Yoga Uncoiled

I am adding this very important video that was created by Caryl Matrisciana many years ago. Caryl grew up in India and spent many years of her life exposing new age practices that she first learned in her homeland as part of the culture.

The video addresses the true Hindu religious beliefs behind the practice of yoga, and gives a strong warning to Christians about its practice no matter how innocent it is packaged. The bible gives many warnings that we not follow other gods or practice their ways. The Lord wants us pure and protected against all demonic influence, yet we see many Christians ignoring these warnings. 

Watch Yoga Uncoiled:

2 thoughts on “Yoga Uncoiled

  1. Thank you for the video. Yes, although I have repented from allowing myself to be deceived for 17 years, I’m still so very much in the dark about how to know God the biblical way. There is a way that seems right but in the end leads to distruction. I was seeking Jesus through the healing movement of charismia. In the end I got false Kundalini although I never did yoga. It was through a woman doing new age stuff with a bible in her hands. I was just an experiment to her. The serpent rising along with visions, emptying of the mind. It’s very easy to get sucked in when you don’t know your bible and everyone has a different theology. What is a personal relationship? If you only read your Bible, they say you have head knowledge. It seems heart knowledge is experiences like Jesus Calling. The bottom is there help out there for people who have been spiritually abused??? I’m thankful that you gave the warning but now where is the dilverence? Where is the help to get untangled before death of my body. Kundalini is squeezing my body parts and my mind is sleepy. Please who knows about this stuff and recovered? Thank you! Hudda

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    • Brenda, I just reposted an article that I used to find freedom from this very thing years ago. You must consider this to be a battle and understand it will take some doing to overcome. You are struggling because you don’t know the word of God and have allowed others to teach you of another jesus and another spirit. You must take responsibility for your actions and begin to learn who the Lord is through His word. Forget everything else and put it all behind you. Follow the link to the latest article and take the words and instructions of the author seriously. I am here for you.


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