A Berean

Worth a repeat. Blessings on your journey as a Berean.

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Since the time the Lord brought me out of the false healing movement (International Association of Healing Rooms), the false prophetic and false dream/visions it has been my hope to help others see the truth. Through the leading of the Lord, his great love and mercy, I have seen that take place, time and again. During the past 8 1/2 years, I have learned a great deal and oftentimes the learning has been the result of the gifts and love of my brothers and sisters in Christ, most often than not, other bloggers as well as my readers.

For these moments I am deeply grateful as I have seen the Lord bring together believers who were, and still are without a meeting place. Yet, it was in the early days, between the months of April, 2008 and June, 2009 when I, like Mary, who sat at the feet of Jesus…

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12 thoughts on “A Berean

  1. I have heard one pasted say that we don’t hear from God and that some of our thoughts are no more than sanctified thoughts. This is what leads people astray because the Bible says God never changes and is the same God of yesterday. This stillness to hear God is leading people into altered states of consciousness . So how are we to be lead by the spirit????

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    • Brenda, the Lord speaks to us primarily through His word and so it is important that we spend time reading it. Jesus always went to the Father for direction and it is by His example that we do the same, being confident that we can approach His throne because of His mercy and grace.

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      • Hi M’ Kayla.
        I believe we’ve chatted before on a Facebook group. Maybe I’m wrong.
        I was hoping I could reach out to you by email or Facebook? I wanted to show you something. We’re cleaning out our house( we live on a military base) and are relocating and I came across something that stirred me. I did find your post on the healing ministry sozo and it was rather interesting due to the fact I found this “ god encounter “ written out by my aunt her and her friend had done on me back in 2013. I’ve been frantically researching everything I could to find out what exactly it was I did and I’m pretty sure everything you wrote about there summed it up.
        But I’d really like to you to read it. She also did this to my daughter who at the time was 6. I’m very worried that it could have opened up demons to her?
        It wasn’t until I was talking to her last night about things and we talk about this stuff, but on a level she’d understand of course, that when I told her and the “ picturing a special meeting place to meet Jesus “ she remembers my aunt doing this with her and at that point I remembered too.
        I’m so sick to my stomach.
        I will be burning these papers, but I’d like someone to look at them to see what exactly it was I did.
        If you’d help me, I’d love to give you my email or Facebook. Thank you,


  2. What is the right way to hear from God? I do think the mystical way is wrong but what does it mean to be led by the Spirit? Also, is Bob Deway a Calvinist? I don’t know just that he seems to follow John Mc Arthur who does seem to be a Calvinist.

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    • Bob Dewaay is reformed, yes. He was strategically used by the Lord to teach me many things about this false movement. He is solid. I praise God for him and his teachings. He came out of this movement himself years ago and worked in the healing rooms as well. He has a Shepherds heart and desires that people be not let astray.


  3. M’Kayla, I was informed about an interview you did with Escape the Lie Radio that I recently listened to. First of all, I am thankful to God for opening your eyes and that He pulled you out of those dark place of wickedness. Second, I want to let you know how amazing you are for stepping out and speaking up about the world you were involved in like Bethel that so many are caught up in. Keep speaking truth sister! Jesus is coming.. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matt 9:37-38) Keep fighting the good fight! God Bless you.

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  4. M’Kayla. I just moved to Redding 2 months ago because 2 friends of mine, who use to be my pastor at a small Calvary Chapel church, have been drawn to Bethel, and have gotten me up here to experience the things they have been experiencing, of which they are calling a revival, and experiencing “the kingdom” in action. Since I have moved here I have been tormented by things that have happened and things that I have seen, because something in my spirit about it is not right. For several weeks I could not understand why, and most of the time thought it was me being in the wrong so to speak. It has caused me to dig much deeper into the Scriptures, the Holy Word of God, more then I ever have in my life, and to confide in close friends from where I came from, and to do deep digging research on this church(which has led me to you). I have never had anything like this happen to me before where I feel like my foundation in the Lord was being knocked by a giant hammer, but thanks be to God He has very recently opened my eyes to what is going on here by the fact that His Scriptures are written(and are being written) in my heart, and I have been hiding them deeply in my heart as a gauge and guide in my life. After spending countless hours deep in the Word of God, and confiding in people I really trust, who do even more reading of the Scriptures then I, who base their lives whole heartedly on the Scriptures, doing what they say, I do not say this lightly and speak wholeheartedly as a humble man who really doesn’t know that much but somehow God is revealing this to me through the discernment he gives me through His Word and through the advice of fellow believers who are more “grown up” in Him.. …
    I do not say this lightly, as blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the worse thing we can do….
    Bethel is being led by a very powerful demonic spirit that is imitating the Holy Spirit. This foreign Spirit is very deceptive and enchanting so much so that it is fooling even folks who have been pastors of other churches. These pastors have dropped their calling and come to this church for the “experience” and “appearance” that the works we are called to do are being done. Which is in reality, a huge deception, and very demonic! It is very scary to see this happening, and happening so fast. And it is beginning to run rampage. This foreign spirit is causing people to chase after the “feel good” signs and wonders more then the Word of God, and in doing so they have given away their discernment God gives them through the Scriptures to this demonic spirit. I am seeing this happening right before my eyes in this Church and it is horrifying. Because I love these people is why its tormenting me I don’t know how to handle this or tell people whats going on here. People I know and dearly love are falling into this. I am going to have to tell my family about this, and it could tear my family apart because they are also getting involved through these friends of ours who use to be pastors. This demonic spirit is so powerful and deceptive and enchanting and is fooling even the strongest of christians here. I cannot believe I am seeing this happen so fast here. What happened to the Word of God and following it doing what He says. How can people so easily fall away from the Truth. People who I considered way more mature then I. This is what is making it so hard for me. Because I have to confront this before its too late because it could take my family. I am so scared. I am in Redding and all i want to do is get out of here and get as far away from this as i possibly can. But i dont want to leave the people i love behind. So I am deeply compelled to expose this now because of my love for these people I am weeping over this. I am weeping over this town of Redding, because all i see are people in the streets who are struggling so bad, people who have lived here all their lives who need jobs, yet this Bethel church claims they are restoring the city when in actuality they are just buying up the town so that they can say “its restored” when in actuality the people who live in this town are being shut out and demonized rather then helped out of their situation. I have seen so very few out there actually helping the actual citizens of Redding. This is such a BIG Lie this church is doing here I am so grieved for the people of this town, the families that are being torn apart over this all the while Bethel is claiming to restore when it is actually restoring only unto itself and not the people who need it. They are trying to set up what they call a “Kingdom on Earth” in Redding by buying out the town and falling under a demon that is drawing certain people in only to use them for this purpose and it is so wrong. If you do not go with their way of thinking, you are demonized and shunned. I have seen it heard it, and now i am reading testimony after testimony on the internet of these happenings and it so wrong. This is NOT GOD!!! Not the God of the Scriptures of who we should abide. Our gauge in our walk should always be the true Word of God no matter what!! Why have so many disconnected from this? Is it because we are living in an age of sensationalism? And sensationalism has become such a part of our emotional way that we are always looking for a sensation, so that it is becoming as anything goes so to speak in the church just as long as it “feels” good or “feels” right and it “appears” right so it must be right.. yet there is no gauging by the Scriptures to see if it really is in fact truly from God Yahweh. I cant believe this. I am so grieve, and am also ENRAGED by this. Because it is being allowed to run rampage and the people who are against it seam to be going at it the wrong way…..pride against pride. I have so many things I could say it I just realized this is way too long but I just need to get this out to someone that will hear and understand and at least hear what I am saying and please I need help here and I really need prayer because I don’t want to loose my family. And I feel so bad for all the young people coming into this church because they really are trying to follow after God and are seeking to do what he has told us to do, but they are being set up into a trap set by the devil himself. This is one of those things you cannot see it unless you are deeply into the Scriptures and have it written and hidden deeply into you heart and truly following after Christ. In my walk I have been led astray but God has always brought me back and it has always been through His Word and I pray this happens here in Redding and with all those affected.


  5. I am concerned we have a pastor coming into our church who keeps talking about prophetic community and I think his daughter made the comment that she came from Bethel involved with the worship there I consider myself a watchman and whenever I hear anything that sounds wrong I try to research it can you tell me about the prophetic community


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