Movies that Imitate Christianity, Blogtalk – Susan Puzio

I just had another blogtalk with Susan Puzio addressing some of the things I had previously been involved with. We also looked at the NRB Proclaim 16 conference that went on this past week, the speakers and contributors and the movies that are being released.

I see there is a mix of Christianity, Catholicism with influences of other beliefs, most of which will not be backed up in scripture. Have a listen, watch the movie trailers linked at Proclaim 16 on the footer that I spoke of and use the information to help others avoid these pitfalls. With all the information we have available it is easy to connect the dots. By using our bible as reference it is just as easy to recognize false doctrine coming from these movies.

We need to rid ourselves of emotions and think clearly and soberly at these deceptions which will grow stronger and more convincing as time goes on. There is a real coming together of religions forming as one. The media, entertainment sectors of our society, as well as our government are helping it take shape. Many are blind and need help to see.

Movies that imitate real Christianity


NRB “Mission Statement”

Proclaim 16 

Building the Sphere of Media Influence

Media Sphere Promotes Another False Jesus

Seth Dunn’s Review of War Room Movie

Seven Mountains Defined (not condoning the prophetic voice of C Jacobs)

Roots of Seven Mountains

Healing Room Beliefs

Grave Sucking Bethel


(Correction – During our chat I stated that Jesus warned us that many would come in His name and deceive as located in Matthew 18. That would be Matthew 24! oops!)

13 thoughts on “Movies that Imitate Christianity, Blogtalk – Susan Puzio

  1. I listened to the entire interview m’kayla. I appreciate that you are speaking out against the foolish things of this world disguised to look like truth.

    God’s blessings…


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  3. This is such an interesting time we live in. I was starting down that path after falling away from the lord for many years, so God got me out of it pretty quick, and I was not in too deep. Was a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. Unfortunately I got one of her ” enjoying everyday life bibles”. My question would be. What do I do with it? It has her teachings all through it , so I don’t really want it, but it’s the word of God so it’s holy, but only in that respect. I don’t want anyone else to get there hands on it, it’s too dangerous. Please if you could give me some invite into this that would be great.


    • Hi Donna. Meyers’ “bible” is another form of false teaching. I’d toss it into the trash (or fire) and not look back. 🙂 This is, unless you decide to keep it as a reference to warn others. Start a blog! LOL Blessings that you are OUT! 🙂


  4. Hello, I wanted to comment and thank you for your blog. I grew up in a church on the other side of the spectrum with no acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit. It was a very oppressive church in the opposite way but also very similar. When I went on the mission field for the first time, I was shocked to encounter God working so supernaturally in the world. I’ve been blessed to experience God speak to me, a sinner like me. That he would use us as instruments of his love is beyond my comprehension. I’ve been learning more about the spiritual gifts, especially prophecy.
    To be honest, it has been quite frustrating to get out of my legalistic mindset. But the more I am learning, it has actually turned into a blessing. I believe God has used this to protect me from going much to far in the realm of what you have been talking about in Bethel. It has taught me to stay grounded in His word and truth.
    I’m in an learning stage and it has been too hard for me to go to a church. There are some things that don’t sit right with me about the theology of people I’ve met that recognize that supernatural gifts are real today but I also cannot go back to a place that doesn’t accept that God is tangibly working today.
    Because I am in a learning stage, I am having a difficult time discerning. I recently read a book by Rick Joyner called The Final Quest. I was told to take it with a grain of salt and that scripture is the only authoritative word of God. There were things in there that I did not agree with but I found some things interesting and a few things even encouraging. Before I read it, I read about Joyner and the many different warnings and praise of him. I decided to go ahead and read for myself. I must be honest, I only found your blog yesterday and I have a lot of catching up to do. If you have already answered this question, I apologize. When it comes to Bethel or Hillsong- I definitely see the false teaching that you speak of. (and others)
    Do you advise staying clear of all of these things when learning about the Holy Spirit? Since I have come from such a legalistic background, I have been hard pressed to find resources on what the Holy Spirit looks today in the church. Obviously going back to scripture is what we must do. Some of these things, like the music from Bethel, have been of great encouragement to me. I guess I’m asking if you know of any leaders or churches that are more on track Biblically.
    Obviously because I am new to this, some of my vocabulary may be off or incorrect. I invite you to challenge me in any way if you feel I have made a statement that is not of God. Thank you very much for glorifying God in this way!


    • Bekah, for starters, if you want to learn about the Holy Spirit, a good starting place is John 14, 15 and 16. From there you can move into the book of Acts, etc. The Holy Spirit claimed by Joyner, Johnson, et al is not the Holy Spirit in the bible. We know this because the manifestations don’t line up with the reading in John or the fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:22-23. Keep in mind, when reading books such as Joyner’s (which is fit only for the fire) there will always be some piece of the truth mixed in with the lie. This is the way false teachers gain the trust of others. But there can be no mixture of good and bad teaching, good and bad fruit. It is either one or the other. If you search my blog for “Holy Spirit” you will find some information explaining these things in greater detail.

      Blessings in your search for the truth!


  5. Hey Bekah,
    I just wanted to write a word of encouragement and let you know that you are already so far ahead of the pack just by the fact that you are asking questions! Don’t ever under-estimate the power of questions! God clearly put these on your heart so He has every intention of answering them.
    M’Kayla’s did something that let’s you know she’s leading you in the right path, that is, she simply pointed you to God’s Word. My pastor said to my husband and I when we were new Chrisitans, “read the Bible and if you have to read books from men, read biographies before opinions”. If you’re reading the Word, you’ll see where the lives of men and women line up with God’s Word and you’ll see where they don’t.

    You’ll also see through biographies how God takes them on a journey of discovery of truth as they begin to be able to recognize truth from error. You’ll realize that the journey you’re on is a well-trodden one and that you’re surrounded by a host of fellow travellers. You’ll also learn to start recognizing some of the hooks that false teachers use to draw you in to their books when you read books that are about humble men and women of God.

    As for questions about music, books and such, remember that God is sovereign and that He will speak to you through whatever He wishes. It was the Hillsong team that put the Nicene Creed to music which (“I believe in God the Father, I believe in God the Son”) which is about as solid as you can doctrinally get, so God uses who is He wants to do what He wants. But I agree with M’kayla, false teachers blend their teaching with enough truth to make it palatable for you to accept, but as their foundations are wrong, everything else they base them on will be slightly out. There are enough brilliant teachers out there building on sure foundations to not need to dip into the concoctions the false teachers brew up.

    Never stop questioning. Swimming upstream might be tougher but the rewards are awesome!


  6. Hi Mkayla,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I found out via a you tube
    Interview on Bethel & Bill johnsonn.
    Many lingering and nagging questions were answered. I have been attendin a comgrefation past 8 years. Have learnt some good – money management and maritta littauer’s Wired that way.
    But a lot has bothered me and I jave finally stopped attending
    My deepest hurt is that we are veing duped and dont realize it. Were it not for The Word and Holy Spirit i wud still be in. Please pray for me.
    Its rough because one builds friendhips and some sort of community but I choose Christ and His ways above the ways of man.
    Thanks for listening Thank you and God richly bless you.



  7. War Room was created by NAR affiliated churches. It was filmed in a local NAR church near me. I came out from under the deception of this movement. As I began to see in the scriptures Jesus’ warnings against submitting to hypocritical authorities, it all fell into place for me. I then knew I had to make a website and some youtube videos exposing their schemes.

    You can see my website here:

    There are videos exposing the Brownsville Revival, Dr. Brown, The Brownsville Revival, and the New Apostolic Reformation in general.

    You have my permission to link to or use any of the information on my website.
    God bless,


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