The Right Way to Hear from God

I believe this teaching by Bob DeWaay will be helpful to anyone coming out of the clutches of the false prophetic and “how to hear from God”, the popular “emergent” practices of Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer.

I would suggest a very slow and careful study of the scriptures a bit at a time for those who are struggling with understanding. Oftentimes, the word of God should be lingered on and savored over as you would a fine piece of chocolate. Remember learning is not a race.

I will add, there is nothing good to be learned from Beth Moore and I am not afraid to state another warning to stay far from her.
Blessings all!


9 thoughts on “The Right Way to Hear from God

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  2. Hi, M’Kayla. I have come out of some definitely “not of God” happenings in some charasmatic groups. I am currently attending a church that is emphasizing that I need to ask to be “baptized” or filled with the Holy Spirit or I can’t cannot carry out my calling as a Christian. A woman there told me that even if I didn’t ask for the filling, the Spirit of God would come upon me to empower me when I was walking out my calling.
    I originally thought that God “called” me to this church because in the first sermon I attended the pastor said that God brought you (those in the congregation) here because he has given you a dream for your life. If you stay here and get involved, God will heal you and you will see the fulfillment of your dream.
    I’ve been driving 40minutes to church on Sundays and Wednesday nights to be a part of this church so I will be healed, but have had an uneasiness since I found out that they believe in speaking in tongues and the baptism of the holy spirit. I have not felt comfortable inviting anyone to this church with me because I don’t want to get someone else caught up into something that may be false teaching.
    I have decided to listen to the Holy Spirit and break ties with this church. I have repented for seeking a dream for my life instead of seeking to know God through Scripture and prayer and for seeking an experience.
    I have started teaching at their version of Celebrate Recovery and new members class, so I am unsure as to the best way to exit……if I should share that I believe some of what they teach is false doctrine or just quietly leave.
    I have a lot of questions about things that have happened to me, most of them happened prior to me attending the church I currently attend. I have been having trouble moving on in my faith due to these questions. I am glad that I have found your page and some encouragement.

    Thank you,


    • I went to a church where you were to ask the Spirit to come and they also spoke in tongues. No where in the bible does it say we are to talk to the spirit or ask it to come. David did ask for the spirit not to be far from him or taken from him. The tongues in every church I have attended was nothing more than gibberish. The tongues of the new testament had a PURPOSE. It was so that people from different places that spoke different languages could know what was being said. It used to be hard to say that stuff was not biblical because the people that do it are many and can get angry if you tell them what you think. My solution – stay out of those type of churches. Knowing God makes you healthy and normal. That kind of stuff makes you confused and takes you out of the safe umbrella of trusting Christ. It wasn’t just tongues but falling backwards, screaming at Satan and so much more. So black and so false. Takes you away from Trust and obedience in Christ. Just a point of interest – sometimes the word salvation means deliverance – real help and deliverance. ajc

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  3. Hi – I just listened to your interview on Escape The Lie radio via YouTube:

    I’m based in Bristol UK and have found these teachings of Johnson et al have fully taken over the denominational evangelical / pentecostal churches.

    Thank you for standing up.




  4. Thanks for sharing your story. I thank Jesus for leading me and you out of those places. I got caught up in a prophetic dance ministry that introduced the book, When heaven invades earth, by Bill Johnson. We had to read a declaration in that book and that was when I had a red flag, I participate in it but started to pray about why I felt something was off about it. Then God started to lead me into truth by His Holy Spirit. My eyes where open and I left. I did try to tell some people, but it seemed not to effect their decision to go or stay or even look into it much they still continue in it. I pray for them. Before I became a born again believer in Jesus 2001, I lived with this Christian family in 1997, and went with them to Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Fl ands ened up in a psychic ward for 7 days that is the short of the story. Ididn’t understand fully until a few years ago. If you want to hear the full story let me know I will tell you.
    Paul said in Acts 14:22…….strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith,and saying, “We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.
    This we must do also, to continue in the faith, and know others have suffered as we have. It is truly a blessing and comfort to hear how God lead you out. And now you are helping and comforting others.
    Sincerely, Janette


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