1 John 4 How Well Are We Learning? –

Have you ever read another person’s words and thought to yourself “I could have written that”? Well, here we are…

This is all very reminiscent of when I was in the open, honest and upfront titled “new age ‘christian’ church”. Back in the day when Bethel was just a glimmer in satan’s eye. We too visited the graveyards and set the demons free all over the world. We did mighty works and did an amazing amount of what appeared to be ‘good works’, there were many miracles, signs and wonders. I witnessed cancer, hiv and unexplained illnesses cured. The majority of these were a temporary healing, since none of those we cast demons from actually repented of sin and turned their lives over to Jesus Christ. The demon was cast out and many more came back with it, to the empty house.

We (just like Bethelites) embraced the assistance of demons and considered it to be great fun. Those demons who masquerade as angels were more than willing to help find lost articles and give a word in an itchy ear. Honestly, some of those demons are quite ugly and smell horrible, just sayin’, that is when you see them in their true form.
All of this also brings to mind a quote I ran across recently from John G. Lake: His Life His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith, Kenneth Copeland Publications, 1995, p13: “It is not honoring to Jesus Christ that sickness should possess us. We do not want disease. We want to be gods”.
Yep, those silly new agers in denial are being taught very seductively that they too are gods. Which has been the satanic agenda ever since the real God threw that wanna be rascal right out of heaven. Unfortunately, Bethel simply denies their new age title and has become a leading force in the worship of a false jesus, also known as an antichrist.
I praise Yah many, many times a day for rescuing me and saving me from certain damnation. I was one messed up pup for years after the new age, who didn’t want to listen to reason from those regular Christians, who read the Bible faithfully and studied The Word. (It was pounded into my head that the Bible could not be trusted as the actual Word of God, since it was written and rewritten many times over by mere humans) When I came to my senses, via an ‘enlightenment’ and walked away from that nacc, my family fell under massive attack from the forces of evil. I was pushed down the stairs twice, in the dark sides effort to shut me up and keep me from talking.

The last time was just a little over a year ago when I began speaking out in my word of faith/charismatic church concerning the similarities of what I walked out of years ago and what I was witnessing in the church through the teachings of Randy Clark and Bill Johnson (supernatural schools). However, today I shout hallelujah, for my God is faithful. It has been a very long journey of healing, which at this point God has turned to his highest good by delivering to me ample time to read and study His Word. I am so grateful that my Father has lovingly guided me into His truth, which abides in Scripture.
If the people that are seeing and interacting with these so-called angels would test the spirits as written in 1John 4, and become brutally honest with themselves they just might be blessed with seeing exactly who is the driving force behind these teachings that are leading them in the direction of the wide gate. (I would advise here to be very careful what you ask for, you might just get it).

Today, I find that I truly feel sorry for the Johnson’s, and the Clark’s (as well as many others) who have been lead astray. Especially though, I pray that my ‘sisters’ would become bold enough to ask in the name of Jesus Christ that they be shown God’s Absolute Truth of the signs and wonders they are chasing. The Lord must have had a really great plan, until they fell into the trap. And yes, it truly is a trap of massive proportions.


26 thoughts on “1 John 4 How Well Are We Learning? –

  1. There is nothing worse than falling into one of Satans traps. The thing is and I have said this before, that Satan will trap us at the weakest point, the weakest link so to speak. For some it will be chasing after the supernatural, for some it will be the inability to forgive, for some it will be pride, sexual sin, greed, covetousness etc. Tell you what, he is no gentlemen – if he was a boxer he would have a knuckle duster inside his glove, if a sprinter he would be on steroids, it a business man he would manipulate and lie to get his way. He does not look for your strongest point and attack there. That is why Ephesians 6 and the armour of God is such a very very important topic to be mediated over and implemented, No one is going to win unless they are ready to go into battle, no solider goes into battle in his boxer shorts alone ( sorry, not a pretty picture lol) but he is armed in the physical, and mentally he is prepared to take orders. An army does not fight as a group of say 5000 individuals all doing their own thing. I think it was Leonard Ravenhill who said (parapphrasing) we are on a battle ground and not a play ground! We need obedience to Gods will alone and we need to use the armour that God has given us. And the next time you are faced with a challenge, stand tall, stand firmly based on the foundation of Gods word and proclaim “It is written…….” And rememebr even Jesus had to battle three time before Satan left him so why should we expect less!

    I thank you M’Kayla (i know – again:) ) for being a beacon for so many searching people and those who have been hurt


  2. Awesome Mkayla. I am going through what you went through. The friends that I have are ALL into the apostasy. How sad. They would never listen to me. They would say I have gone astray. How SUBTLE are the whiles of satan😔😔

    Take care dear. God Bless.

    Maranatha Jane

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  3. “… Then they glare out at us!” like yellow wolf-eyes in the headlights. This is the time of the separation of the sheep from the goats but Jesus’ promised “my sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27). Brothers and sisters – see you in heaven 🙂


  4. Very smart people whom I deeply love and respect are so entrenched in this movement to the degree that anyone who speaks against it is considered to be of inferior understanding of scriptures, and even God himself. I used to be a student of these people, taking everything they spoke or taught into my heart soaking it up like a sponge. I never understood why I didn’t experience these supernatural wonders for myself–healing, prosperity, etc. I grieved over that and tried over and over to chase it down–it always felt like I was never doing enough, never repenting enough, never sold out enough. I praise God that he delivered me from that bottomless pit of apostasy. I thank the Lord for my husband who discerns wisely and questions every little thing that does not measure up to scriptures.

    Thanks for the good word,

    Carrie Glasgow


  5. Hey m’kayla! Hope ur well. Just posted a new blog myself at withoutspotorblemish.blogspot.com. Also, published a cd I’d be happy to send u 🙂


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  6. Thank you for your amazing story. In 2008 my wife and I were invited to Lakeland Florida to see Todd Bentley. So sorry we went, but God got us out of that movement to a new church start up and our pastor and our church love the Word of God. As I read your article you confirmed what I have witnessed personally. I use to live in Spokane Washington where John G. Lake is buried. I never liked The Healing Rooms, it gave me the creeps. God has given you a gift to warn people of the false teaching movement. I pray that the Lord will give you strength and protection.

    Patrick Green


    • Patrick,
      Until this moment, I wasn’t really aware that John G. Lake was buried there. I visited Spokane, spent a couple days, a couple different times. I wondered why they had all those new age shops and bookstores in a relatively small area. I may have to break out the map. Maybe even pics. Lol. That was a very weird time in my life when I distanced myself from involvement in the new age church. I took a 2 month vacation. I could actually afford to do that back then. Wow, lol. Can’t say that Bethel isn’t being blatantly obvious! If people don’t see the signs clearly, they have made a choice. Our battle is with the things unseen, not the people. When the people see the demons they picked up in the graveyards in their true form, and they will, if they haven’t already, hopefully they will come around to their senses. It isn’t like they haven’t already been given every obvious sign outside of flashing neon! And even that if you stop and think about it! Selah.
      Reading the responses to this writing the Lord led me to realize that if my family and I are going to survive this war against God and remain standing in His Word, we need prayers. Aka spiritual support from others who absolutely DO KNOW the true battle. M’kayla is one. I have read her blog enough to know that she knows the battle. Thank you M’Kayla, through your writings I realized that I wasn’t the only one. I was very shocked when you took this and made it an article. In all honesty, I had forgotten I wrote and posted it. Seeing the responses keeps me from wanting to roll over and play dead. My strength comes from the Lord. Satan absolutely hates it when people speak out and will go to any length to keep them quiet. I call it a move of desperation on the part of the evil one. Slight distractions before revelations of truth. After what Jesus did for me, I will stand up for Him and Who He Is, God. With the Father’s strength, I won’t back down again without putting up the good fight, in His full armor!


    • wow Patrick, I was expecting you to say that you also lived in Bethel so that you had the full trinity of false teaching lol. I had a lot of time for John G Lake too. But then I thought there are plenty more. I did the TB thing a few months after he left and we are still going through some of the trauma of that. Praise God that both you and your wife have seen the deception that is a wonderful, so much can be done when husband and wife align. trust me, if you are in a situation where your partner does not see this it is awful


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  8. Thank the Lord for obedient folks such as yourself. My family and I had to leave the church we loved recently. The Lord blessedly took the blinders off after 31 years of charismania when Todd Bentley visited our church. The darkness I couldn’t deny lodged in my gut upon hearing him speak and led me to research what our pastor was embracing with such disheartening enthusiasm, the “heroes of the faith” he routinely exalted from the pulpit. The information I have found confirmed everything I could only half admit to questioning all these years. I am grateful God plucked us out, but I, too, feel sorry for those on this foolish path and continue to pray their eyes are opened. Thank you for sharing your experience. Yours among a few others really helped to know I was hearing correctly from the Lord and I wasn’t crazy to question the atmosphere I was raised in. God bless!


  9. I am new to this blog but I want to say that it has been a tremendous encouragement to me already. Not just M’kayla’s writings but everyone’s testimonies and input as well. I have spent quite a few evening just reading everyone’s stories and sharing and it truly brings me strength to know that we (my husband and I) are not alone.

    I spent over 20 years in charismania and I am so grateful to the Lord who opened our eyes to the truth. I remember one day in a Sunday morning worship service just stopping for a minute and observing from the choir loft and wondering “what would the apostle Paul say to us if he walked in here right now?” I had a feeling it would be not be good. I was one of those ones everyone admired considered “anointed” in intercession and song so I had many flattered “words from the Lord” given to me over the years. This is a like a fish hook for the movement and if you have a few individuals operating in a spirit of divination it can be convincing because they will hit the nail on the head with many things they tell you about your history and personal life. I spent years praying for revival, for heaven to come down, now that I look back I remember at times speaking from the platform about a sound from heaven changing us forever??? I didn’t know really anything about the new age teachings but I was teaching it. The last few years I was strongly influenced by the music and teachings coming from Morningstar. I had a tendency to find things sort on the cutting edge in this apostasy and would promote it in our church. My father was the worship leader and I would give him much of this music and then we would start doing it. When I think about this now I am horrified but somehow even in the midst of that there was something in me that knew this was vanity,wells without water. After years and years of prophecy about revival I became disillusioned and left.

    I got involved in a more obvious darkness fast going from listening to Suzy Wills and Jason Upton to Marilyn Manson and Tool almost overnight. Now I know that there is little difference between them and actually it is the Suzy Wills and Jason Uptons who are actually more dangerous because it appears to be truth, it appears to the undiscerning to be light.

    I was angry with God for years and avoided dealing and allowing myself to think about Him using marijuana almost daily, alcohol, being absorbed in physical vanity, and music.We moved across the country to Washington state and this avoidance of God continued for a few more years. I knew I was hiding. I knew I was postponing something. We were living in Tricites and we had friends and many distractions but for financial reasons we had to move to a very small town with my husband’s mother. Not too long after moving to this tiny town my husband began talking about God and reading his bible again. It scared me…I didn’t want to be what I used to be. I am not sure how but through reading the bible and the later somehow we started researching into what we had been involved in. We were horrified! So many things began to make sense like a puzzle being pieced together. Over the last few years the scripture is suddenly so real to us where as before it was muddy and afar off. Who were these false prophets that would deceive so many that Christ and the apostles kept warning about? My pastor used to say and probably still does “you need to watch out for them parking lot prophets”. The ones who are not endorsed by his ministry. Really??? Those are the great deceivers of many? Even then I didn’t believe that now I see the false teachers, prophets, apostles everywhere. It is difficult to find one that isn’t teaching another Jesus… another gospel so we pretty much just stick with the scripture. I am sure I will be active here if M’kayla continues sharing and “quacking” (loved that story btw).

    You all a very much a blessing to me. Grace & Peace

    “he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” Matt 10:22


    • Wow Kinzerlena what a wonderful testimony to the grace that God is showing us. i was talking a brother about this yesterday and how we so want to show our faithfulness that we forget about discernment based on the Word of God. And once we lose that, once we receive the “higher than the Word” revelation then we allow our minds to be persuaded by either emotions or feelings or by the passion of those in authority and that is a dangerous road.

      A lot of these “movements of God” share a common trait: while giving lip service to the Scriptures, they all, whether through ignorance, self-delusion, or planned deceit, critically subvert its teachings. The way that seems right to us ( and I have been in that place as well) the way that feels right, produces numerical growth, seems more spiritual, moves one emotionally, appears to move God on one’s behalf, brings people together, makes people feel closer to God and better about themselves, is more positive, fills more pews, impresses the world, is not judgmental, etc.—that way is systematically eliminating any concern for sound doctrine based on Gods Word.

      So often Gods ways are not our ways, even with in the body of Christ. I saw recent a picture where a doctor had just examined Jesus and was giving his diagnose. The doctor is saying “Jesus, from the neck up you are perfect, but its your body that is all messed up!”

      Whether is the parable of the prodigal son, the poem footprints in the sand, or your own testimony Kinzerlena as well as others here, I praise God for His mercy and grace towards us. I praise Him that he never forgets us and will open up doors to the truth in His Word. Sadly being a disciple of Jesus means choosing the narrow path, often requiring us to stand out from the crowd as we stand up for Jesus. May we all put aside all those things that prevent us from following the teaching that has been revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in the Bible.


  10. You are right Kaz. I too see the lip service to the scripture and to Jesus Christ himself but all the while a subtle and sometimes not so subtle undermining of the very things they claim to love and believe. I have recently noticed a continual lowing of Jesus Christ in his deity, His authority, His supremacy, and sovereignty while at the same time a exaltation of man. It truly is the spirit of anti-Christ at work within the church but Jesus still has His church and many of them have fled the apostasy and are refugees like myself. Christianity is being stood on its head right now, up is down, good is bad, love is hate. It seems no matter how much you try to get through to those in this movement used the evidence of scripture whether just people online, old friends, or even family it’s like your speaking a different language. It really seems like some of them have already have had their conscience seared with a hot iron. I just keep speaking the word and not allowing myself to be offended by all of their presumptions and accusations. I know that all those who belong to Him … His sheep will hear His voice and they will run from the voice of the stranger. It may take time for all of them to recognize that these pastors, teachers, “prophets”, “apostles” are not speaking according to the voice of the Good Shepard but if they truly are His sheep they will eventually RUN! Just like you and just like I. It is all by his grace and abundant mercy towards us.

    I am very glad that there are blogs like this one where we can edify, exhort, and comfort one another in this unique and trying time in Christ church.

    Stay encouraged


    • kinzerlena, a warm note of thanks! You said “A noticed continual lowing of Jesus Christ and His deity…”
      Yes, this is because of the belief that we, as His followers, have the same power and authority He did while on the earth. Some go as far as to say we have the same DNA as God,as He breathed life into Adam, created in His image, therefore we can do like things. The power to speak things into existence, the power to create. They take the truth too far and too off balance and when they do they begin to teach and preach a different gospel all together. This is the gospel of the one that is the other jesus, the spirit that after accepted will be put up with, and the end result of that is the following after other gods and the occult. It is witchcraft and wizardry and we know about those clear and strong warnings in the old testament! Here is a distinctive parting of the faith. This is the place that we cannot tolerate unity. We cannot join together and walk as one, worship as one. The unity of the brother and sisterhood of the faith, the church of Jesus Christ does not exist within those boundaries. And this is why we are told to recognize, warn and FLEE!


      • Yes, I agree. Teaching that Jesus was emptied of all divine capacity and everything He did was because he was filled with the spirit and by faith. Follow that teaching to it’s final logical conclusions and ….. you have many Christs. Jesus becomes merely a model to godhood. As John Crowder likes to say “God became man so man could become God” Blasphemy! This is essentially the doctrine they are teaching. The New Age or better yet The Old Lie.

        We have been rescued my friends.

        Heb 2:1 Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.


  11. I’m not sure under which article I should post this, so I hope it is ok here. I am from a rural area in Northeast Alabama, known as Sand Mountain. Sadly, Heaven has now arrived here, via Bill Johnson and the likes.

    In 2009 we finally found a small, county church that we loved. Long story short, our pastor eventually bought into the whole Kingdom Now Doctrine. Somewhere in 2011, wolves made him a target and he slowly was won over. For about a year, I kept hearing things I was unsure of. So much truth mixed in with at first, a little untruth. The turning point is when we went to hear Randy Clark, at the urging of our pastor. After that, I started hard and heavy in research. This was in March 2012. For 6 months I spent hours and hours researching WOF, Kingdom Now, and the list goes on and on. Our church split in June of 2012. We went from 100 to about 15. It is during this time I ran across your blog and have read a great many of the articles and comments. And I continue to research and learn.

    I’ve noticed a lot of things these false teaches promote and one in particular is “being in His presence.” This is really why I am posting. I would like feedback from you and others about this. I feel in my gut that this is not right, to always be talking about getting in His presence. I realize they then go into all kinds of things, contemplative prayer, etc. to get in His presence. However, I also realize because I “feel” something is wrong is not enough. I have looked for articles here and on other discerment sites about this topic but haven’t been able to find any. If you know of any, please point me in that direction.

    I looked up and wrote down all the scriptures I could find about God’s presence. All but 2 were in the Old Testament. So in my understanding, that they desired God’s presence in understandable since He had not come yet. Now I believe we have his Spirit inside. So He is always with me. I do believe we are to be in God’s presence . The best way I ahve found to do this is by praying and studying God’s word, and trying to keep my mind on Christ as much as I can throughout the day. In a way it isn’t something I have to work at, it’s a result of how I live daily. . And I have for sure been in churches that seemed God’s presence was not there. So in a way, it is a valid point.

    But why the focus and verbiage always being about being in His presence, seeking His presence etc? How does one refute that Biblically? I am not saying we should not be in God’s presence. But why is this pushed so much, what is the underlying motive??

    I find the more I surrender more areas to God and die more to the flesh, the more I am in His “presence.” I hope I have been able to communicate this question effetively.
    Thank you for your work and commitment to truth. Blessing in Christ!


    • Margaret you are correct in your thinking and my blog gets into discussion about “the presence”. If you search Dutch Sheets I am sure the articles will come up. He is one of the heavy promoters who goes here and there claiming God gave him a word for his people to be in this presence there. Several years back there was one called The Wilderness Outcry and you will find some conversation and research there as well.


    • Hi Margaret
      Thanks a lot for your post. I agree with you 100% when you wrote “I find the more I surrender more areas to God and die more to the flesh, the more I am in His “presence.”

      I also agree with what you say, we are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit that is in itself an awesome progression of the closeness, of the relationship that Gods desires with us. It is so logical and spans thousands of years.. let me explain

      Initially the Spirit hovered over the water, He was part of the process of creation but He was present.
      Then in Eden God created Man, and we read Gen 2:15 NKJV Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. Gods original plan for us was to be in a place of fellowship with Him as we read Gen 3:8 And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. However, we know what happened.

      Over time God dwelt amongst the Israelites in a Tent..amongst man. Then Gods temple was on Mount Sion. A wonderful prayer of dedication of the temple(1 Kings 8:44-50).

      And then the Word became flesh and lived amongst us. That in itself is awesome! How great is out God!!

      Well actually He is even greater. I don’t believe the apostles understood what Jesus meant when He said Joh 14:23 NKJV Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

      And more Joh 14:16 NKJV And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—

      Wow wow wow roll on Pentecost and the world will never be the same!! For now we are Temples of the Holy Spirit. There is no additional anointing, there is no need for fresh fires, God did not hold back when he gave us the Holy Spirit, the stop cock is not on Gods side!

      And somewhere along the line people have thought that there is a need to “be in His presence.” BUT the words mean different things. For some they mean shaking uncontrollably or falling backwards as if slain (strange how in Scripture in Gods presence men fell forward on their face!), some its tingling in the arms, others its dreams, others is visualising Gods presence, others it screaming, others is barking like dogs, running round the sanctuary uncontrollably, other is proclaiming prophecies and of course there is the chasing round after all these signs and wonders. Are these really from God??

      And Jesus did say Joh 14:27 NKJV Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you

      So maybe these people talk about “being in his presence” is because it is not the Holy Spirit whose presence they want people to be in.
      Sorry for writing so much..


  12. My wife went along to one of those visiting “School of the Supernatural” classes (http://www.spiritlife.org.nz/content/view/65/123) and later was showing how she could
    “pray in tongues”. After she had finished demonstrating, I asked her if the Lord Jesus Christ
    has come in the flesh. She said no and then got quite defensive. We are now living apart and my wife’s personality has changed for the worse. However when I see the smiles on my daughter’s faces, I know the LORD is protecting us.


  13. Dear brother in Christ, I am saddened when I read things like this. It appears your hurt from your earthly father not being honest with you when you were 16 years old has poured over into your life today to spend so much time trying to discredit others of things you don’t understand. Hurts from the past will generally cause this. Before you start pointing a finger at others of things you don’t understand REMEMBER you will have three fingers pointing back st you ( try it ). You might want to do a little more study of Luke 11 before start taking verse 35 out of context. NOTE we all make up the body of Christ and we all have a VERY small part of it, so learn your part another NOTE what your doing here is not a part of it. Be blessed


    • Bob Murphy, make no mistake, the author of this post, as well as the author of this blog are fully aware of the written herein. The stand has nothing to do with “hurts from the past”, which is an often used excuse thrown at us. The stand taken has every thing to do with the knowledge of false teachers, prophets, evangelists, revivalists, etc. in full light of the word of God. These men and women are not a part of the body of Christ. They are against Him. Be careful and pray for discernment.


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