Signs in the Heavens

I’ve been pondering and doing some research the recent US solar eclipse, the date of September 23, the 12th Chapter of Revelation, and the many claims, theories, and warnings of biblical signs from the Lord regarding upcoming disaster, among other things.

We need to be careful and clarify what exactly constitutes biblical signs and what does not. On a personal note, I am still hashing out my own end-time beliefs as to what we are to look for in the days ahead. However, I cannot come to the same conclusions surrounding these theories, even though they have become quite popular, and taught by some persons who, up until this point, have had my respect.

The Solar Eclipse

Many people believe the solar eclipse last month on August 21, 2017, was a warning from the Lord regarding an impending period of judgment. Others claim it was a warning for repentance. I have searched the scriptures and have yet to find even one passage that clearly states the Lord will send a solar eclipse as warning for either.

The US experienced a total eclipse of the sun only in some areas. Other areas experienced a partial eclipse, and still others were not affected by it at all. I must ask if the eclipse was a sign from God then why wasn’t a total eclipse seen in all parts of the world? Or if it had been a warning for the US only then why wasn’t the eclipse seen throughout the entire country? But even then, why is the US being singled out, when societies all over the world live in sin and rebellion to the Lord? In any of these scenarios, wouldn’t it be God’s will that all people see His sign and repent and/or be warned of impending His judgment? Didn’t Christ die for all?

God’s Judgment

Revelation 6:12-14 clearly explains the signs that will immediately precede God’s upcoming judgment of mankind. These passages state that the sun becomes black as sackcloth and the moon like blood. The eclipse we witnessed that day did not fit this description. Yes, as I previously pointed out, the sun went dark in some areas, and lost only some of its light in others. The moon did not turn red or as blood. The events of the scripture will be much more dramatic than the solar eclipse!

In addition, we will also consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:29, Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

I have placed emphasis on the first four words of this scripture because they are most important to our understanding in a true biblical context. They point us to a time that has not yet taken place, after the tribulation, and we have not completed the tribulation period yet! Please see also Joel 2:30-31.

I believe when these events take place they will be witnessed by everyone worldwide. These are the true biblical signs which signal the onset of God’s judgment, and are to occur just before the actual rapture of the church, as described in Matthew 24:30-31. When this day finally comes there will be no mistake about the signs. They will be serious, and sudden, and no one will be throwing parties or taking “selfies” on their cell phones as they did with the recent eclipse. The people of the earth will be horrified and will attempt to hide themselves away to escape the horror.

I’m not so sure that we have even entered into the time of the tribulation period, although I am willing to consider that as a possibility. I also understand that some of my readers will not agree with me as they may have a different idea as to the timing of end time events. Some do not believe we will go through any of the tribulation period. I say this as an aside, and not to avert attention from our topic’s focus which is current events in the heavens.

September 23 The Great Sign, and Revelation 12

A group of men and women who call themselves “theologians” believe specific signs in the sky will occur on September 23 of this year, some based on Revelation 12. This event, known as The Great Sign, includes two different yet related star constellations known as Virgo (The Virgin) and Leo (The Lion), symbols also associated with the Zodiac. The theologians have attempted to debunk the idea that their teaching has any connection to the actual Zodiac or the practice of astrology. They rightly believe the Zodiac is used for the occult practice of divination in the telling of future personal events and information, much like that of a psychic. They believe the Great Sign theory is based only on God’s creation of the stars that we know as astronomy, used for the telling of future biblical events. I do not agree that a difference exists, because both methods utilize the formation of stars to predict future events.

During this time the planets will align in a great convergence, also considered a sign in the heavens. (I can’t help but say this reminds me of a song in the 1960’s – when Jupiter aligns with Mars – The Age of Aquarius. Popular yes, a valid biblical sign, not at all.) Will the planets align? Probably so, but this should not be considered as a biblical sign.

Revelation 12 is a fascinating and historical account of the bible told in symbolism. It begins with the nation of Israel and ends with the destruction of Satan. It is a glorious picture, and I have always found the book a fascinating read.

Please see Deuteronomy 18:9-14 which includes warnings against the practice of divination and the interpretation of omens. I don’t believe these theologians take much importance to the Lord’s warnings since that is exactly what they are doing.  Either they do not understand, or they simply believe the warnings do not apply to them.

I don’t come to the same conclusion as these theologians as I don’t find a proper context of scripture that support their theories. Therefore I do not hold their theories any validity other than to sadly say they too have been deceived. Every year we receive similar warnings for the month of September, and each year they come to nothing. Each time they are announced they become more than tiresome. I wonder when the date-setters will wake up and stop doing what they have been told cannot be done. Jesus stated that no one knows the hour of His return, no one, not even the angels. The only One who knows the timing is God the Father, the Creator of all things.

The truth has been entrusted to the church, or as we now call it, the remnant. As such, we should be much more concerned the seriousness of these false warnings of woe year after year. The last thing we want is for the unsaved to stop hearing the gospel message and turn a deaf ear to salvation!

Many things are happening on the earth as we speak. We may be witnessing the wondrous beginnings of the end time events, and for that we are blessed. But let’s also be wise and pray for understanding and discernment because we are told how these events will play out and what signs to watch for so that we are prepared.

Let us also take into consideration that we carry the precious name of Christ, and that the future of many lost souls depend on our knowledge and our words. The scriptures are our best defense from deception.

19 thoughts on “Signs in the Heavens

  1. Hi! This is the first time I have read one of your posts. I actually agree very much with what you stated. I heard a lot of different stuff going around about the eclipse also. First of all there have been other eclipse’s during the years and we are all still here! I know that they say scientifically that the day CHRIST was crucified, the darkness was due to an eclipse. Now that may be true, but as far as I’m concerned since GOD upholds the universe by the Word of HIS Power an eclipse in sync with the death of our LORD is by GOD’S design anyway. What I mean is I think because of that, people were trying to put some kind of biblical importance to the eclipse. Aside from that there are so MANY, MANY false gospels out there right now; the really disturbing thing about this is that Most of the churches are involved in them! I mean where they used to preach the truth and now they have strayed so very far away! It’s incredible. I came out of a church 15 yrs. ago that was really mostly gone if you know what I mean. We stayed there for too long. Churches have Stopped reading The Word of GOD, and when they do they Don’t rightly divide the word of truth. Most people in churches are caught up in reading Books about “christianity”, someone’s version of it, and believe whatever without comparing it to scripture. I was guilty of this myself for years. Sorry to go on so long. This is why people believe all kinds of nonsense and attribute it to signs and wonders. Also because that’s really what they want. They don’t want the true gospel, they want exciting, supernatural events that they can Experience. Sad. Keep posting because we really do need more people willing to teach, preach, & talk the Truth of the true Gospel of Salvation thru the sacrifice of our LORD & SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! Time is short I think! GOD Bless you!

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  2. M’Kayla – regarding the 7 mountains issue. I was in an old bookshop when visiting Scotland
    last month and found a book – the cover might just interest you. I am assuming you do know about Thomas Merton as the source of the current Contemplative prayer movement.
    The picture I took does not paste into this comment space but on the front cover is written.


    • Angela, stay off my blog. You are completely out of line AND this article has nothing to do with Trump or anything political. You will not use it as a place to bad mouth other people, whether its me or my readers, whether we support the prez or not, and whether or not we are republicans. I’ve put up with this from you for many years. Future comments from you will be deleted because nothing you have to say is of value to the blog or its purpose. Start your own blog and rant from there.

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  3. Hello,

    I just want to say that I think you are right regarding the chapter “God’s Judgment”!
    There are a really clear sign and time schedule in the bible about the coming judgment.
    However, I think the time of tribulation hasn’t started yet.
    The bible says, that the 70th week of Daniel starts when the anti-christ, will make a treaty with the jews and they will think it is the Messias. That’s one sign for us Christians that it has begun.
    After the first half of the 70th week the anti-christ will break the treaty and every Jew and Christian will know the anti-christ – that’s the start of the time of tribulation!
    There is a really good documented timeline from Kent Hovind, about the 70th week of Daniel. All with biblical references and parallel verses!

    I hope that helps.
    Be blessed brothers and sisters.


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