The Truth and The Lie Are Set Up Side by Side

I’ve been writing for several years now, exposing the false signs and wonders of Charismania that has taken over the church. This movement has come from many sources, mine were the International Association of Healing Rooms, heavily influenced by Bill Johnson, Bethel, in Redding, CA, and a long list of names and teachers to go along, including Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries, John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries. I operated in the false prophetic, laid hands on people, zapping them with strange electrical power that did nothing but knock them (and me) around. I think most of you know my past, so I won’t rehash it just now. It is important that you understand the power was quite real, quite dramatic, and just as all sin is for a time, quite fun. I watched as I felt that presence go from warm and comforting, to electrical and painful, even scary at times.

I have found the greatest doctrinal error in those groups was the misunderstanding of the Holy Spirit and how He operates in the lives of believers and in the lives of unbelievers. He has a very specific part to play and He does not work in the life of a believer in the same way He does an unbeliever. One thing that I will note which is a very important foundational knowledge:

John 16:12“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. 14He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to


For better clarification and to alleviate misunderstood doctrine regarding the Holy Spirit, please read the words of Jesus as He explains Him to His disciples in John 14, 15, 16. If everyone did that I wouldn’t be writing this article and charsimania would never have existed.

I want you to keep this in mind as you watch the videos that follow. I believe this movie made by Darren Wilson (Finger of God, Father of Lights) will play a large role in further deceiving the masses, first believers and then unbelievers. Darren’s previous movies clearly displayed the false signs and lying wonders of fallen manna and gold teeth mysteriously appearing in the mouths of people. Darren, like many of us, wanted to see more of God – more power, more healings, more miracles and so he opened himself up to the god of charismania. This movie is just another false idea that we need to be in a specific place to receive in truth was freely given for the asking. All of charismania believes there are specific places where God “shows up”. This is not the teaching of the New Testament.

I experienced the power they speak of in this movie attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit. I experience the lying wonders. And though they use His title (just as they use the name of Jesus) they do not know Him, nor do they speak for, or of Him. The power behind this movie is the same power behind Charismania. It is demonic. It is not Jesus.

The few of the people involved in this movie: Michael W Smith, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Andrew Wommack, Todd White and Kim Walker. Darren has made a plea to the public to get involved too. Word of mouth advertising is most effective. I hope those of us who speak the truth will do the same and get the truth out there.

The following link comes from Charisma –

Holy Ghost Movie

Yes, I am greatly disturbed and grieved. This is probably the hardest article I have written since the beginning of my blog. I have seen things go from bad to worse. People, we cannot have the power of the Holy Spirit without repentance! Bethel and IAHR, and all the rest, believe it is a force that can be passed off from one person to another, by way of impartation. It is not repentance they are after. It is the power.

The following video is a collection on Brian Welch of Korn. Brian is in the Holy Ghost movie and claims to know Christ. He left Korn, formed his own band, then returned to Korn. He pals around with John Crowder; is depicted in the last part of the video with Todd Bentley and Patricia King doing their usual false prophetic thing in telling Brian, like they tell everyone, how great an influence he will be.

I have to warn you this video can get quite graphic but you need to know, the world needs to know who is taking part in the Holy Ghost movie. As for repentance, where is Christ beyond the use of His name? Again, caution in viewing.

This is a more “intimate” video further revealing the euphoric, drunken, even sexual influence of the demon referred to as “jesus”. We are not seeing this for the first time. We  will not find the disciples describe Jesus, the Messiah, in such a way in the pages of the bible.

By now you are seeing many things. An important point that we want to remember is in all of this, is the focus is not put on Christ, it is put on the person – fame and fortune, a bit of word of faith prosperity. Christ calls us to repent and to turn from our sin. We are called out from the world.

I believe there is a reason the music world has been pulled into this deception and I will get into that another time.

You see how the truth and the lie have been set up side by side.

The first release is scheduled for August 9.

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  1. Thank you for posting about Welch. I been warning about Welch for the last year and a half, since I wrote my first expose on him last year:

    I have come under extreme fire from his supporters etc., to the point where I had to diable comments on my YouTube channel cause of it. The video you posted is from my YT channel, a brother in The Lord did that video…he did an excellent job!

    God bless you M’Kayla!


    • Hello again! Good to see you. A friend of mine found the links. Small world. I know what you mean about opposition and know it will get worse!
      Blessings to you my dear.


        • Hi. I wouldn’t be able to without research because I was using JJ’s work. If you begin a google search I know you will find what you are looking for because this information is well spread. Thanks for the head’s up about JJ’s blog. I’ve been doing a bit of clean up and will eventually remove links.

          God bless you as well. 🙂 Happy hunting!


  2. Very Dear Mkayla. This is me, Jane James. Upon reading your Korner, I just have to share something with you. Brian Welch, John Cowder all remind me of the days I wasn’t saved. Seems like almost a lifetime ago. August 21. 1979 I came to Christ. What The Lord brought me out of 😝😝 as I lived to please my-then husband. You are so right. There is indeed a strong, strong deception going on. God HAVE MERCY !

    With Warmest Christian love always,

    Maranatha, Jane😊😊

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  3. Thank you M’Kayla. There are so few of us who stand up and expose the error ( Ephesians 5: 11). It is a really hard thing to do because of the shunning, the malignment of our character. It is tough because of the teachings that we must never ever ever speak against anyone. We must always love, love , love. All you need is love. Well, I have children and sometimes I had to show them love by telling them where they were going wrong.It was painful both for me and them but when they grew up they appreciated my honesty. Now all of my kids are walking with the Lord and I thank the Lord for that. So too, we are a part of the body and as the brain warns the hand before it is burned, we too must warn each other before we see our brothers and sisters badly burned. So, with thanks and prayer for you M’Kayla I pray for your protection and strength! I appreciate your straight talk because I recognize it as LOVE!

    God bless you!



  4. There’s a flavour/level of this stuff to suit all tastes and so it becomes acceptable across a wide base of Christians but we need to remind ourselves that all these deceivers come from the same source and they’re all destined for the same place. Are you going to join them or are you brave enough to stand up and call it for what it is? A little boy once stated the obvious in a classic tale most of us have heard. Are you willing to speak up in the crowd and tell the Emperor he has no clothes? Let us be clothed in God’s righteousness. I pray that the eyes of many will be opened and they will turn from this filth to the true Saviour Jesus Christ as revealed in His Word.


  5. M’Kayla, I’m in my 60’s and have been a Christian since I was in high school. I have spent countless hours researching the false teachings in the American church, due to some dear Christian friends who have become heavily involved in the inner healing ministries and have associated themselves with Bethel Church. I am so thankful for you for speaking out and warning others of the dangers of these teachings, as with so many others such as the “Toronto Blessing”, Randy Clark, etc. Satan has truly infiltrated his heresies into some of the charismatic and main stream denominations. It’s heartbreaking to see the works of Satan as evidence of the Holy Spirit. Such a trap for believers. Anyway, thanks for being there for the Body of Christ. The Lord bless you and protect you.

    Barb Cooper


  6. This is interesting and very scary. First of all, I have been doing a lot of research about secret societies, the Illuminati and the music industry. There is SO MUCH symbolism that the majority of the population misses in the media because they have no idea what they are looking at. For example, during his concerts when the crowd throws up the two fingered hand sign, I used to think that meant “rock on” or whatever but it stands for the horns of the beast meaning Satan. It’s everywhere in the media, ads, video, movies, clothing, energy drinks, etc..
    In his video he himself uses this hand sign (of the beast) but the musicians themselves know what it means. Don’t kid yourself!!!!!! Many celebrities use symbolism in ads or videos, whenever they can pledge their allegiance to Satan.
    The sad part is the blindly and unknowingly people pick it up especially young people and they use it themselves. Brainwashing or what? That’s a whole other topic.
    There is a whole underlying agenda here and people need to wake up. If people fall for this they will believe just about anything.
    Hey, I’m all for a good conversion story but I’m not convinced this guys the real deal. Maybe he’s deceived maybe he has a whole other agenda.
    I’ve been seeing a new movement of a Sensual Jesus. There are a couple of ministries out of Whales I stared listening to podcast of. At first it’s very appealing and seducing in a matter that draws you in but it doesn’t take long for someone with true discernment to see its a dangerous message. One woman in particular even sounded nothing short of pornography, I’m not kidding. Let’s put it this way. When someone is preaching the word of God and it leaves you feeling like you need to take a shower, RUN!!!! This is scary, Scary stuff.
    It makes my heart ache.
    Keep praying for people to open their eyes!!!!


  7. I’m wondering if all those people interviewed in the trailer for the movie support the movie, because the creator of the children’s shows ‘Veggie Tales’ was there. If that’s the case, that he supports this movie, then I will not be buying any more Veggie Tales dvds.

    I honestly believe that these people, the ‘drunk in the spirit’ crowd, are appealing to the younger crowd because they love their sins, and they want to stay in the world but be called Christians because they think they will get a free pass into heaven.
    It really is frustratingly angering and I feel so helpless, because I want to warn all of those followers that it’s not biblical and they are not following the real God. 😦


    • Yes, and for those of us who have been shown the difference, it is becoming more and more obvious. Those who refuse to listen or see the truth are being pulled in deeper by the minute.


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  10. Thank you Mkayla,
    I’m VERY familiar with Brian Welsh of Korn. I even read his book “Save Me From Myself” years ago when I was in that cult. But even then I had my suspicions of him. He has SOOO many misconceptions about God, it’s scary—-he’s scary!— period.


  11. M’Kayla, This is the scariest revelation yet. Although it has been long in the making and not unexpected. Thank you for posting it!
    I have friends who have chosen to yoke themselves with GSSM, Randy Clark the Johnson’s and quite a few others!!! They have taken every class they have time for via that healing program of Clark & Johnson’s. CHCP is just another dangerous to saints money making scheme of the evil powers that be.
    After seeing Beni’s latest sucking experience via the grave of CS Lewis, I asked my friend how many tombstones she had laid on. She stated, “None! That sounds freaky scary to me.” I praised God! I was given new hope that maybe, just maybe, my friends will eventually see what they are involved in. I am now going to send that picture of Beni and your blog to them, as well as to the pastors of the church, who are in denial of the yoking they have with this evil agenda. As long as they are involved in any way, shape or form with these new age satanic monsters, they are off track. I pray they finally find that God given discernment and drop the evil nonsense that has entrapped them and get back to being about the Father’s business.
    Thank you again M’Kayla, you are a real blessing in my life right now. I am still trying to get things ironed out spiritually on a personal level, by staying in The Word and learning all I can about Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my Master. The Good News is that Jesus will be coming back soon, the bad news…many have fallen into this deception.
    Be Blessed!
    P.S. I wonder when Beni Johnson will reveal who she thinks she was in a past life? It’s coming. She is too openly new age to not reveal! LOL!


  12. I am so grateful for this blog. A dear Christian friend of mine recently recommended the Holy Ghost movie to me. I saw through it straight away. It is a slick, beautifully made advertisement for a false gospel. Father of Lights is even more beautiful. And so believable. Until one starts to really think about it and when alarm bells ring with the people who are featured in it. Like you, I was a victim of Charismania. Our small Baptist church in South Africa became a megachurch and fell under the spell of the Toronto blessing in the late eighties. I saw terrible things. It freaked me out. I was only fifteen and no one would listen to me. So I left the church and my Christian faith and wandered about in Hinduism and nihilism and yoga and occult philosophy for twenty five years before I became convicted of the sin in my life and repented and came back to the Lord. The deception is terrible and it all comes down to one thing. People just aren’t prepared to put in the hours to study the Word and understand who God is by who He says He is in the Bible. I go to a small, non denominational church now where the Gospel and only the Gospel is proclaimed from the pulpit. And I, thank God for setting me free. Like you, I battled an enormous demonic attack when I came back to the Lord. I now live a victorious life in Christ. No fake miracles, no speaking in tongues and no sprinkling of the Holy Spirit.


      • Hi M’Kayla! Please let me know if u have anything concrete concerning the street healers which are taking place both in all Europe, the USA, as well as in Asia and so on. And concerning the reformation going on by Torben Söndergaard, as well as Todd White miracles in Jesus name? How do we know if its right or not? They seem to be performing the miracles in Jesus name through the power of the Holy Spirit and also honouring the Father while witnessing. Its so confusing , please share what u may know about this, is it a strange fire or the Truth from God??
        God blessing/Angel


        • Angel, check their teaching, their doctrine, what words are they using, what claims are being made by them? They are usually all encompassing, miracles, signs and wonders that don’t produce any real results, often performed in smaller countries around the world. God does not operate under false doctrine.


  13. Im not sure about this churh in Redding, Calif. Now im really confused im hearing its using cult my email is I just found out its not Assembly Of God it Bethel no and I just went there last Sunday and got babtised now im a bit up set please get back with me I went to a Asembly of God last night and was told that that the bethel church wasn’t as it should be in Jesus Christ our Lord my God im Susan M.


  14. Hi,
    I have been looking over your blog and reading some of your articles and there are a few things I would like to comment on. 1st let me give you a bit of my background. I have been a Christian for over 40 years. I have been a part of many different types of churches from traditional to house churches and from Baptist to Pentecostal. I have been to Toronto for the “Toronto Blessing”, to Pensacola for that revival and to Florida to a Todd Bentley meeting. I have also spent an amount of time at IHOP KC and I have been to Morningstar. I have seen Bob Jones at a meeting as well as the Arnott’s and several other well known charismatic leaders.. I have been to a Henry Wright conference. I was a part of leadership of a Charismatic church for many years. I have friends and family members who are currently a part of Bethel. I preface my comments with this information because I want you to know that my comments come from first hand knowledge, not hearsay. I am personally not part of any of them at this time. With that said…here goes;
    I think you are right! You are right about many many things that you have said in relation to these ministries. You are right about many things such as excess and error. But you are also wrong about many things. I think that we have to be extremely careful when we start looking at the mistakes of other Christians in that we may end up in even greater deception than we try to warn against. I have seen excess and mistakes in just about every one of the ministries that you listed but I have also seen excess and mistakes in the Baptist church, the Methodist Church, Non Denominational churches, Presbyterian churches and all of the others. As a matter of fact I have seen excess, error and mistakes in every church and every denomination that I have ever seen or been to. Why? Because we are fallible dumb sheep who fall flat on our faces when given the slightest amount of responsibility in the Kingdom. However, just as I watch my 11 year old make many many mistakes as I give him more responsibility I still look at him with a mother’s heart of adoration at the knowledge that he is trying his best, however flawed his best may be. I do not judge him for his lack of perfection. I gently and patiently lead him back in the right direction. I would not approve of one of his peers then to go to the internet and write an article about how he was doing it all wrong and leading his 11 year old friends in the wrong direction. God looks at the heart motive behind our actions…the actions are secondary. With that said, I know the motives behind many of the things that you have listed as wrong, new age, excess, etc. And those motives are good. To be a little more specific in one area; I get concerned when I hear people suggesting that I need to monitor how I pray. Do I? Really? Is there a magical formula on how to do it and do it right? I can’t just sit in the presence of my God just enjoying being with Him without that being labeled “contemplative prayer” and that then be somehow a bad thing? I am not concerned about what my prayers look like. My relationship with God is my own and my time with Him can look like what it looks like. Just like my relationship with my husband is my own and it looks like what it looks like. No one can tell me how I am supposed to “be” when I am with him. We are just together. We may talk, we may be intimate, we may sit’s all good! It is the same with God. Other things like prophecy booths at festivals, etc. that have been labeled as wrong are simply an outreach to unbelievers. I have heard many stories of people that have turned their hearts to Jesus because they were prophesied to by a stranger at one of these things. I know a man that is in full time ministry traveling around the United States going to the inner cities and seeking out gang members then prophesying to them about their life and they get saved on the spot. This stuff is real. Just because someone puts that same thing into a booth and calls it a ‘prophecy booth” does not make it New Age or useless. The Church has GOT to get out of the mentality that Christianity happens a certain way, by a formula, in a building. What these leaders are trying to promote is not New Age mysticism. They are trying to promote intimacy with God and outreach to to others. They are trying to reach the lost in ways that are outside the box of normal sit in the pews listening to the hymns Christianity. To run scared of that yelling “New Age, New Age” is to miss the point. I am not in the least bit afraid of the so called “New Age” movement, and I am certainly not afraid of Christians who confront it by stating the facts that the prophetic gifts given to the church by Jesus are being counterfeited by The New Age and they are here to say so and to take them back. This is factual….for every gift given to the church by God there is a fleshly counterfeit. So say so and take it back. I really don’t understand the problem with that. I do see the problem with the gifts being the focus of all of the attention in a lot of ministries. But I also see that the focus shouldn’t be what a person is wearing, the length of their hair, the color of the sanctuary carpet, the fanciness or lack their of in the building, whether a woman is allowed to teach, if drums should be used, to use the red back hymnal or contemporary music, if wine is o.k. and how many services per week a church should have. We ALL get off focus at times.
    On another note, Brian Head Welch….Yes, absolutely Yes! He used to sing demonic inspired songs. He was a metal head druggie. He is not anymore. He has intentionally gone back to the band with eyes wide open in order to win them to the Lord. Do I agree with his language in some of the songs? I do not. Do I agree with the overall dark feel of the band? I do not. Do I think that he is trying to do the right thing however wrong I personally think he may be going about it? I definitely do! I do not however think that it is fair to take his music out of context and show his old music and videos that he has clearly stated that he will not play anymore and insinuate that he and the band are still in that place. I looked at the lyrics of his latest album. While I am no where near being a fan of that type music I did see where his music has turned and with it (the lyrics) he is trying to pull people up from their place of despair. You have to understand that the people he is ministering to are not middle aged housewives. They are young metal heads that are in and have been in places of great despair. He is meeting them in the foxhole where they live and telling them that there is hope and he is doing it in a language that neither you nor I speak but that the ones in his peer group understand fluently. I do not like the music. I do not understand the appeal but I do understand him going into the war zone to perhaps save a few that he could not get to otherwise. If he’s wrong and he didn’t hear God then He’s wrong. But God is a big enough God and a gentle enough Father that he can pull him back out of the cave without us having to run around screeching that the sky is falling and warn people that Brian Welch Head went back to his vomit. No..he went in to pull others out of it, right or wrong, foolish or wise!
    I could go on and on and on and already have probably said more than you cared to read..but to summarize the point I have been trying to make let me just say this; As believers we must be very careful that our focus and who we portray as our enemy (whether we feel that way or not) is not another believer. The fact that this believer is in excess or even what we consider to be deception does not give us a license to attack their character, their motives or their actions. Those who believe in eating meat sacrificed to idols eat the meat just as Paul did. Those who’s conscious bothers them for it shouldn’t do it. To make it our focus and supposed ministry to attack the meat eaters is to miss a greater higher calling which is to love each other so that they may know that we are His. Our job is not to point out each others mistakes as if we somehow have the market corner of no mistake making. Our job is to lift Jesus up so that all men may be drawn to Him.
    I too have been in Charismatic excess. I have seen the flaws. I don’t think that everything that is practiced in Christian circles is biblical. I have been hurt by the charismatic excess at times. But I have been hurt more so by legalism and judgmental attitudes of other believers. I have also been equally hurt by liberalism and doctrines and traditions of men. I have come full circle and am at the place now where I try to simply walk the walk of love, forgiving those who offend, praying for those who inflict pain, and cheering on those who try , even if they try in error. A few years ago I had an experience that I would like to share with you. A friend came to my house and began to speak negatively about mutual Christians that we both knew and their ministries as well as their private lives pointing out their flaws and errors (and there were some). He talked for a good while and I just listened, not really participating, but not stopping him either. When I went to bed that night I had a dream. In that dream this man and I were in a car. He was driving and I was in the passenger seat. He drove to each persons house that he had spoke about while I sat quietly in the passenger seat. He went into their homes and stole something from each one of them and came back to the car and put his spoils in the back of the car. I never said a word. That was the end of the dream. The meaning was simple. He had stolen something spiritually (their spiritual strength perhaps) from each person by his judgmental attitude, his gossip about them and his superiority in thinking that somehow he had a duty to point their flaws and error out. This dream was a rebuke to me for going along with it by virtue of my silence. Through it I learned a great bit. We must be extremely careful that when we ‘warn” others about fellow believers that we are not simply coming into agreement with the accuser of the brethren who accuses us before the Father. Sometimes the accuser comes as an angel of light and convinces us that we are to be the alarm for all that is wrong in Christianity. This deception is in my opinion far more deadly than any deception of supposed New Age teaching in the church. A far better approach would be to have a heart of empathy and pray for those we believe to be in error (even huge ministry leaders because they are real people too and gossip about them is still gossip) quietly and in humility until we see results. At the very least we should watch our attitudes and make sure that we are speaking with the fruits of the Spirit which are love, gentleness, kindness, patience,and long suffering. And as a minimum we should know that we know that we know that what we are repeating is not biased hearsay by someone who has no idea about the motives behind the actions. By this attitude they will know that we are His.


    • Elaine, if all you are getting out of the bible is that it is ok for us to do whatever, speak whatever, teach whatever we believe is true and right because of MOTIVES you are not reading the bible. Do some research in scripture of what it says to do about false teachings and prophecies – to judge, to warn others to get away, to have nothing to do with them. Have you read those scriptures? If you think Brian Head Walsh is speaking for Christ in the filth he puts out..have you watched the videos dear? Come on!

      And please, don’t begin to tell me that I should have empathy and pray for those I believe to be in error. I have, I do. How could you think I do not? Pardon me, isn’t THAT judgment? I will add there are many points that you do not know a thing about because if you did you would not be in such a defense over them.

      Do you understand CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER comes from Eastern Religions? Do you understand the meaning of EMERGENT as it sweeps thru our churches teaching practices taken from other religions – Hindu, Catholicism, etc?

      Do you understand these ideas have been set in place and supported by Trappist Monks and others who do not know Jesus Christ? Do you understand the supporters of these ideas believe it is ok to practice other regions and still be Christian?

      Do you understand that this movie I am speaking against is not about the Holy Spirit but about a demon? Do you know how I came to understand that? It is thru reading the bible, specifically John 14, 15, 16 in which Jesus gives a clear description of the Holy Spirit and how He operates.

      I think you speak, yet you do not know the truth and you have a lot of work to do in research!

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      • I can tell just by the way you are posting that this blog and your reply comments are not coming from a place of love. You are being so judgemental…Caps Lock? Really?


    • Elaine, You say…..

      ” I am not concerned about what my prayers look like. My relationship with God is my own and my time with Him can look like what it looks like.”

      A relationship involves at least two people and in order for the relationship to be a good one both individuals must find the communications and interactions acceptable and pleasing. You are not in a relationship with yourself.

      If the Father is not concerned about what our prayers look like as you suggest then why would Jesus give instruction/guidelines on the issue of prayer?

      Matthew 6:5-13 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. (6) But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. (7) But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. (8) Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. (9) After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. (10) Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. (11) Give us this day our daily bread. (12) And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. (13) And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

      Jesus was not saying repeat this prayer verbatim like the Catholics do but rather He was giving an example of the kind of prayer that pleases the Father’s heart. There is so much wisdom and goodness in this one prayer when it comes to understanding our relationship to God and to others.
      This prayer has completely changed my posture and attitude towards prayer and life lived unto Jesus.

      One last point.
      In the times of the old covenant God was very particular about what sacrifices and offering were acceptable and which were not. Not just in regard to particulars of the offering itself but also in the intention with which they were done. Now we are in fact in a new and better covenant no doubt about that but…..
      Has God changed?


    • Elaine, I have read most of your post and essentially you have given a picture of a God who is double-minded. God went to great lengths to deliver us His word and truth but He doesn’t actually care all that much if we teach,preach and adhere to His word as it was given as long as our motives are “good”.

      A man’s actions comes from his heart, his motives/intent. The actions are the fruit of his heart. Actions and intentions are not separate but rather they work together.
      You say that these people have good motives. How do you know this?

      Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

      This verse basically tells us our hearts deceive us. It can be difficult to know what is truly in our own hearts because the heart of man is deceptive by its very nature. So if we can not know what is truly in our hearts except by observing our action/fruit then how do we know what is in others hearts except by their actions/fruit.

      Also, you speak presumptuously when you say
      “A far better approach would be to have a heart of empathy and pray for those we believe to be in error (even huge ministry leaders because they are real people too and gossip about them is still gossip) quietly and in humility until we see results”
      I am sure many of us pray for those who are caught in Satan’s trap fervently and with compassion because we can identify with them because we used to be them. The Father has been merciful to us by giving us ears to hear and eyes to see, and a heart of repentance. We pray that same mercy will be extended unto them. We pray the Father would give them a love of the truth.


    • My extensive time as a “new-age christian” was all about there being ‘a piece of THE truth in EVERY religion’. Therefore, if the people of Bethel are simply ‘taking back what was stolen’ then they are getting their info, bells and whistles from ALL religions across the world, Hinduism, Muslim, Wiccan, Buddhism, Kabbalah, and even Native Americans. Sadly this list goes on and on. At this point with all their signs and wonders I seriously would not rule out that Harry Potter books are close to becoming required reading for the children’s education at some of these Christianity-coated supernatural schools. I am hesitant to post any knowledge about the new age that I know, because there is a lot that they haven’t learned yet. LOL. Oh yeah, those folks at Bethel are still babes in the new age. New age Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with the actual Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and died on the cross for us, or the Bible. After all as any good new-ager would say, it was written and rewritten by men, it isn’t the infallible word of God, because no man is perfect, you have to ‘read between the lines’ to get the actual meaning.

      I look at the multitudes of people who are unwittingly being led down a very wide path toward a wide gate. I praise God Almighty for getting me out of that mess and allowing me to live to tell the truth of the new age/satanic agenda, which has always been, from the very beginning, to infiltrate the Christian Church and deliver very powerful illusions to the sheep. To win souls for Satan.

      Elaine, wake up, this isn’t about you, or me, or them, it’s about Jesus Christ, Who is God, and His Divine Word and the many truths The Bible contains. I pray that you stop falling for the lies being taught at the supernatural schools masquerading as Christian Churches.


  15. Hi Mkayla,
    God bless you This article you’ve done is on now the holy Spirit movie face book promotional page. OUR KIDS ARE BEING KIDNAPPED by this other spirit , Lord help us !


  16. Was still there yesterday, I was surprised ! It was deleted today , but another article exposing it was posted again today by someone else. There are several people warning folks on there.


  17. Hi mkayla,

    I am in a charismatic church in Singapore. Just last week, our group has this Holy Spirit movie viewed during our 3-day retreat. Previously for the last 2 years, we have seen all Darren’s movie on different occasions. But this particular movie bugged me. And so I went to search the internet. That’s when I found out your site.

    Also in the retreat, we do ‘treasure hunt’ (where we find word of knowledge clues, then look for the ‘treasure’ while going outside, in the mall, and so), and also we have ‘hot seat’ ministry (where we prayed over a person, and let him / her know what we ‘feel’ or ‘get’ during our pray).

    I am unease during the movie, and also those 2 sessions. But I saw many of my friends are enjoying them, and also received answer of prayer, or finding the ‘treasure’. At one point I am also amazed on why such things can happen. But at the same time, I am afraid that my group (or my church) will be more open towards this Bethel movement.

    I have read many of your articles, and links up to another site, especially the ones against Bethel, Bill Johnson, etc..
    Can you help me on the practical things on what to do or say to my friends to open their eyes of this heresies?
    I am also one of the small group leaders and so I feel very responsible to their spiritual conditions, to not fall into this movement. I want to get them out to sound doctrines and to the correct knowledge of Christ.

    Pardon my English, I am not a native speaker. And you have done a great job.


    • jojo, “treasure hunting” has no biblical basis and is a practice psychic power. The true prophetic reveals Jesus Christ. It leads people to Him, it rebukes, encourages, edifies. TH is all about the person, and the words given can leave a person thinking they are fine to continue in their life. No true gospel message is given. It is not of the Lord, but of the occult. TH is the false prophetic repackaged in a cute, catchy name, but with the same results.

      The movie about this spirit is the same one that operates in these gatherings. He is not the Comforter, the One who leads us into all truth, the One who reveals Christ. He is a demon, very powerful, and sadly, convincing but because he/it appeals to the fleshly needs of people and not to the spiritual needs which is salvation; a relationship with the Father thru Jesus Christ, the remittance of sin.

      What else can I help you with? 🙂


      • Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

        I get what you were saying. I am always against word-of-faith theology / prosperity gospel (God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, happy), and I mentioned it multiple times as well during my small-group sharing when I lead the discussion.
        Prior to the retreat, I thought those were the biggest lie that we faced.
        But the retreat last week open my eyes that these movement (Bill Johnson, Jesus culture, treasure hunting, etc.) may pose a greater danger to my church, and especially to my group.
        I saw in many of your articles and comments, there were many occasions of churches around the globe that easily fell to Bethel teaching in only several months.
        I am afraid this could also happen in my group or in my church, seeing how open they are to the video and sessions during the retreat.
        My position now is not yet to flee from the church, as they have not shown any ‘red flag’ that they are already in to this, but also because I am burdened if any people from my group fall into this deception.
        Finding your blogs and reading other people experience is a really eye opener for me, but unfortunately the people in my group is still unaware of the heresy.
        If you were in my position, what should I say to the people under my care to open their eyes?


        • jojo, show them where the teachings are wrong from a biblical standpoint. And don’t be surprised or offended that they don’t listen. Pray for the Lord to lead them into all truth.


      • i would like to make a comment on the treasure hunting. This is something I have done and been very successful in with showing people the love of the Father. although the term “treasure hunt” isn’t directly found in the Bible doesn’t mean its of the devil. its an outreach. Mark 16:15 clearly tells us as followers of Christ to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” it goes on to say 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” It does not give a set of directions or a formula how to “Go” into the world. So the treasure hunt is an outreach.


        • nick, I know what treasure hunting is because I used to operate in the false prophetic too. Please show me in scripture where we are taught that this actually takes place as a gift of the Spirit because I have never found personal prophecy to be that gift. This is not the same a a word of wisdom or knowledge, either. If you are actually preaching the gospel – great. If you are telling a person how much they are loved by God and are guided by a color of their shirt, as treasure hunting teaches, you are not following the Holy Spirit. I also know TH and other forms of the false gift can tell all things about a person in an encouraging sort of way, elevating them, yet never leading them to knowledge of the Savior.


  18. Pingback: Expose of the (not so) Holy Ghost Movie with Tim Wirth and Sandy Simpson | m'kayla's korner

  19. I don’t quite understand this article much at all. I have seen all of Darren Wilson’s movies except the newest one and actually found them quite interesting. I’m not totally disagreeing with you but how can it be demonic? i have actually been doing this stuff they do(not the gold dust and other stuff from the movie) and it is fun but I don’t do it for me. When I minister to people through the gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge and healing that gives me the opportunity to share the word of God with them. I don’t think healing is limited to those of us already saved. What about Matthew 10…and more specifically Matthew 10:8. it doesn’t say pray the sinners prayer, take them to church a few times then pray for them to be healed. Jesus told hes disciples to go and do it because they freely received now they can give it. If we look at john 14 Jesus is at this point going back to be with the Father. Jesus tells them that he is the Father and the Father is in him because Philip wants to see the Father so he will believe. Jesus’ response in verse 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. Now what better way to show evidence. Then read what he says inverse 12, because he is going to be with the Father he gives us authority to do his works and even greater in his name. this is my opinion, please let me know what you think


    • Nick you are using scripture to support false teaching, false doctrine and false gifts. The Lord God does not rain down gold dust or feathers or gemstones. These are tricks from master deceivers who have come in the name of the Lord and are leading many astray. There is your first giant clue to understand you are being deceived! And you are communicating here with me who used to be one of you! Wake up please and read the word of God for what it really says! There is so great a focus on healing and the gifts and the person, and yet so little focus on the right and true use and meaning of scripture and salvation. The things depicted in this movie and in the clips I included prove this is not of God because the things they do cannot be found in His word.


  20. M’kayla, thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your testimony. It has really blessed me. I am a born again Christian who grew up knowing His sweet spirit. My parents accepted Christ during the “Jesus Movement” and showed me so much of Christ’s joy and the power of the HS. For that, I am thankful. I never knew the deadness and law some of my friends came out from under during their youth. Through college I got caught up in a Emergent type church in ATL till a few years in our marriage.. After hosting many small groups in our homes we started to realize that many disagreed on the foundations of His Word and that bothered my husband and I. There was no church authority over these ‘small groups’ and many people discussed books of their liking and when people did speak up and disagree it was shot down with ‘it’s ok for us all to disagree’. The problem was that the Book started being the BIBLE!! My husband I left soon after noticing we had youth leaders in our group and realized the implications of them actually discipling our 3 children (we have six now). We are now in a Biblically sound church that has the balance of His Spirit and Truth! Praise the Lord. Along the way my parents were side by side with us in our transition until they a few years ago. They fell into a charismatic church (have no problem with this), but it has much of Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, Ken Silva, IHOP , etc teaching coming in heavily. I noticed one other person’s testimony on this Riverstone Church in GA on this blog. Since we were members at another church I didn’t put much thought into it. Soon though my father couldn’t stop talking about Bill Johnson. I was told to listen to podcasts of Graham Cooke (who came and spoke), I was told to go get Sozo’d (which I did), My husband was invited to a financial conference by Ken Silva, and I was given Bill’s book Hosting the Presence. After awhile I just started to feel something in my Spirit wasn’t right. I would push it away b/c my father had a peace about him that I had not seen before. He seemed to have been healed of some past hurts so I just thought it must be me. However, a few years went by and it just kept pressing on me. When I went to get Sozo’d the people were very kind, but I felt like I was expected to conjure up pictures or visions. I prayed and finally one picture came in my mind and I reported it. I put together that the picture must mean something between my and my sister and we prayed over it. I had never put that together before and I assumed God was showing me some hurts or past bitterness so I took it as such and asked for forgiveness. However, after that my relationship with my sister grew WORSE!! It was so amazing and I never put two and two together. I thank the Lord that after He showed me things (that I had done in Sozo) and I repented and it was taken from me INSTANTLY!! However, before I got to that in my life I still had that pressing in me that something was wrong in the stuff my father was showing me. After a breakfast with my Dad (always happy with those) one morning it finally hit me full force. We had spent the ENTIRE breakfast talking about healing, SOZO (my father is now a Sozo counselor), and Bill Johnson. I smiled and agreed with my dad about everything till I got home. The pressing came again and this time I just cried out to the Lord to ask him “What?”. The flood gates started opening. Since my father had always been such a spiritual mentor in my life I went to him right way with bits and pieces of information. I know now I was not prepared. My father never let me get two words out. I had never seen my dad react in this way! He literally screamed these were God’s anointed men and that I was not to judge. He said I was in deep error. So, I fell on my face before the Lord and asked Him to show me. My goodness did He ever!! The Lord led to me to Bob Dewaay’s Roots of the New Apostolic Reformation and I was able to peel the layers. Your blog was a great blessing as well because of the testimonies and resources. I soon felt I had enough to approach my father again. He was disturbed at our initial meeting so I knew he was not looking forward to this one. My husband and I gently shared everything we could to both my parents in the time allotted. However, it got heated when Bill Johnson’s name came up and we started to break down the many evidences we had of his beliefs (denial of deity, born again, etc). My father said he didn’t believe that Bill meant any of these things in that way. He said that I was misunderstanding what Bill was saying. I know my father knows the Lord and I know he is looking at these things through a lens that is true, but Bill is NOT saying these things in that way. I know that now b/c of his ties to the NAR, WOF and the dominion/ kingdom now theory. My dad got very irate when SOZO was mentioned b/c he is so deeply involved and feels people are being healed and his heart is to help others. He asked me what ‘we’ (my church) was doing for people like their church in healing (in other words, they have lots of fruit from it). My dad said I had an ‘identity problem’ (graham cooke) and said I was just full of Fear! Ironically I had just read a blog a few days earlier that mentioned Kris Vallonton’s message on False prophets and how we will tell who they are……by the FEAR they will inflict on others (not biblical). So of course my father would say I was’ false’ b/c of my fear. I was very rattled and my husband was too. I felt the Lord showed me that a lot of the problem of this deception slipping in was this dominion theory my parents have subtly been indoctrinated with.. These theories take God right off the throne and make man feel that they have something they have to do to usher in His return. (Generational curses, Prayer mapping, dream books , etc) I have really been shook up by all this. My father can’t seem to separate his ‘healing experience’ with where it is coming from and if it is of God. He feels I am in error and that I need to be careful because I am destroying their joy (he feels he is closer to God than he ever has in his life) and quenching the Spirit. I have cried many tears b/c I want to honor my parent and have tried to do such. However, I feel I have lost them to this cult. I know it is growing more and more in their church and I asked my father to please take the time to do the research, but he assured me he is fine and the Lord would show him if he was in the wrong. I am asking that you (and others on this blog) pray for my parents and my sister’s family that are deeply involved in this church. I know the church still preaches God’s Word, but it is slowing being infiltrated and my father is considering going to Bill’s school of supernatural. I don’t know If I want him to go or if an experience would speak to his heart of the danger. Also, He is reading books on the prophetic (Graham Cooke). Thank you for letting me share my story. I am really struggling right now b/c it was difficult to share this all with my parents and hate how they perceive me and how they make it seem I am trying to be decisive and steal their joy. I know the Lord loves my parents and will keep them in His hands, but I hate to have my parents go through this. Thanks again for all the encouragement and sounding the alarm.


    • Wow Jen! My heart goes out to you – I could feel the tears forming while reading your story. It is a blindness that comes on us when we love the experience more than we do the Lord. Yet, we don’t see it that way. It is a sneaky seduction of the enemy, akin I think to Lucifer and the Woman in the garden, as the Man stood back and allowed the deception take her mind, providing her with no protection given to him thru the words of the Lord – “you will not eat…”! Not enough protection has been given to the people by way of pastors and leaders and we see so much of the church sinking into the same lies by the enemy. I do believe that God can reach your father, but pray that he is given a heart for the one true God, to see and know the truth. I believe that God will allow this for a time, but eventually, if we insist He will give us over to it. The best defense is the word of God. And the simple question is, where in the bible does it say….(Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson, etc.) And yes, just as you showed your father, they do indeed mean things the way they sound. They are apostate (if they were ever true believers), leading people from the Most High God. SOZO is such a dangerous practice and I am glad you are freed from its influence. Again, this is not scriptural, but taken from other sources outside the church, and brought in. There is no evidence of SOZO in scripture. God does not need help from anyone or anything to bring healing. And I am afraid what your father has experienced is not true healing, but a presence of the demonic. I will say the demonic can and will mimic healing, but the end result, will be much worse. I have absolute horror stories from what I experienced. Hang on and keep doing the work for your family as you are led. Jesus saves! 🙂


      • Thank you Mkayla. Your words mean so much. I am praying daily. My sister and husband are tied up in this as well and I fear for their daughter. Already as a 5 year old they are teaching her how to “hear from the Lord”. Bob Dewaay did an excellent radio show on this called “Led by the Spirit”. People are being taught that the HS ‘leads’ us subjectively (do I turn left or right at the stop light) which is incorrect. He breaks down Rom 8 and shows us the true meaning is objective. …. He is “carrying us”! If we are born again believers there is NOTHING we need to do (take classes on prophetic, etc ). How comforting is that! What this lie does is divide us into believing there are Christians who have (or will have) greater status or can be used better. Jesus has come and there is nothing we need, but true confession and surrender to Him. Through our daily sanctification he speaks to us through His Word and draws us closer. This kind of teaching at these churches (above) are teaching a perverted works salvation that divide the church. It also keeps us from learning the Word of God. I am praying my family wakes from this lie before we see major consequences in the children. I found a blog where one of the youth who grew up in this church (see above) went to IHOP and speaks of Bill Johnson as a god. He speaks at their church periodically. If this is the result of growing up in this church it worries me. I know there is a desire to know God better. I am sure their hearts are pure. I am praying He opens their eyes to see the deception. God bless!


  21. This post is a blessing. I have found myself recently obsessed with music from Bethel, and it’s performers. Now I recognize that I was in bondage to it, and I have deleted all such music from my iPhone.


  22. I
    Am so grateful to see what you have posted regarding Bethel. I seriously would love to sit and talk with you about all of this. Thank you for exposing these counterfeit people that are not for Jesus Christ our Savior and redeemer.
    I too was deeply apart of Bethel in Redding, as we moved here to Redding to be apart of the great deception not knowing it at the time. I too was apart of the healing rooms . My story is quite long of the intimidation, control, methodology etc… I have seen all the drunkenness, and heard all the blasphemy against our Lord.
    I am still thanking Jesus for getting us out of this cult. Oh it looks good and sounds good and draws you right in, but to be apart of their system, you must bow to them and there methodology ways or you won’t be accepted.
    I am still shocked at who they endorse and lack of Dicernment and that they have allowed a false Holy Spirit into there church. They truly believe they are in the most powerful move of God and they are deceived. The church needs to wake up! They need to question certain things taking place within and back it up with the word of God. I do know that I could not talk to any bethelites about what concerned me in the church. I found myself alone and doing all the research I could to further convince myself they are a cult. We need to pray for them and the people coming from all over the world to bssm and being totally sucked into this cult. I am very open to help anyone in any way possible if you would like to get together with your concerns about Bethel, I am happy to help. My husband and I are still trying to process this horrific cult. Although I am grateful and want to help others.
    Email me @
    And I want to thank the person who formed this blog to help others like myself know we are not insane. God bless you!


    • Is it?
      “My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.” James 5:20


  23. I do not know where to ask this, or if you want to start another subject with this.
    what about what is called courts of heaven. a number of people are writing about this, especially robert henderson. is this teaching valid, or is it another one of the heresies so rampant today.


    • I seem to remember John Paul Jackson teaching about that, or something similar. It’s been a very long time since I thought about it. You may try a google search and research it!


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