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17 thoughts on “2014 in review

  1. I was given a copy of the book “A New Apostolic Reformation?”, by R. Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec. Has anyone read it, have any comments? And are other reputable books available on the subject? Thank you.


    • TenderHearted, I haven’t read it, but found it on Amazon under Holly Pivec. I know there are many other sources also refuting the biblical basis of the NAR. Is there a specific question you have?


      • I have been looking for specifics with which to discuss with “Bethelites”, who I can see every day when I am able to be out of my apartment here in Redding. They will see me on the street, obviously disabled, and jump at the chance to lay hands on me, pray for my healing, and “prophesy” over me. I need specifics I can use on the street, to hopefully make a difference in their lives, and win them to the truth. I am aware that almost always they are demonized with what they are taught every day in Bethel’s school. I know that 99+% of those from Bethel who think they can prophesy are false prophets. They are trained that OT rules about prophecy, especially Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 13, do not apply today. They are taught that “risk” = Biblical faith, and so abominate that word. They are taught in print that “without “RISK” it is impossible to please Him”, and so add to Scripture, thus incurring the plagues of Revelation. I am aware that their “signs” (e.g., “glory dust”) are simply false signs and wonders, spoken of in Scriptures.
        But how to reach into their hearts to make a difference eludes me.
        Also, they are contaminating quite a number of other churches in this area, and including (I believe) a Christian university and seminary associated with the Alliance denomination, which is located about 2 miles from bethel church. They seem to be infiltrating so as to take over those churches, and if they can, the seminary.
        Since I live in the middle of it, I want to be able to make a difference, but I seem to be stymied how to do that.
        I thought there may be books that could help me in this.
        Thank You!


        • Hi TenderHearted. Did you miss my response when you asked before? You don’t need a person to give you direction, you have the leading of the Holy Spirit, and you don’t need a book, you have THE BOOK! There aren’t any pat answers to throw out there that are going to convince them they practice a false religion. Only the Lord thru the power and work of the Holy Spirit can reveal that to them. Again, pray, ask for guidance and see what happens. Just make sure they keep their grubby hands off your body! πŸ™‚


          • Tomorrow I will be meeting with the preacher at an Alliance church we have been trying to go to when we can. My chief question for him is what is the extent of connections between his church and Bethel. There have been various signals that I have noted. Such as that Bethel gave to this church a substantial amount of money recently. I cannot remember if it was 10,000 or 30,000. But I know that the devil never gives something for free, like God does. Another sign was that in a small group one man called himself a prophet, and no one was surprised or asked about it. I do not know what music they use because I stay away during that part of their meetings. (You may remember that that kind of music gives me seizures.) If this church is connected with Bethel, it means to me that Bethel is gradually taking over the church, like they have done with others. If they are not far gone, and I can influence them away from Bethel, then good. Otherwise I will leave that church because it is too contaminated. So today I will pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to speak, and the discernment to know their heart. As it is, this church is looking for a permanent “senior pastor”, and seems to be ripe for Bethel to insert one of their own into that position. I do not know if they are looking for a shepherd (a Biblical pastor), or if they are looking for a CEO with preaching privileges and the privilege of (quickly or gradually) changing the basic beliefs of the church to align with his own. I have known three different churches where the new “senior pastor” did not tell the people his real aims until after he had been there for a year or more, and consolidated his power. Then he led the church in a totally different direction than where they had been theologically and spiritually.
            Thank you!


            • How distressing, heartbreaking and interesting all at the same time – a CEO with preaching privileges and the change of beliefs would be – word of faith/occult aka the work of the anti-christ. One man should never have that much power and it why the Lord set up the first century church the way He did, in which every one brings a gift to use in building the church and reaching the lost. Much of the demise of the church is because it does not operate the way it should. I’ve been in situations where I had knowledge of those back room meetings where the false prophetic steers the way the church goes. Some days I wondered how a person can operate in that for very long and still remain sane. Interested to hear the outcome of yours.


  2. Thank you for this site. Can you please comment on christembassy’s teachings of repetitious meditation and visualization. They also teach about recreating ‘your own’ world’. Our found thier teachings matching some of John Kohoe’s ‘learn mind power’


  3. This site has been so helpfull to me. I was struggling with these wild manifestations . I used to feel a huge snake moving inside my body . When i read about how to be delivered , i came to an understanding that we do not have the power to deliver ourselves but our God does. Our power ls in him. The devils have no option but to leave when we put ALL our trust in God. It took me a few minutes to get rid of these things. The power to overcome evil lies in our ernestness and our radical trust in God. Thanx again for the posts..


  4. M’Kayla,

    There’s not enough people like you making noise about the false teachers that are out there. One of the biggest weapons of false teaching churches are the worship bands that continue to grow in popularity that escape the radar of false teaching.

    The church at large is unaware of the negative false teaching connection that Bethel Church Redding has with Bethel Music, Kim Walker, Jesus Culture, etc. Sound Bible teaching churches are singing their songs in worship with no knowledge that the mother church behind these worship songs is false!

    You should write a blog about how people are being grossly deceived through the lure of worship music!

    β€œlet me write the songs of a nationβ€”I don’t care who writes its laws.”



    • HI Denzel! Thanks!! It’s a topic that has been in my head for quite some time and one that I discuss often with others in private conversation. It is distressing to me that Christians who are well aware of the deception thinks its ok to listen to these musicians. They just don’t seem to want to understand the false “jesus” behind the “beautiful” music. The Lord God does not share His place with demons no matter how beautiful. and neither should His people.


  5. Hi champ πŸ™‚

    Just an interesting thing you may, or, may not know. Just recently the fake, false, lying babble of dreams Kim Clement had a 3 day conference at his “den” with chuck missler. I got an email from misslers ppl encouraging everyone to watch the broadcast which started on jan 9 2015. I went to Clements web page & there it was (still there for all to see with links to watch the conference). Chuck was speaking about “the rapture”..

    Clement banged on with his usual “rock star” me performance for (yawn) what seemed like eternity (32 min?). After that clement said ‘we have one of the generals here with us tonight’. A very frail chuck walked to the uhm, what do you all it these days? Pulpit? And began with ‘words can not express how wonderful it is to be hear tonight & ‘I’ve been in corporate business world for 30 years & full time ministry for 30 odd years, & it’s very rare to come across someone like Kim. (of coarse I’m going by memory, but my words are about 98% right). Don’t get me wrong, I am a chuck missler guy. I’ve got lots of his stuff & have his bible teachings going on most days whilst cleaning the house up.

    My problem is why he is at Clements snare validating that false prophet. Well I guess I was wrong about Kim Clement, if chuck was speaking there for 3 days, well Kim must be ok then, right!!! Hmmm, anyway it’s not a witch hunt after chucky boy. I did email koinonia house about my query ever so nicely but, no reply. Kinda think I deserved an answer from them, even if it was a back hander. Obviously my email isn’t for posting, just flick it off when your finished reading it. Take care sis, the finish line is just up ahead. God speed.




  6. Hi. I posted a question about “being in God’s presence” on a different post. Now I can’t remember which post. I was wondering if know where it is so I can see if anyone has replied. I had trouble getting my notifications from your blog set up so I’m afraid I might have missed a response. If you haven’t seen it, I will try to go thru the different post and see I’d I can find it
    Your blog has Benn so helpful. I have spent hours and hours reading it


  7. Caryl Matrisciana did a DVD titled “Wide is the Gate ” Volume 3. She talks about Bethel, IHOP and a lot of the New apostolic reformation in the 5 &1/2 hour DVD. I think it could help with some of the questions(ofcourse after reading and checking the bible)

    M’Kayla: have you watched volume 3 yet? I know you have talked about Caryl’s research and videos on your blog a while ago.


      • Thanks M’Kayla. She has produced a lot of DVD’s warning the church about all kinds of false doctrines, but she did a series in particular called “wide is the gates” and there are 3 volumes: 1, 2 and 3.

        The latest one is volume 3 and just came out last November 2014. Volume 3 is focused on the hyper-charismatic church and some of the false prophets and doctrines of IHOP, Bethel, C Peter Wagner, Todd bentley, William Branhma, etc.

        I believe every christian should buy it and keep it as a resource. It is about 5 plus hours of DVD. It has a lot of what you have shared on your blog.

        Volume 3 has biblical teaching and research on a lot of NAR topics and she also interviewed two women who actually were members of some of these churches, just like you did M’Kayla. These women shared and also talked about their experiences at Bethel, Vineyard and other charismatic churches they attended for about 20 years plus and came out.

        Other topics include the 7 mountains, holy spirit, etc. Here is a link below.


        Blessings πŸ™‚



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