12 thoughts on “2015 Burning Man is Biting-bug Infested!

  1. Mykayla, explain to me what Burning Man is. Couldn’t get a lot of information on the website. Living on the east coast, I don’t hear a lot about this. From what I’ve read sounds very New Age (environmental conscious, liberal agenda, one world, peace, etc…….Woodstockesk? )



  2. Hi m’kayla! I want to thank-you for putting your story out there as I am struggling with some of the same issues. My husband and I have been going to a charismatic church for 10 years and loved it and the people! We have noticed a “shift”  the past couple of years and could not quite figure out what was going on until now. Our worship band only play music from Jesus culture or IHOP and lots of people, including elders  have been going to IHOP and to Bethel for conferences. They  even send there kids to IHOP for a week at a time! Many have gone to Bethel  to learn their healing ministry and are using it during church service and they have a have worship and healing nights. Our pastor and others just got back from Columbia and were part of a fire tunnel and received impartations from Gary Oates ministry. I guess they expect a huge revival to start at the church and we are feeling like we need to move on. I am finding lots of info on here about how wrong this is because I thought they were right and I was never as spiritual as the rest of them. I know the holy spirit lives in me but I was told by some that they wanted to pray for me to receive the holy spirit which made me feel confused and I have not gone back!  thing that confuses me is that I know these people love the Lord and live Him! Why would I be able to see this and they would not? I see that I was so deceived but my heart breaks for them and I feel a huge loss I know they would never accept my input. I think we will go back to the church my husband grew up in as it in doctrinally sound and start over:) This is a real mind bender for me as I feel I now have to unlearn what I so earnestly desired to  in the first place! Doe any of this make sense? I don’t think it has to be so hard!!! I just want you to know how  much your posts mean to me. Thank you again and God Bless!!    


    • This is where I am at in my realizations. I am stumped but have a new appreciation for God’s saving grace. I want all to see the fresh revelation of truth but fear they look at my view as the opposing one. The only reference that I ever want and need is God’s word. Nothing added to or taken from it! It is of the enemy that His word has been skewed and changed to fit the times.
      I am deeply saddened that the church is caught up in this. I can totally understand because I was wrapped up in it. But, now there is no way I could ever place myself or my family back in a church with false based doctrine. I would be committing spiritual suicide and murder.
      Oh thank you for removing the blinders Holy Spirit. Thank you for your Truth, Word of God.


  3. Thanks Mkayla! Wow! It really brings years to my eyes. This reminds me of what we have here in GA. http://www.tomorrowworld.com/home

    Frightening stuff. What always saddens me the most are the children that are brought into these events. It breaks my heart. We’ve always known people worshipped idols. However, it’s only been in recent years where people can actually celebrate and flaunt it right out in the public. Half the people that go think it’s all fun and games. They have no idea what they are opening themselves up to.



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