False Spirits of Revival-Kundalini

I’ve been getting some questions from readers regarding their experiences with manifestations and demonic spirits. During my battle so many years ago the Lord brought me to this article (linked below) which I used as a guide to find freedom.

If you are affected, please understand you are in a battle and it may not be easy to overcome. But through the power of the Most High God, and your willingness to contend you will overcome it.

Aside from prayer and repentance from your involvement,  you must read, study and learn the scriptures. Everything we believed, followed and learned came from others who taught another gospel, another jesus and through it, we received and endured another spirit. You must now turn your mind back to the things of the Lord and learn who He is, what He has done and learn of His love and forgiveness. We do this through His word.

No longer focus on the choices you made that brought you here. Ignore your feelings and emotions and begin to take responsibility and contend for your own freedom. It will not come on you as easily as the effects of the anointing that brought on your present spiritual condition. Look to the Lord for the things that will be, and let nothing shake you or discourage you from the battle for your own freedom. Stand and fight.

Freedom from False Spirits

4 thoughts on “False Spirits of Revival-Kundalini

  1. I find your blog most interesting. I have seen the effects of WOF and how it can split a church in half. I do have a question for you. Do you believe that we can have gifts of the spirit that include healing? And prophetic words from the Lord? What about interpretation of tongues? Please help me on these things. Jesus said that we would do greater things than these, turning water into wine, healing the sick, raising the dead, etc.


    • Hi Colette. Yes, I do believe in the gifts – see 1 Corinthians 14 as it explains how they operate and how they are to be handled. I have found word studies to be helpful in areas that are hard to understand. After doing one on NT prophecy, it showed the meaning as to correct, discipline, teach and encourage. There isn’t anything to connect biblical NT prophecy to prophetic words or personal prophecy as we see done in churches and organizations.

      When Jesus stated “greater things” I believe He was referring to salvation, as we see in Acts not only the mighty works through the Holy Spirit but an enormous growth of the church. Christ came to save us, and salvation is the greatest gift – to save a sinner from a life of sin and eternal hell.

      You may be interested in my book which I published last month on Amazon. A Shared Deception:The Lies We Believed. I wrote it to tell my story and to help others understand, see the truth and break free from the deception.

      Thank you for your encouragement! Be blessed, and let me know if you have more questions. 🙂


  2. Hi I stumbled across your blog while researching sooo healing! Im glad I found it because I was referred to an ihop church to help me deal with these manifestations that you are saying you recieved from an nar church. I’m dealing with some of the same things, but my source i think is from dungeons and dragons. Any chance you could email me about this?? I’m battling pretty hard right now and I don’t really want to post anything online…


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