The boredom of Jacob Prasch and his rant

My friend brings to point the questions asked of Jacob regarding his very confused teaching that have not only gone unanswered but have been completely avoided.


Written by: Pat Rogers

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” Thomas Pynchon

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” – Voltaire Evasion and Diversion as Manipulation Tactics: “Side-stepping and misleading: rather than being accountable and responsible.” This is what I have experienced and witnessed happening to at least one other person whom I know personally and I’m sure there’s more, who dare to ask the wrong questions to Jacob Prasch. I can speak only for my own questions and for those of M’Kayla’s since she has made them public been public. I have chosen to make mine public also so that all who read this can see for themselves the types of questions Jacob was bored with and considered unimportant. For those who may not know Tim Wirth, he is mentioned here only because he was the…

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10 thoughts on “The boredom of Jacob Prasch and his rant

  1. O.K. His rant is boring but it also scares me. This is why. What if he or any other person like him had genuine authority. Where would the people who disagreed with him be? In jail? Would he be another Calvin if times were different. Maybe not burning people who disagreed but at the least shunning them. People like this are scary. AND it is always people who want to control the lives and thoughts of other people for their benefit.. That is what is so unattractive about people wanting to mix Christianity with government. That is what Calvin did and many decent people suffered and died because of it. It is a wicked system. I don’t care if anyone agrees with this or not, but I remember when Pat Robertson was running for president, someone said if he won, real believers would be behind fences. An exaggeration, but I knew what he meant. ajc Monsters and hypocrites. I don’t care if these church preachers are really gay, adulters or drunkards but do it on your own money like everybody else. Get a real job and don’t live off the money of the gullible. Harsh??? yes. but true. Why can’t they tell right from wrong?


  2. Hi M’kayla,
    I am new to this WP blog thing, so it is taking me time to navigate here and find out where to post things. I don’t have my own WP really operational yet, I just made some comments on Mike and Pat’s page. They are doing some great work on ferreting out the sticky pasty “doctrine” of Jacob Prasch and his ideas about women. I am trying to finish my web-site and main testimony, and then I will add on some discussions about the woman issue. I was in the door, out the door, of the hyper-charismatic stuff, and in 2008 after the horror of Lakeland and Bentley, etc, I knew it was time to start my own writing concerning testimony. The Lord had to do some work on me in the past 8 years, so that what would come forth was of Him, and not my own knee-jerk reactions. I had to really get into the word, and do some serious research, and now it is about finished. But really it is an ongoing work, so much to say. I have some real concern about some people that left the hyper-charismatic thing; some of them became cessationist, following the way of most Baptist doctrine. that belief is just as false as the hyper-charismatic, sensuous, emotional stuff. JMac has actually stated that “today no one is led of the Holy Spirit…we do not hear from His Spirit, and do not have dreams.” The bible does not teach that, and he is the voice of intellectual pride and arrogance that has led many, many astray. But that is a long subject, and will cover some pages in my web site. After it is up, I am going to do some internet radio, which has been in the making for some time. Testimonies glorify God, and give hope to others, and having dialogue over the topics of women in the church is also a good topic…of course with the knowledge of the scripture in hand.
    I live in NW Arkansas with my husband Ken, and we are on the same page with Mike and Pat concerning the woman thing. Lots to say about that!


    • Hello highland!
      I’ve read some of your comments on Closingstages. Mike and Pat are close friends of mine. Very happy to hear you were snatched from the apostasy – Bentley – was catalyst for me too as 1, I could not stand the way he treated people, and 2, i could not accept the fact that the man who was deemed to bring in the “third wave” ended in burn out. So what began as my research to find out the truth regarding his dealings, ended in me finding out about my own. It was quite a journey.

      I too believe the false teaching on women needs to be addressed. I did some research about it on my own some years back and it my intention to start posting. As for JMac, his teaching is full on garbage and he has some horrendous things to say about women. No one should be listening to him.

      Welcome to the world of blogging! 🙂

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      • Yeah garbage.  Dangerous, mean spirited, bondage type and take your eyes off of Christ garbage.   Same with all or almost all of the t.v. preachers.  Just fantasy and out and out lies.


  3. Been concerned myself over Jacob and his teaching for some time now. On one video he said if a person got divorced and remarried in the past for any reason other than fornication or adultery, they need to divorce the current spouse and go back with the former spouse now! Having worked with abused women, I found it odd he made no attempt to speak on any of these other issues. God hates divorce yes, but he has also called us to peace. Some women have fled for their lives before being killed by abusive men. For him not mention any other provision was irresponsible at best. The word speaks of women who are married to unbelievers, (by the way, the Lord says if the unbelieving husband wants to depart, let them depart) The Lord also states that in that case, its better to remain single. He states we can serve Him better, being more involved with him than concerned about our husbands. If the Lord states we can serve him better by remaining single, then he certainly agrees that he is our covering. Would the Lord leave that women uncovered. Jacob knows 1 Corinthians was written to young believers and neglects to read the scripture in detail. Covering speaks of hair a lot in that letter. He should know the tradition of those times. It’s the only church that was told this and and he made a whole theology out of this scripture not reading the entire letter. Jacob choose not to go into any other scriptures which would lead a new believer to think they must go back to the old spouse no matter what. Dangerous! Point 2 Where is Paul referred to as Rabbi in the word? The Lord said call no man Rabbi for one is our Rabbi. Christ. He always calls Paul Rabbi. After listening to a teaching from Jacob, I honestly feel like women and the Church in general were an after thought of the Lord. Hope I’m wrong about that, but these things I said can be found on his Moriel site.


    • The Lord does not have “after thoughts”, as he would have no need of them. Jacob is in a very bad place of late, yet it is probably something that has been building for quite some years.


      • Thank you for your reply M’Kayla. Yes, no after thoughts but JP leaves that impression on new believers. I saw where TW keeps asking for a scripture where women are allowed to teach. I would ask Tim a question. Why are men still teaching believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit when the scripture clearly states that their is no need for them to teach a spirit filled believer? To teach a believer who has the Holy Spirit is disobedience according to 1 John 2:27 . It clearly states in the scripture ” And ye need not that any man teach you, but as the same annointing teacheth you all things, and is truth, and no lie” ( see entire scripture). The Lord knew the men ( and women ) would come in and incorporate there own truth in his word because he stated, “and is no lie!”. Keeping a Spirit Filled believer under ones control is just Lording over them. We are to follow the Holy Spirit.. A good study in Jeremiah would show why the Lords ” sheep “are leaving these shepherds. The Lord is our shepherd. I would be very careful calling the daughters of the Lord, feminists, Jezebel, and other pet names because they are following the lead of the Holy Spirit and listening to him. That’s shakey ground.


        • Believe me, TW was asked that question over and again along with many others. The core of our questions to Jacob by way of Tim was not to ask if women could teach, it was to ask if we were not supposed to, then HOW is is we, as women are effective in just that? This core situation was never addressed – never. I am in agreement with you and it is sad to see people departing the freedom in Christ, who is the Head, the Shepherd, for men whose means is to control them.


  4. One more thing, I have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit 40 years. Most discernment ministries in this age are certainly filled with women. To even compare a Spirit Filled women to Joyce Meyer or Anyone else who is in Apostasy is someone who seriously needs discernment himself. I must say, there was a difference between Esther and Jezebel but Jacob fails to see this. I have a question for him. If I have the Holy Spirit in me, and you have the Holy Spirit in you Jacob ,what makes the Holy Spirit in me different? Is their a Holy Spirit for men and one for women? We know the Holy Spirit is male, that doesn’t make me a man. But, the church is called his bride, does that make you a women. No. read Galatians Jacob. If you are in Christ, there is no male or female, Jew or Greek, Bond or free. The church is just that. The church, his body. We are no allowed to make a name for ourselves or lord over anyone. Let me close with my favorite scriptures. 1 John 2:26 and 2:27. These things I have written unto you concerning them that seduce you. 27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


  5. I got an email yesterday from a new group forming called Spiritual Research Network. These are Calvary Chapel Older Pastors. I see Moriel has joined the group. A new Escatoligy group. The first article I read was from Sandy Simpson. This article is about false teachers. Included in the article he speaks about where false teaching comes from. On his list is (women’s groups.) Come on. That’s a very vague statement. Then I heard a teaching ( different pastor that I like) saying sheep are hurting shepherds and some sheep don’t think they need a shepherd. Then he said some sheep want to be shepherds and will not listen to the shepherds . What! Isn’t the Lord our Shepherd? The Lord said ” my sheep know my voice, a stranger they will not follow. I’m done. Isn’t this what the Lord has taken us out of? Why do Pastors want to hold us hostage. I have the Good Shepherd, the Holy Spirit , and a Bible. I’m sticking with my small fellowship which include brothers in Christ who don’t have all these hang ups. We are all sheep, servants, no special seats. Done. You can post this or just use as an FYI .


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