A Shared Deception: The Lies We Believed

Finally, my friends!Ā 

E-Book Available For Purchase!! – https://amzn.to/37Tgcvb

What if one day you began to question and research some of the things you witnessed as a Christian? As a result, your research proved irrefutable evidence that you had been practicing another religion in the name of God.

What if the source of power behind your charismatic gifts of prophecy, healing, and dream interpretation attributed to the Holy Spirit proved to be another spirit all together?

Who could you turn to if everyone you knew believed the same as you?

A former seer-prophet and healing rooms minister shares her experiences and quest for spiritual truth and spiritual freedom. Journey with the author as she exposes the false teachings found deep within the false prophetic and healing movements coveted by much of the Christian church today.


15 thoughts on “A Shared Deception: The Lies We Believed

  1. M’K!!!!! So excited to see this email of your post!! I can’t wait to dive in! I pray that your book will help so many others see the truth in the lies! I’m still very thankful to have stumbled across your posts all those years ago! God knew! I love ya pal!! -Christel


  2. I just bought it on Kindle. I look forward to reading about your journey. I have one question. Are you now a cessationist? (I hope not!) Blessings to you either way.


    • Hi! Thanks for your support. Nope! I’m not! No one should be because the word does not indicate the gifts would cease, but teaches proper use in 1 Corinthians 14! I address it in the book!



  3. I couldn’t wait to get your book! My son is deeply ensnared in all this and I have to find a way to extract him without alienating him.


    • Blessings Deborah! It is my prayer the book would help people understand and see the truth as I incorporated lots of scripture to prove my claims. Don’t give up! ā¤


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  5. Hullo M’Kayla, I read your book ‘A Shared Deception’ last year. I found it very helpful and affirming because I’d just escaped getting sucked into a SOZO-esque ‘healing ministry’ in London, England. I was about to become involved because I’d received some ‘counselling’ from the ministry, and also because I’m a professional book editor. I’d been asked by someone involved in this ministry to help to produce a handbook to accompany it, which was written by its leader. I did help to do the initial copy-edit, so the leader invited me to get involved with her ministry. I trained with her for a couple of months and then I realized, for lots of reasons, that something was off about the training for the ministry and about the book. I left the training and refused to help further with the book.

    Unfortunately, the book has now been self-published by the leader. I’d be very grateful if you were to look at it to see if I am correct in believing that it does exhibit characteristics of the New Age masquerading as ‘Christian healing techniques’. If so, you might like to warn others against using it. Here is the link to it on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Always-Forever-Self-Counselling-Koock-Hyang/dp/1839753846?asin=B098WQ5LY5&revisionId=&format=2&depth=1

    With many thanks in advance for your help.


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