Escape from Bethel

This is an interview I did nearly three years ago. Many people have said it was helpful, so I wanted to reblog it. Blessings, and peace in the name of Jesus as you continue to search for His truth! ❤

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  1. Hi M”Kayla,

    for some reason this new article is not coming up. I cant find what you posted.


    On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 6:32 PM, mkaylas korner wrote:

    > M’Kayla posted: “This is an interview I did nearly three years ago. Many > people have said it was helpful, so I wanted to reblog it. Blessings, and > peace in the name of Jesus as you continue to search for His truth!


      • Hi M’Kayla – Just found your blog whilst trying to look for help on the internet. I am in the process of leaving a Bethel based house group here in the UK and I am having a real hard time trying to clear my mind of all the conflict and confusion. Three other members are also unhappy at the teachings and the total control this has over us all – especially “prophetic reading” constant dream interpretations etc etc whilst no bible reading at all. We are also not allowed to mention the enemy or false teachings or challenge what is being said by anyone. I began to question the dodgy practices and they completely shut me off and refused to talk to me. I there anywhere that I can get some proper counselling to get free from all this stuff. I am normally a strong person with a strong belief in God and have never been made to feel so ashamed as these people have made me feel for questioning there demonic beliefs. Many thanks


          • Thank you – I am having problems with all my Christian friends being involved with either Bethel Church, IHOP or the “Toronto Blessing” Arnotts and other associated practices. I have spoken out about the deceit and they point back at me and suggest that I am the bad one for questioning their practices. It is so disappointing and sad for me – I am drawing close to God and really trying hard to believe that I am going in the right way and reading your blog and other comments on here reassures me that I am not going mad. The extent of the problem is vast and I didn’t realise that nearly every charismatic or Pentecostal church in Bath is caught up with this. My friends that have had some very strong words from the Holy Spirit regarding this, want to leave but the leader and other people in our house group are very persuasive and keep love bombing them so they give in and are tempted back. Also drawn by the prosperity gospel which one particular member finds addictive. What is your opinion of a book called The Divinity Code which is written by three people, one called Andrew Thompson? It is a dream interpretation dictionary? The group I belonged too are big on dream interpretations and visions to the point of obsessive. I would appreciate some prayer for clarity and strength to keep reading the word and hearing the truth. Thank you for you support


            • Hi Sarah, they aren’t being “love-bombed”. They are being deceived and manipulated through a the very strong force of emotions!

              No, you aren’t going mad, not one bit. The deception and following is so wide-spread that many of us wonder if we are witnessing the falling way spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. We are seeing the building of one-world religion which will bring in the “man of peace”, who is the antiChrist. Stand strong and know that the direction you are receiving from the Holy Spirit, and the confirmation of people like me is your call OUT. I will also say that it is an answer to my prayers that God bring people out of the deception and restore them back to Him, back to the truth faith to which they were once called. I believe this too, is happening, as I am witness to it! Praise God. 2 John 2:7-11.

              As for dreams and visions, I was trained under John Paul Jackson and had quite a bit of experience in interpreting dreams of others as well as my own. Last year I did quite a bit of research that you can read A Look At Dreams and Visions.

              I also want to encourage you in one more way. Understand, your feelings, your doubts, your hesitations are normal. Who would have ever guessed this great deception would have been the work of the organized church. Don’t let the enemy sway you one more minute. Keep asking the Lord to renew your mind, and yes, I will pray too, Sarah!

              Stay in touch, my friend. 🙂 ❤


              • Love bombing is a term used in relation to narcissistic abuse. I’m making a big assumption here that at the time of writing at least you’re not ‘up with’ research on narcissism, psychopaths, sociopaths. If you’re dealing with large scale false-doctrine stuff / cults I humbly suggest you get familiar with these. In a sense, it’s the secular understanding of for example the Jezebel Spirit. I only speak up because I know that victims of such things may lack the confidence or energy to explain such things themselves. Blessings sister.


                  • Hi M’Kyla
                    Not sure if Ellens’ comment was directed at you or at me but I have had mental health training as a mental health nurse and am very familiar with psychosis and narcissistic behaviour and my ex partner was a narcissist – very scary, manipulative and dangerous. The “love bombing” i referred to was as you responded M’Kayla – the people wrapped up in the false teachings were not narcissistic as a group but a couple of members were and they did not have any influence or control over me, just were “fake” and over the top with so-called “love for me” which soon disappeared when I challenged them, then left. I found it easy to break away from this group because God had alerted me sooner and I listened and responded quicker because emotionally I hadn’t invested in the group as a support network or as friends and spiritually I had matured enough to see that never referring to or studying the Bible was alarming for a “discipleship group”


            • First of all a big congratulations from a fellow Brit (live in Hitchin, Herts) and of course a loud “Praise the Lord!” I used to live in east Bristol so used to pop into Bath more often than Bristol. Like you, I was involved in churches, linked to Bethel, the Arnotts, Toronto Blessing and just to add to it “Lakeland.” And you know how I came out of it? The Lord (I believe) brought to mind an elderly man in his 80’s that very few spoke too, esp those who had the “anointing.” This simple man was a man of faith the depth of which I have never known, he explained to me and led me to see the falseness of so many teachings linked to the groups above. He started explaining about the false teaching of the Prosperity Gospel and about how the teaching is not only being abused but is in outright opposition to scripture. I am sure M’Kayla would agree that we need to go back to scripture every time to find truth. And yes, we have lost friends too who believe for example that Bethel is Holy Spirit work and do not see the deception at work. Also dreams, oh boy can I tell you a story or two about that! Its when people believe that God speaks to them personally in dreams and they chase after more revelation from God ignoring the Word of God that alarm bells ought to be ringing. And of course there is so many so called prophets and those who beleive that the Holy Spirit is giving them the gift of tongues in contradiction to what Scripture says – it can be a real mine field. But, praise God that in the acts we read Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.
              (Act 17:11). If people did that with the teachings of Paul, how much more so should we examine the teaching we receive? Of course, not many accept that if it undermines their teaching!

              One last thing, I am not sure just what you hearing or your friends are telling you about the “strong words of the Holy Spirit.” One of the many great words of advice from M’Kayla were to read John 14-16 to find out what the teaching of the Holy Spirit really is.

              Oh Hi to Jane too:) We must be part of M’Kayla ‘s UK Korner:)

              My prayers will go out for both of you – added to my post it note so I won’t forget:)


              • Hi there – thank you for your words of encouragement and M’Kayla thanks for setting up this wonderful blog where people like me can share their experiences and seek the truth. I am still standing strong and believing God’s word despite constantly being got at by two members of the house group that wanted to leave but have now changed their minds and are going back into it. I will pray for them too – there is little else I can do, Interestingly they are saying that God is telling them that I need to repent of a spirit of offence and pride and that is what is causing my spiritual problems. I can laugh at the moment but it is hard not to lose it! Many blessings to all you sane and truthful ones out there xx


                • Sarah,
                  It IS maddening that they think they are hearing God and on the other hand, it is so very sad. Glad to know you are hanging in there. God gives us the strength to stand! xx


        • Hi, my husband and I left a UK church going down the Bethel route a few years ago, Sarah if you need any help we would be glad to be of service. I spent many an anxious hour trying to sort out my head over all this. It was THE most painful time. We are OK now and it does take a while to “recalibrate”. Many others left as well. “My sheep here my voice”, I knew it the Holy Spirit was warning us/ we had to be brave and although I love everyone we have left behind, we could not measure up even half of what was going on as Christianity. There was the most astonishing blindness to the Word! I still pray for the leaders and members there.X


          • Hi Jane, thank you so much for the comment and offer of help. This is where I see God pulling his church together even tho they are from different parts of the world.

            Blessings and peace to you.


            • Thank you everyone for your understanding and support. It is a real comfort to realise you are not the only ones going through it but it is also horrific how this deceit is so vast and so seductive to those who really think it is from God. I am normally a fighter who won’t give up on making sure people are OK and not taken advantage of and part of me wants to keep on trying to get these people out of this lie – I don’t want them to end up out of God’s favour. I know that I was put into the group for a reason – maybe to give the others the strength to leave or maybe to get everyone to wake up to the enemies tactics? God has His hand in this and has given me the marvellous but painful walk down this rocky road and I love Him even more for using me in this way. Is walking away the best option or should I persist? Any advice appreciated! x


              • Sarah, it can be very confusing when you’re pulling back from something you thought was good and then realised was anything but. For a time I questioned just about everything I’d believed God had called me to, having more or less turned my entire life upside down only to find that the church I thought I was supposed to be attending had gone so far off the rails and refused to listen to reason that I had to withdraw. I didn’t attend any church at all for three months because I was convinced that God wanted me to be at that church until eventually I concluded that, in the spirit of Ezekiel 3:17-19 I’d given them fair warning that they were on the wrong path (I’d gone as far as telling the minister very directly why I believed God was withholding blessings from the church, and one of the council members why I believed their preferred teachers were building the kingdom of the antichrist) and that I could walk away from it all.

                There are always lots of soothing words, lots of clever arguments, and lots of emotional twisting to try and get you to stay. Bill Johnson is particularly clever at twisting reason to make it sound like even questioning the leaders of these movements is a bad thing. Yet if we look at what Paul had to say in Acts 17:11 he praised the Bereans for testing his teachings. Then in 1Th 5:19-21 he warns against quenching the Spirit and despising prophecies while also telling the Thessalonians to “test all things, hold fast what is good”.

                On that basis alone you can disqualify teachers like Brent Engelman, who teaches in one of his courses on “prophetic activation” (whatever that is) that “when the visions start trust they are from God and accept them like a child”. When a teacher presents something that is the exact opposite of what Scripture teaches you can be sure the rest of their teaching is suspect at best.

                When to stay and when to leave is something only you can decide, with God’s guidance. I spent three months in a church that I couldn’t recommend to anyone because of their bad teaching, simply because I believed God wanted me to help them pull free of it. I put metaphorical stones in peoples’ shoes for those three months, but it appears they were determined to follow the path come what may.

                The ironic thing in that particular case is that the church believes in declaring and decreeing things into being but still can’t pay their bills, are routinely behind on their rent, and the pastor recently resigned because they couldn’t pay him any more either. Yet still they declare and decree, and still they appear to struggle.


    • I had made on a mission trip to Honduras ,and we started going places together,first we went to a conference called power and love ,Todd white an Dan Moehler,it was wonderful..I then went to Voice of The Apostles,with Randy Clark,Bill Johnson,willHart,therecwere parts of it I loved and I lived the music ,I did not hear anything that I thought sounded wrong,but when it came time for the whole holy spirit thing,i felt something here feels wrong,people laughing and cackling like witches,and convulsing and twitching,and being slain all over the floor,i could not tell you how but I wound up slain on the floor,and I could feel myself,growling or something or roaring,I can only tell you as I lay there even before the roaring thing,i just kept saying in an inside voice ,because I could not really talkor thought I could not,please Lord let this only be from Jesus and Let this be your Holy spirit,and I was saying Lord please don’t let this be a Jezebel spirit,then I just kept thinking and like saying I only want Jesus…I was very frightened the whole thing was super creepy,and I was even super creepy,i was so confused the whole thing just felt wrong,so I shared my feelings with my friend I went with and a couple of others after the fact,they still kept saying that was the Holy Spirit,I finally just said look I think if The Holy Spirit had come on me I would never feel so afraid an unpeaceful with this feeling in my stomach,I have encountered The Holy Spirit before,where I had just wept in God’s Glory,and felt overwhelming love,this was not that,since I have came back all I have been doing is researching,and reading My Bible,my one friend who I just love,does not want to hear anything I say or anything I show her,she won’t even look at it…It makes me sad,because her heart is so beautiful,i feel she is deciever,but she thinks I am,anyway I bailed out of are next thing to go see Bob Hazlett,i felt so bad but I feel it’s the right thing,I feel likeI need to follow my discerning spirit…It’s so hard ,I wish I could know I am right 100%,but I am just going to go with what my heart is telling me is right even though they all seem to think I am wrong and that I have no faith….I know I do have faith and I will not be pushed or shamed or even embarrassed,but it is hard…I would love to hear if anyone else has had this kind of experience,it would really help to hear about it….Thankyou so much,if you choose to share…..Blessings…

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      • Katie, I believe you are right and have been given discernment to begin to understand what you encountered. I would also question the experience you had in which you believe to have been the Holy Spirit. Any time we have extreme emotional experiences we should test them with what scriptures teaches. Clark and Johnfon are two of the men I expose here, having had experienced many false teachings, false prophetic, dreams, visions and supernatural experiences, and taught others the same! Praise God he saves us from this demonic onslaught.


      • Katie, praise the Lord He gave you the eyes to see what you were walking in! My parents and sisters family are deeply involved in this movement. Just last week they had Todd White and Leif hetland come speak. I pray for them daily. I was listening to some of these men’s messages (like Kris Valontin) because these family members were giving me materials. However, something did not feel right in my spirit. At that time I was going to a church that was very biblically sound and I believe it was from hearing God’s word and being taught it in context that I started to see the errors. However, I thought my family members would be as stunned as I was when I started to see the heretical statements and the deception these men were speaking. However I was greatly wrong! Just like you, it really disturbs someone when the Lord has revealed his true it’s just some and to others they cannot see it. Just keep in mind that they are behind it. And unless they seek truth themselves they will continue to be blind. Pray for them every second of the day. Especially your dear friend. Yes, you might have had to go through this yourself alone so that you might be able to snatch others from the fire until they wake up. Continue to keep your eyes and ears to the word of God only! So many are falling by the wayside these days. Strong men and women of the faith. Don’t ever put your faith in one man or woman. Seek his truth only in Scripture. God bless you.


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  3. Just listened to this interview and want to say how helpful it was.

    My world was blown up about six months ago when I discovered first hand the deception coming out of Bethel, the Torronto Blessing and the NAR.

    My journey began quite accidentally, after a friend (whom I had been praying salvation for , for 31 years) called me terrified after experiencing demonic manifestation at a Joshua Mills event. As I began to research the horrible experience she had had, I fell across the ugly truth that I have myself been under this lie for 35 years! I realized I had to question all of my spiritual leaders starting at the age of 11! I had been in Bible studies and at dinner parties and backyard BBQs with the person who is now the NAR’s “lead apostle,” and the person who blessed Todd Bently and anointed him to take this false spirit to the Church.

    There is much more to the story, but as a result
    of my discovery and subsequent questioning l am now without a church family. I have had to challenge the authority of key people In this movement as well as Healing Rooms and Sozo.

    Your message gave me Si much comfort in knowing that I am not crazy, disillusioned, lacking in faith, or journeying through this alone. Hearing your message was an answer to prayer.

    Would love to share more details to gain your insight, if there is an appropriate forum to do that.

    In the meantime, may God bless your ministry and calling.


    • Wow Helen, what a revelation you have received after 35 years of deception! Praise God! I am always amazed and blown over by the patience that God has with us, how he truly never forgets us and uses all manner of means to get us to the point of understanding the truth.

      I too have had to challenge Sozo, healing rooms, the whole signs and wonders experience that is used to “prove” that these things come from God. One of the most important confirmations I have received from M’Kayla is the fact that we do need to go back to scripture every time to check the validity of teaching. Of course many deceptions are most powerful because they are mixed with truth. Funnily enough in 1 hour I am meeting with a pastor whom I challenged about the modern speaking in tongues movement as I told him that from my understanding of scripture does not align with the teaching and practises of modern practises.

      I am sorry to hear that you are without a church family.. but there are churches out there and even within certain churches you will find people who share your beliefs, so you are not alone! And of course, you found M’Kaylas blog and you can see how many other people have been drawn and blessed by her ministry, another loud Praise God for that. We are so privileged to live in times where there is the internet and as such we have access to materials from all over the world. The truth is out there!!

      Blessings on your journey as you walk with the one who promised to be with us always!


        • Hi M’kayla, great to hear from you. Have spoken to a couple of the elders with not the most forthcoming comments. Basically the “experience” of the working of the Holy Spirit becomes more important than what scripture says. I notice that often people start with an idea and then try to find scripture to support – often out of context. I did send them supporting documentation but they do not seem to have any desire to actually search scripture to find the truth. Ultimately I feel very sad when people are not interested in truth… esp those in ministry. Just makes me see more clearly the depths that deception can lead people.


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  5. Dear M’kayla,

    I read your article and wholeheartedly agree with your warnings.

    I too came out of the RCC and became a BAC through Billy Graham’s ministry. I first attended a Pentecostal church and later a Baptist church. I find that the Baptist church is very doctrinally sound but not so open to the power of the Holy Spirit in daily living. Moreover, there is a tendency to be fearful of the Holy Spirit’s power based upon the abuses seen in radical Charismatic circles.

    I have concluded that the disingenuous does not negate the genuine. In other words, the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself supernaturally in a pure, Biblical manner and Satan will attempt to overshadow the true divine experiences with counterfeit, even occultic events. We need to be careful to not, as some say, “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

    I appreciate your insights and commentary.



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  7. I found the YouTube video last night where you were interviewed by Escape the lie. It totally resonated with me. Like you, I always doubted myself. I was at a church that isn’t directly associated with Bethel but the flavour is the same and a lot of the young adults we know when to the school of the supernatural. We finally left and found a Baptist church with solid bible based teaching. Another former church held meetings with Basil Howard Browne (Rodney’s brother). We were grieved in our spirits. After watching the interview I had to repent for my involvement which goes back at least a decade or more. I told a friend, “I would love to have coffee with M’Kayla. We would have a lot to talk about.” Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings in Christ.


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