Connecting False Teaching to False Worship

I was the lead intercessor for the Vancouver Prayer and Healing Rooms, which was located in Vancouver, WA. They were under the “umbrella” of the International Association of Healing Rooms, in Spokane, WA, headed by Cal Pierce, whose doctrine and beliefs mirror that of Bill Johnson, Bethel.

Like many others I loved to worship God to sing to Him. I began to collect an assortment of worship CD’s to use while we “soaked” to prepare for the “prayer ministry”. My favorite was Misty Edwards of International House of Prayer, Mike Bickel. I wasn’t crazy about Bickel’s teaching, but I loved IHOP’s music. And so I used it as often as I could, along with a mix of other popular artists at that time.

Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:4-5 to see to it that no one deceives us. It is a statement that is of utmost importance, yet one that is easily overlooked. However, I had often prayed that prayer, and though I was allowed to be involved in some very bad teaching and crazy supernatural experiences, God eventually opened my eyes to the truth and by His grace and love led me out.

The bible gives us a great number of warnings about false teachers and false prophets. We are told to test these things, to flee and to warn others to do the same. See 2 John, 2 Peter 2, Romans 16:17-18. Paul called them out by name, 2 Timothy 2:16-18, and warned others day and night for years in tears so they would not be taken in Acts 20:28-31.

Music is an extremely powerful force and is one that will be used to worship the Beast when the time comes. See Daniel 3, Revelation 13. I believe we are seeing pre-cursors to that and have been for some time. It is so important we leave behind what sounds good to us, or what feels good and right to us and test these things according to the word of God – Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 2:15.

I am fully convinced that the demonic uses “worship” music as a type of conjuring, to bring up the demonic forces that are part of these organizations’ false teachings. Where false teaching exists, false worship follows along side, and the bible calls such teacher accursed – Galatians 1:8-9. It is a widely known fact that the most beautiful music comes from organizations who teach of another gospel.

Just as with false teaching there is a bit of a lie, the same holds for the music. Oftentimes the false teaching is accepted because it sounds good. The same applies to their music – it sounds good. It appeals to our flesh, to our senses and we are pulled in and trapped. It does not matter that the words they sing are true because the foundation is false. There will always be a mixture of truth and the lie. This is why I understand that when we sing these songs we are worshiping the false jesus, the one Paul warned about. He also stated if we allowed it, we would put up with it- 2 Corinthians 11:4. If you are drawn to this music and feel you need it for worship, this is what he spoke of, to be taken in and controlled by it.

Worship is about God. It should never be about how it makes us feel, but how it lifts up the truth of the Lord in telling Him how great He is for all He has done for us! There is such a huge difference. And there is more to worship than music, it is how we live our lives in submission to God and not to ourselves.

I often hear Christians defend the music of Bethel, Jesus Culture, Morningstar, IHOP, Hillsong, and all the rest because it’s so beautiful and uplifting to the hearer. But my friends, we are told that Satan comes as an angel of light with a great power to deceive, 2 Corinthians 11:14, he is beautiful, and he once held the place of worship leader in heaven- Isaiah 14:11-14.

This should give us great pause to question who we are truly singing about and where it comes from. If the doctrine is false the worship is false, and the two cannot be separated. Please don’t be deceived. We are called to be pure. Bust up your CD’s and delete your links! Sing your own songs! Be blessed in your freedom from all the works of darkness while there is still time. God is a jealous God and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth!


46 thoughts on “Connecting False Teaching to False Worship

  1. I agree with what you are saying . I’ve wondered if I was just being too critical , I but I compare it to how I would feel if the songs were put up by The Mormon Tabernacle or JW “s . It’s sad .


    • When we take a look at scripture and see how often we have been given warnings against all that is false, whether it be teaching, prophecy, even doing as the pagans, it begins to take on a very strong tone. Christianity has become so watered down that anything is accepted. This is not scriptural, but the opposite is true.


      • Hey Ms. Kelly, I am currently listening to your YouTube interview about escaping from Bethhell. I think we may haver much to discuss! I’ve been watching the wolves for a very long time now, and I really appreciate your honesty and courage. I’ll hit you up soon, on fb I am Pat Riot from Detroit, my picture is my cat if you wanna find me. Much love to you!


  2. They who worship God MUST worship him in Spirit and Truth. Sound doctrine is NOT an option. Either this is absolute truth or the Lord Jesus Christ is a liar.

    The extra-biblical fables (angel/human hybrids, pre-trib rapture, OSAS, etc.) being preached to this end-time generation are so entrenched in American Christianity that it is nearly impossible to be a part of a large movement or denomination without constantly subjecting yourself to unsound teaching. We need the LORD to show us what are the true teachings of the Bible and what are merely the doctrines or traditions of man. When we are full of man’s doctrines and traditions we are blinded to the truth, and totally convinced the errors we have embraced are in fact the truth.

    This is why it is so crucial to seek to be filled with the Spirit of Truth that Jesus promised would guide us into ALL truth. Although many claim this experience is not for today (another fable!) the Bible clearly states it is for as many as the LORD shall call (Act 2:39). With the Holy Ghost quickening us to the truth of God’s Word the lies and distractions of the enemy are powerless to hold us.

    Blessings to you;
    Paul Benson


  3. I have a friend who is caught up in it and I can’t seem to get through to her. I show her information about these things and she says someone pays people to bad mouth these people. I don’t think I’ll ever get through. Should I remain friends with someone like that? If she comes into my house, am I not also letting in this false Jesus(satan)?


    • Donna, this is a so very hard, I am sure. The people who I warned did not come out of it either. One has suffered stoke and memory problems, and another has died. The possibility that they never came out of the deception breaks my heart because the simple truth was right there for them to see. Your friend is one of those who have been tricked into believing those of us who warn are out to cause problems and have other motives. I saw this early on, and even stated by some well known preachers who refused to warn their flocks!

      What to do in your situation is to pray for direction. We are told to warn once and a second time and then leave them alone (pearls to pigs). Breaking friendship with someone is very hard but it is true that you have nothing in common, for what has light to do with darkness? Is there a risk that she would otherwise convince you? That is the danger. I would study scriptures that provide direction in this area and let the Lord guide you, and continue to pray for her.


  4. “Worship is about God. It should never be about how it makes us feel, but how it lifts up the truth of the Lord in telling Him how great He is for all He has done for us! There is such a huge difference. And there is more to worship than music, it is how we live our lives in submission to God and not to ourselves.”

    You should expand on this a bit more because if someone is absorbed into the experience of music this statement will not make any sense or they can easily say they do this when they work within the context of emotional music. i.e. in your quote would you say that singing would be more of a confessional thing and not a romance feel toward God? That is part of how I view worship as far as singing. Also singing songs that reflect the meaning of the Gospel vs singing a song where you are seeking to be ‘held’ by God. Just expand on it because deception runs very deep and those who come out of it cannot always discern quickly when something is true or not. I am still learning myself.

    These kinds of posts help me sort through the nonsense myself because once I understand where the deception lies and why then I teach it to others, with passion.


    • John, there is so much that can be said in this area. Worship can and does evoke emotions in us but we need to be careful of what they are. We are not in a romantic relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a popular teaching out of IHOP that has taken hold in other organizations, invading churches and the hearts and minds of believers. This also stems from the book of Ester and Song of Solomon where scripture is taken out of context and to the extreme – romantic, even sexual, as sick as that sounds, but it is true.

      One of the first things I did was to stop listening to their music completely and eventually I got rid of it all, being absolutely repulsed by it, by what I had done and had been a part of. Someone who is coming out of false teaching and still has a need or desire for the music will need to check their reasons – 2 Corinthians 11:4.

      Yes, there are times that worship will be to uplift Him, there are times we cry out our need for Him, other times we declare our love and devotion, etc. We see this in the Psalms!!! A stark contrast in the true worship and the false is when we develop a need to worship, like an addiction, that goes on for long periods of time, often bringing physical manifestations, visions, etc. It is hard to draw a line but the absolute truth is in the main focus of my topic. Anyone who believes in the false teachings of Jesus Christ will worship the false jesus. The organizations who peddle their music contaminate what should be be pure between the Lord and the believer, and there should be no room for false doctrine of any kind as its foundation.

      Please let me know if I can be of help.


    • Totally agree. The true meaning of the gospel message of our forgiveness through Jesus love of standing in for us at the cross! This is the amazing grace of the gospel! It cannot be stated enough!


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  6. I found your blog via a radio stint you did in 2013 posted to youtube. I am so grateful I did. I appreciate your journey so much and how vocal and sincere you are about how God freed you from deception. During our courtship my now husband was steeped in a dangerous and destructive penacostal church akin to a cult. Now, a year later, we visited a local church that loves the Bethel and Hillsong movement and even though the sermons were recycled I told him I wanted to go to atleast stay connected. But recently I found myself worshipping in my home and God showed me my relatuonship with Him had consistently been fueled by Christian guides, Christian self help books and methodical worship music not a relationship based on accountability,consistancy and holiness. So at that point I told my husband I understood why he disliked the church and the focus on salvation numbers, fancy lighting and fog machines, club type music,incorporation of wordly movies into sermon points, focus on financial funding and pedastooling the pastor and ministries. I went to grad school for research so I began researching every viable source I could find. I had spent my life questioning the behavior of people of my faith while my devout family just told me to trust God and go to church. But thankfully I had read about the Bereans growing up and I knew what I was doing with smart, wise, and absolutey necessary considering my years of being fed Jesus laced with the world. So now more than ever I want to read my Bible. Although I am concerned about the accuracy of the NIV and NASB its what I have for now. Honestly, my husband and I want to be missionaries, we want to be biblically grounded but it is an uphill battle considering our entire lives we have been methodically taught how to read scripture because fear had been placed in us-the fear that we would misinterpret scripture. We would appreciate your prayer for us as we begin to read the Word of God without other books, twisted worship and quite frankly fellowship with people likeminded to our questions. Its the beginning of a possibly long and painful journey of finding a fellowship for us and our children and getting to know Jesus and Abba Father for who they really are. Exciting and daunting! Thanks again for sharing your journey!


    • Hi! Thanks for writing! I would suggest you read John 14, 15 & 16 to understand how the Holy Spirit works, as I believe the words of Jesus will bring you comfort and direction. The Holy Spirit will teach you as you read, so rest assured, under His guidance you aren’t going to misinterpret. I will also suggest Strong Concordance when you are ready to do a bit of in-depth. I love the word studies and have found it is a great way to learn meaning.

      As for the accuracy of different texts, many people are concerned about the NIV, some are KVJ only. I personally use NKJV tho I have heard things about that one too. As long as you aren’t reading a paraphrase, or The Message, you should be ok, just keep in mind the NIV may have some word changes that could interfere with truth and your understanding. This is another topic to bring before the Lord during your journey, but don’t get too hung up on it right now. is a great way to compare texts and will alleviate the wondering

      I would love to hear from you to see how you are getting along.

      Blessings in Christ Jesus!


  7. I am not sure where to post this, so I decided to post here under “false teaching.” I was wondering if you or any of your followers have heard of “”? This curriculum utilizes a personality test called Enneagram, contemplative and imaginative prayer, a genogram workbook and various other practices so that we can “be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.” This teaching is in the Portland, OR area and has now spread to Vancouver, WA. My son was attending the Vancouver church with his girlfriend. Thankfully, he is no longer in the church and recently we talked about making sure you are in the Word because that is where the Truth is. I wanted to alert those in the area about this “practice.” I know it is false teaching. It’s so difficult because these people love Jesus, and they are like sheep following these false shepherds. I have become so guarded that I worry I may throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. I came out of an NAR, charismania church. Fortunately, I was not caught up in it for a long period of time, but long enough to have grieved over having to leave.
    Just curious if you or any of your followers have heard of this. Thanks again for keeping this blog going.
    Peace of Christ,


    • Hi Becky!
      Praise God for your discernment! Have you looked into their website at all? It appears to be a combination of Emergent teachers/ings – Richard Foster, Dallas Willard combined with visualization (imaginative prayer), which is taken from inner healing concepts, also found in SOZO. I only spent a few minutes on the site and that was enough for me! There’s no throwing the baby out with the bathwater here – it’s all demonized and ready for the fire! Great catch! I used to live in that area too! Let me know if you want to talk about this some more. 🙂 If you do a little digging you could be a great resource for others who are caught up in it.


      • M’Kayla,
        Thank you for your response. For some reason, I did not get a notification that you answered or I may have accidentally deleted. I could be real out there and say the devil did it. Anyway, I did spend some time on their website. I was trying to get as much information as I could when addressing it with my son. However, thankfully, he had his own questions. I also did some digging prior to your post and my spirit was really unsettled while reading and researching the church’s practices. Apparently, the way the church introduces the Enneagram is to call it “just a personality test.” Well, as you aptly stated in your post above, all this church’s practices are not “just” anything. Thank you for clarifying where these teachings come from, i.e. Emergent, SOZO, etc.

        I did post quite some time ago on your website about the church I came out of. It’s in the Woodland, WA area. I am uncertain if you prefer for me not to say the name. However, it is NAR and they love Bethel. So, that should let anyone know it’s a church that should be avoided.

        I am trying to remain grateful that, not only did God give me the wisdom I needed to leave that church, but He put me in high gear to research and be in HIs word so I will not be deceived in the future. I do not want to be one of those caught off guard.



    • May I ask what church it was in Vancouver? I live in Vancouver and I have been to Bethesda a few times. I believe they are a sister church to Bethel. I was just wondering if that was the church you might be talking about.

      I’m so confused! I understand the thing about Sozo (I was not comfortable with it) but it appears all the worship leaders along with Bill and Kris love the Lord.


      • Hi Teresa – I realize you wrote just about a year ago but I just came across your post and I do know about Bethesda and I do believe they have very false teaching. Please buy the documentary, “American Gospel – Christ Alone”. You can get it from Vimeo. It will answer all your questions!


        • I’m allowing the recommendation of this video but I have not watched and cannot say one way or the other whether it is trustworthy. Always test all things with the bible.



          • The documentary is all about “test all things with the bible” and does the job very well! Thank you for including my comment.


  8. Hello and God Bless..New to your page. I came across while trying to find out about the Vineyard movement. I need resources about Vineyard please. My current church is in the process of becoming apart of the Vineyard USA. We havent been told alot. But I have noticed our teaching now is focused on healing and my Pastor stating that their hands tingle and get hot when their are praying. Please I cant hardly find anything on exposing this movement. Have a blessed day in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our LORD and SAVIOUR.


    • Hi Michelle.
      You may want to go to the Vineyard website and review their beliefs. I each church may be a bit different, but they have all been founded under John Wimber. You stated that your pastor has felt manifestations of heat and tingling during healing prayer, which in itself is a huge red flag that you not become caught up in it. There is no biblical foundation for this to occur and it is something that I experienced. Please be wise.


  9. Isn’t that almost getting a little bit religious like a religious spirit? I love to sing songs and worship the Lord I don’t hear anything wrong with the songs from Bethel.
    When I look at Jeremy camp or I mean Jeremy Riddle Stephanie Kim a lot of the other ones they seem to have a True heart to worship God.
    So all these worship leaders from Kari Jobe Rick Peno Jake Hamilton ect are all wrong?


    • Teresa, you have asked the same question in several areas of my blog. What is wrong with this music? It stems from wrong doctrine. I made that point very clear in my writing. If a person is preaching ways that are not of God, and people are following practices that are not clearly stated in the bible, then the entity they worship is not of our Lord! It’s really very simple when you consider it. It makes absolutely no difference if it seems their hearts are for the Lord. This is an argument that I often hear. The bible tells us the heart is wicked, does it not? The truth is in their doctrine, their teaching, their practices! No one can judge a heart but God and the fruit of Bethel, et al, is bad. Please take some time to consider and study! 🙂


  10. One thing that had annoyed me over the years, when I sang in choirs and praise teams is the songs were always picked to go along with the sermon. like a manufactured dialog or something…


  11. Hi McKayla, my testimony is very similar to yours. Actually, when I found out what the New Apostolic Reformation believed I was horrified. Your testimony was on YouTube and I listen to it and wept. It was my story from another person. I went to Portland Bible College that is associated with City Bible Church in Portland Oregon and there I was introduced to Cindy Jacobs, C Peter Wagner, Barbara wentroble, and the others. I had no idea that they were false prophets and had false teaching. 3 years ago the Lord revealed to me the whole Bethel movement, and the New Apostolic Reformation true belief system. I wept for 6 weeks. My heart was broken. I have friends that I went to school with and are on my Facebook to this day that are affected by Bill Johnson and Bethel Church, IHOP, and I also have friends who do conferences and minister with Todd Bentley, Heidi Baker, Reinhard bonnke, and others. Out of my entire class, I’m the only one that I know of who is speaking out and exposing the lies of the enemy through this movement. I’m heartbroken, and it is very very difficult trying to find a church that doesn’t have ties with Bill Johnson, Rick Warren or any other heretical Ministry. I listen to Jacob prasch on a regular basis and he ministers to me. All of this to say, I am so thankful for your testimony and when I heard it, I really wanted to meet you and talk to you. I didn’t realize there were others like me out there. Thank you all that you do, and I have a Facebook page dedicated to helping people come out of Bethel church and the new Apostolic Reformation. I would like them to read your testimony so I’m going to copy this link and put it on my Facebook page. It’s not popular, but then again the truth never is. My heart is to see people rescued from this demonic cult and be brought back to the truth of God’s word. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry.

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    • Sophia, I too went to City Bible Church and took part in all of the Intercessor’s Conferences. I now live in Berlin, Germany as a missionary but moving to Berlin took me even more into the false teachings! It seems that every Spirit-filled believer in Europe is part of the NRA. Recently I have seen the truth and a big help was the documentary, “American Gospel – Christ Alone.” We too are grieving – my family and I. We feel that we have lost all of our friends. It is a hard place to be in. We were part of the Burn 24-7 for 10 years here in Berlin. Thank you for sharing. I’ll look for you on FB.


  12. Hi! I and my family have recently had our eyes opened by the false teaching of NRA; Bethel, etc. We have been on a journey the past year of seeking and praying and then we watched, “American Gospel” and it all became so clear. Just today, however, I put on some worship music which still includes Jesus Culture and Hillsong. One of the songs I listened to was “I exalt Thee”. Jesus Culture did a lot of cover songs which they didn’t write. I was thinking to myself – this song is okay. Then my son-in-law, said, “Which Jesus are they singing about?” I answered that I was worshipping to Jesus my Lord. Then, just tonight, I came across this blog. Do you really think we have to be that careful about the worship we listen to? I totally get that I will not listen to any me-centered songs or songs that give the wrong gospel but it seems to me that if the words are truly gloriying to Jesus it is okay? I would love to hear your input on this matter and thank you very much!


  13. Hello M’Kayla,

    Can you please comment on the relationship between Jesus Culture and Bethel Church. I have heard that Jesus Culture and Bethel are not the same, that Jesus Culture has come out of Bethel, and that it is thus fine to listen to Jesus Culture music while being opposed to Bethel teachings.

    Thank you,


    • Annette, I don’t know anything about them “coming out” and would still regard their music as spiritually dangerous given the influence of Bethel’s teaching. Why is music so important, so much that is it held in higher regard than the word of God? Does it not instruct us to come out and be separate?


      • Thank you for your answer, M”Kayla. I believe we have a misunderstanding here. I don’t like Jesus Culture music and I don’t listen to it. I simply wanted to get the facts straight. Supposedly Jesus Culture moved away from Bethel to a different city and is now independent. That’s why I was asking you about the connection.


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