Book Update

Book Update – Hi my loves. I wanted to update you. I think I’m about ready to put all my chapters together into book form for a final read/edit/possible quick re-write/whatever it is 🙂 in the next day or so to begin that process, then a cover and formatting. I will be self-publishing through Amazon with the help of my dear friend and sister who is also a published author. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement – this is finally going to come together! It is important that you know many of you have been players in this with me, simply through your kind words! You will never know how important they have been. 

I’ve included lots of scriptures and some basic information related to NAR, WOF, healing rooms, dreams and visions, the false prophetic, and named many players – how they connect, and work together to keep the deception alive and moving, how to identify them and false teaching, and how to get out. And I give a descriptive testimony of my involvement, how it happened, my experiences, and how I found the truth. 

Whew. Its been the result of nearly 10 years of research and learning. I am not a professional writer so right up front I will need to be forgiven that – lol! It’s been a huge journey and have witnessed my writing actually improving these last few weeks! I am learning a lot about myself and even more about the bible, things that I never expected to learn. It is a huge battle of emotions and fear and I won’t kid you, I have felt the presence of the demonic in my home on many occasions. The Lord prevails. 

God is good! He is Faithful and worthy of this time! I don’t know what my future will bring but I know this work must be completed and I am thankful that through the Lord’s grace I have been forgiven and am alive and sane – and honored – to offer help to others. 

I pray many people who need the info will be able to identify, repent and help others do the same. I’ve written it from a do-the-reading-research-for-yourself perspective because I want readers to understand and grasp the importance of a true Berean and to develop discernment because the days we will face ahead will be dark. I know the road out of charismania to be a most difficult one, and I don’t take the work lightly and the struggle that many people face in doing so. Thank you, Lord, for all you have given and for all you have done! I am truly not worthy. Love and blessings my friends.  M’Kayla

9 thoughts on “Book Update

  1. The road out of charismania can be difficult esp for those who have invested many years of their lives in it, but what is really sad is that there are so few “kosher charismatics” and that the very ones who we revered as apologists for the kosher charismatics themselves need to be called out (i.e. Michael Brown and now Jacob Prash).


    • And by “kosher” I of course mean well-rounded. I’ll avoid the word “balanced” because it implies not going all out for the Holy Spirit of God.


  2. Hi, i just started reading your book. I have read the first chapter and i am amazed. I lived in Spokane Wa. and part of my family were involved in The Healing Rooms. I have seen John G. Lakes tombstone. I also attended a Faith Movement Church in Spokane. I moved back to California, got married and attended another Prosperity Church and a NAR church. We were invited to attend the Lakeland Revival and we witnessed Todd Bentley live. My wife had better discernment and so did our Son who warned me of the false teaching and healings of Todd Bentley. We attend a wonderful Bible centered Church now, and I pray that your book will open the door again to talk to my family who still follow Bethel and other false NAR teachers. God Bless, Pat Green


  3. Congratulations on doing a book, M’Kayla! It’s great to see that you are still blogging as well. The more trying to expose the truths about the myriad false teachings/teachers the better as far as I’m concerned.
    God bless.
    Tara. 🙂


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