4 thoughts on “A Shared Deception: The Lies We Believed

  1. I just ordered your book – your blog was one of the first I found when I began my “discernment” journey. I am enjoying it. Thank you for your work.


  2. Hi M’Kayla,
    my name is Tyler. I just listened to a podcast on youtube about your experience with bethel, and bill johnson, etc with I think it was escape the lies.
    Anyways, I wanted to try and get in contact with you because I wanted to ask you about the kind of warfare you experienced and what it was like leaving that type of deception for you.
    I ask because I came to the Lord 5 years ago. I didn’t come to the Lord through a church or anything so the first couple of months of my walk was just me seeking the Lord by myself. Praying, fasting, and reading the bible. After a couple months of this, I got invited to a church and since I was alone, I thought I’d go. Like I said, I was only a couple month old Christian at this time but started attending regularly. I quickly noticed major differences in what I was reading in the bible and what I was learning on my own compared to what they were teaching and how they did ministry. I am passionate about what I believe so I started openly talking about the differences in what I was learning and what they were teaching. Long story short, word got to the pastors and leaders and I had numerous meetings with them in which they told me to stop talking about the things I was talking about. It wasn’t anything heretical, just the importance of repentance, denial of self, service to God, and spiritual warfare. Basic things that I thought everyone should of known about.
    Well, I didn’t understand what was happening but over the next couple of months as I continued to attend, I started to get more and more roped into this church. More sit downs for correction happened with the leadership and soon enough, after being discouraged and beaten down enough, I eventually submitted. I was hurt and discouraged enough to the point where I started to slide back into my old ways and sins and eventually stepped away from the Lord for some time. I felt like my true relationship and walk with God was robbed from me.
    Anyways, as I was slipping backwards, I completely left the church. I knew deep down something was wrong there the whole time but the consistent pressure kept me in check to the point where I started to dissociate. Because my heart knew it was the wrong place to be but the people around me kept filling my head with their voices and I couldn’t think for myself anymore, my mind twisted into a pretzel.
    I’ve recently turned to the Lord again in truth and want to follow Him the way I did at first but I still feel “entangled” mentally, maybe spiritually to this church. The best way I can describe it is like being in a prison cell with a window. I can look outside and see the freedom, tasted it before so I know what it feels like, and can even smell it, but I feel trapped in this cell.
    I just wanted to contact you to try to understand what your experience was like and what type of warfare you experienced in the process of coming out of all of that.
    This church is very pro Bethel, Bill Johnson, Todd White, ETC and teach that way. I forgot to mention that earlier.
    Anyways, please email me I’d really like to speak to you about this and try to understand what to expect. I don’t have anyone around me to talk to so anything would help. If I tried to go to the people in this church for advice, they would just tell me to come back to the church and it’ll all be okay. But I want the truth and Jesus so I refuse to go back there.
    Anyways, thank you.

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