John MacArthur and His Dangerous Ideas About Women

I wrote this several years back and am posting it because of the similarity between the teaching of John MaArthur and Jacob Prasch regarding women in the church. These ideas apparently come from the twisted mind of Augustine. Again, I am asking why a man such as Jacob Prasch, who: 1, claims a great knowledge of biblical understanding in Greek and Hebrew comes to the conclusions that he does when others do not, and 2, why his teaching aligns with John McArthur’s whom he has called out so many times. I know I will get no answers to these questions other than the one that is glaringly obvious – these men have an inherent need to keep women out of the ministry. Sorry boys.

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The following is an article I wrote about 2 years ago when the topic came up in a group I once moderated. Since the writing of this article I have become aware of quite a few inconsistencies in John MacArthur’s teachings. These articles, written by another blogger will be posted separately.

I am not a follower of JM’s teachings and I never have been. He simply wasn’t in my loop of liars. John has taken a recent strong stand against “charismania”, and rightly so, but he is quite off in other teachings which makes him just as dangerous as the lies he attempts to expose. I know the masses will hate me, but we are talking about biblical truth, not a popularity contest.

Again, be careful who you follow. And above all, allow the work of the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. Be safe.

This is a…

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20 thoughts on “John MacArthur and His Dangerous Ideas About Women

  1. I think I saw a video done by Macarthur and in the background was a video of people being dropped into a fiery hole. Whether he added this or it was added by the person presenting the video, I don’t know. It was stupid, lame and perverted. He was confusing and off. He seems to really love hell. Augustine, Calvin and the other guy (reformation) were cruel people. ajc I think it is best to just stay out of most churches.


      • I had some negative feelings about Johnathan Edwards, the puritan preacher, and his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Perhaps there are people who need the literal hell scared out of them, but God’s image is so distorted that people are afraid of Him, and turn into atheists. The several religions that teach about a vengeful God do not see Him as a God of love and grace. They didn’t read or understand that there is “Grace that is greater than all our sins.” There people I have met, IE, former Quakers who believe that they have sinned so many times they can’t be forgiven any more! Paul said: “Where sin did abound, the grace did much more abound.” He also cautioned: “shall I continue in sin that grace may much more abound? God forbid,” There is coming a judgement day however when all will stand before God. And in Revelation there will be the wicked that will cry for the rocks and the mountains to fall on them and hide them from God. Who or what are these types? Are these the ones who have repeatedly refused His grace, and after Christ died for their sins also? Is it because they are the ones whose “Hands that shed innocent blood,” one of the 7 deadly sins that God hates? God would have saved them if they had repented of their ways. In this case then perhaps Johnathan Edwards was addressing this type in that time era. I don’t know for sure. But love is greater than hate, and showing of love for fellow man is God like.


        • I cannot believe there is another person who doesn’t like J. Edward’s famous sermon. When I read it for the first time, I felt sick. To me, his sermon seems cruel and evil. I would be scared of him. I also cannot believe that there is someone who doesn’t care for Macarthur. His delight in hell is what turns me off. Augustine, Calvin and even Luther remind me of people who would be in a horror movie doing cruel things to old women and innocent people. Yes. I really think this. Monsters who hurt other people. ajc


  2. I want to add here that since my original post MacArthur changed some of the wording to tone it down a bit. However, he does not retract from the points originally made in which women are to blame for the downfall of the church, are required to remain in abusive marriages for salvation/ministry purposes, and are basically subservient to men in all things. When we read the bible and the stories that tell us who and what women are in the sight of God, they are much different from the stance taken by these so called teachers, preachers. Ladies, you are called for a purpose and are given gifts to work in effective ministry thru the leading of the Holy Spirit. Some of us will work side by side with men, some will of us will be on our own. Don’t let anyone shroud the work God has laid before you.


  3. Women can teach men as Aquilla and Priscilla taught Apollos Acts 18:24-26 and Phebe was put in charge by Paul Romans 16:1-3. Phebe is called a servant/deaconess. The Lord used the Koine Greek language to prove that women ARE included in offices in the assembly. The elders/presbuteros Acts 21:18 are both male and female as the same word is used as older male/presbutes Titus 2:2 and older female/presbutis Titus 2:3. Women can hold any office and teach men according to these Koine Greek Word definitions, except the office of Pastor/Overseerer/Episkopos is for a man NOT a woman 1Corinthians 11:3. Every Pastor/Overseerer/Episkopos is an elder/presbutes but every elder/presbuteros is NOT a Pastor/Overseerer/Episkopos 1Timothy 3:1-7. The Lord Highly Valued women in His Resurrection (the core of our faith 1Corinthians 15:14) as it was 6 women at the cross and The Apostle John, and only the women saw Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning and only women were blessed with seeing the angelic beings testify The Lord IS Risen!!!


    • That is why I give women their place with the Holy Spirit being the authority. The woman was still in authority if the Judge in the Old Testament was a woman named Deborah. A hard shelled Baptist tried to argue it was a man! I still hold that it was in deed a woman.


  4. It was a woman, Eve who listened to Satan, in the form of a serpent, and then she led Adam into sin. In the New Testament the woman was blamed for that, BUT the women have been blamed where they should not have been. Think this: God said “I will pour out my Spirit upon ALL flesh and your sons AND YOUR DAUGHTERS will prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams, and upon your HANDMAIDENS will I pour out of my Spirit.” If people only read AND understood just what the BIBLE says, and made their minds up to believe God instead of their OWN ideas, then women would be in the right place, beside the man as his helpmate.


    • The woman, Eve, didn’t lead Adam into sin. He disobeyed on his own, having been right there with her, and being the one who God gave instructions to in the beginning.


      • The decision indeed was his, but Paul, for some reason put some of the blame on Eve for sinning and she tempted Adam to go astray. The end was all three of them “went to hell in a handbasket,” so to speak. Each of the three had individual responsibility.


            • It’s easy enough to look up the basic lines on google and it will take you right to the scripture. I will look for it however and I can’t locate the last post to refer to the last scripture.
              I also note that you don’t like any comments about Vineyard. I ask why.


              • James, You have posted over 60 comments regarding the Vineyard which is quite excessive. I don’t have that kind of time to read them and I won’t ask my readers to, either and therefore they were not approved. I asked you to cite the scripture you were referring to regarding Adam and Eve for clarification – here is your quote –

                The decision indeed was his, but Paul, for some reason put some of the blame on Eve for sinning and she tempted Adam to go astray. The end was all three of them “went to hell in a handbasket,” so to speak. Each of the three had individual responsibility.

                What “three” are you referring to?


                • I am surprised that you didn’t know what three? There were three distinct judgements handed out. Adam, Eve, and the serpent. Why did you not know about the three? I would have thought that a person of your knowledge would have known there were three involved and judged.


                  • James, my question was for clarification on your statement and has nothing to do with my knowledge. You still haven’t provided the scripture you referred to earlier, the one I quoted.


                  • James, since you can’t answer my direct question combined with the fact that you think I have lied regarding the amount of comments you have posted, and your increased unwarranted sarcasm, in place of conducive conversation, you are done here. Move on!


  5. Meh I think McArthur is pretty good, they are a bit unbalanced (but duh they are Calvinists at his church— so being such they have more hell/damnation- which quite frankly i think is needed in the LA area since most of it IS going to hell, and some more unusual “traditional” stances on women..its not everyone’s cup of tea)….I think though John gets some points for speaking out against Charismania…


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