The Right Way to Hear from God

I believe this teaching by Bob DeWaay will be helpful to anyone coming out of the clutches of the false prophetic and “how to hear from God”, the popular “emergent” practices of Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer.

I would suggest a very slow and careful study of the scriptures a bit at a time for those who are struggling with understanding. Oftentimes, the word of God should be lingered on and savored over as you would a fine piece of chocolate. Remember learning is not a race.

I will add, there is nothing good to be learned from Beth Moore and I am not afraid to state another warning to stay far from her.
Blessings all!

23 thoughts on “The Right Way to Hear from God

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  2. Hi, M’Kayla. I have come out of some definitely “not of God” happenings in some charasmatic groups. I am currently attending a church that is emphasizing that I need to ask to be “baptized” or filled with the Holy Spirit or I can’t cannot carry out my calling as a Christian. A woman there told me that even if I didn’t ask for the filling, the Spirit of God would come upon me to empower me when I was walking out my calling.
    I originally thought that God “called” me to this church because in the first sermon I attended the pastor said that God brought you (those in the congregation) here because he has given you a dream for your life. If you stay here and get involved, God will heal you and you will see the fulfillment of your dream.
    I’ve been driving 40minutes to church on Sundays and Wednesday nights to be a part of this church so I will be healed, but have had an uneasiness since I found out that they believe in speaking in tongues and the baptism of the holy spirit. I have not felt comfortable inviting anyone to this church with me because I don’t want to get someone else caught up into something that may be false teaching.
    I have decided to listen to the Holy Spirit and break ties with this church. I have repented for seeking a dream for my life instead of seeking to know God through Scripture and prayer and for seeking an experience.
    I have started teaching at their version of Celebrate Recovery and new members class, so I am unsure as to the best way to exit……if I should share that I believe some of what they teach is false doctrine or just quietly leave.
    I have a lot of questions about things that have happened to me, most of them happened prior to me attending the church I currently attend. I have been having trouble moving on in my faith due to these questions. I am glad that I have found your page and some encouragement.

    Thank you,


    • I went to a church where you were to ask the Spirit to come and they also spoke in tongues. No where in the bible does it say we are to talk to the spirit or ask it to come. David did ask for the spirit not to be far from him or taken from him. The tongues in every church I have attended was nothing more than gibberish. The tongues of the new testament had a PURPOSE. It was so that people from different places that spoke different languages could know what was being said. It used to be hard to say that stuff was not biblical because the people that do it are many and can get angry if you tell them what you think. My solution – stay out of those type of churches. Knowing God makes you healthy and normal. That kind of stuff makes you confused and takes you out of the safe umbrella of trusting Christ. It wasn’t just tongues but falling backwards, screaming at Satan and so much more. So black and so false. Takes you away from Trust and obedience in Christ. Just a point of interest – sometimes the word salvation means deliverance – real help and deliverance. ajc

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  3. Hi – I just listened to your interview on Escape The Lie radio via YouTube:

    I’m based in Bristol UK and have found these teachings of Johnson et al have fully taken over the denominational evangelical / pentecostal churches.

    Thank you for standing up.




  4. Thanks for sharing your story. I thank Jesus for leading me and you out of those places. I got caught up in a prophetic dance ministry that introduced the book, When heaven invades earth, by Bill Johnson. We had to read a declaration in that book and that was when I had a red flag, I participate in it but started to pray about why I felt something was off about it. Then God started to lead me into truth by His Holy Spirit. My eyes where open and I left. I did try to tell some people, but it seemed not to effect their decision to go or stay or even look into it much they still continue in it. I pray for them. Before I became a born again believer in Jesus 2001, I lived with this Christian family in 1997, and went with them to Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Fl ands ened up in a psychic ward for 7 days that is the short of the story. Ididn’t understand fully until a few years ago. If you want to hear the full story let me know I will tell you.
    Paul said in Acts 14:22…….strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith,and saying, “We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.
    This we must do also, to continue in the faith, and know others have suffered as we have. It is truly a blessing and comfort to hear how God lead you out. And now you are helping and comforting others.
    Sincerely, Janette


    • I would like to hear the story about how you ended up in the psychiatric ward. I went to a Rodney Howard Brown revival in 1994 and ended up with many psychiatric hospitalizations and am still on medication. Is it related? I don’t know.


  5. I listened to your interview on YouTube with unison global missions.. and I’m just wondering since you grew up listening to people like Kathryn culman and worked in the healing rooms. Do you believe that Gods heals by will or that Jesus teaches believers to do as He did and destroy all works of the devil. I’m a believer that goes by the Gospel and don’t listen to teachings of others except sometimes Dan Mohler (who I find to be a sober minded Christian who doesn’t seek manifestations or lives by feelings)I ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand when I read the word as i come from a very religious kind of church where only the anointed and at Gods will only does someone get healed and if I now pray for people they would think it’s pride that I would think that God would use me to heal someone or to help someone(weird because it’s not me who is healing the sick but Jesus through my hands, just as He would through anyone that believes)..We have a grip of friends that believe like wise but lately have been interested in strange teachings that I don’t find in the gospel (such as Kat Kerr and other strange books they read😳) we often find ourselves defending the bible which is very strange as we should never put any other book, someone’s revelation or prophesy above the gospel!!! It’s almost like people need more revelations and manifestations all the time. All I want to do is grow into being like Jesus and to represent him properly as that’s what a child of God does..wondering if you have seen this where it starts of with wanting to be like Christ (which can only come from spending time with God in the word and prayer) to seeking new revelations that are not in the word. not sure what’s going on but it’s causing a rift between those in our group that are Jesus and word based and those that are seeking out other revelations and mixing everything together!!😑

    Many Blessings😘


    • Do you except and believe in the Holy Spirit? I’m reading a few comments that don’t except praying in tongues? They are two different things to have the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues but both important for a believer.
      John 20:19-22, Acts 2:4, Mark 16:17,


    • Valerie, healing is by the power of God, through his will and nothing else. There is no difference between the power of God and the teachings of Christ, as they are One. The false healing movement is based on the idea that believers have the same power and authority as God, and that healing is part of the atonement, which is not true. We cannot heal someone through the laying on of our hands from sheer will – it takes the power and will of God to heal a person. I believe we can become to desperate to see God move, which is a sin of pride and foolishness. I believe there is an element of false humility. When believers separate from the bible and read books that teach more than what the bible does, they have stepped from the truth and are open to great deception. Jesus Christ came to save sinners – that is the gospel, that is where the power and work of the Holy Spirit come in to play. He convicts of sin and leads people to repentance. There is no greater work than the one of salvation, the reason Christ died. These false teachers have it all wrong when they emphasize the supernatural, healing, deliverance, dreams and visions, etc…they are wolves and have departed from the true gospel message to one of power, fame and fortune.


      • I guess we understand the gospel a little different. I understand that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us (those who believe). We clearly see that the will of God is always to heal, just as Jesus represented.. Jesus also commands us to go out preach the word, heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. This is simple gospel. I don’t agree with strange teachings but healing is part of being a child of God.. His will has been done and that is to live in us and work through us. I personally believe it is a sin, if one knows that Jesus lives in them and yet keeps Him to themselves when there are people that are not saved, sick and in need of Him! I don’t like strange teaching such as the one in Bethel as I see many contradictions there. But healing is a major part of the gospel and one cannot deny that. Jesus says that He came to do the fathers will and that He does nothing except what He sees His father do.. The will of God is already established but not many want to go and actually love and help those that are in need because it takes dying to ones self and following Jesus. I do believe there are those that only seek manifestations and are not looking to be transformed and renewed by the gospel, but this doesn’t mean that we are not to do what the gospel says because someone might be doing it for the wrong reasons.. we all answer to God for the things we do and don’t do! I’m sure you know scripture and understand what I am talking about😘 If We know who we are in Christ, only our own selfishness and pride stops us from representing him to others. The gospel has to be preached and the works of the devil destroyed. Blessings


        • Valerie, I continue to believe the emphasis is always on salvation. Healing is secondary and much emphasis has been placed on it as tho they are hand in hand. They are not. Jesus came healing the sick and raising the dead to prove he was God, as it was well known that only God could perform such miracles. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it wasn’t just to raise his dead friend. It was to show his power and give a picture of that the same thing would happen to him. If there are eyes to see this connection!

          If we had the same power to do these things as the Lord did, we would see it happening all the time. There is a reason why we do not. Bethel has its ground in extreme Pentecostalism, and in Word of Faith which claims we do have that same kind of power as God, to speak things into existence, to claim a thing to make it happen by sheer will. This teaching is actually taken from the Law of Attraction which does not have biblical foundation, however, it is the basis for many false teachings. I do believe God heals and I believe in a proper laying on of hands, prayer for the sick, etc., but I will not go as far as to say we can heal and raise the dead as Christ did because we have that power. That is what I came out of, as the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) have the same doctrine as Bethel.


          • It’s up to each believer to either except “Christ in you” or reject it. Paul says I come to you not with fancy words but with power. ( if you look in the Greek translation of this power it is power of the meraculous). Yes, Jesus was God in human form (perfect and sinless and that is why He took back what Adam lost.. relationship with God because of sin). What believers are not getting is that now He lives in us and we are to imitate Christ (“you are the salt of the earth” and you are “light in the world” are not just sayings but who we ought to be! As I said it is up to each person to except or reject Christ. One cannot argue against what the word says about preaching, healing, raising the dead, casting out demons and cleansing the leper.. You say we don’t always see it happen! Yes.. and Jesus had an answer to that also.. (if you believe there is nothing impossible for you, if you believe you will tell the mountain to move, if you have faith like a mustard seed that grows and on and on!!!) I don’t care where what teaching came from. But what the gospel says is simple and clear enough for a child to understand. We have twisted and complicated a simple to understand gospel and this is the devils work..So that we do nothing, say the works of the devil is god and teach others the same. If only preaching is important but healing is not not Jesus nor the disciples would heal in the multitudes that they did (not all that were healed repented but all were healed) it’s unfortunate but everyone has a choice to make and God does t minipulate that but shows all His Love (He loved us first and then we choose to love or reject Him). Its all of most importance!! (Never did the gospel say as you say that one is above the other! It’s all Jesus!!) If you read the gospel and acts you will clearly start to see that. I would suggest, as someone who came out of a very religious type of setting.. to start reading the gospel over again and put aside any teaching and books you have ever read. Ask the Holy Spirit to show and explain what you are reading. He opens to those who seek and are wanting to see.

            Also want to encourage you that Jesus is very much at work and the sick are being healed. We unfortunately are the reason when people aren’t healed because we don’t believe that It’s possible or say “it’s by will”. This is a contradiction to the Word as Jesus says go and do these things but we are still waiting for a “calling” or “His will”. He says “heal the sick because you have me and I am willing” but we say “if it’s your will” (this is already a contradiction on living by faith). “Living by faith is knowing” the word says, but if we are always questioning if it’s will then that’s clearly not faith at all is it?
            I was raised in those kind of churches where there is no love for people or the power of God at work because it’s all by will and all about self.. yet those same people that believe in will go to the doctors and pray for miracles!? This doesn’t make sense.. if it’s will then all who are meant to be sick will be sick and those that are meant to be saved will be saved. Except that’s not so.. God gave us free will to either love Him or not, to except Christ in you or not, to go out preach and destroy the works of the devil or not, it’s all up to us because He already did everything for us when Jesus shed His blood on the cross and then was raised to life!!! What Adam lost due to sin, Jesus took back through his righteousness! Now we are called to be transformed into Christ’s likeness!! What does Christ likeness mean? Does it not mean to be like Christ! It’s clear and simple..This is gospel❣ Everything I’ve said is written in the word over and over again and it’s up to us to except or reject. Because God is always willing but we are not.

            May you be Blessed😘🙏


  6. I listened to your youtube interview posted on UnisonGlobalMissions with Escape the Lie. I am so glad I found it. I have just got out of a church like this, and my decision is validated after listening to you. Fortunately, the Lord showed me, with the help of my sons, the false teachings of the church. At first, I was on a high and felt so joyous and happy. The crux for me was when I began to attend the ladies bible study and the study was a book by Bill Johnson. I only attended 2 studies and saw the deception. I feel so grateful for the discernment the Spirit gave me, but it was very difficult as I had found a church family. I am in Woodland, WA, which is near Vancouver where you stated in the interview you used to live. I’m wondering if there is a way you can let me know which church to avoid in the area. Although, I am finding that many, many churches are now adopting the NAR, Kingdom now and Heaven on earth philosophies. It’s so discouraging. I am so grieved.


    • Hi Becky. I remember Woodland! So very happy to hear you didn’t get too deep in! I don’t have any way of knowing the spiritual condition of the churches in the area. I would say to do as you are led and continue to rely on the Lord for His direction. Unfortunately, most churches have been overtaken with the false teaching just as you mentioned. It is the time that we live in, as we were warned would happen, as the first sign of the return of Christ. Be encouraged in that and know you are not alone!


  7. Have you expanded your warning about Beth Moore. I have never really enjoyed listening to her, but am always amazed at how many women put her on such a high pedestal. I’d love to discuss it with a thinking follower of Jesus Christ! I’m glad I found your interview titled “Escaping Bethel Church…” and your blog.


    • Becky Beth Moore is mentioned in my research under contemplative prayer. I know of her connections to the recent movie War Room and her conferences. She Is highly praised and most people who do so refuse to look at the truth surrounding her beliefs.


  8. Now what is wrong with Beth Moore?
    How can these people who love Jesus and you can see that on them, how are they false teachers?

    I am not being critical or rude, I want to learn the truth!
    All my friends absolutely love Bethel! I feel like I might be alone.
    I just don’t understand what is wrong with Bethel were ship till were ship and sing praises an honour to our father to our saviour our Lord Jesus Christ.


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