Expose of the (not so) Holy Ghost Movie with Tim Wirth and Sandy Simpson

I watched this video about a week ago and the memories of the things I had once been involved with brought me to tears. These are the exact things that I was personally a part of and have been speaking against. So many still won’t listen or hear the truth. Watch this. Pray. Please continue to preach the truth.




40 thoughts on “Expose of the (not so) Holy Ghost Movie with Tim Wirth and Sandy Simpson

  1. That is exactly how I described it too, when I sent out this video last week through email and when I shared it on my Facebook, was that I was driven to tears when I saw this video. Indeed it does hit a spot for those that were caught up in all this. The “cold readings” were the ones that got me. 😦 I experienced a lot of those at my old church. Sometimes I have looked up old friends from my old church on Facebook, with hopes that maybe they have started to see the light, and to my dismay they have all gotten worse. Its all so sad…

    God bless you, M’Kayla!


    • Been distracted for several reasons, but now back and trying to catch up after many months away. This so profound at the get go. Praying for you, and the efforts you make in disclosing such ungodliness out there.

      I will post again after viewing this one.

      Blessings on you sister M’Kayla.

      Dahlonega, Ga.


  2. Thank you M’kayla .I watched some of this movie and could see that it was exposing these things for what they are. They are satanic. The problem is we can only use God’s mighty weapons to set people free.As Paul said.He did not use the wisdom of man but God’s mighty weapons.I long for people to start their Christian lives on a sound footing.Most are not simply told what Peter told everyone on the day of Pentecost when they said what must we do to be saved.. (Acts 2:38.)If people acknowledge they are sinners, they need saving, they recognise Jesus alone can do this, they repent of their sin,they accept Him as Saviour by faith and are obedient in Baptism, then the have fullfilled the conditions for salvation and will receive the Holy Spirit at their Baptism.(Simple repentant,believing baptism by immersion.) When I went into the waters of Baptism I could not believe the bombardment of thoughts coming into my head to tell me how silly I was.I know where that came from.I rose out of those waters at the beginning of my Christian life,I was born again(1974). I did not speak in tongues or have any other manifestations and didn’t need to. I was fulfilling what the Bible teaches.I had received the Holy Spirit and Salvation, I was In Christ, I was seated in heavenly places with Him.I was beginning my journey which if I walk in the light I will become more and more like Him.I already have eternal life I don’t need to wait till I die. I have at least one spiritual gift as the Bible teaches all Christians do.I worry about the depth of analysis in these problems such as this critique of the Holy Spirit film. To the discerning Christian it is obvious that the movements you and they rally against are not of God even though I am sure many of their practitioners started off with good intentions. The problems of passivity in the Christian as so well expounded by Jesse Pen- Lewis in “War on the Saints” is where a lot of problems begin.People don’t realise what they already have in Jesus and look for something more.Like the young guy in the film letting that guy practice reikie or whatever on him.He acquieseced when in reality he may have at that point been actually receiving an evil spirit.There are no second blessings to be had which people hunger for. There are no short cuts to Christian Maturity.I admire your willingness to expose these practices M’kayla. Yours in Christ. Geoff.
    Ps I clicked on the symbol to change to a smiley face but to do hat have to sign up for something else.I don’t intend to to that .Please accept my smile and Christian greetings and love as given.


    • Read up on Jessie Penn Lewis and how she wrote her books. I used to really like her, but along with watchman Nee and Kenneth Hagin, I think her spiritual sounding writings are off and lead astray. AJC


      • About “Baptismal regeneration” and labelling someone with this.This is a man made term but I don’t care if I am labelled with this. Christian is the only “label” I want to wear. Churches of Christ people used to have a saying,”We are not the only Christians but Christians only!” The minute we give someone, a Christian, a label we are limiting God’s ability to speak to us through them because we have a prejudice. If I immediately switched off because someone was Catholic, Pentecostal,Charismatic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Church f Christ etc. how much of a fool I might be. Blessings Brenda. I ham still learning to plumb the depths of Biblical truth. Geoff Thompson


  3. M’Kayla. It happens. Don’t worry about it.
    The past is always going to hurt, even for life if the situation was bad enough. The Apostle Paul had his regrets too remember and his involved murder of believers.
    Remember the Blessed Hope that we have. The false prophets will get what is coming soon enough.



  4. M’Kayla,

    Thank you for posting this. Much of what I saw during the video is being introduced to my home church. My home church lust just recently complete an eight week class that was offered to the congregation at the cost of $250.00 per person where they would learn how to raise the dead, heal the sick and cast out demons. I spoke with one of the pastors asking how the church could introduce teachings that are clearly not scriptural. His response was he did not agree with everything taught in the class but left it up to each member of the class to take from it what they wanted. I asked him as pastor should he not be a gatekeeper to make sure no false teachers are brought into the church. He said the role of pastors is not to tell people what they should believe but to offer as many options as possible and let the members decide what they want to believe.

    During the past decade I have seen my church jump on many different bandwagons of “the next new thing” in modern evangelicalism. And currently, what is happening in Redding, California is “the next new thing” for my church.

    MY pastor walked me through the process they now use to reach out to people on the street to “love on” them and to “share the love of Jesus”. The process is nearly identical what was shown in the video clips.

    What I also noticed is that my pastor is completely convinced that this is what God now wants the church to do. Any red flags I raised about the biblical foundation to support these methods was ignored. I could see he was deceived, he stated that he believes this the new direction God is leading the church.

    There is a saying that one cannot use reason and logic to persuade a person out of a decision that was made via emotion. The same can be said about the use of the bible; once cannot use the bible to persuade a person whose decision was not base upon the bible. What I see is an emotional based decision that ignores the bible. They may use small parts of the bible (out of context) to justify an emotional decision/experience. A thousand people could tell them the truth but they will not listen, Jesus Christ himself could tell them the truth but they will not listen. Maybe this current movement and false teaching is God’s punishment against the modern evangelical church that has already decided to abandon God’s truth.


  5. Thank you my sister in the Lord for posting this. Its one of 7 separate films. I would encourage your readers to watch them all. The Lying Signs and Wonders film with Jacob Prasch and Sandy Simpson. Watch after the credits on that one because we have bonus material of a couple families that were freed from Bethel. That bit is really important if you have friends and family stuck in this false movement. There is hope people. The Johanna Michelsen interviews is also very good because she discovered that she was following the wrong jesus. Its her testimony that was included in her book “The Beautiful Side Of Evil”. Thanks again for everyone who helps here as well. There is hope to free these people from the false jesus and spirit of Bethel. Jude 1:23 “Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.”


  6. I was not able to watch the whole clip, but only about 20 minutes. My spirit felt so oppressed by what I was seeing. All I could do is go to sleep after briefly praying. And those people have the audacity to think they are Christians! One of the problems is the common doctrinal teaching of “once-saved-always-saved”. They think that they are secure so they can do any hellish thing and still go to heaven. And as Larry Norman once said in my presence, “If it feels good, it can’t be wrong.” Surely a doctrine from hell. Having myself been involved involuntarily in cannibalism, I have become, by the Grace of God, more sensitive to hellishness. Do not these people know that without holiness [the opposite of worldliness], no one will see the Lord? And that it is the pure in heart who are the ones who will see God? Narrow is the way, after getting through a small gate. So after one gets through that small gate, great care must be taken to stay on the narrow way. So very many fall off that narrow way and do not know or care. Reading again John Bunyan’s allegory “Pilgrim’s Progress” may help some. Even most television programs and reruns contaminate the spirit. It becomes more and more critical to maintain a vital closeness to Jesus. The authentic Jesus!


  7. A couple things to notice as you watch our film. Watch Will Hart as he talks to the blond collage co-ed. Look at her eyes when he is holding her hands. As a father of 4 children 2 of them girls around the same age if I would have been a witness to this I would have put some space between this dog and my daughter. He was very obviously hitting on her. Notice also Will say ” I haven’t been listening, I just overheard” to her. Folks this movie lays it out plain these people are frauds and mystics not of the Holy Spirit. Im not trying to insult anyone who was caught up in this stuff. My niece and nephew were and now they are free. Also during the movie they contradict themselves all the time. Sad that the world would see this before some Christians. It goes to show that the great delusion is really here. Brian Welsh states in this movie ” God, Christ who is alive right now working in the world in a new way. Right now. And he is involved in media, TV, in a major way music. And he is prophesying through people that the world would call or Christians satanists or whatever. I hear songs on the radio that people are tapping into the spirit and they are prophesying stuff and you can feel it.And He says I will pour my spirit out on all flesh. He didnt say that He will pour out my spirit on Christians. He said all flesh. So Im seeing it everywhere and the mindset has to change. You know if this Great Awakening of God is coming and it is coming. Umm the religious mindset has to change man. Because God is changing. He is doing a new thing. He is always the same yesterday, today and forever but He is doing a new thing in our day and age and its awesome to be part of it. End comments(notice how Brians confused mind totally contradicts his statements).
    Notice in the short Rob Zombie clip we play with Brian jamming on titled “Am I Evil” that Brian lays hands on Robs guitarist before they start playing.
    This is sheer evil.
    Brian went to the Welton academy and was trained for ministry there. And it shows.
    Jonathon Welton states in “The Physics of Heaven” ” I have found throughout scripture at least 75 examples of things that the New Age has counterfeited, such as having a spirit guide, trances, meditation, auras, power objects clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more. These actually belong to the church, but they have been stolen and cleverly repackaged.
    Welton believes:
    “We need to begin to use (New Age) counterfeits as signposts. Every time a counterfeit shows up, take it as the Lord presenting you with an opportunity to reclaim..the Churches stolen property. End quote.
    Its no wonder Brian is in such a state of confusion because who is the author of confusion?


    • Tim, in one of my videos I mention Welch playing with Rob Zombie. I could not show the video because of all the profanity. Zombie is already an occultist, so Welch putting his hands on Zombie’s guitar isn’t really adding all that much more than what Zombie already has (meaning false spirits).

      You mention in your video that Welch fell into the wrong people right away. Perhaps so. I too was enthralled with his testimony. Of course I was still in the charismatic movement. But if you go back and watch his I Am Second video, he doesn’t really mention sin or repentance all that much. Of course ONLY God knows if he was truly saved, I am not saying one way or the other. But when I wrote my first article on him, I did some digging and he was NEVER in a sound church. And this video here (http://youtu.be/O5-NgURD7oU) is from 2008 during Bentley’s “revival”. My brother in The Lord did the video expose “Brian “head” welch exposed”, and has this very clip in his video.

      All this talk of “reclaiming” New Age techniques stems from Hermeticism. Its not any different than Kabbalist Sabbatai Tzvi turning the laws of God upside-down its all the same garbage. Its ALL connected. Chuck Missler and them teach the same Quantum Physics stuff. It ALL needs to be exposed, not just NAR, but all of it. It all needs to be shown that it’s all connected.


  8. Dear M’Kayla,

    I want to respond to Geoff’s comment who says he “worries about the depth of analysis in these problems such as this critique of the Holy Spirit film.” and who says “To the discerning Christian it is obvious that the movements you and they rally against are not of God even though I am sure many of their practitioners started off with good intentions.” I happen to be one who had many strongholds to overcome, on top of starting off my walk in the increasingly heretical Faith Movement (which is also referred to as the Health and Wealth Gospel, which has morphed into or joined hands with the New Apostolic Reformation, Kingdom Now, Dominionism, Replacement Theology, etc, while practicing the Laughing Revival, the Soaking Revival, Contemplative prayer, and on and on the error goes and where it ends only God knows!) And I want to thank Tony Wirth and Sandy Simpson for Sounding An Alarm, with all their attention to detail and all the examples in this video.
    When I got saved I was bulimic, addicted to alcohol and pills, plus I smoked 2 ½ packs of cigs a day. It was clear to me that I did not just need to hear that God loved me. I needed what I thought was the whole council of God. I desperately needed to, not only hear the Word concerning how I should act and how I should think, but also I needed to hear all the Biblical details of how I should not act along with how I should not think in order to really get a good look at myself and what I needed to change. I mean, I needed things spelled out for me and not just told how much Jesus loved me and forgives me. I wanted to come out of my sin, not stay in it. We are masters at deceiving ourselves when we don’t want to change, so just as I needed lots of detail about how I should and should not live each day, people who are caught up in all this End Time Spiritual Deception need lots of details about how it is wrong. Seeing it through a different lens is worth a thousand words. Many today are looking for a great End Time Revival. I don’t see where the Bible teaches that, but what I do know is that there will be great flood of Apostasy in the last days and those involved are headed for hell unless they repent and turn around.
    Even though I received deliverance from the strongholds I named while in the Movement, I was one who fortunately recognized the deception that I had been in for 13 years and left the Movement. When I first got saved, I had no solid biblical background, as I was raised Catholic and I certainly had no wisdom as to where the best place to attend Church might be. But at the invitation of a friend, I entered the family of God “where I entered the family of God”- into the Charismatic movement.” As a new Christian and not having yet “exercised my senses” to be able to discern good and evil, as the Bible describes maturity (Heb 5:14), I fell for the deception in the Movement. Even though I loved the Lord and I studied the Word, I had entered into False Teaching, unbeknownst to me. However, at a certain point, thank the Lord, a friend of mine who had moved away began to call me with the soul purpose of showing me how the Movement was wrong. It was a slap in the face to hear that what I was believing was wrong, but as I listened to her, I began to ask the Lord to show me if she was right. As I talked to my other friends about the possibility of being deceived, they thought it was “ridiculous” to even think such a thing. And that was the very thing that made me really begin to look for the error in what I had been taught and what I was believing to be truth. It became clear to me that the very idea that they thought they could not be deceived, meant they could, so the Lord led me to separate from my friends in order to reevaluated all that I had learned. It was painful and difficult and scary at times. In that movement, the thinking goes like this: “ Doubting what you believe, means you have no faith and without faith it is impossible to please God. But in order to admit you are wrong you have to first “Doubt” what you know to be true. And the last thing a person in the Faith Movement wants to do is “Doubt what He believes” because that means he does not have any Faith. Not a good thing at all in the Faith Movement” In all actuality, it is their pride that says, “I can not be deceived.” And it is pride that blinds them and was blinding me. No wonder they are/ I was so deceived.

    Thankfully God was able to show me my own pride and I began to see where we had put our own spin on the Word of God. To this day, I am alarmed at the numbers of people who have fallen for this End Time Deception, which like a snake on it’s belly, continues to slither it’s way into the Body of Christ, through False Teachers peddling false spiritual practices and who now, under the false guise of Unity, are actually conning their followers into a “Wicked” relationship with the Pope, who believes all will be saved, even Muslims and Mormons, Everyone! I am alarmed at the lack of Ministers warning the people. I am alarmed that people who do see the deception are not alarmed at the numbers who are deceived. It is so important to get this information out so that some might see the light and turn from their wicked ways. These false teachings are Wicked! Someone has to tell the people. “ How will they hear unless He sends a preacher? (And each one of us who claims to be a Christian is a priest of the Word of God, a preacher so to speak!) If we love them we will get the courage to tell them. I say courage because there is a price tag for standing on the Truth these days. Only God knows exactly what it will cost the person who is willing to expose the Lies. But I thank God for them and have a burden myself to tell others also. Not only are we called to pray in these last days, but who else will join Sandy and Tony and “Sound an Alarm” so that some who are deceived might see the light and repent of their involvement and deception and be saved?


    • Hi Karen . Praise the Lord Karen that you were able to come out of such deception.I am very alarmed at what passes for the work of the Holy Spirit in Christian Churches today.It has driven me to examine and re listen to lots of teaching,tapes,books,bible studies I have on these subjects. I do not want to lessen the work of anyone exposing them. Teachers such as Bill Johnson are popular in my circle of friends in my own Church and I am looking for ways to minister truth to them.It appears that lots of Counsellors with the maturity to handle this disaster is required.After a mass tragedy then grief counsellors etc are brought in. This is a mass tragedy.None the less God is in control and Jesus is as ever able to bring people out of Bondage.I admire the work of Neil Anderson and his Freedom in Christ International organisation that works in this field.Blessings. Geoff


  9. Tenderhearted, when I was in the Faith Movement, I believed I could lose my salvation. I don’t thin many Charasmatics and Pentecostals believe OSAS. That is not the error they are caught up in. They are looking for experiences, and then bigger and more exciting ones. And then they rave about all that the Holy Spirit is doing! The problem with that is the Holy Spirit never brings attention to Himself, but rather to Jesus. These people rarely talk about how Jesus made them roll on the floor or how Jesus shot waves of power through them, but rather they exclaim, Wow, did you feel the Holy Spirit? Did you see what the Holy Spirit did in the meeting. Did you see how the Holy Spirit made her cry?” No, the real Holy Spirit reveals Jesus and speaks about Jesus, not about Himself!!! These people are following the wrong Spirit and don’t know it. They are so sure they are right, they are not worried about being decieved. The way they believe people can lose their salvation is more through their sins and addictions or the sins of their flesh (I know these things are really sins of the flesh but they cannot see it) at least that was my experience.



  10. Some people who may not be familiar with my ministry here is a short bio. I have had my blog The No Goofy Zone since 2005 the same year my book Pa$$ The Plate And Let Us Prey was published. Ken Silva from Aspiring Ministries wrote the forward to my book and we had been friends since 2001. I surely miss Ken but know he is with the Lord. I do list the people I have played with in the past to show I can speak about Word Faith etc.. which I do in my book. Ive always felt that a been there done that is more credible because we were freed out of something that we now speak out against. The Simply Agape Project started with getting free music to the troops. We did that by charging a buy one get one and the paid one helped pay for the cost of reproducing the free one. Than in 2005 I did an expose on the Emergent Church for the Nazarene denomination. I am not a Nazarene but have been a missionary to them since 2004. The project was done with Ray Yungen, Gary Gilley, Johanna Michaelsen, Sandy Simpson, Mike Oppenheimer with me behind the camera and directing and editing. Our dvd was given away at no charge we did not even charge for postage. I dont have a problem with those that do charge for materials thats just not where God has me. The new dvd was put up on U Tube first so we could get it to people worldwide without having to pay for shipping. Again our products have always been for free. My book costs money because I went through a publisher. I have always been a tentmaker and worked a lot in management. I was an operations manager for Home Depot for 8 years and now am a part time travel agent and fulltime ministry. My being a travel agent helps defray my travel expenses if I go and speak. I do not charge for that just ask that people pay for travel, hotel (or couch), and food. My biggest early notoriety was probably my online debates with Rick Warren apologist Richard Abanes. My accountability now is with David Lister, Jacob Prasch and Sandy Simpson as well as Manny Silva. I am not an official Moriel person but have been friends with everyone for a long time. And yes I did play for Gary Lewis and The Playboys back in late 70’s early 80’s as well as some oldies bands. Gary since has remained a friend and has since been saved but still has not changed the name of the band. Sorry if that offends anybody but its out of my control. I wrote this not to brag or anything just to let folks who may not be familiar with me or my ministry would know about me. You can google my name and all of the above to check it out for yourselves which I would encourage you to do. I have been around for a while though. If you have any questions about me, where I stand on things or topics or theology please feel free to email me at nogoofyzone@hotmail.com. Im very transparent and will answer all emails. FYI. Blessings In Christ. Tim


    • The previous comment was made by Tim, and in response I will say this. Someone whose comment I won’t post didn’t bother to ask Tim questions about his past or his affiliations. That person came out with a shot gun, rapid fire to take shots at the man. I was quite angry because this is not how we treat each other. It’s enough to be attacked by people who refuse to hear the truth. We don’t need to do it to each other, and it won’t happen here.


  11. What a powerful video. exposing these lies. Todd White, with his charismatic style, has fooled many people – including my friends. We need more people like you exposing this – especially all things Bethel. Two of my best friends are completely bewitched by that church…and as Galatians says, I have now become their enemy by telling them the truth. I have a little blog which tackles these issues with the sword of the word. Please feel free to check it out. Thanks.
    Link: http://followingjesuschrist3.com/


  12. I just came across this video of Robert and Kathie Fetveit (Elijah House MInistries International) .
    They seem to be suffering from the same involuntary body movements as Todd Bentley.


  13. Arnott comments that his revival has lasted 20 years and among other things, you can take a course and learn what your healing has to do with the Creation! Wow! Well, when you happen to be one of the Ministries that people “heap to themselves,” you’ve got a huge audience of people who are seeking something other than the Real Jesus and His Holy Spirit. The spirit they seek and follow is from a spirit that comes to glorify himself rather than Jesus! This false spirit likes to take all the credit for things. Just start listening. And he never corrects those who help “give the glory” to him. However, The Holy Spirit did not come to entertain us with “fascinating” things like “jerking under a so called anointing they say they have no control over” or rolling on the floor, or soaking on the floor in the so called presence of God and on and on. He is not an entertainer for those who seem bored with the Truth. Jesus tells us John 16:7-8 nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Then in verses 12-14 He says, “12″…I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13″But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. 14″He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you. These false spirits sure do like take what is of Jesus and then use it to glorify themselves. And as long as the people love it and want to continue to “drink it all up and wallow around the floor in it or shake like a kook and call it Jesus”, then it could last another 20 years or until Jesus comes back. Goggle the “Arnotts and the Pope”. Like M’kayla said, it is all connected and it all goes so far as to connect with the Pope. Today, we see a net being thrown over the Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches, as well as the other denominations, now that Beth Moore and Warren are on board this bandwagon. The net is pulling them all,( those who are blind and don’t have ears to hear what the Real Holy Spirit is saying) into a One World Religion right before our very eyes, under the false Unity being peddled by the Pope. Incredibly, the Pope is presently able to convince them that the Protestant Reformation was bogus, and that God wants all of us who profess to know Christ to come together as brothers in the Lord. And many are buying it. But as they say, “Buyer Beware! Don’t go that way! Despite what the Pope says, or anyone else, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and many other false religions do not believe Jesus is God. And we cannot join hands with them. So, beware of New Revelation that glorifies the Spirit rather than Jesus. Beware when they rave about the “Holy Spirit” doing this and that. Beware when they point out the Holy Spirit rather than Jesus! The Holy Spirit will always talk about Jesus, not about Himself. After all where in the scriptures is the example of soaking prayer or laughing uncontrollably and rolling on the floor? Where is this jerking described in the bible? These are false spirits producing false signs and wonders. I hear Jesus saying, “Depart from me, I never knew you!” It is in the Word of God! That is our standard, that is the Truth to follow, not these experiences, not these men who sound so convincing but who are master deceivers. Mark them, take note of who they are. They are connected! Jesus said in so many words that “if you Love Me you will love My Word and if you Love Me you will Keep My Word!” Do we really Love Jesus? We need to Test all things against the Word of God and then do that, not these other weird and ungodly things .


  14. Loved the post. My husband and I are stuck in one of these churches… it’s frustrating cuz we are not that well equipped in the Word so it is very hard for us to discern truth from false teaching/preaching. Please pray… also.. thoughts on “journaling”?


    • Rayshell I don’t think there is anything wrong with writing out thoughts, things learned, things to ponder….etc. Journaling gets its bad name when we start thinking we hear a voice and start writing what we hear. Its different than the Lord speaking to us and difficult to hammer out in words here. Just a thought for you to kick around. 🙂


  15. My family and I have a lot of Bethel, IHOP, Morning Star music down loaded for worship.. Knowing what I do now, do you know of any “correct” christian music, or a group that you can point us to research? We love to sign and worship the Lord and this has opened our eyes up greatly, BUT we want to make sure we are glorifying the Lord in our worship.


    • I put a link to a songwriter at the top of my blog. He continues to write music. I don’t want to be the one to tell you who to listen to. Just be lead by the Holy Spirit and you will find your answers. Sadly, any thing with a famous “label” is questionable. I will say if you do research, just google names you will easily find who associates with whom.


  16. You will recognise them by their fruit. Grapes are not gathered from thorns or figs from thistles, are they? In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree is not able to bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree to bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and throw into the fire. So then, you will recognise them by their fruit.
    Matthew 7.


  17. Thanks for this post. I was in tears through parts of it. I used to think very highly of Heidi Baker. That part was especially hard to watch. Then I was in for another shocker listening to a famous
    ‘youth pastor’ laugh and smile while calling the Holy Spirit blasphemous names

    I watched a YouTube documentary by Andrew Strom about the weirdness going on. His video comparing what is happening in the charismatic movement with the kundalini from eastern religions was really good. I was in for another shocker listening to what these new authors call God and the Holy Spirit in reference to smoking drugs. I did not know these things were going on to this extent. Heart wrenching. Truly.

    I don’t have any words to say, nothing wise, lots of scripture comes to mind. What can we say if people don’t care?

    Its Easter Weekend.
    I love a Savior who gave His life in agony for my sins. I love a Savior who is Lord God of all. Who died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life and the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth. I love a Savior who loved me, died for me while I was yet a sinner. My Savior rose again from death, He is resurrected and death has no power over Him. Take courage, be of good cheer, for our Savior has overcome the world. I will abide in Him.
    My life is in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, the Word who created the universe and everything in it. I will praise Him for evermore. Amen Emmanuel!


      • M’kayla it’s on Charisma magazines website and put the name Jason Westerfield in the search bar. Westerfield was a student at Bethel in 2008 and was regarded as a “shining star” well he is off the rails and has been for a long time. Also if you look at I bethel.org and check out a sermon called ” more at any cost” Johnson does what appears to me to be damage control. With Johnsons talk of realms of anointing , accessing anointing so. Also in Redding where I live there is a website called Bethel church and Christianity who is a discernment group pointing out false teachings.


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