Cling to the Gospel

If you are a Christian and your life is full of struggle, do not forsake the Gospel, but cling to it more fully knowing that you are not strong, but God is strong.

From Lighthouse Trails Blog –

Setting Aside the Power of the Gospel for a Powerless Substitute

God grant us peace and wisdom to live out our days in such unprecedented and confusing times. Don’t let go.

And for Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!



11 thoughts on “Cling to the Gospel

  1. Thank you for your ministry! I am in the process of coming out of the church we’ve been attending for 5 years. They’ve told me there’s no affiliation, but we are singing Jesus Culture songs, had a concert put on by them this summer, had a “very anointed” JC worship leader lead two Sundays ago where we were encouraged to “grab part of the anointing that’s on him.” Also we were told “we have a team down in Redding this week getting an impartation.” That was it for me. I do NOT want that anointing or impartation. No, thank you! I felt so sick to my stomach. How does this happen? Anyway, I just want you to know how thankful I am for this blog and the others you’ve linked. Prayers please as I make an appointment to speak with a pastor about my concerns. I would like to just walk/run away, but my husband thinks I should have the meeting.


  2. Like as a woman with child, that draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs; so have we been in thy sight, O LORD. (Isaiah 26 v 17)


  3. Mkayla,
    I need help and I was wondering if you had any advice for me. My husband and I have been in ministry for awhile. My husband is currently the worship pastor at our church. A few years ago I opened up the door through I believe rebellion, Pride and unresolved hurts from leadership to a severe demonic attack. I started getting attacked by a horrible presence. At the same time I started reading a book from bethel church and began having very heavy euphoric like manifestations. I’ve been battling these manifestations for the last too years, Fasting praying and doing everything I knew to get rid of This horrible false presence. Two months ago I stopped eating and sleeping. I started shutting down completly. I became so desperate to hear the Lord. I started crying out to him for help and felt a real godly sorrow and repentance come over me. I started sensing God in a way that I hadnt in very long time . I was overjoyed. The next day I started feeling attacked by the false presence. I prayed and ask God to confirm that that was really him the night before. Right after praying that I received a phone call from a friend who told me that there were 2 ladies that were coming out to where I lived who do deliverance ministry prayer. I believed God was answering my prayer for help by sending these women out to me. When I got off the phone I felt the Lord speak very clearly to me.. See to it that you do not give in to and evil and unbelieving heart. A few hours after this I ended up having a presence of fear come over me that I have never experienced before. I felt myself give in to this fear until it became a full blown panic attack I felt complete terror come over me. After the panic attack I felt very strange almost as if I was floating and completly removed from myself my family. It was terrifying. But even worse was this feeling of a complete and total removal of Gods spirit from me. I felt this false euphoric feeling inside me body almost where the holyspirit use to be. I started seeing very dark and demonic things. I am terribly afaid that I have given into unbelief and this false spirit has completly taken me over. I can no longer sense God anywhere? Only this false presence. I am so scared. I have barley left my house since this has happened. I can no longer read the word of God at all. Mkayla, I am afraid that I’ve reached a point of no return from this spirit. I can feel it in me all the time. Have you ever heard of anything like this where the false presence actually comes inside a person. I am losing hope that I can return to my normal self. I have read stories on line of people having Kudalani awakenings and emergencies and this is what I feel like I’m going through. Please tell me there is still hope. I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice or recourses?
    Thank you,


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