Toronto Blessing…or Curse?

A great write on the Toronto Blessing and beyond.


Over the Passover (Easter) weekend I had an interesting conversation with my sister-in-law. She is a Pentecostal, which I have some disagreements with, but it was her comments about the “Toronto Blessing” which got my attention.

Up until this weekend I had no idea that she had been to any of the meetings at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church, during the time when Rodney Howard Brown was leading the “revival” meetings there.

Our conversation started with a discussion about the pagan nature of the name “Easter”, and eventually got around to the “Toronto Blessing”. Her statement, which I found incredible, was that “it was a movement of the Holy Spirit” and “You had to be there”!

The bible, on the other hand, does not tell us to fool around with spirits, but to test them;

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but trythe spiritswhether they are of God: because…

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