did know better. I was rebellious…like a two year old or 7 or 8 or 17 year old in some cases.

    I am growing to a place of more maturity than I realized I was ever capable of. This is not a boast. I have just been a follower of Jesus for some years now and this is the natural progression of things because He and the Father are faithful.

    So rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Who among has not then therefore operated as a witch at some point then? I feel I have also been obedient and even accurately told people things that transformed their lives. So I have been prophetic. This does not make me a prophet any more than my having been rebellious makes me a full blown witch.

    I, like you, have been deceived. I have repented sincerely of this and have noticed that the Lord has effortlessly made His word alive to me again. I have Joy, and Peace and Love and other fruits of the Spirit becoming more noticeable all the time. I am at a place now where I have not put down my belief in God’s ability and desire to see people truly transformed and healed of whatever ails them.

    My only question is this: The counterfeit is getting more and more obvious. I wonder, for myself and all true believers everywhere, what does God want us to do…what is authentic Christianity supposed to look like and be? When there is no Internet, will we be a body that is underground.

    The scriptures tell us that the Holy Spirit will tell us of things to come. Have you found any men and women of God that you think have been urged by God to address the current condition of the world and the body of Christ?




      • I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I have been doing my research and have found many others exposing the false. I recognize this is an extremely important ministry at this time.

        What I meant was. I guess I am wondering what God wants me to do. I am not asking you that question at all. I am just feeling like I want to be kind to everyone that I meet. And I want express that in a tangible way.

        I guess if I were to get right down to it. I want to know what God is saying to the Body of Christ AUTHENTICALLY. I know that we are progressing toward the measure of the stature of the fullness of Jesus Christ. I am just wondering what that is supposed to look like. I hope I am conveying my meaning here. I have the utmost respect for your ministry.


  15. I am going to try to make this my last comment as I don’t want to get distracted If I didn’t have a computer, I would not know that there are obviously many people out there that have witnessed, taken part in, been deceived by and confused by the bizarre and dangerous antics done in the name of Christ. It’s been one bad ride. I think of these people, all adults deceiving others (a lot of them young) and I just don’t understand. Are they deceived or just bad people. Where is this stuff coming from. I think the flesh with of course in more serious cases, the enemy. Compare these people’s behavior with the behavior and seriousness of the people in new testament and it becomes obvious, the new stuff is not the real stuff. The only thing I can say that keeps it in perspective is (Kevin) the verse referencing broad is the path to destruction and narrow is the path etc. I don’t even have a church I feel comfortable in. Too many of them that teach faith as a force, prosperity gospel etc. Last pastor wants 6,000 sq. ft. house and some really expensive car while most of the congregation can’t pay there bills. It is more than the flesh. There is something out there seducing us and once the lie takes a hold, it is hard to get rid of. It is hard to wait and depend on God when you have taken in the other garbage. So sly. I want to be kind too BUT you must cut off taken this stuff in and being gentle with it as it is dangerous and destructive. You have to be honest with the people involved with it. Tell them the truth. Waiting on God for help and deliverance makes you whole and normal. The other brings confusion and distraction. One brings peace, the other makes you hyper and into yourself Angela


  16. P.S. the deceivers(maybe backed by demons, the same demons active through out ancient history) are using the same methods that pagan religions have used in the past and now. Just give it a Christian slant. The church where the pastor wanted the 6,000 sq. ft. house used to have music so loud and singing so loud and repetitious that I became dizzy and could barely walk to my car. Think of the hearing problems that the children in the congregation are going to develop. Where is common sense. Let’s get out of the idiocy and hope we find a few Christian friends for fellowship so we don’t feel alone. Angela


  17. Hi M’Kayla,
    Obviously God granted you repentance so that you could come out of all that, or else it wouldn’t have happened (2Tim.2:25). Those of us who’ve received the love of the truth (2Thess.2:10)—have received it only by His grace, for as Scripture says, we can receive nothing unless it be given us from heaven (Jn.3:27).
    This truth should bring us to our knees before His sovereignty.
    Let’s praise Him for the mercy He’s had on us and continue to pray and teach those who are still caught in the devils snare.


  18. I am writing this in part in response to something that Angela addressed specifically to me and in part to clarify a little better what it is that I was trying to say. My desire to walk in kindness is something that I feel urged to do by the Holy Spirit. This desire is also based on scripture. If we read Ephesians 4 in its entirety, we will find the Apostle Paul telling us to do just that. Also, he is telling us to move on in unity and maturity as a body of believers toward the measure of the stature of the fulness of Jesus Christ. This is my aim for my life and also for the body of Christ. I just don’t think I understand what that means at present in light of all of the deception happening everywhere.

    I also want to make it clear and known that I find that spirit of kindness in M’Kaya’s Blog. I really think she is truly being kind by warning others of where they are heading. I have (as I have said) done my homework and I have not posted very often. There are many people out there that are exposing false doctrines and errant leadership. But it can quickly be discerned that the spirit is wrong. Underlying resentment and anger is very difficult to hide.

    I just don’t find that here. Kindness can often have the appearance of severity….



    • Thank you Kevin. I understand what you mean about walking in kindness. I am sure the Lord will make things clear to you as you continue to ask for His guidance. 🙂


    • Kevin just to encourage you in your walk. And of course do not forget about Gal 5:22-23 NKJV But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, (23) gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

      Two points worth making, first of all Paul talks about the “fruit” not fruits Of the Spirit. That is because (as I see it) there all these are manifestations of the believer who is walking in the Spirit, as you mature and grow then the Holy Spirit will help them grow, as we do our best to nurture our relationship with God – which of course is a very one sided thing as who can compare hte desire that He has for us with the desire we have for God!

      The other point, so much time is spent by people tlking about writing about the gifts of the Spirit. These are gifts given freely – for the purpose of building up hte body and not for self glorification. We all like gifts, but just look at Christmas time.. how the children expect gifts and how fickle they can be dropping one for another and at times finding the wrapping more entertaining than the expensive present the parents have bought. The gifts will never satisfy.

      How strange that in the church so many chase after the gifts, and they are always wanting more.. and I do not think it is no coincidence that those who chase the gifts get their understanding wrong and end up chasing after the “glittery” wrapping paper! don’t get me wrong, the gifts are important for the body. However, it is the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit that shows that we are growing. However, Paul wrote

      1Co 3:1-3 ISV* Brothers, I couldn’t talk to you as spiritual people but as worldly people, as mere infants in the Messiah. [Or Christ] (2) I gave you milk to drink, not solid food, because you weren’t ready for it. And you’re still not ready! (3) That’s because you are still worldly. As long as there is jealousy and quarreling among you, you are worldly and living by human standards, aren’t you?

      I think there are an awful lot of milk drinkers out there.. and you know what? Just like a baby they are making a lot of noise:)

      Be blessed Kevin 2Ti 1:7 NKJV For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


  19. Kevin I am glad you want to be kind I do too I don’t even have a church I can go to Yes I’ve looked, been to so many I really appreciate everything you say and really liked what Ann said Really, I think I am just sickened by so much that I have seen in the Christian experience but I know that it is not really the Christian experience It is something else We were warned in scripture But I am writing this mostly to tell you that I am glad you want to be kind and only wish I had a Christian friend like you I don’t Things are hard No we are not being beheaded America but the world is difficult The thing that causes me the most confusion is that some people that don’t live in the bible or go to church are some of the most content people and have what we consider a normal life They are more righteous and kinder than the people I go to Christian group with Sometimes I feel this Christian experience is a fantasy or fable Deep down, I realize that it is because there is something else there that I picked up that is not true faith, but another Christ, another god I don’t fear a burning hell That is not my motivation I fear a life with no one to help while we are living Before Christ came, many people belonged to God and were righteous (David,Cornelius and the rest) I know Christ came to save us that belonged to him He came to bring the new kingdom to those who believed and belonged to God Anyways, I did not mean to come off harsh and wouldn’t want to say anything to hurt your feelings I am just in a strange place right now Feeling a little like a leper Angela


  20. Kevin I’m sorry I even said anything you felt you needed to address Don’t listen to me, I shouldn’t even be blogging You are right Really, there is just so much stupid stuff going on in religion (as in everything in the world), but I am not going to let it affect me or lead me astray I am just going to believe what God says and most importantly be obedient so I will not be self deceived My confusion was that I thought everybody was into this crazy stuff as all the churches were doing it That’s where my confusion was Why was everybody into it and we are talking about mature adults What a waste Angela


    • Angela, the things you are experiencing and feeling is quite common. Just give yourself some space and don’t go so hard on YOU. Allow the Lord to do the work He needs to. This is a preparation time, so be at peace. 🙂


  21. Gee Whiz Angela,
    You didn’t hut my feelings at all. It was an opportunity for me to clarify myself. And I would love to be your friend. This is M’Kayla’s Korner so it is up to her. If she is so inclined to give you my email address, then send me something. I have found myself arriving at a conclusion about God and the Holy Spirit. The scriptures tell us that a loving father will not give one of his children a stone when they ask for bread. So, how much more will our Heavenly Father give us a serpent when we ask for the Holy Spirit? When I think about what that scripture is saying especially in light of the rampant deception the church is encountering, I have thought to myself what is missing here that has let the enemy in?

    In my humble opinion, it is the Blood of Jesus. I was involved in these errors seriously myself. It just didn’t work for me for some reason. I used to be involved in the Vineyard beginning in 1997 and that definitely didn’t work for me. I was rejected completely.
    I then got involved with MorningStar and became personally acquainted with all of the big names that you know about. And then indirectly through MS to IHOP. I just didn’t get the shaking or any of the other stuff that you supposed to get when you are one of the elite. Oh I had supernatural stuff happening but I didn’t get to go to heaven or talk to an angel. (2 of the big things that I really wanted to have happen to me.)

    I stopped my involvement in 2006. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be involved. The things that I was hearing about just weren’t happening to me. Now that I have repented of all of this and renounced all of those experiences and whatever may have happened to me while I was involved, I think I know why nothing ever really worked for me.

    It was because of the Blood of Jesus. God was protecting me. When I pray for someone or myself,
    I mostly end with and mean it sincerely this: In the Name of Jesus, By the power of the Holy Spirit and no other source because of the Blood of Jesus.

    I don’t wish to Hi-jack this thread, and I apologize for that but I think that if we can grasp the Spirit of praying like this, that we want only God and we know that we have Him because of the incomprehensible price He paid, we will see Him and only Him moving in our lives and the lives of others.

    Since I have repented of the deception of this counterfeit spirit, I am feeling real freedom that I have not had for a long time. And leaves on my tree and the fruit(s) of the Spirit. I am pretty excited about it too! (Thanks for your encouraging word Tony)



    • Gee Whiz Kevin I wasn’t into any of that stuff I’m one of the ancients It was sheparding at the church I went to even though I didn’t know what that even meant We were novices It was rebuking, tongues and cell groups None of the new stuff I was spared all of that What I think messed me up was books by Kenneth Hagin, Watchman Nee, E.W. Kenyon and even Dereck Prince Maybe I wasn’t spared Whoa, I was deceived How did it happen Anyways, I never thought the tongue thing was real (so obviously gibberish even by the pastor) I never did or bought into the rebuking satan thing, never fell down(slain in the spirit) even while those around me fell Never bought into that stuff but the faith thing by the above authors messed me up They took me away from trusting God to do it all and twisted it to something different (faith force) Takes you away from the true God, takes your eyes off of Christ and puts you in the drivers seat trying to get somewhere important with a blindfold on We didn’t have Rodney but we had Hinn Angela


  22. P.P.S. I think I might be a little too silly on a subject too important I am going to have to be more careful . It is serious. I was deceived and deeply sorry for it. I opened the door to deception. I’m still not out of the woods. Angela


  23. I don’t seem to be able to stop commenting I think it is because this is such a nice web site. I am so glad I found it even though I don’t remember how I found it and to know there are Christians that think like I do and have had some of the same experiences I have had. I wish I hadn’t had those experiences but don’t see how they could have been avoided. On the spirit issue(receiving), I never asked for it. I don’t see it as anything apart from God. He must have sent it and when it came there was no speaking in tongues.I never think of it, speak to it. It is something that is completely controlled by God. I only pray and ask of the Father Through Christ who sits at his right hand. I’m not sure if the spirit is separate or as some think, God’s breath. I’m inclined to think God’s breath even though I have always been taught it is separate and the church used to sing to it and ask it to come. If it is o.k., please give my e mail to Kevin. I hope I am not saying things that don’t fit the context of this web site. I truly am going to try and comment less. I think I am a little unsophisticated . This really is a good and kind website. I was seeking God with my whole heart and became aware of his presence (spirit) Angela This will be my last comment for a while. I will just read and learn. We can stand with Him in faith and believe Him with out his presence(spirit) but it is so good of Him to give it to us so we can have power.


  24. Hi M’Kayla,
    As I told you before I am fairly new to your blog and have recently awaken to the fact that I was living in deception for years.
    Something dawned on me yesterday that I just wanted to give a testimony about. I have been through Randy Clark’s School of Healing and it just happened to be around the time that I had finally had enough with the church I used to attend. Please note that even after getting away from the church, the people, and moving to another state it still took me about 2 years to finally realize the truth.
    Anyway, Randy Clark’s School was not the same experience for me as it was for other church members. For starters, my husband and I have an inside joke that 9 times out of 10, evangelist love the sound of their own voice. I don’t know how many times I sat in meaning hours long waiting for an evangelist to get to their point. It’s funny to me now.
    So, being a fan of getting to the point, in your article about Randy Clark someone was defending Randy saying that he is a great man of God and he himself had been healed in one of his meeting. I’m happy this person was able to get healed as obviously hundreds do.
    Aside from the fact that Randy seemed to ramble on and on, giving dozens and dozens of testimonies of people being healed all over the world, a strategy that people in the healing movement claim “stirs up” faith. I remember being annoyed by this, it seemed to me like he was just bragging, but the tactic seemed to work because so many of my friends were getting very excited and couldn’t wait to heal someone.
    Where I drew the line was when it came time to lay hands on people to heal them we were suppose to ask them if they noticed anything different. Randy told us to ask them to tell us if they noticed a 10% percent change, or 50% percent change, etc. This was way too corny for me and I think I finally left the meeting. In my mind I couldn’t imagine Jesus asking a cripple or a leper if they felt 20% better.
    Now, I will finally make my point about what dawned on me yesterday. Over the past few years I developed a strange and obsessive habit of chewing on ice. I love ice in my drinks especially during the hot summer and it became a weird fixation for me. I know it was unhealthy and wrong but I couldn’t seem to stop often time chewing through a large glass of ice until I finished. Well yesterday in the middle of a busy and very hot day I stopped to get a large iced tea and that’s when it dawned on me that I had absolutely no desired to chew on the ice. I realized that it’s been weeks maybe even months that I have had this strong obsession, in fact it was right around the time that my eyes were open to the truth and I renounced all of the deception I had been involved in.
    Furthermore, I would like to add that I have had a major healing experience,along with a couple of miraculous miracles. My healing experience happened while I was sleeping and the miracles happened when I was going through a troubling time and simply just said a prayer. I believed that the Lord did this in his faithfulness but also so that I would know that HE was enough.
    The cycle of going to church to see miracles or witness a healing is unhealthy and obsessive. I believe when you have the wrong motives for pursuing God you are opening yourself up to deception. And, if you take pride in the fact you healed someone it takes away from the glory of God, much like not giving money in private.
    One last point I want to make is that if you are reading this and you are involved in Bethel, or any of these movements, there is a reason you’ve found this blog. You may not be ready to admit it to yourself but deep in your heart you believe there is a chance you may be deceived. I know from my personal experience I would on occasion do a little research only to be offended by thinking that people who were exposing these false teachers and prophets were just bitter and wanted revenge. Believe me this couldn’t be further from the truth.
    A tactic that I remember people in these churches using is calling anyone who questions them or speaks out against “Religious” or “Legalistic” or “Judgmental”.
    Let me remind you of Proverb 27:6
    Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

    Thank you again M’Kayla for allowing people to express themselves freely on your blog.


  25. Angela,
    Just be yourself. I think that you are in a safe place, not only here but in what God is obviously doing in your life. I really don’t think that you would have found this blog if God had not been involved.
    As I said in my previous post, I have not really been involved in these “errors in the Church” since 2006. As I have looked at videos online of what has been happening since then, I am pretty surprised at how absurd it is and has become. It is a lot easier to see from the outside looking in but I think that there are going to be a lot of people who are just not going to be able to swallow this craziness. Thank Goodness! It is probably just going to get weirder and weirder.



  26. Thank you M’Kayla for this site and you patience Thank you Kevin for the kind thoughts and thank you Ann for the good information I only hope to end up in the good place you all seem to be For me right now, it seems impossible. I will continue reading but will refrain from commenting until then. Angela


    • I want to thank you for your contribution and also to agree totally with your comment “For me right now, it seems impossible.” You are spot on it is impossible for you.. but then it is also impossible for me.. and also impossible for M’kayla (hope you don’t mind me saying so M’kayla). The thing is, it is not about what we do, but what God has done for us. Hopefully these verses may help

      Tit 3:4-6 NKJV But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, (5) not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, (6) whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior,

      2Ti 1:9 NKJV who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began,

      And when I feel down, when I have fallen short of what I know is right, when I have stepped off the path that our Lord Jesus has prepared, i recall the following words, in faith I believe that Jesus was thinking of me and He was thinking of you Angela when in praying to God the Father he said:

      Joh 17:9-11 NKJV “I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours. (10) And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them. (11) Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are.
      I am in awe when I read these words of Jesus… we pray to Jesus.. and here we have a text where Jesus is praying for all of us to be one with God wow. Makes me think of this verse

      Rom 8:31 NKJV What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

      Do I hear an Amen from anyone? 🙂 Praise God


  27. Nothing deceives like genuine, supernatural satanic power.

    When people actually feel even a little power: a blast of heat or electric currents running up their arms or an overwhelming feeling of “love”–most lose all discernment and swear it’s the Holy Spirit. There’s no testing of spirits. There’s no checking the Bible.

    Your article reminds people: the churches are the primary sources of deception in the last days. No atheist is going to take over the world. It will be someone pretending to be a Christian, pretending to wield the power of the Holy Spirit.

    And because so many have been trained that all supernatural power is from the Holy Spirit, they’ll fall right in line. Nothing deceives like genuine satanic, supernatural power.

    Throw in a strong delusion and it’s little wonder the whole world (except the saints) will worship the dragon.


  28. M’kayla, this has nothing to do with this article but I have a question. I am one miserable Christian right now. I cannot go back to a pentecostal charismatic church because of the error that permeates the teachings. I cannot go to a Baptist Church because they are all seeker friendly and on top of that believe OSAS. I have been attending a Free Will Baptist Church whose teaching is better but they too are not interested in the end times so much that they will warn the church goers of what is happening around the world. Yes they will talk about the Homosexual problems now within the church, but will not address the fornication, adultry, listening to secular music, cussing, wanting to be like the world, playing king on the mountain when it comes to defending your “position” or job description in the church to the point you will brutalize and throw your Christian brother in a pit because of jealousy, and so on and so on. SThere is no call for holiness. Yet there is a great call to be a servant and help with the church programs. No one is crying out to get their congregations READY for Christ’s return. How does a person who is aware of the end time apostasy supposed to sit back and watch so many people apparently on a road to destruction because their Pastors and teacher etc will not warn them and still walk in joy all the time. It is a very, very heavy place to be in . Where does someone like me attend Church? (forgive all the grammatical and spelling messes. I wrote this in a hurry in a moment of emotional upset, as you can see.) I stay frustrated by this with no where to turn but to people like you. I wonder, how many of you all who are watchmen even attend organized churches anymore. Please , when you can, can you address this. A personal note will certainly suffice. Thanks, karen


    • Karen Graves, I have been following Mkayla’s blog for a while now and have commented many times and shared my story here and there along the way. This blog has been a gift from God because I don’t feel so alone when people like you share their painful stories that I can relate to all too well. I began my journey out of deception 5 years ago and have been through hell and back in the process.

      I too yearn for a church I can trust, and like minded believers I can safely fellowship with. I too have not found one. There is not a single denomination my conscience will allow me to be a member of, and the one I thought might be a possibility won’t even allow me to receive communion with them unless I go through the process of becoming a ‘member’ first… and I just can’t bring myself to do it. And I have found that the ‘house church’ community can also be pretty ‘out there’ when it comes to solid theology. This can be a very lonely road to walk.

      I am aware that I have major trust issues, with good reason, I have had some pretty bad experiences with multiple untrustworthy people, but I still don’t like feeling this way. At this time my comfort lies in knowing the Lord is the One I can truly trust, at all times, and in all things. I am broken, but my Lord is faithful and His grace is sufficient.

      Thank you Karen, and everyone else who is willing to be honest and vulnerable enough to share their painful experiences. And thank you Mkayla for being bold enough to keep sticking your neck out there and speaking the truth time and time again…. For now this is where I find fellowship and I will be content in that.

      Php 4:11-13 Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


      •  Thank you for M’kayla, Jeremiah Jamieson and the untangling  I  can’t find a church either and not going to let it upset me because I now know it’s not me  There is some stuff out there in the churches that you shouldn’t embrace  It would be wrong to  Just read the bible and pray for a few Christians friends    


      • Oh, hi, contendingearnestly. I think we have written back and forth here before. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I understand completely why you choose not to attend church. I don’t think I would struggle with the whole idea so much if it was just me. But my husband and I have a 6 year old girl that we have custody of , who really is not even related to us. We met her Mom through a previous Ministry we had and she contacted us when she got pregnant. We let her move in to help her get on her feet before the baby came and when little Kayden arrived, Mom decided to go back into the world. My husband and I share custody with the little girl’s paternal Grandma, who is not saved. It is important that I do everything I can to raise her to love Jesus and to live for Him. She has asked Jesus into her heart and she is going into first grade in a Christian school this fall. She is very smart, by the way. I am not sure I would struggle with attending Church so much if it was not for her, so I do attend the Free Will Baptist Church that also has the school she will be attending. I totally understand where you and M’kayla are coming from.

        I was raised Catholic and saved at age 30. At that point I was invited to a Charismatic {Healing and Miracle Ministry) Church and got deep into Kenyon, John G Lake, TL Osborn, Copeland, Seville, Meyers etc. Right before God finally led me completely out of all that, I was introduced to the Apostolic junk, which by then, I was not so easily fooled and immediately rejected it. It took several years of separating from my friends to read the Bible on my own while God showed me the lies and deception and arrogance of what I had been in. It only took one friend making fun of the whole idea that we could not possibly be deceived. The idea that she was so flippant about it and that she was so sure that it was a ridiculous thought was frightening to me, when the Bible suggested the end time deception would be so intense. I was blown away that she was so sure and other than that didn’t want to give it another thought. That one conversation led me on the search for Truth that I have fortunately been on for about 11 years now. And yes, it has been a lonely road. Thank God for Jesus who has always given me a deep assurance that I am now on the right path, even though, I still have a heavy burden for those who say they are saved and yet go headlong into all these false teachings. We live in very serious and evil days. I just read at True Discernment, “The Sad Truth The Media Won’t Tell You”, where Robin Williams, in order to help him perform, (as did also Keith Legend), opened himself up to demon spirits, that constantly tormented him and he was even known to talk about it before he died. People have no clue. They think his only battle was depression! No there is a bigger battle waging war for the souls of men. Thank God, the Lord will help us to overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony and we shall love not our lives unto death! My prayer is that He shake the Church so that more eyes will be opened. God bless you, my Sister!


        • Karen, I believe you are right, we have chatted here before. It sounds like we have come out of a lot of the same mess of deception.Your life certainly sounds like it has had a lot of interesting and challenging twists and turns, and now you have the awesome privilege and responsibility of bring up that precious little one to know what the difference between the truth and the lie really is, may God bless you greatly in that.

          You are right, it is so sad to hear about Robin Williams and to know that there are so many people lost and tormented because they fell for the lies of the enemy of our soul.

          I too had a precious, trusted friend literally shake her head and snicker at me as I was trying to speak truth to her about the contemplative prayer, spiritual formation stuff which she had heavily become a part of, and was even teaching, saying to me, quite condescendingly, “and don’t you think God is in everything?”. Needless to say I was in shock at her response, and our relationship was never the same after that. My heart was broken at the depth of the deception and the unwillingness to even consider that we could possibly have fallen into deception of any kind. BTW, we were heavily involved in the charismatic, NAR, WOF, spiritual warfare (and ALL that goes along with it) gobbledy gook also.

          So here I am, I lost my church family and the majority of my long time friendships in this process, but I gained my salvation, for I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was deceived and lost, because I had been serving another Jesus, had received a different spirit, and was believing a different gospel. And so now I contend earnestly for the faith, and am determined to persevere and not grow weary in well doing….

          1Co 15:57-58 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

          God Bless You also My Sister

          (BTW if you think of me the next few days would any of you please pray for me. I have been having some serious health issues for a few years now and have been to several specialists without any answers. I am going to Cleveland Clinic to see several more specialists on the 18th and 19th. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors. Thank you my precious Brothers and Sisters in Christ.)


          • You will continue to be in my prayers. Praise God, He never leaves us nor forsakes us! May the peace that passes all understanding, keep your heart and your mind through Christ Jesus! God bless, you, Contendingearnestly!


          • We had this experience Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my mom Doctors we took her to brushed her and us off Said her symptoms were dementia Knew they weren’t as she had hearing loss and was incoherent on and off Prayed about it a lot As a last ditch effort Took her to an emergency room out of town and he diagnosed her in 5 minutes and the did the appropriate test She had been abusing aspirin and had severe aspirin poisoning Found all the empty bottles in her room 3 day stay in hospital and she was fine Same type of thing with my dad Keep praying I wish you had said what your symptoms were but not necessary as you are asking God to help There are so many of us that don’t have a church Doesn’t bother me anymore I now have one Christian friend I can talk with and am thrilled with having him


  29. I was curious about your thoughts about Danny Silk. My daughter listens to his parenting cd’s. I was very concerned when I found out recently that he is a pastor at Bethel Church. Did you have any encounters with him when you were at Bethel?


  30. Thank you for continue to draw attention to the deception coming out of Bethel and similar places. I moved to Redding to go to Bethel, it was the mistake of a lifetime and my losses from doing so are truly staggering. Your blog was one of the places I found when I began to question if I’d landed in a cult. I can tell you the moment I began to really wonder. It wasn’t the gold dust, I believed that, or the claims to be apostles, I believed that too, while the jerking bizarre spasmodic displays of people experiencing the Holy Spirit were disturbing, that wasn’t enough to send me running out the door.

    The turning point came when Bill Johnson said in his self deprecating, kindly manner “we go off the map here the “book” isn’t everything and sometimes God takes you beyond the book” . I’d heard Heidi Bakker say the same thing in an almost contemptuous way. But to hear him say it, and say it repeatedly was the great big huge red flag that I was in spiritually dangerous territory.

    The Bible is never to be treated as secondary to “experience” and yet I hear that concept promoted by everyone that is affiliated with Bethel. Because I was in a truly diabolical cult as a young woman I knew that devaluing the bible while exalting experience or some “apostles” report of experience is as spiritually dangerous as it gets and the path to hellish deception.

    I still live in Redding while waiting for the circumstances to line up so I can move. I am disturbed how much Bethel infects other churches here, how few people say anything as its influence and deception grows. While there I heard things about “soul travel” a form of astral projection and all manner of very new agey type things that have no business being help up as true or supplanting the Word. I have my own blog now about this deception and pray to met other Bethel survivors who are getting their life right with God after that deception


    • Welcome prodigal sister. Here we are Christmas behind us and New Year beckoning. For me this year has been an enormous building on a solid foundation and on that journey M’Kayla’s site has been one of the lighthouses in the dark deception of false teachings.

      On Christmas Eve I received an email from a ministry in Syria that works within ISIS controlled areas with a link explaining how 150 women were slaughtered for their beliefs. I wanted to share on my Facebook page. On my wall I saw a picture of a Christian wine glass in hand saying “lets all have a merry Christmas.” The contrast between the two things. Made me realise that in there are so many ways that the devil tempts and distracts people from the truth. Sometimes this manifest in living for the values of the world and sometimes this shows itself in false teachings that are full of the supernatural but have totally different sources.

      I am so glad that it was your love for the Word of God that allowed you to see through the deception. I do not believe Bill Johnson or Heidi go beyond the book, but they definitely go outside the book and that is not a good place.

      Hopefully you will see through the other things you mentioned.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Hi M’Kayla yes you are right agree totally. I think when I said ” that Bethel was not going beyond the book” I was trying to say their teaching is not a progression of what Scripture says. What they teach are things that have more in common with false non biblical teaching hence they are “outside the book.”


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