A Series of Unfortunate Events

My friends at Closing Stages pointing out the fallacies behind the statements Jacob Prasch has made – “Because of the fall, women are hyper-sensitive, men are insensitive”.


A Series of Unfortunate Events” is most commonly classified as children’s fiction, but it has also been classified in more specific genres such as gothic fiction or absurdist fiction, because of its strange characters, improbable storylines, and black comedy.

This is probably the closet one can come in describing and defining a short series of “teachings” on women; recently given by Jacob Prasch. Even young believers with open Bible would be able to see the fiction and lack of scripture  to support what he claims to be Biblical; and black comedy because you either laugh or you cry at the absurdity of how this topic is mishandled.

Because there are repetitive statements (if I say it enough you will believe it) throughout most of these videos, the decision was made to address each video in sections.

“A woman’s covering”  J. Prasch

Section/episode 1: “Because of the fall…

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16 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. He does briefly mention that because of Christ these things can be overcome. But it is only a brief mention, the emphasis on the fall or the sin nature remains the focus. If indeed we are to understand correctly, reading the Old Testament in light of the New Testament, the emphasis should be on the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. Yes, we can err and make mistakes, yet people who are given to the leading of the Holy Spirit will be more apt to follow the will of the Lord. We do not need to go back to the Garden. In Christ, we are complete.

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  2. That was exactly my thought. Even if we accepted (don’t know the statistics, just a thought) that more women come to Christ than men because we are better predisposed towards spiritual matters, this sensitivity issue would not apply after conversion. A converted man is under the blood of Christ, a new creature who has the indwelling Holy Spirit. It follows then that, provided that converted men don’t resist the Holy Spirit, they shouldn’t have any gender-specific trouble in listening to God. On the contrary, if God still intends for husbands to have the spiritual leadership in the household (and I don’t think biblical marriage roles have changed at all), He will always prefer to speak to the man first provided He’s willing to listen. Talking to the wife first would be a last resort when the man has become stubborn and rebellious.

    I would also point out a passage that a good brother mentioned in connection to a friend who has an unbelieving husband. Could it be that husbands are not becoming converted as a result of our own failure to fulfill our intended role? 1 Peter 3 says, “Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives, when they see your respectful and pure conduct”.

    When we as women are preachy, nagging, disrespectful, arrogant, when we keep pointing out our husbands’ faults instead of praying and allowing God to do the work, we only get them farther and farther from Him.

    I was also thinking that this excessive emphasis on “listen to your wife” can be dangerous even if the wife has a seemingly good spiritual life, because she can still be deluded, as indeed Eve was in the garden. We should all exercise discernment when someone else says, “God told me…”, and never accept such words without confirmation.


    • Carina, I can understand the truth in 1 Peter 3, yet let’s look at the opposite. If a “Christian” husband is naggy, controlling, abusive to an unsaved wife, the end result would be the same. Who would want to make a choice and become like THAT, right? But in context, a person is saved thru the hearing of the word, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The ultimate decision is the responsibility to believe or not is on the shoulders of the unsaved hearer. There is always a balance, and when we step out of it, chaos reigns. This over-emphasis on certain scriptures without the balance of the true context Jacob has brought is a true injustice to the saving grace and power of the Lord, and has the power to make on feel inadequate, which in truth is not the case.


      • Of course it would be the same, yes… Unbelievers are great at detecting our little hypocrisies and finding in them an excuse not to believe. My point is that we have a tendency to try to help God by speaking too much and saying the wrong things. But I get your point.


  3. The strange statements that Jacob makes create a curiosity in me as to why anyone would support such a “ministry.” Does his fellowship have “membership” M’Kayla? After watching the video you have shared I can see how this man could state: ““Because of the fall, women are hyper-sensitive, men are insensitive.” What??? Because of the fall, we are all sinners who can be saved alone by the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jacob’s focus is on man (woman) instead of what God can do through us. I guess I am just restating what you have already make clear. But, I have come to the same conclusion and I haven’t spent a great deal of time on this subject.

    May God continue to bless your ministry M’kayla. I am fortunate not to have found myself in any new age type of place. I have, however, found myself in a place where unwise decisions were being made because of a leader’s disobedience to God’s Word. My wife and I both had to leave that ministry, one for which we had gone to college. Interestingly, the place we left was a “Christian” church that had a connected school where my wife’s role was as a teacher. Both of us taught our students God’s Word each morning. However, the church was compromised in ways that I won’t mention here. I will only say that the minister and his wife were having serious marital issues and had already split one church when our church decided against its own rules to “call” the man to be our preacher. We were both at the church meeting where it was stated, “We don’t care what the Bible says.”

    God works in mysterious ways. My wife and I felt we had no option but to leave a place where we were both ministering to children. We had no idea at the time what we were going to do. Eventually, we had our own two children and my wife was able to stay at home with them for at least the years before school. I worked a “secular” job and was able to support my family through those years, something that would have been very difficult on the salary I received at the Christian school. My wife was able to continue in the role as a teacher in a public school for many years and I eventually ended up in the same role. I felt I had to give teaching another shot before I died and I have enjoyed the past few years with young people. God has opened doors for me that I never would have imagined.

    I pray that you are able to move on from this experience in time and see the hand of God in it. I’m sure you probably already do. I have to admit that I felt like I was wandering in the desert for years after we left the “Church.” We still attended church off and on, listened to good teachers, and tried to stay grounded in God’s Word. I always understood that I was a member of the true Church of Jesus Christ. I had put years of investment into something that I had to leave and it hurt for some time. However, I have had many opportunities since then to be of service in one way or another. God took a bad thing and turned it for good. I have no doubt, you will have the same experience.


    • Hi Chris. Thank you for your kind and considerate – and even loving – comments to me over the years. I do appreciate them. This has been very hard for me as well as the friend I had mentioned who was the one who actually began the questioning. WE have been momentarily CRUSHED by the treatment of these two men. We have been appalled and saddened at the cult-like direction of that FB group and the brainwashing of the women who are sitting under such dangerous teaching without questioning it. However, the outpouring of comments from men and women from all over the world has astounded me. We see the truth in this topic of women being brought to light, we have heard stories of women who have operated in their gifts without questioning and the great power of God. We are learning and will continue to teach others the truth as the days go by. We will STAND. 🙂

      Peace and blessings to you my friend and to your dear family!


      • You’re welcome, M’Kayla, and thank you for your kind reply. I am so glad that you used the word “momentarily.” It tells me that you are aware that you won’t be effected indefinitely by this group although I’m sure you and your friend will be concerned for those who are being hurt by this organization. Again, thank you for your kind reply.

        God’s blessings…


  4. So glad that you mentioned the catch phrase; reading or understanding “the Old Testament in light of the New Testament”, I have noticed in the videos, referenced here, the reverse is applied….reading the New Testament in light of the Old Testament. When speaking of “who” is a woman’s covering, Jacob ticks off a list of male relatives and then adds to it pastor’s or other church “male” leadership.
    He uses this phrase also when teaching on Deborah and Barak and mangles Hebrews 11 by not applying any scriptural interpretive principles. But instead uses this phrase as a blanket cover all the principles he violates…..that he even teaches, yet somehow it doesn’t apply to him.


    • See? I heard that too and thought I had misunderstood him because it is his way to say it as I did! It’s the only way it can be phrased as we don’t go back in time. Yes, he has mangled Hebrews 11. And why, my dear friend does he insist we do our own study and ask questions and treat us in such a way?


  5. I looked up the meaning of hypersensitive online
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    a hypersensitive issue is difficult to solve and likely to upset a lot of people

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  6. Speaking as a guy, who is ( so I have been told ) sensitive.. even very sensitive) would like to say that for me to find a woman who is both God fearing and God loving, who has a passion for Gods Word is a blessing like no other. I love it when we can read a certain piece of scripture and come to see different aspects that the other has not seen. I am not going to get into the differences between men and women… mars venus and all that, all I know is that God created both – different for a reason and for me that has been mind blowing sharing things and having things shared. I recall that Jesus showed himself to a woman first after a resurrection, there is a message there.

    In my own personal life, I have challenges with my wife following teaching that I do not agree with i.e. linked to deliverance ministries, spiritual warfare, generational curses etc and it really cuts me up to hear her beleifs. But I believe that I must pray for wisdom to be able to say the right words. I think both men and women chase after spiritual experiences which do not have a biblical foundation and that for me is the most important part.


  7. Ive held back from commenting but feel the need to set the record straight. This was not a personal attack on M’Kaylas ministry fro Jacob Prash or myself. M’Kayla ministry was not being called into question. The only thing that has been called into question was can women teach men doctrine. Jacob addressed that question with scripture. This has all bottomed out to a bunch of gossip with very little substance or scripture. And now your guilty of doing the very thing you called Jacob on. Moriel battles the very same thing that this blog battles. M’kayla you should be ashamed of yourself. You made this all about you and your comment that you wanted answered. Than you made it personal and set yourself to be a martyr. Its very sad and I personally believe your better than that. The sad thing is you are a very good researcher and source of information on Bethel etc..Please realize the few that cheer you on and feed the hurt that you feel are a lot less in numbers than are observing the fight.M’Kayla with respect this was not about you or your ministry or the question you wanted Jacob to answer. This was only about “can women teach men doctrine”? You have made it all about you and you really (and I hope you will) need to rise above it and carry on with the great research you have done on Bethel, healing rooms, Bill Johnson etc….They are the real enemy because they are fueled by satan. We are not your enemies. Blessings In Jesus Tim Wirth


  8. Well said M’K, short and sweet. The shame game doesn’t work anymore we’ve all been through that before and it doesn’t work anymore. Same old bag of tricks manipulation, shame, no accountability, taking no responsibility. Jacob is responsible and will continue to be held accountable for the error he has and continues to teach on this issue. The shame again lays at his feet for the mishandling of God’s Word.


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