Toronto Blessing…or Curse?

A great write on the Toronto Blessing and beyond.


Over the Passover (Easter) weekend I had an interesting conversation with my sister-in-law. She is a Pentecostal, which I have some disagreements with, but it was her comments about the “Toronto Blessing” which got my attention.

Up until this weekend I had no idea that she had been to any of the meetings at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church, during the time when Rodney Howard Brown was leading the “revival” meetings there.

Our conversation started with a discussion about the pagan nature of the name “Easter”, and eventually got around to the “Toronto Blessing”. Her statement, which I found incredible, was that “it was a movement of the Holy Spirit” and “You had to be there”!

The bible, on the other hand, does not tell us to fool around with spirits, but to test them;

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but trythe spiritswhether they are of God: because…

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16 thoughts on “Toronto Blessing…or Curse?

  1. I would fervently pray God OPEN her eyes! She has made the choice to “go with the ‘wow! It’s so exciting!'” crowd.

    Speaking as “one who used to be there”, keep praying God will open her eyes. For with God, we know nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. Nothing.


  2. I agree with his comment about counterfeits being very similar to the real thing. Otherwise they would be recognized by everyone as fake. Just because a man acts humble and respectful does not mean his doctrine isn’t false.


  3. I was part of the ‘pouring out’ when Rodney was in Lakeland. I actually spent 6 weeks there plus another few weeks at other times. I was intrigued but I couldn’t figure it out at the same time. I didn’t get any manifestation out of it though I had someone tell me that I was quenching the Spirit of God.
    My cousin was a different story. I was 24. She was 16. She rolled around the church like tumbleweed. She didn’t laugh that much but was out of it. Often I would get into her path and she would roll up into my arms and I would carry her to the carry so she and I can go home. The one thing that I never saw happen is a call to repentance. She also had another manifestation that was weird. We were sitting about 6 rows from the front and my cousin gently put her head down and her body would swell up very stiff and her body would become very hot. She would literally stiffen like cardboard and push me into the back of the pew. Then she would go limp as if she was about to fall on the floor. This went on for 15 minutes. Now, I look at the fruit of this thing for her and after all of this happened she got involved with a kid who was into drugs. She become sexually active and has since gone through 2 divorces. She went to jail for drugs as well. She has been very up and down in the church and I often wonder how much of this Rodney thing is responsible for these actions.

    I do not promote Rodney’s stuff because there is no call to repentance. There is more a call to yield to the Spirit and as a result you gain these manifestations of laughter and rolling on the floor. Often not being able to talk because of the laughter.

    A peculiar incident. A women, the wife of a local Christian tv owner, was at one meeting. Somehow she said she felt the ‘annointing’ and said God spoke to her to create and outreach to homosexuals and called it ‘Set Free if you Want to be’. She created a 30 minute show of people who came out of homosexuality and did seminars as well. She eventually died about 10 years later and I often wondered why this happened.

    I have enclosed a link about her.


    • John, I agree, those manifestations can be dangerous and have lasting consequences. When you first mentioned the “Christian” TV owner I thought you were referring to Tammy Faye Baker who also had a ministry to gays and has since also passed away. hmm.


      • M’Kayla, I did not know that.
        The only ‘authentic’ testimony that I know, personally, out of this ‘laughing’ business was Molly’s yet it caused me to wonder Why she would pass away only about 10 yrs after having this ministry reaching out to homosexuals. I took part in one of her weekend seminars because I wanted to know what is lying under the surface of this because the deception is so great in the homosexual arena.


  4. Kiddo, as with all moves of Father..starts out just fine and ends. We humans do seem to take it beyond His grace. Does not disqualify the initial anointing. The start was quite amazing.. The unity of believers was something I had never witnessed before.


  5. Well then test it young lady. Most of the posts are devisive… You well re.ember the initial anointing on this whole subject. That the corporate church kept something going that the Holy Spirit may have closed down does not disqualify a move of Father. Church history is full of such times that were quite wonderful. You and I will both be judged by what we are currently doing to further the Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. I bless you but also warn you……unity not division…..warn with humility….


    • Discernment in all things is commanded in the bible. Sometimes it can come across as outright negative especially if there is a ‘move of God’ that really isn’t a move of God. Just like positive confession movement. Was that a move of God? How would you know because rebuking things in it would not be considered a positive confession and yet a rebuke is a positive thing because it confronts deceit.

      1 John 4:1
      Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world


    • I find that on the surface your comments about the beginning of at least this example in Toronto seem to have an air of superior tolerance. As if we cannot somehow see the reality of God in a movement like this or elsewhere for that matter… Or at least we don’t realize that things that begin in God somehow get derailed somewhere along the way.

      My position is that this is a patently false and dangerous point of view. God is eternal and He NEVER makes a mistake. All of these things ultimately produce fruit. This is how the scriptures tell us to make a determination about whether a tree is good or evil. We may look at a tree at any point in it’s development and say Wow! this thing is beautiful! It must be God!

      The reality is that this may not be true at all. A good tree will never produce evil fruit and an evil tree will never produce good fruit. God has not changed His mind. This is always the case. Trees start out from seeds.. My point is that the evil or the good that is there behind the inception of any idea or revival or belief system will be seen throughout and will ultimately be manifest in the fruit for anyone who has eyes to see. It is our enemy who wants us to forget this and embrace these false doctrines. It is important for us to remember this when we seek to defend and justify anything that is allegedly from God.


  6. Hi Mkayla!

    I hope you have not given up your blog. It looks like anyone who speaks out against the false teachers disappears.

    I have been looking for some assistance. A former member of my small group is getting heavily involved with the charismania movement. I have been trying to speak to her and her boyfriend about Biblical truth. After almost 2 years of being there for her and studying the Bible together, I have suddenly become her enemy due to her defense of Bill Johnson and others.

    What do you say to a person in this state?

    Honestly, after she attacked me and called me misguided for expressing concern for the lack of the gospel, mixture of truth and lies, scripture twisting and division, I really don’t have much to say to her.

    God has shown me over and over that I did the right thing by telling her the truth. I just feel bad because I saw the process and manipulation that led her down that path.

    Stay strong Mkayla. You are doing the right thing.



    • Lisa, the only way we can know the truth is thru the word of God. People who are caught up in “charismania/bethel” are brainwashed into thinking our faith is more than the word. It is such a deceptive lie but many fall for it. This is one very important way the false teachings of Bethel and others can take hold. You did do the right thing, and being attacked is common behavior. When I spoke out about Todd Bentley’s behavior back in 2007 I was told by many people that there was something wrong with ME. So we ask the question how we know it is God or not? We can’t find in the bible stories of gold dust or feathers or the use of fire tunnels. There isn’t scripture supporting the word of faith doctrine that is the basis of Bethel. There are many areas, practices and teaching that simply is not in the bible. God will never violate His own word. People are led like sheep to the slaughter because they love the fleshy – me, me, me of it all. That is another point to be made in itself. They claim it is all about Jesus, but it is all about them- the next anointing, the next prophetic word, experience, etc.

      Thank you for your kind concern and support! I’m still here, just not as much. 🙂

      Peace and love to you in the name of our Lord!


  7. Of these supposed revivals much has been written.

    I agree with the article posted by M’Kayla. She is shining the light of truth here.

    Referring to M’Kayla as “kiddo” or “young lady” does not help your argument, Mr. Halseth.

    As for the warning not to be divisive, I have much experience with such warnings, though not in the Bethel/NAR/charismania types of churches. I (and my young family) were “asked to leave” not one, but two, Baptist churches which had introduced heresies. I was told that I had a spirit of division. In one of these churches “word of faith” teachings were being introduced. In the other the congregation was being taken down the Purpose Driven pathway. I spoke up. I would do it again.

    In Amos, chapter 7, Amos is warned to take both his person and his prophesies back south to Judah by the religious authority of the day.

    In 1 Corinthians 11:19 the Holy Spirit moves Paul to write: “For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.”

    Jude writes in verse 3: it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith.

    It is a difficult thing to take a stand for the truth; and to risk mockery or worse for it. It is helpful for like-minded believers to know that they are not alone. Be strong and continue as the Lord leads, M’Kayla.


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