Chat with Susan Puzio


I will be talking with Susan Puzio blog talk radio on Saturday, August 1 at 1PM Eastern Time. We will be discussing my involvement with the healing rooms and the false prophetic. During this time with Susan I plan to get more into the topic of dreams and visions since I haven’t gone into that topic much.

Here is the link, which will also be archived for later listening.

8 thoughts on “Chat with Susan Puzio

  1. Now that is a topic that i am VERY interested in hearing thank you M’Kayla. Hope the conversation will be able to cover some of the points I have mentioned!


  2. I may have to catch this on the podcast but I am interested in this. I need to be educated on the value and nonsense that is in dreams and visions. Some say they are good while others say beware. the author of ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’ has a vision and a couple of dreams and those along with his knowledge of who Jesus was brought him to receive Jesus as his Savior. So, I want to understand when a dream or vision is of God vs. when it is not or the danger or looking for it for direction, if that makes sense?


    • i think John that there are dreams and there are dreams! Lol ok not the most profound statement I have ever made:) Dreams are a natural working of the body that we have. However, there are some who like to see God responding in every dream as a message from God that is not good if it takes the place of seeking guidance from God. Of course the founders of Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses had visions and dreams and they acted upon them. Nuff said. For me, it is not so much whether a person has a dream or whether it comes from God or an angel of light or from your own mind, the important thing is how you respond to the dream and then what are the fruits.. although that is very simplistic. Ultimately, I beleivewe should refer back to scripture in all things.. which is the start of another topic


    • Hi John, Thanks for your patience. I do hear stories like this. When a dream or a vision is of God, we, as believers will know. There are many examples in the bible where God speaks plainly to His people – Jacob, Joseph and the story in Acts 10 and 11, etc. I read a bit of his story and saw that he had been in the process of hearing about Jesus. I don’t rely on dreams and visions of Christ for salvation because the bible is clear that it is done thru the hearing of the word and conviction of the Holy Spirit. If there is repentance from sin, then I would accept the confession of such. I do have concerns because this person is gaining lots of attention and that is a warning sign. I hope that he does know Christ and no one steers him in the wrong direction. Fame does not go well with Christianity as we well know.

      I have done lots of research and I am looking forward to putting it together in an article. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for the encouragement and prayer. I’m getting very excited. For now, I am holding the rest of the comments in moderation for later.
    love and blessings everyone! MARANATHA!


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