Invisible Friends?

In light of all the arguments FOR the validity of JP Jackson’s work, I am reposting….Read this as for study in search of the truth with your bibles open wide…

m'kayla's korner

I’ve been intending to do some work on the misguided teachings and ministry of John Paul Jackson. I’ve taken several of his courses and participated in his dream interpretation training. He is quite deceived and one to avoid no matter how many accolades he receives by the charismatics.He is another “one of those” who have very little bible knowledge and loads of so called supernatural experiences. He has a great following who pay him loads of money to learn dream interpretation, numerology and how to have all sorts of supernatural encounters.  He calls himself a Christian and uses the name of Christ in his work, but he is far from a true man of God.

He is one of the original Kansas City Prophets and spent time under the tutelage – if you can call it that –  of John Wimber of the Vineyard, another whose emphasis on the…

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7 thoughts on “Invisible Friends?

  1. M’kayla, thank you for your faithful witness to and for the Word of the Lord. I am encouraged greatly to see how an older woman like myself who also believed false teachers can still be used to guide and disciple others. I was so afraid that I was in so many broken shards that He would not be able to find any use for me. If I but live out the rest of my life in a manner that is upright so that my children can see His witness restored in me, then the rest of my life, however long that is, is being used by Him and that is a tremendous gift. – Lani King


    • Mc’Kayla, isn’t it strange that on the Daystar Network, they were proclaiming that John Paul was healed of his cancer. They made a big deal of it, and you can find it on their website where it states “JOHN PAUL JACKSON HEALED”. Well they were lying. Now he is truly healed, on the other side.

      I never knew quite what to make of his prophecies. They weren’t were specific nor very impressive, I know that much. Regarding his mother’s reported testimony of being visited of an angel regarding his birth and his future ministry—only God knows the truth on this. I wanted to believe it was real and a genuine encounter. If it was true, why would God take him before a major minister received his three score and ten (70 years)?


      • Ian, what we need to look at is the message. Does is stand the test of true doctrine, or is it mixed with other teachings. I followed this man for a time and I can say without a doubt he is a false teacher, with far too much emphasis on dreams and visions. We are told that these things happen, but we are not told to follow after them to the degree JPJ has taught. God is the one who gives the gifts and they cannot be taught by man.


  2. I was involved in false teachings for 15 years (I call them cults). I can tell you I had what I thought were God experiences. It felt real, sounded real and I was convinced it was God. Now that I am out of that, all of those experiences have proven to be not of God.
    I was dangerously deceived, and its only after my eyes were opened I realized how wrong all of these experience were. My goodness, its still shakes me up a bit when I think about how I was following those visions, dreams, ‘words’, ‘knowings’, prophecies ect.

    Just typing this reminds me how thankful I am to be out of that! I was such a mess


  3. M’Kayla, I am new to your blog and thank you for your love and desire to see the Body of Christ whole in this last hour. Without realizing the date on a couple of your threads, I just uploaded a replies to a couple of your threads, one was on “faith healing”. Oops, my bad. The matter of WOF unfortunately is still as much an issue if not more, now with K. K. wanting to make a unification covenant with the pontiff.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you, M’Kayla, if you’ve heard of Kat Kerr. She is very big right now in a local church of which the elders had been very big into the “Toronto blessing”. I don’t know much on Kat Kerr as yet, except that she boasts of going to heaven, and having angelic encounters.

    Thank you for your thoughtful site,



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