Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Contacts Catalyst

Another blogger friend and sister in Christ who has had ongoing situations with Jacob Prasch concerning his doctrine has also made this statement. Please follow the link:


3 thoughts on “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Contacts Catalyst

  1. Thank you for sharing your recent information. I please ask you to help me and others who have bought the lie through WOF and other things that can come through these false ministries. As I have told you a Baptist Church lady introduced me to Reiki and told me that it was the Holy Spirit. It went on for 17 yrs of deception. I had visions and all kinds of information opened up to me by being under this woman’s spell. My chakra ‘s were opened and I do think I experienced a Kundalini awakening. Since I shared this with you and denounced it I have experienced prickles and unwanted sensations in my body. I read not to go for dileverance as it just stirs up the demons. I have begged you please tell me a residue or link of others who have experienced this. I am alone with this. I am 69 this year. I don’t want to die and go to hell. Thank you Brenda Information is great but you need the hope and a sharing partner. Also, I don’t believe Calvin / Arminian .

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